Popular pastor: Groove Awards is fake. There is no power of gospel in those awards

A popular pastor has joined a bunch of Kenyans who have been complaining about the gospel industry and also rebuked the it saying that it’s full of pretenders.

On social media, pastor James Reborn specifically attacked Groove Awards saying that it’s rewarding music that doesn’t praise God but earthly things.

“GROOVE AWARDS is fake there is no power of gospel in those awards they are just lost generation hiding in the church secularising gospel,” said the pastor on Facebook.

James Reborn

Dance music

He then went on to attack such song as Oddi dance, KDF and other similar song that have been ruling the airwaves claiming that they shouldn’t be categorized as gospel at all.

“I weep for our young generation because if odi dance, KDF,kula neno,baksizo, is what we call gospel then we are lost completely lost,where are the Franck mtakatifu, babeto, Israel hezekiah, of this generation.we need to fix something here before all is lost.GROVE AWARDS is fake and fake change to secular awards before Jesus finds you with a nyahunyo and teach you a lesson. # Grove awards is fake
# The truth be told # Temple of Grace Church Ruiru.” 



Size 8 introduces extended family in this beautiful photo 

Gospel singer has been posting a lot about her family which includes her daughter and hubby DJ Mo, but never has she shared little about her whole extended family.

On Instagram recently, she took to social media to share a photo of her extended family. The photo has left her fans asking for more after sharing.

“We got together after such a long time,” said Size 8 in the photo. Adding, ” themunyalis@munyalism3@mmunyali@charlesmunyali@nafkg@rispamunyali Anne, Pastor Dennis ,Pastor Munyali Minister Deborah ??????”

Size 8’s extended family

Here’s what guys had to say

Days after DJ Mo landed top deal, Size 8 now also blessed with yet another lucrative job 

It seems God is favoring power couple Size 8 and hubby DJ Mo. The two have been landing top deals the whole of this year and looks like they are not stopping any time soon.

Size 8 has now landed a new ambassadorial job from Soft Care Sanitary Pads. She took to Instagram to share the news after landing the top deal.

Thanking God

“My God my Yaweh my Jehovah the Lord of Host has done it again wapi HALLELUJAH. Am so excited to announce this am the brand ambossador of yet another product SOFT CARE SANITARY PADS uuuuuuwwiii i used to lack sanitary pads now my face is on a pack woi my God my God who be like my God no one………. thank you guys for all the support and prayers. Thanks to all who buy the SOFT CARE DIAPERS out of the success in sales of this product i got another endorsement the SOFT CARE SANITARY PADS the Lords works.


“I want to encourage someone out there never give up press on God is creating a beautiful story. And give your life to Jesus christ if you are not born again look how Jesus changed my life and how God’s blessings fall daily………. to God be the glory #softcaresanitarypads #endorsements#brandambassador #JesusChrist #evangelist,” read the Mateke hit maker’s post.

DJ Mo lands yet another lucrative deal, Size 8 cannot hide her happiness 

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 keep rising no matter what some Kenyans try to say about their family and life. It’s not a secret the two entertainers have a number of endorsements which have seen them double their yearly earnings.

It seems DJ Mo has another reason to smile yet again after landing another lucrative deal, this time with Jamii Bora’s ‘Tender Hub’ which is set to help start ups and new business owners to access government and private tenders.

On Instagram the DJ posted a rather long message when announcing the partnership:

“Watu wangu, kama kawa me hupenda kuwachanua haswaa mavijana. We all want to make it in life, we have great ideas but are always scared of implementing them. This time tunawaletea #TenderHub from @jamiiborabank . For only 5k you get a 2 day course on the tendering process, they notify you about the tenders, they help you bid for them and when your bid goes through, they even finance your tender ?, pia wanakuchanua na sector you are strong in among other very important tendering matters.” he said. 

DJ Mo at TenderHub offices


“Isn’t that a big deal. So do hivi, do not be left out on this one. visit Tender Hub located at Jamii Bora Headquarters in Kilimani and get to learn more about this great ideas au sio. Lets make the next generation of great entrepreneurs.” 

Family excitement

Just as the man of the house sounded excited, Size 8 was just as thankful after his hubby sealed the deal and couldn’t hide her joy.

“Swity congrats @djmokenya love you….to God be the glory and swity never change the heart God has given you.’’ She wrote.

Size 8 reveals how her mother wanted to abort her

Size 8 wouldn’t have been in this world if it weren’t for a random doctor her mother met while planning for an abortion. The singer has left her fans shocked after sharing how her mother wanted to her abort her after her dad ditched her mother.

“My mother had gone to the hospital to remove me from her womb because life was so tough at that time with my dad,” Size 8 said during her show on which she co-hosts with DJ Ruff every Sunday.

Doctor changed her mother’s decision

She went on:

“So my mother went to the hospital and luckily she met a doctor who told her of the consequences of abortion. The doctor told her that she would die if she went ahead to abort me and looking at the fact that she had other 5 children she decided not to do it. She told the doctor that better she stays alive, so that she can take care of my other siblings at home.”

Size 8 and her family

She added:

“On her death bed before she left us my mom confessed to me that she wanted to let me go before i was born. She looked back and couldn’t imagine that the same baby that she wanted to remove from her womb was the same one who was paying her hospital bills.”

She’s not there to perform! Size 8 goes back to school

Just in case you spot her in one of your classes, try helping around because she’s the newest kid in class.

Singer Size 8 has gone back to school to study the bible. She took to Facebook to share her latest move saying that she took the leap because she wants more christian knowledge.

This might see her become a pastor later on after she understands the holly book.

“What a better thing to do than add knowledge to your life. And what better knowledge to have than that of God. Started Bible school so excited that I get to know God even better. In the pic Pastor Faith, our teacher Pastor Duncan and Esther. ?????? #focus”, She said. 


“I would still choose you to be my wife” DJ Mo showers Size 8 with praises as she turns 30 years today

Most men find it hard to go public on how they feel about their women. However, for DJ Mo this is like walk in the park as he has always been open about his feelings towards his wife and the mother of his only child, Size 8.

He has proven this again as he celebrated his wife today as she turns a year older. Just like the perfect husband, dj Mo praised her on a well detailed message shared through his social media pages – where he described her as the love of his life, the only woman he would chose over and over again as she completes him in ways he can’t describe.

The gospel DJ wrote to say;

Dj Mo celebrates his wife’s birthday

Happy birthday the love of my life, you have b n a good wife, mother to Ladashabelle and the best helper in my life – if I was to marry and do these all over again I would still choose you – you the best I got. Love you and happy birthday day @Size8reborn

With words like that, I bet Size 8 feels like the luckiest woman in the world.