Popular pastor: Groove Awards is fake. There is no power of gospel in those awards

A popular pastor has joined a bunch of Kenyans who have been complaining about the gospel industry and also rebuked the it saying that it’s full of pretenders.

On social media, pastor James Reborn specifically attacked Groove Awards saying that it’s rewarding music that doesn’t praise God but earthly things.

“GROOVE AWARDS is fake there is no power of gospel in those awards they are just lost generation hiding in the church secularising gospel,” said the pastor on Facebook.

James Reborn

Dance music

He then went on to attack such song as Oddi dance, KDF and other similar song that have been ruling the airwaves claiming that they shouldn’t be categorized as gospel at all.

“I weep for our young generation because if odi dance, KDF,kula neno,baksizo, is what we call gospel then we are lost completely lost,where are the Franck mtakatifu, babeto, Israel hezekiah, of this generation.we need to fix something here before all is lost.GROVE AWARDS is fake and fake change to secular awards before Jesus finds you with a nyahunyo and teach you a lesson. # Grove awards is fake
# The truth be told # Temple of Grace Church Ruiru.” 



Why this year’s Groove Awards is different from the others

The upcoming 13th edition of Groove Awards will be a bit different than others after organisers released new information.

According to the organisers, the event has been pushed forward by 22 days and but a Groove camp will be slotted on May 23 to bring the artists together.

Few changes

“Groove Camp has been one of the most important arms of the Groove process where artists spend time in mentorship, praise and worship sessions as well as bonding in outdoor gaming activities,” said the awards in a statement.

Initially, the awards show was on 1st June but has been moved now to June 23.

“The road to Groove Awards which will this year take place on the 23 June breaking the tradition of the Awards being held on the 1 the last couple of years is a culmination of a number of events including Nomination, Voting and Tours.”

“This year’s nomination process will also see gospel music enthusiasts be able to nominate their own favourite artists and songs, as opposed to previous years when a nomination list was put out and fans were only allowed to vote for them.”

“The public will be part of the nomination process unlike previous years where they have just been involved in the voting process. This means with the Nominations opening from 24 May, fans will have the chance to nominate their favourite artist in the various categories.