Zari Hassan’s reply after landing in Tanzania then being asked about Diamond Platnumz by reporters 

Socialite Zari Hassan during the weekend was in Tanzania with Softcare Diapers, a brand she works with as their ambassador.

The mother of five caused a frenzy after touching down in the country. She was swarmed by dozens of reporters who mostly wanted to know about her visit.

Her visit came just a week after Diamond confessed that she was cheating on him with two men, a reason why he had to walk away.


Well, when asked by the press whether she is in Tanzania to respond to Diamond’s interview, Zari said that she’s just focused on her charity mission and nothing more.

“No, I’m not here for that, I’m here for charity work and that’s all. I’m excited to be here,” she answered. 

Zari visited mothers of newborns at Mbagala Hospital and also donate diapers, other Softcare products and items from Milimani City Baby shop.

Diamond Platnumz’ dad: I have never met my grand kids, I don’t even know how Zari sounds

Zari Hassan and her two kids from Diamond Platnumz have never met Diamond’s dad in person.

Despite Zari and Diamond being together for close to five years, Diamond has never bothered to introduce them to his dad Mzee Juma.

Juma recently opened up about the issue saying that he doesn’t even know Zari’s voice because they have never met face to face.

”aah!sijai ona wajukuu wangu ata sauti yake zari sijawai sikia” he said. 

Never meet

Zari was Diamonds ex and they had two kids namely Tiffany and Nillian.

It’s not a secret Diamond and his dad never see eye to eye. Diamond has been dodging his dad for years now and it’s not shocking that he has never met his kids.

The day Mzee Juma planned to pay them a visit, Diamond had gone for a music tour, denying him a chance to see his grandchildren.

Zari Hassan denies ex-husband Ivan made her: That’s where y’all get confused

Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to deny that all her riches, name and lifestyle are because of her ex-hubby Ivan Don Ssemwanga. As it were, Ivan was very wealthy, a fete that got him crowned “God-father of the rich gang”.

The late Ivan who sired three kids with Zari Hassan, passed away on Thursday, May 25, in a South African hospital after 11 days in ICU following heart related complications.

Zari however has denied that she fell for him because of these riches. Responding to a comment on Instagram, Zari said that she was way way ambitious even before meeting Ivan.

While you’re looking for rich husbands, I wanna be a rich wife. #MondayMotivation to all my hustler ladies out there tryna make it in a male dominated world. We can do,” wrote Zari.


An Instagram follower then responded to Zari’s post saying her late ex-husband was her sponsor.

But after all said and done Don (R.i.p) is still the sponsor of your wealth. But I like the way you have kept up his legacy. #RESPECT,” said Jeddy.

Zari fired back saying:

@jeedymarto that’s where y’all get confused. He never made me, we made each other, we equally played the roles because we had big goals, big dreams. Y’all know Ivan after the boys have been born and grown, look back at my throwbacks and you’ll see what I mean,” responded Zari Hassan.


Huddah Monroe continues hinting about her long overdue wedding, she’s now soliciting brides maid

For the better part of 2017, socialite Huddah Monroe kept insisting that she’s a changed woman who is now focused on other things that never made sense to her in 2016 and backwards.

One of the things the socialite is focused on is being tied down. She has been hinting about getting married since then and perhaps, just perhaps, 2019 might be the year.

Mending friendships

Well, before the wedding comes, the socialite is mending bridges she burnt in 2017 and other years back because she wants a bridesmaids by her side. She took to social media to send one of her cheeky posts, saying that she’s trying to re-friend guys she broke up with long ago i.e. Zari Hassan and others, for her wedding.

Here’s what she said:

Zari: I have also dated broke guys before 

While many think that Zari Hassan is always getting rich guys, the socialite has come out to reveal that she also dated her own share of broke guys.

During a recent interview in Uganda, the mother of five said that she also dated a few broke guys before settling for the rich  Ivan Don and later Diamond Platnumz.


She went on to add that when dating, people should go after the connection first and understanding each other. Not money.

“You just need to find someone who understands you. It’s not about money or looks because I have been through the money phase, the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know where I fall,” Zari said during her Interview on NBS.

She also said that she’s still not yet ready to date again after Diamond broke her heart.

“Maybe next year is when I will come out with someone to date but now I am not thinking of it.” added Zari

Boss Lady! Man who allegedly hacked Zari Hassan arrested(photo) 

The man allegedly behind the recent hacking of Zari Hassan Instagram’s account has been arrested. The man, a Ugandan, is identified as Jemba Farid Gilbert known to many as Omo Dada.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t just a random hacker but had been under Zari’s payroll a while back. Omo Dada is the man who also helped Zari get her account verified.


According to Ugandan media, Omo Dada was arrested and detained for almost two days for allegedly hacking the account, though he denied the allegations telling police that Zari Hassan has always proved the login details to him.

His laptop and other gadgets were confiscated and he was later released on a bond. Zari, who has been busy with her charity projects, has not addressed the issue yet.


Diamond is surrounded by birthdays! Zari Hassan’s firstborn son also celebrates birthday 

Tiffah Dangote has celebrated a birthday. Hamisa Mobeto’s daughter with Diamond has also celebrated a birthday and now Zari Hassan’s first son, who she had with late hubby Ivan, has also celebrated his 15th birthday.

Since Zari has been hacked on Instagram, the mother of five hasn’t posted any birthday message but Pito’s younger brother, Quincy, had a lovely message for him on Instagram.


“Happy birthday bro @pinto_bitw Though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. You are such a great role model for me because you are so loving and caring. Also You are my mentor and supporter in every aspect of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day. A very happy birthday big bro lots of love @pinto_bitw,” he said. 

Ivan left most of the property to Pinto when he died. Once he clocks 18, the kid will be a straight millionaire.

Zari’s account hacked again, hackers post porn

News that socialite Zari Hassan’s Instagram account has been hacked spread like wild fire. The mother of five lost her account on the worst day possible to do it: During her daughter’s birthday.

The socialite then managed to win the account hours later but it seems the hackers still have control.


The hackers have shocked millions of die-hard followers that adore the socialite after they started sharing porn today in the morning using the account. It seems though Zari might have won the account back, she’s might not be in total control.

The hackers want a clean $4,000 to return the account and now they are punishing Zari for not paying. The post has now been deleted.



Zari Hassan welcomed like a true hero after landing in Uganda (Photos)

Socialite Zari Hassan was given a warm welcome on August 3 after landing in Uganda to launch the Bryan White Foundation offices and charity work.

The Bryan White foundation is ‘A charity organization aimed at empowering & awakening the youths from poverty.’

Ugandans were eagerly waiting for the her and filled the streets the moment she touched down at Arua town in the Northern Region of Uganda. She later on joined the Foundation on the ground for the distribution of scholastic materials and sanitary towels.


Some of the beneficiaries included; Arua parent P/S, Arua Islamic, Arua public, Niva P/S, Nile high school and Arua Hill P/S.

Here are the photos:

Zari Hassan slams fan who attacked her for listening to Diamond’s songs

Zari Hassan was recently forced to fire back at a fan who wanted her to stop listening to her ex-husband’s song.

Zari posted a clip listening to Diamond Platnumz’ song but a fan wanted her to stop supporting her ex. She claimed that Diamond has dumped her but she’s still in denial.

 “Unamuwaza Mondina Nyimbo zake …..ukiachwa achika” wrote QueenBinkel.

Zari wasn’t so pleased with the comment and she fired back at the fan, slamming her.

@QueenBinkel Nanikipiga za Nigeria Wote nawawaza, mtu akisema akili ndogo mnahara wiki nzima” replied Zari Hassan.

Fan to Zari: Are you a Christian or a Muslim because you praise both Allah and God 

Socialite Zari Hassan found herself in unexpected grounds after a fan demanded to know her religion. For a long time, not many have been able to place which religion the socialite belongs to.

It seems the guessing game will not end anytime soon after she shooed off a fan who asked the question with a rather vague answer.

maryamlipo Are you Muslim or Christian coz sometimes you’re at church sometimes praising Allah @Zarithebosslady,” asked the fan.

Zari however, didn’t want to choose sides and instead replied:

zarithebosslady @maryamlipo yes babe I do as I please not how you others want me to,” she fired back.


But which side does she really belong?

It’s hard to tell. The mother of five, wore a Hijab as she marked her late mother’s(a Muslim) one year death anniversary.

She’s been in church just as many times as she’s been spotted with the Hijab. Ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz is a Muslim while Ivan ssemwanga was a christian.

Some even argue she’s Illuminati, so perhaps, only Zari can tell us the truth.

Zari Hassan leaves fans panicking with excitement after photos being kissed by Mzungu 

Who is that?

That’s the question four million Instagram followers had for socialite Zari Hassan after she shared a few photos getting a warm kiss from a white guy her fans had never seen before.

South African

Diamond Platinumz’s ex-wife posted the photos on insta stories getting a kiss from the white South African guy leaving many debating whether she has finally found someone to replace her Casanova ex.

The photos also come hours after Diamond hinted in his new song “Biala” that Zari was after using him and nothing more.

Why Zari Hassan needs your help

Socialite Zari Hassan has asked her fans to help her track down con men who are using her name on social media.

Zari, who has now 4 million flowers on Instagram, shared that people are suing her name to con innocent fans and also soliciting money from innocent people using her Charitable Foundation.


On Instagram through her manager Galston Anthony, she asked her fans to unite and report all the fake social media accounts using her name since all her accounts have been verified.

“Please be alert of SCAMMERS! There are people creating fake IG and Facebook Pages under the pretense of “ZariTheBossLady Foundation” or names quite similar. Zari has never asked for money from the public to carry out any charitable work. Please also note that if she hasn’t post it on her verified IG, Facebook or Twitter then it cannot be regarded as official. We kindly as you to please report these pages if they look suspicious. Your assistance is highly appreciated. @zarithebosslady” reads a statement from Zari Hassan manager Galston Anthony.

Zari’s interesting reply to a fan who suggested she’s really missing Diamond 

It’s been almost five months now since Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan broke up. Zari has rejected a bunch of men such as Ringtone and opted to stay single while Diamond has been enjoying the company of different ladies.

Fans however, believe that Zari is missing his ex-hubby.

In a post on Instagram, Zari made a rather eye-popping caption when posting her daughter’s photo leaving fans asking whether she’s moved on.


Wrong signs

Zari shared Tiffah’s photo saying how she misses Diamond a thing that left fans confused.

“How I wait for my papa to call…..”said Zari on the photo.

A fan then quipped: So @zarithebosslady yeah You do miss him… he gave fame, u have power though” commented one fan.

Zari wasn’t so impressed with the comment and fired back: @monaymbaruti but I don’t have his number incase I missed him, I don’t have to express it through my daughter’s account. Don’t project your behavior on me”

Beautiful photos from the late Ivan Don and Zari Hassan’s simple wedding

A lot has been said about Zari especially now that her ex husband passed on this past Tuesday and confirmed the news on Thursday after she publicly announced that he was no more.

There are fans who have been encouraging her while others have been criticizing her for leaving the fella only to fight for his property when he is dead. However what many don’t know is that the late Ivan Don loved Zari Hassan until his last day on earth.

The two are said to have had a relationship that many could not understand simply because they had 3 sons together and as far as matters are concerned….Zari was his first love. A few years ago the two made their union official by holding a traditional wedding that many know nothing about. I however bumped into a few photos from the wedding and you can check them out below: