Harmonize being accused of cheating on her mzungu fiance with this hot Kenyan mami 

Singer Harminize has been in the headlines lately because of various reasons –all bad. First, it was all about him being arrogant. Then it shifted to police “arresting” him after he was allegedly pictured smoking weed.

Now the singer is back in the headlines for allegedly cheating on his fiance Sarah. Sarah took to social media to threaten one beautiful Kenyan lady –who is Maasai according to our knowledge so far, saying that she’ll look for her and give her a thorough beating.

‘Hey B*****, I know you are there in the room with my man. I will take the first flight to come to kill you. Just wait I will show you something very soon,” Sarah’s texts to the lady read. 

Not the first time

This is not the first time she is having issues with the singer and other women over claims she was cheating on her. Harmonize has been in a lot of conversations regarding him unzipping for other women.

Government officials now want Harmonize arrested after allegedly posting photos smoking weed(photos)

Wasafi Records signee Harmonize is in trouble with authorities yet again after sharing photos which indicate he might have smoked bhang during a studio session.

Dar Es Salaam Provincial Commissioner Paul Makonda, known to many Tanzanians as Baba Keagan, said that the singer will be investigated for the photos he shared while in Ghana making new music.

Harmonize was in Ghana alongside singer Burna Boy and it seems they currently working on a new song.

“I have already spoken to my governor friend in Ghana and have asked him to order his police to investigate and find out if Harmonize smokes bhang or cigarette. If they find out it is is bhang he was smoking, then he will be arrested once he lands here,” Makonda said. 


Tanzanian government has been working hard to ensure celebs keep a decent image on their platforms. Through different authorities, celebs have been monitored and punished whenever they break the rules on social media and other platforms.

“The way you present yourself is the same way government will see you. You cannot be an artiste who represents Tanzania to the world and still misbehave,” he added. 

Harmonize to fiancee: You should always expect cheating rumors when dating a star 

Singer Harmonize has been hitting the headlines hard after being accused severally of cheating on his girlfriend Sarah. The singer, though has denied over and over, has now come out to share that these are some of the things artists should expect in their careers.

And, also their women should be ready for such news.

Speaking in an interview with Pulselive, the singer shared that his wife Sarah should understand dating a celebrity comes at a price.

“Sio Kitu Kibaya maanake wivu pia ni Mapenzi, lakini kitu ambacho Sarah inafaa ajue kuwa ukikubali kuwa na Msanii lazima kuna vitu lazima tu ukubaliane navyo tu. Na Life style ya msanii inakaa vipi kuna wengine ni mashabiki na siwezi goma kupiga picha nao maanake bila wao mimi sipo. Kwa hivyo natumai tu anafaa kuelekezwa alafu atajua jinsi ya kuhandle situation kama hizo” Said Harmonize.

Not yet

He also went on to say that he has not proposed to his lover despite a video that went viral showing him doing it.

“Sijamvisha Pete mchumba wangu,… na Ndoa bado unajua siku zote ndoa ni mipango na ikifika wakati wa engagement nitawatangazia”  Harmonize responded.


Owfeneke’s ex-wife forced to deny claims that she slept with Harmonize, Carrying his baby

Comedian Dr Owfeneke’s ex, Nicah the Queen, has found herself defending her dignity yet again after rumors indicated that she has been sleeping with singer Harmonize.

Nicah took to Instagram to deny that she has been in a secret affair with the Harmonize who has been rumoured to be in a rocky relationship with his Italian lady, Sarah.

“Harmonize and I have never met. We only talk on social media. I’m not pregnant and i don’t wanna talk about it.” she said. 

Harmonize and Nica. She lied they have never met. Photo: Mpasho

Not getting pregnant to stay a float

She also added that she’s not pregnant by Harmonize unlike what the rumor suggested.

“I don’t need a man to pay my house rent, I’m capable of paying my bills. I’m not pregnant for crying out loud,can’t someone just be think without being pregnant? Harmonize, is in a loving and serious relationship with his girlfriend. I admire his hard work and i like his music. There’s nothing between me n him,” she declared. 



Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize party with their girlfriends at popular club in Nairobi

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama, Zari Hassan have been in Kenya for a few days where they got to spend their ‘baecation’ at one fancy hotel in Mombasa.

However, the switched up things last night after getting into Nairobi where they partied hard. Diamond Platnumz and his wife/girlfriend or rather baby mama were accompanied by Harmonize and his Caucasian lady to B Club and judging from the photos making rounds on social media – seems that they attracted a huge crowd that could not miss being part of the Tanzanian singers.

Zari at B Club

From the photos it is clear to see that Diamond Platnumz performed for a while before Zari was given a chance to speak to her fans then later on Harmonize hit the stage to perform his current hitsong, Anita!

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan, Harmonize with his girlfriend

Though Harmonize’s girlfriend was not as active as Zari…we can tell that she also had to enjoy the Nairobi party life!