Harmonize’s new Album “Afro East” might be his pitfall

For a while now Tanzania’s Harmonize, who now stands alone under the Konde Gang label could be digging his musical grave by the day.

He first came to the limelight in 2015 when he started off with Aiyola song that propelled him to the hearts of the East African market.

He first ditched the Diamond Platinumz owned label Wasafi records for self-independence musically after playing protégé and partner for the past 5 years.
With rumors around his exit Harmonize went on a spree to release music for the better part of 2019 with major collaborations.

However, the collaborations did not become ultimate hits as expected through the remainder of 2019.
Reactions from fans also indicated how Harmonize was better off at Wasafi records. Furthermore, as much as some lauded his move of exit the start off label, Wasafi, Konde Gang have to re-evaluate their model of business. How?

Audience Evaluation?

His latest releases album Äfro East is a collection of various music and so far has garnered over 1.7 views on YouTube. Well, for one you might think that it’s a big deal considering it’s just been 4days since the launch.

I mean this is Harmonize who would have a millions views for a single song in a matter of hours.

Despite his former boss Diamond Platinumz trying to quell the noise of the two beefing over Harmonize’s exit by promoting the album,  he does not stand the publicity he initially had in the past.

Diamond Platnumz should be afraid of Harmonize

So in my opinion Harmonize should take a break and find out what his audience wants first.

He cannot just wake up and go the studio and drop songs with the hope of viewership and sales.

The album launch should not have been a priority as it is. This will only dig his musical grave much further. The numbers do not lie!

Free food!!! Harmonize’s new restaurant to offer free food to the less fortunate

Singer Harmonize is making money moves just a few weeks after leaving WCB!

Harmonize on follow me

So far we have seen him performing for the president and on Tuesday, Harmonize aka KondeBoy announced that he was planning on launching his own Restaurant that will be offering free food to the less fortunate in the society.

Konde Boy’s scania

In his post shared on Instagram page, Konde boy promised to provide food for those living on the streets with no hope of getting any meals due to life struggles.

Free…!!! free…!!! food Bure..!!!! Coming on your street in few days. Mana Kunawatu Wanajua Ni Biashara Yani Jeshi Atauza Walii…!!!! Mtamuuwa na pressure Dada Yangu Kipenzi @officialshilole. Hii Itakuwa Ni Bure…..!!!! Kabisa Kwa Wanangu Wa Mtaani Ambao Bado Mambo Yao Hajakaa Kwenye Line Sisi Sote Ni Wa Mungu Mmoja Sitokula Na Kusaza #Tutagawana. THE UNITED STATE OF KONDEGANG ONE LOVE #KONDEBOYMGAHAWA”

Konde boy Mgahawa

From the posts shared on his Instagram page, it seems that Konde boy bought a movable restaurant “Konde Boy Mgahawa” that will be delivering the free food to those who need it. He captioned the post saying;

Konde Boy

Kidogo na Kingi Mungu Ndie hutoa …!!! Nayeye Ndie Kamuumba Masikini na Tajiri…!!!! Hata hapa Nilipo ni kwaneema Zake Sitokula na Kusaza ikiwa kunawengine Kula Yao Ni Yashida #NitagawanaNao …!!! #KONDEBOYMGAHAWA coming on your street in few days ONE LOVE Woow….!!


¨Ondoka WCB watu tuku unfollow¨ Fans threaten Harmonize ahead of his rumored exit from WCB

Diamond and Harmonize have been confusing fans with their low-key fight that keeps going on and off. But seems the fight is finally over.

Just the other day, Diamond accused Harmonize of being greedy. Meanwhile, Konde Boy was busy making trips to visit Diamond´s mother and family.

This seemed to settle the dust about the two close allies being bitter with each other. However, within the last 3 days, something different has been unfolding with rumors being Harmonize is walking out of Wasafi.

First, Konde Boy cunningly edited his Instagram profile from the expected ´Signed under WCB label´ to #WCB4LIFE.


We took that lightly and still hoped he is signed under WCB.

But soon after, during the official kick off of the annual Wasafi Festival, Harmonize was missing from the list of artistes set to perform globally.


Simba however tried to calm down masses by revealing that Harmonize was busy working on necessary projects therefore let him free.

Well, last week, Harmonize was set to perform in the US, alongside Diamond but failed to show up claiming he had visa-related issues.



But this time round, the East African young star took to his Instagram to officially announce his exit from the Wasafi label.

Further on, during the Thursday morning show as cited by Mpasho, Classic 105´s Maina Kageni confirmed Harmonize´s exit from the WCB, to start his own.

Funny thing though is how he is currently working with and promoting ´Q Chillah´on his social media.


Harmonize is allegedly set to start his own label ´Konde Gang´.


Furthermore, if You Tube statistics are anything to by, Harmonize is clearly here to take over Diamond´s territory if he hasn´t already done so.

A very good example is Diamond´s ¨Nana¨ song that he featured Nigeria´s Flavour and was released in May 2019.

The song has currently amassed well over 53 Million views and counting. On the other hand, ¨Kwangwaru¨ that features Diamond and Harmonize is currently at 50 Million views plus.


So far, those are the most viewed You Tube videos by the two.

Additionally, recently Harmonize decided to work on a replicate of ¨Kwangwaru¨ dubbed ¨Magufuli¨, but left out Diamond.

It sure is confusing!

Mixed reactions

However, a section of fans have forewarned the ¨Magufuli¨ singer about his exit from his mother label, WCB that might be spelling doom for him.

While others believe he is still unbeatable at his game, no matter what.

We love you #konde n our support will be everywhere on you no matter what achana na wanaoabudu watu.


Tangaza kuondoka WCB uwone hasira zetu mashabiki zikupe kujuta brother


Harmonize tukunakukubali ukitoka wcb mashabiki wanafiki watakuacha tutabaki mashabiki wako wa dam we love you bro ✊


Kondeboy, , , ondoka WCB watu tuku unfollow, , mbna hatukuelew bana!!!????????????

Nachingwea ukija tena usitegemee mapokezi km hayo unapokelewa kwa mawe tu
Harmonize best Tanzanian artist ????
Brother i apriciate uuu???????????????????????? keep moving
Hata Mtoto Akishakuwa Mkubwa Na Uwezo Wa Kujitegemea Huondoka Nyumbani ????????Ila Nyumbani Ni Nyumbani
We mmakonde uko kuturusha roho unatabia za kinyonga ila naona chibu kasha kuzimia data umeanza shobo sasa
????????????kondeeeee toka uwone
Umerudi au upo? Swali gumu hilo????
Hii hela unayopoteza kwa q chilla n bora ungempa maza ako aendeleee kuenjoy maisha
Yote Tisa kumi usije subut kujitoa ulipo ogea kaka????????
upo njiani kumfata mavoko alipo????????????????
Konde boy be giving support to everybody in game that is maturity there is room for everyone to fly no hate. ????????????????????????
Kwanini umeondoka WCB
Fala ww dogo utapotea trust me
Unaenda kufel yangu macho na pumz
The music industry is big enough for everyone to make money keep doing your thing oluwakonde the sky is your beginning.you can never loose????????????????????????
Nakukubar Na nakupenda sana ila usisahau ulikotoka Na usimdharau aliye kufanya ukawa hapo ulipo fika rudi kundini plz usije ukawa kama Richard mavoko
Kwa akili yako unajidanganya #Mond ataruhusu uendelee na zile connection ulizozipata ulipokuwa #WcB! Km umetoka wcb mbabaaa! Soon unapotea. Music wetu ss bado unahitaji janja janja sana, ili mtu aweze kufika mbali. Unahisi unakipaji kumzidi #Aslay? Mbona unafanya poa kumzidi? Upo mahala salama kabisa. Nimeona pic zako na huyo fala mwenye kiburi cha kisenge. #WeEndeleaTu
@boss_wa_kitaanobody has Anyone’s future in their hands.????????????Diamond was just @harmonize_tz destiny’s connector.So stop implying that without Diamond he will fail……Diamond is not God.????????