Bahati is no longer an artiste but a socialite

Mtoto wa mama alias Bahati is no longer a baby. Bahati seems to enjoy this attention of stardom negative or positive.

Despite all the scandals from the purported “gospel artist,” Bahati might just be headed to the secular scene. How?

So here is the thing the boy’s drama is louder than his music.

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The other day it was Bahati arresting his musician Peter Blessing and his producer. Shortly after just as expected he created a new narrative around his collaboration with Boondocks Gang in the “Taniua” song.

I also think that song was utter nonsense! But who cares?


For long we have tolerated the aspect of disrespecting God that is why we’d dance to music like “Taniua.” Got nothing against Boondocks gang, I mean gengetone is still a thing.

Further, Bahati has identified that fact that Kenyans have a habit of embracing scandals and they chew on in proper. So the question of Bahati opting to be a socialite comes in.

Bahati the Socialite

It all started with the Tv show “Being Bahati ” on NTV. The wanted Kenyans to keep up with what the Bahati’s do. After all its “Mtoto wa mama.”

Maybe when it got to his head he lost his cool focused more on the drama than the music. These saw his close friends like Mr. Seed and David Wonder among others leave EMB label citing indifference.

The other day he was hurling insults at Jamaican deejay G Money calling him gay. See what I mean? But well netizens are unforgiving he got what he asked for lash back.

Well, that happened, then as we still were absorbing the Taniua song he drops another jam in collaboration with the Kansoul dubbed “Kererembe”.

The Kansoul and Bahati

And just as expected Bahati was trending to Twitter being bashed for somewhat switching to the secular scene.

Something that got Willy  Paul welcoming him to the secular music scene. We hoped for more music and less drama.

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Or rather if it gets that bad why not shift officially to secular music or just be an artist that does all sorts of music because I insist GOD DESERVES TO BE RESPECTED no in between!

Watch Kererembe and tell us what you think.

Check out Jovial has a new tune ‘Gubu’

Jovial is back with a new hit that am sure will blow off your mind dubbed Gubu.  The lass has been on a break for sometime now and her comeback is worth it.

As her name Jovial suggests, the sing is all jovial and one of a kind. I mean that the reception is so good and she has her fans applauding her.

Gubu is all about  an ungrateful person

Gubu is a Swahili word that means an ungrateful person. She writes to describe a man who doesn’t seem to see, appreciate or value the greatness in her.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

To start with, we must acknowledge that Gubu is well scripted. It is one  hit that Jovial has given her best and her investment.

Also, as the song is talking about one not been appreciated, it is also time to recall that the lass at one time had ties with Kenyan lover boy Otile Brown.

Although Jovial is known to use curse words and half naked videos, in Gubu things are different. Gubu shows signs of an all grown up Jovial.

Also, going by the comments on YouTube, it is clear that many like this hit as it is a clean copy.  Further into the song, Jovial has brought out the typical girl she is describing.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

Lets look at things in the real world, it is thus right to say this song is relevant toady and maybe in future too.

In addition, the delivery of the video is a 100% lit. She has done it in a very creative way as compared to her previous work.

To add on, the audio is also worth it. Come to think of a song you are struggling to get the words clearly. Well in this Gubu by Jovial you do not have to as it is all clear from the start to the end.

In conclusion, Jovial gets a rating of 6/10 in Gubu.