¨I miss you Mum????¨ Moji Short Babaa recalls the day when late mother told him everything will be just fine

Globally acclaimed ¨Mother´s Day¨ had popular ´Vimbada´ hitmaker reminisce his late mother.

The gospel superstar shares words that remain engraved in his mind for as long as he lives, with mama affirming to him that someday, all will be well.


Moji Short mourns:

I miss you Mum???? and I hope you’re proud of me in heaven!!

He however bounces back on his feet and together, holds hands with all whom have lost their mothers to the cruel hands of death.

He articulates that he lives each day to make his mama proud.

He captions:



Fans and followers personally unknown to him come out to comfort the artist and share this journey with him:

Najua ni friend ya mamangu right now!

May she continue resting in peace, she’s definitely looking from up above and smiling
Yah she is proud of what u huv become
Happy mothers day as you rejoic with angels your son is fine doing vimbada well mamaa tutaonana badae
May her soul rest in peace
Wowo people come from far
I’m sure she looks down and smiles everyday of the person you’ve all turned out to be ❤️Keep making her smile brighter 🙂


James Muhia alias Moji Short Babaa had earlier on disclosed that he was partially brought up by his grandfather whom taught him to be an independent and a busy man.


So to instill this in the then young boy, he would give him half the fare for where he was going and Moji had to somehow raise the other half.

Through hanging on matatus the ´young boy´ would get to his destination.

However, it is not tear-breaking for him, rather a boost and a piece of encouragement so that he keeps moving forward and never looking back.


All he has to do is learn the lessons and embrace the future.

It is how you gain internal toughness as a man.


DJ Mo´s adorable surprise moves wifey, Size 8 to tears

DJ Mo made ¨Mother´s Day¨ special for his significant other, Size 8 after displaying his surprise video that moved his wife to tears.


Just like any other weekend would be shopping day for the Murayas, the family left home for shopping, a day´s whose events, only DJ Mo was well aware of.


Courtesy of Omo washing detergent brand, Mother´s day had them re-brand it as ¨MOM¨ just to celebrate the love and sincere effort mothers put to see their families flourish.

DJ Mo celebrated his adorable wife in conjunction with Omo in a short but romantic video clip sharing:


The message

According to the popular Gospel DJ, wifey, Size 8 has been a major key player in his life as well as that of their daughter.

The disk jockey guru reveals that mama Ladasha has been the button that held the family together, whether in prayers, meals or house duties, she has done it all.


DJ Mo above all appreciates fact that the youthful gospel songbird graced his life as the mother of his daughter and expresses his love for the cheerful beauty.


All this saw his wifey break down to tears after it all burst into reality what she thought family never took note of.

Additionally, to appreciate the source of her rib, Size 8 shared:

Ohh happy day ???????????????????????????? wow thank you @djmokenyathanks .

woishe this made my heart feel so nice……… God you remain faithful.

Wacha nikusifu daily……….

mothers you are all blessed for those who did not receive earthly recognition and appreciation God has seen your good work and will reward you Himself…………. #happymothersday


As DJ Mo lovingly replies:

???????????????????? I wish I could more babe ????????


Comment section

Fans came out to express their love and admiration for the lovely family of 3 citing:

Hapa ndio mwanaume hushindwa afanye nini ????


Don’t ever let that man go… He is one in a million…. Hold him close to your heart


I am so happy for you


Where are this men,Mimi hata hakuna mwenye aliniambia ,h.m.d


Wauuuu so lovely and happy for you


Happy Mother’s Day Size8reborn


Happy mothers day ,wengine hawakujua ni mothers day u r blessed be thankful to God,love u


God bless you ,your family and marriage your protected


This is so lovely


Awwwwwwh…hold him tight gal..this type are rear.


To my name sake my prayer is that God will forever protect you ,your family and marriage forever thank you for being a prayerful Lady


????????????????????????????????????you did well DJMO


¨You healed me with your unconditional love¨ Victoria Rubadiri pens emotional tribute to her teen daughter who made her worthy to be called a mom

Victoria Rubadiri is definitely a force to reckon with in the media industry but her past is what makes her the strong and commanding lady we see, through her adorable daughter, Neema.

Vicky is one media personality we know to live a low-key life.

With her personal life kept personal and very selective on what she lets out to the public.


The TV siren who has left a myriad of gents drooling over her, celebrated Mother´s Day in her own special way.

She reminisces the day her adorable daughter saw the light.

Open letter

Vicky´s story starts heart-deep and seemingly ´sad´ as she recalls:

Dear Neema,

You see this picture? You were a week old, I was 18 and scared out of my wits.

While you were perfection, I was a wreck.

I fought for a long time with embracing the identity of being a mother because I felt I wasn’t ready.

For the Citizen TV journalist, 18 was too young, too scary to be thrown into the life of motherhood.


However, things took a better turn and the healing process kicked off soon as the adorable girl grew older each passing day:

Truth is, you are never going to be ready!

I learned that with time as you grew and became a different human being at every stage.

I grew with you, made my mistakes but pushed forward.

You healed me with your unconditional love.

Like every other mother-teen girl relationship, the bond somehow weakens and the road between the two gets a little rough.


Rubadiri´s case is not any different citing:

Though that admiration in your eyes has turned into occasional side eye ???? now that you are a teenager. ????

However, all that is set to pass and the once young mother attests it all to a few:

We’ve made it this far Dudu and you’ve turned out pretty amazing.

Babu, Mama and Aunty have a lot to do with that.

On this #MothersDayI thank God for you because you truly are a gift from Him.


Just before she calls it a day, the 33 year old pens down her sincere prayers to her all-grown baby:

I pray you thrive in this life, I pray you are a light in your generation, a beacon of hope in this world.

And it all is a moving letter to Vicky´s angel from:

-Love Mommy????



It is quite adorable, unique and sincere of the successful media personality as personalities and fans acknowledge:

That is beautiful! Happy Mothers Day Mama!

Beautiful granddaughter and a wonderful mom!!!!
From a mother’s heart so pure,my story at 21,sadly,I lost my Angel in 2017.
But she gave me the biggest title on the planet,she made me a mom.
To all mothers,here’s to more love and blessings.
Happy Mother’s Day Vickie! ????
What a beautiful tribute to your girl and. whole family ♥️. Xo
This Journey feels too Familiar, Too Releatable, Too Real????..
Happy Mothers Day mama, you are such a Blessing to us All????
Written from the soul. Happy #MothersDay.
Happy mothers day darling❤️❤️❤️
Awwww! Happy Mother’s Day Mama Neema.
Prayers, warm wishes and lots of hugs
Happy Mother’s Day Vikster!!! ????????

¨Waa aki men!!¨ fans lash out at Bahati for neglecting 1st baby mama, Yvette Obura on Mother´s Day

Bahati and Diana Marua cuddle each other with sweet heartwarming words over the weekend but fans in response question his unstated motive with his first baby mama, Yvette Obura.


As this past weekend saw Mothers shown nothing but love and warmth, gospel star, Bahati showered his second baby mama, Diana with well-picked words captioning:


That is fine, there is nothing totally wrong with it, the only itch is the message in his words:

Thank you for giving me a Chance to be Called a Father.
Thank you for Being the Best Mum to my Kids.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LOVE ❤️ @diana_marua

It is quite evident that EMB King is more than grateful to have been accorded the title ´Father´ but from who?


However, if any one is to take note, the singer has 2 blood daughters, from 2 different mothers.


Yvette Obura graced Bahati´s heart first, blessing him with his first born daughter, Mueni Bahati before calling it quits.

As we speak, the youthful artist fathers 3 children, 2 girls of his blood and one son, from Diana´s previous relationship.



Yvette too would deserve to be appreciated for bringing to life a lovely daughter whom Bahati cherishes, the first of his blood line.


Bahati had it rough with fans after being questioned for leaving Yvette out of the entire ¨Happy Mother´s Day¨ mix:

You do know you can wish both mama Mueni and Diana happy Mother’s Day?

Being married to one doesn’t negate the fact that you have another woman raising your child.

In concurrence:

Wisdom sister


good point



Further on:

N mama mueni alifanya uitwe mama? Just asking


U didn’t wish mama mueni yet she gave ur first born? waa aki men!!

Pretending to love pple yet can’t tell them the truth….
A first born is God’s blessings n I nid to appreciate their mother s nkts
Na mama mueni?
Yvette was the first to make you a dad..happy mother’s day Yvette and Diana

¨Happy mother’s day ❤️¨ Otile Brown now sends cryptic message to Ethiopian bae, Nabayet

Kenyan-Ethiopian power couple, Otile Brown and Nabayet dropped a bomb after allegedly partying ways just when the love dish was get flavored but are now cuddling.

The two seemingly broke up after deleting Instagram posts of each other and doing their ´own thing´ but Otile drops another shocker after wishing the beauty ¨Happy Mother´s Day¨.

On his Instagram page, the Kenyan bongo artist captions:


However, the Kenyan artist was in for a rude shock after a fan questioned:

Amezaaa nini so far????????????

From the other end, the Ethiopian biomedical scientist shares:


And without delay, the ´Nitulie´ singer comments:

My baby ????

With Nabayet´s revealing reply:

@otilebrown love youuuu????❤


What many don´t seem to understand is whether the two were just pulling our legs after creating a circus online with fans blaming it all on Otile´s ´cheating´.

However, all said and done, fans do love the pair but there never misses thorns on a rose flower:

What happened to say no fuck boys ..???? lakini women only Jesus himself can deliver us.. tia! (not hatin, im jst passin ????)

Hii itadeletiwa tw pia ????????????
@i_am_latiff_????????????very true
She is not yet a mother
pia ww otile hapy mother’s day ukidelete hio post
Question remains, who has Nabayet mothered? Or is she expectant?