Fans bash Huddah after she pleaded Uhuru Kenyatta to legalize bhang

Socialite Huddah Monroe angered her fans on social media recently after asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to legalize Bhang.

Huddah said that before the president can focus on the referendum he should first look at the pending issue of making weed legal that has also been pushed by several prominent names.

“Before the referendum, we need that weed to be legalized. Honestly, who is sitting next to Mr president right now? Pass this message,” she posted.


The post angered some of her fans who ended up attacking her. Huddah however fired back with an angry statement, saying fans who don’t like her views can unfollow her.

You’ll lose some clients if you post politics! SMH! Its 50% on any side I chose to post! I am not trying to capture everyone in the market. I am not trying to be Jesus!DO NOT TELL ME who I can support and who I can’t!” she said. 

She went on to say that her business is not supported by Kenyans anyway so she doesn’t care if they ditch her.

“I am not even trying to get 100% of Kenyans to support my business! 70% of my business is not even in Kenya to start with! I am a HUSTLER! I have survived this far and I can survive! Unfollow if you like I am not on your side.” she said. 

Huddah finally confesses losing to Vera Sidika? Look at what she had to say 

Either the competition grew tougher than she anticipated, she has better things to do now, or she’s just growing old but socialite Huddah Monroe is not trying to keeping with other socialites. Not any more.

On social media, the socialite confessed that she previously tried keeping up with everyone but realized it was an endless chase.

Her comments come just days after Vera Sidika, one of her main competition, launched a high-end spar and Huddah posting her make-up launch.

“Ever since I found happiness within myself , I became a changed woman . Nothing bothers me anymore. I am just taking life a step at a time,” she said. 


She added that people should stop comparing her to all these other socialite since they are cut from different clothes.

“Stop comparing yourself to others because no matter what you do, you can’t be them,” she went on. 


Kenyans finally ‘uncover’ old mzungu who took Huddah for expensive trip to Monaco

Huddah Monroe has been really enjoying herself lately after heading to the most expensive city in the world, Monaco, for the F1 race and to have fun. In a long time, Huddah has not enjoyed search a trip and has stayed away from Instagram with nothing to post.

Kenyans, however, think they have finally managed to uncover the old mzungu who allegedly took Huddah Monroe for the expensive trip in Monaco and given her renewed life on IG.

Huddah in Monaco

The man behind it all

In the popular group, Chit Chat for Nairobi mums, a Kenyan shared a collage of photos which all have one Mzungu who many concluded is behind the expensive trip and designer cloths.

What do think? Is it true? Here’s the photo:



Huddah Monroe bags herself a new sponsor, enjoys exotic trip

“Why is it that 99% of women married to black men are always unhappy? Frustrated, they have low self esteem , looking sad & disappointed life? It’s like being married to a black man is modern day slavery.” 

When you get such words from a woman, be sure African men have been definitely canceled out from her dating list.

Huddah Monroe, the originator of those words, has gone ahead to live them, getting a new Spanish boo and saying NEVER to African men who have been frustrating and playing her.

Forget African men

The socialite took to social media to share photos of her hot mzungu she probably met while in Barcelona, Spain. Lately, Monroe has been talking a lot about love, settling down and having kids. Could this be the guy evoking those emotions?

Well, only time will tell whether Huddah will cuff this and, also how “un-African” he’ll turn out to be. But for now, let’s just keep watching. 

Huddah defends billionaire Chris Kirubi: He’s not a thief, he got lucky after right investments

Billionaire Chris Kirubi’s health has deteriorated in the past few months after he was diagnosed with cancer. A section of Kenyans tied the 77-year-old’s poor health to some of his past history in which he was accused of embezzling government parastatals such as Uchumi, Kenya Airways and also Kenatco.  Many, believed, it was karma.

But not socialite Huddah Monroe.

Chris Kirubi and Kiprono Kitony, chairman of Radio Africa Group.

Chris got lucky

Huddah took to Snapchat to share her view after a photo of Kirubi looking frail went viral. According to her, he was a hardworking man who invested and got lucky. She also said that diseases don’t discriminate and people should avoid side-mouthing ill people.

Chris Kirubi is a great man. Someone we should all emulate as a business man. He bought shares at the right places and got lucky,” she said.

She asked Kenyans to drop the idea that every rich man got there through stealing.

“Most people think that every rich man must’ve stolen. Why don’t y’all steal too? If stealing makes a man wealthy why don’t you change your career and be a thief? Most people operate in sheep mentality, change it and see how far you can go in life,” she added.

Kirubi is behind successful projects like the popular Two Rivers mall, Capital FM among other unknown projects. His health is however a topic that continues to remain in the dark but if indeed he is sick, we wish him a quick recovery.


Huddah Monroe announces her preferred presidential candidate two years after criticizing Uhuru Kenyatta

Two years ago at the height of Al Shabaab terrorist attacks in Kenya, Huddah Monroe expressed her frustration with President Uhuru’s government for failing to curb extremism and terror attacks.

Huddah lashed out at President Uhuru and demanded that he should give the order to withdraw KDF from Somalia so that they could be stationed at the Kenyan border with Somalia to protect Kenyans from Al Shabaab terrorists who sneaked into the country to carry out terror attacks.

“Come 2017 . Uhuru and his people will need to sit their ass down ! Between 2012 and 2015 lots of lives have been lost. Our economy has totally deteriorated. There’s No money circulating in this country . We are broke. They lied to us they defeated Alshabab , but they only dispersed them out of Somalia.We dont need prayers only , we need to demand for SECURITY! Upgrade our ammunition, bring back KDF out of Somalia and into our borders instead of Training police recruits and sending them to fight militants with less experience, what are they going to use ? Sticks and stones ? Remember the 38 young policemen who were gunned down at the valley of death in Samburu? Kenyans need to react because afterall this The only thing we end up with is a hash tag #PrayForKenya #WEareONE and nothing is ever done ! #Navumilia Na #NajihurumiaKuwaMkenya,” Huddah Monroe wrote in April 2015.

Two years later, Huddah’s frustrations with Uhuru’s government could be the likely reason why she announced her support for Raila Odinga.

Huddah Monroe and Raila Odinga

Huddah revealed that she will be voting for the first time on August 8th and that her presidential vote would go for Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga.

“MY PRESIDENT! 1 DAY TO GO! I am VOTING for the FIRST TIME! KENYA DECIDES 2017 #VoteWisely #OneKenya #45MillionStrong #45MillionVoices,” Huddah Monroe wrote on Instagram.