Inside Heaven Bahati’s princess themed 4th birthday party (Photos)

Bahati and Diana Marua’s eldest child, Heaven Bahati is finally four and to celebrate the new milestone, these young parents did what they do best; and that is, hosting a party that will be remembered by both their guests and fans.

Baby Heaven

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Being mummy’s favorite child, Diana Bahati is believed to have spent a couple of thousands for the deco and food; but since the event was held in their own backyard – the Bahati’s didn’t have to cash out that much this time around.

Anyway like any other 4 year old princess, photos from the birthday party have confirmed that Heaven Bahati did indeed get her own cake and tiara.

Her close friends, Terence Creative’s 3 year old daughter and DK’s daughter were among the invited guests present for the party and so was big sister, Mueni.

Fit for a princess

Well, for a while now it has been said that both  Diana and Bahati favor their daughter – Heaven a-bit too much….and after watching the footage from the  birthday party it’s kinda obvious to see why.

But again come to think of it, which parent wouldn’t really do the same for their princess –  and in Bahati’s case I guess it’s more of tumia pesa hadi ikuzoee kinda situation.

Having had a tough background where he lost his mum, had nothing for himself and suffered through his teen to adulthood – clearly Bahati

“Weh tafuta content ingine” Fans blast Bahati for clout chasing using daughter’s illness

Words cannot express how we feel for Diana Marua now that daughter, Heaven Bahati is unwell. I’m guessing she has had to put in extra efforts to make sure Heaven is fine; despite the sleepless nights she has had to spend in hospital. And believe me, this is part of the journey that makes motherhood worthwhile.

Daddy Bahati on the other hand seems quite busy taking photos and videos of his sick daughter; just to parade them on social media for the world to know what’s happening to his daughter.

Heaven Bahati admitted to hospital

Well, could be because he is a media personality but come on; there are things that can be publicized and others kept a secret for crying out loud. However, fans also need to remember that this young daddy wants to remain revelant by all means hence the videos and photos of his sick child.

Clout chaser?

After publicizing his daughter getting nebulized; the former gospel artist also shared yet another photo of Heaven sleeping in her hospital bed – and that is when fans started calling him out.

Okay we get the point that Heaven is unwell – but stuff like that are better handled off social media. Most probably fans feel this way because Bahati could have used his time better by cuddling his sick daughter instead of taking a damn video. I mean, why?

Anyway check out the comments below.

“It’s time you joined school!” Diana Marua tells her 1 year old

Pregnant Diana Marua is one happy woman to have a smart baby. Just a few days ago the lady went on to praise her daughter on her Instagram page adding that it’s about time she joined school.

According to Diana Marua, she has always felt that her baby girl, Heaven Bahati is way smarter than kids her age.

From the Instagram videos shared by Bahati and Marua we understand that their baby girl already feeds herself and is already mastering words.

Intelligent genes

With another baby on the way, Diana Marua could now be thinking of letting her baby girl start school soon now. Through her Instagram page the lady posted saying;

You’re too bright for your age Heav! It’s about time you go to school now????????


Seeing how both parents have hustled up in the entertainment industry, it’s no surprise that their daughter got her smart behavior from them.

However, having Heav join school at 1 year could be like a punishment since she still has a long way to go!


“Dear Heaven, you are a conqueror, a warrior!” Diana Marua’s love letter to her baby girl!

Diana Marua is undeniably proud of her baby girl, Heaven. Thanks to her Instagram page we are able to witness how she showers her girl with love; despite her efforts to maintain a low profile when it comes to her private life.

In a new post shared on her gram, Marua pours out her heart to her daughter who recently turned one the other day. From her message, it is clear to see that Marua aims at raising her daughter with Christian values and nothing less.

She goes on to describe her baby girl as a warrior and a mother of nations; something that impressed most of her followers.

Social media criticism

Although Diana Marua recently revealed that she receives a lot of criticism from her social media fans; the mother of one seems to have developed a thick skin hence her care-free attitude.

Anyway check out the message she dedicated to her baby girl below.

The Bahati’s celebrate their daughter’s 1st birthday!

Gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua earlier this morning went to share special messages on their Instagram pages as they celebrated their daughter’s first birthday.

The couple which has been making headlines for the wrong reasons a few weeks ago couldn’t help but share their daughter’s special milestone on social media.

Heaven Bahati

Birthday messages

Although baby Heaven will not remember anything from her 1st birthday; Bahati and his wife went all out to shower her with special messages on her special day. Through his Instagram page Bahati wrote saying;

Mama Heaven on the other hand could not believe how far her baby has come. Through her instagram story the singer’s wife wrote saying;

Diana Marua

Diana Marua flaunts her daughter’s ears after fans complained about the baby’s ear piercings (Photos)

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua came under sharp criticisms from their fans on social media after they decided to pierce their daughter’s ear.

The baby is only 7 months old and some people thought her parents were subjecting her to unnecessary pain just to make her look prettier.

Cute ears

Diana Marua took to social media to flaunt her daughter’s ears after the piercing. See the photos below:

Bahati, Marua finally unveil daughter’s face, she so cute (photos)

Kenyans have been eagerly waiting for Bahati and Diana Marua to publicly reveal their first born daughter’s face.

It has finally happened and she’s a total angel. The two posted the photos on social media and fans totally loved baby Heaven after seeing her face for the first time.

Thanking God

“You gave me a reason to earn the Title, Mother! I will Move Mountains for you, Crawl if I need to for your Peace, Well-being and Happiness, I will do anything for you but one thing I will never Fail to do, is to always go Down on My Knees and Thank God for you my baby @HeavenBahati, I will Love you for a Million years ???Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there, y’all are the real champions. Even to our Mothers who are watching us from above, you are our guardian angels and by far, The Greatest! #HappyMothersDay ❤ @pace_africaThank you for these amazing photos ? follow @pace_africa to see more of photos of @Heavenbahati ?

Here are the cute photos of Heaven:




Sad! Bahati’s 12-week-old daughter admitted to hospital (Photo)

Bahati’s daughter baby Heaven Bahati has been taken ill. The gospel singer broke the sad news as he asked his fans to pray for his baby.

Heaven has been admitted at the Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital. Bahati however didn’t disclose what condition his daughter is suffering from.

Oxygen mask

The ‘Ten Over Ten’ singer shared a photo of his wife Diana Marua and his daughter at the hospital. The baby was breathing through the oxygen mask.

“Am Praying that you get discharged??? Get Well Soon @HeavenBahati ???,” wrote Bahati.

Diana Marua and her daughter at the hospital
Diana Marua and her daughter at the hospital