Diamond is surrounded by birthdays! Zari Hassan’s firstborn son also celebrates birthday 

Tiffah Dangote has celebrated a birthday. Hamisa Mobeto’s daughter with Diamond has also celebrated a birthday and now Zari Hassan’s first son, who she had with late hubby Ivan, has also celebrated his 15th birthday.

Since Zari has been hacked on Instagram, the mother of five hasn’t posted any birthday message but Pito’s younger brother, Quincy, had a lovely message for him on Instagram.


“Happy birthday bro @pinto_bitw Though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. You are such a great role model for me because you are so loving and caring. Also You are my mentor and supporter in every aspect of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day. A very happy birthday big bro lots of love @pinto_bitw,” he said. 

Ivan left most of the property to Pinto when he died. Once he clocks 18, the kid will be a straight millionaire.

Hassan Omar finally addresses issue with his buttocks that made netizens refer him as Vera Sidika

The former Mombasa senator was said to be giving Vera Sidika a run for her money. Hassan Omar was seen with  ridiculously big booty that doesn’t befit a man.

A photo showing Hassan Omar’s humongous behinds created a state of euphoria on social media. The photo received crazy shares and comments when it was posted on Group Kenya Facebook group.

Women spoke about my butt

The former Mombasa senator says the issue about his booty started when some women spoke about it in a rally. Omar tells Jeff Koinange that ODM made his booty famous because they made it a major issue.

Omar says Mudavadi was laughing like a 15-year-old instead of showing disgust. He claims Nasa leaders dehumanized and humiliated him simply because he quit Nasa.

Watch the video below:




This is why Kenyans are making fun of Hassan Omar’s booty (Photos)

Trolls are having their moment of laughter on social media thanks to Hassan Omar’s bottom. The former Mombasa senator is said to be giving Vera Sidika a run for her money.

A photo showing Hassan Omar’s rear appearing a little bigger has created a state of euphoria on social media. The photo received crazy shares and comments when it was posted on Group Kenya Facebook group.

Several other people including popular gay activist George Baraza aka Joji Baro also shared the photo on their own timelines.

Most people were making fun of Omar’s behinds, some claimed his rear became bigger because he joined Jubilee where people were ‘eating well’.


Netizens react

Below are some of the crazy comments posted on Facebook after Omar’s booty photo was shared online:

Levi Ochieng: Shepu vera….

Juliet Faruk: Lee HAHA

Vybz Kelita Katel: Hahahahahahaha umenimakia my day haha haha

Kariuki Victoria: Angekuwa NASA ungemsema ivo ama ni juu alihamia jubilee??

Jaykob Mulei: Jubilee slay queen

Augustus Mochambo: Whom am i to denounce this. Kudos the whistle blower

Gidy Deh King: Slay queen wa kamwana.

Lilian Wairimu: Amekuwa butillicios juu ari join jubilee..

Akal Oyosi Kwach: Unadhani unyee alimkatia kwa nini

Grace Greyc Amy: He is hot

Dishon Humphrey Otieno: Amejaa umama Sana.

Scott Kaburu: Vera sidika, has to worry, competition is very tight

Ma’c Pat Ella: Aki wewe… Hehe.. God will punish your

Evex Luna:  ????

El Tosh Tonio: Pwahaha ni pampers amevaa??

Bryan Kerry Perry: Acha njifungie bedroom ncheke hadi morning….hahaha

Harmfree Ray: What happened to this one

Mark Le Grande: ???…I didn’t know he’s such a big tune

Benardo Rutto: ????i rest my case

Bonke Sam Bablas????

Morris Mututho: Papahaha ha shinda n gani apo

George Barasa: He is such a gentleman. He is carrying his wife’s ass

CB Papai: Really. You made my night ??

Tuva Sarah Kamena: Hahahaa.. Confused hassan omar

Eve Davis: Omar Hassan hajibiwi na wanaume, ana jibiwa na wanawake kama sisi…

“Now you’re marriage consultant” KOT tear into Senator Hassan Omar as he sticks his nose into Diamond/Zari saga

From Nigeria to South Africa, and here in East Africa, everybody is talking about Diamond’s confession about his infidelity. Politicians likewise are not immune to these talks.

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar found himself in unfamiliar territory when he decided to share his opinion about the whole Diamond/Zari drama.

Omar said that Diamond and Zari’s saga required high intervention from Mombasa because the whole situation was getting out of hand.

“This Zari/Daimond stuff might require some ‘high level’ intervention from Mombasa. Bro, it’s getting out of hand” Hassan Omar twitted.

His tweeted was interpreted as a jab at Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Kenyan on Twitter (KOT) quickly reacted by firing salvos at him. Below are the reactions from KOT: