Killy brings Alikiba on board a great jam “Gubu”

Alikiba is back with a new talent Killy for the new tune Gubu. This comes after the star released his single Mshumaa just before his unforgettable tour.

Killy and Alikiba are all about love. Gubu is a Swahili word for an ungrateful person. In this song Gubu, the stars are talking about a girl whom one compromised their life for her.

Killy brings Alikiba on board a great jam Gubu

Gubu by Alikiba and Killy is about an ungrateful person

As usual, Killy introduces the song and man! The voice is just amazing. First, he calls on the girl to come so that they put their differences aside.

Hasira hasira za nini? Naomba urudishe moyo wako nyuma Naathirika mie Kwa nini eeh kwa nini eeh? He also questions the actions of the person he is talking to. 

Actually, it is very hard to tell who is who in this kind of work as all of them have almost similar voices.

Alikiba comes in in the second stanza and this feels just so good. Nimegundua ulinishusha daraja Ulitie huruma dhahiri Ukweli vile ulitangatanga kukicha Nilikosa nini hunny?

Killy brings Alikiba on board a great jam Gubu

Also in Gubu, talking there is a stanza that Alikiba and Gubu are talking of how they held the person’s hand in broad daylight and all they get in return he tries to bring them down.

Hadharani kumbe bado Namshika mkono ambaye Baba nani naye anajilia Yoyoyoyo.  Seems that this was an attack on someone. This is because Tanzanian artistes are at the peak of tarnishing each others name.

Although there is a lot in Gubu by Killy and Alikiba, it is also good to focus on the production. Gubu is a product of Kings music record label.

Also, the Music Video was shot in Lushoto (Tanga) Tanzania, Director by Ivan and Audio Produced by Mocco Genius.

Last but not least, Alikiba and Killy did a good job with the lyrics and just like that, they get a rating of 7/10 in Gubu.

Video below.

Check out Jovial has a new tune ‘Gubu’

Jovial is back with a new hit that am sure will blow off your mind dubbed Gubu.  The lass has been on a break for sometime now and her comeback is worth it.

As her name Jovial suggests, the sing is all jovial and one of a kind. I mean that the reception is so good and she has her fans applauding her.

Gubu is all about  an ungrateful person

Gubu is a Swahili word that means an ungrateful person. She writes to describe a man who doesn’t seem to see, appreciate or value the greatness in her.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

To start with, we must acknowledge that Gubu is well scripted. It is one  hit that Jovial has given her best and her investment.

Also, as the song is talking about one not been appreciated, it is also time to recall that the lass at one time had ties with Kenyan lover boy Otile Brown.

Although Jovial is known to use curse words and half naked videos, in Gubu things are different. Gubu shows signs of an all grown up Jovial.

Also, going by the comments on YouTube, it is clear that many like this hit as it is a clean copy.  Further into the song, Jovial has brought out the typical girl she is describing.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

Lets look at things in the real world, it is thus right to say this song is relevant toady and maybe in future too.

In addition, the delivery of the video is a 100% lit. She has done it in a very creative way as compared to her previous work.

To add on, the audio is also worth it. Come to think of a song you are struggling to get the words clearly. Well in this Gubu by Jovial you do not have to as it is all clear from the start to the end.

In conclusion, Jovial gets a rating of 6/10 in Gubu.