Zari finally lets Diamond Platnumz see his children months after blocking him

Diamond Platnumz has finally seen his two children after Zari Hassan bowed to pressure and unlocked him.

The singer has mentioned severally that he has been denied access to communicate with Tiffah and Nilan seeing as they are not in Tanzania with him.

“Mapenzi imeleta kwa wanangu vita, siku hizi siwaoni, naishia kuwa like Insta. (Love has brought beef between me and my children these days I just like their pictures on Instagram)” he sang in his song Inama. 


Diamon, however, is now one happy man, or should we say, daddy, after Zari Hassan unblocked him and allowed him to talk to his kids Nalia and Tiffah. He took to social media to share a bunch of photos clearly showing he’s glad he spoke to them.

‘@deedaylan @princenillan @princess_tiffah and I, strategizing how we gonna take this @wcb_wasafi and all wasafi companies to the next level this year…. I can see someone is really happy!And someone feel like crying coz of missing me,’ he captioned the pics.

Here are the photos:

“There is no way these men will be playing with us” Why Huddah Monroe has promised not to have lungula in 2019

Socialite Huddah Monroe is no longer interested in engaging in sex in 2019. Reason? A certain man cheated on his girlfriend and Huddah wasn’t impressed.

The socialite took to social media to ask fellow ladies to abstain from sex to teach men on a cheating spree long lasting a lesson. Her post was evoked by a lady named Caro who confessed her boyfriend Mike has been cheating on her with multiple women.

“Hey guys so today I got a DM from a chick called Caro who has a boyfriend called Michael. So Michael has been cheating on Caro with multiple women. These men are carrying us like we are are pieces of dirt. So guys this is something I have been talking about for the longest time on my social media pages and I think it is high time we hold these people accountable for their actions,” she said in the video.

Shop closed

Huddah said men should learn to respect women and in 2019, no woman should tolerate cheating. And for that reason, she asked other ladies to say no when approached.

‘There is no way these men will be playing with us. Caro has said she is closing shop and I have also decided I’m closing shop. I am urging every chick out there to close shop and let us see where these men will go. If they can not change, let them go get Samanthas or they go look for Arimis they sort themselves,” she added.

Zari Hassan blocked us all on social media because of Tanasha Donna- Diamond Platinumz’ family

Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan wants nothing to do with his family after their break up especially, after Diamond went ahead a got another woman.

Diamond’s family members have all allegedly been blocked by Zari because she doesn’t want to see what they are saying about his new catch Tanasha Donna.

Speaking in an interview with Global Publishers,  Diamond’s brother Rommy Jones said that she had blocked them but they weren’t too concerned about that.

“I don’t see anything wrong with being blocked by Zari, but what we [are] concerned with is diamond’s happiness. Everything else is not important,” he said. 


Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz, who recently confessed that she’s missing Hamisa Mobetto, said that they’ll keep supporting Diamond and that means posting about Tanasha on social media.

“We cannot intrude into Diamond’s relationships, but we support him. For now he is with Tanasha so we have to show him our support.” she said. 

Hudda wears Buibui and goes in town undercover to burst those selling fake Huddah cosmetics(photos)

Socialite Huddah Monroe has been pushing her cosmetics line Huddah Cosmetics for several years now and has really penetrated the market.

The socialite, however, noticed that bootleg make ups have been eating her profits away and instead of crying the government should do this and that, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Coming for you

Huddah decided to go undercover in a Buibui and strolled around town to see who exactly has been selling fake Huddah products. In an Instagram post, she shared how she walked around town without anyone noticing.

“The true definition of move in silence. It’s incredible how I did so much work yesterday, visited all my businesses in town.. Walked up and down from river road to luthuli avenue , & I know who is selling fake Huddah products and i’m coming for you all.” she said. 

She also went to her favorite eating spots and enjoyed a meal just like she used to do in the past while hustling.

“I also went to eat at the places I used to go wayyyy back & left without anyone noticing me,” Hudda said. 


Huddah Monroe continues hinting about her long overdue wedding, she’s now soliciting brides maid

For the better part of 2017, socialite Huddah Monroe kept insisting that she’s a changed woman who is now focused on other things that never made sense to her in 2016 and backwards.

One of the things the socialite is focused on is being tied down. She has been hinting about getting married since then and perhaps, just perhaps, 2019 might be the year.

Mending friendships

Well, before the wedding comes, the socialite is mending bridges she burnt in 2017 and other years back because she wants a bridesmaids by her side. She took to social media to send one of her cheeky posts, saying that she’s trying to re-friend guys she broke up with long ago i.e. Zari Hassan and others, for her wedding.

Here’s what she said:

Here is how socialite Huddah Monroe has managed to avoid being exposed online through screenshots 

Socialite Hudddah Monroe has not been in any expose lately majorly because she discovered a new trick of how she can avoid such drama.

We have seen lovers like Otile Brown and Vera Sidika expose each other on social media through screenshots from their chats on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Prominent MPs have also being caught up in similar dramas while begging young girls for sex online.

No phone numbers

According to Huddah, she doesn’t share her number anymore with anyone to avoid such drama. We really don’t know how why she’s afraid of being exposed but with these socialites, you can never tell what they are up to.

“Nowadays I don’t give people my number, I tell them to snapchat me, so when they save my conversation I block them,” Huddah wrote on her social media. 

Well, maybe that’s a trick Vera and others should learn to avoid future embarrassment.

Huddah to Lilian Muli: I don’t understand why you need to say the relationship is over on social media

Apparently, Citizen TV host Lilian Muli dumped her baby daddy, Jared Ombongi just months after the two were blessed with a kid.

On the contrary, Jared came out to refute the claims that he was dumped saying that he actually dumped her because she brings nothing to the table other than a sexy body. According to the rich businessman, all what Muli does is walk around naked in the house.

“When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside. Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real. Stay woke. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again,” said Muli. 


Socialite Huddah Monroe had some advice for Lilian Muli who immediately became a topic of discussion after making the announcement on social media. According to Huddah, people should avoid airing their dirty linen on social media.

“I don’t understand why women feel the need to say their relationship is over on social media this is how to catch your Ls.” said Huddah. 

Zari Hassan hilarious message after Diamond fell off stage during performance

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny over the weekend had a scary moment after falling off stage in Sumbawanga in Tanzania during a hyped performance.

The video of the two Wasafi Records artists being swallowed by the stage has been shared online hundreds of times as fans made fun of the two after the mild accident that left no injuries.

Diamond’s ex-wife Zari Hassan also joined the masses to comment on the accident after a fan took to her social media pages to inform her.

Hard fall

“Unajua kama baba yao kapata ajali Kwenye jukwaa huko sumbua wawangaji?” the fan posted. 

“Subir nitume ambulance kutoka Sauzi. Naona unanijulisha akuna madaktari uko.” Zari Cheekily replied. 

Diamond’s new lover was a little bit sympathetic and comforted him after the fall. Tanasha Donna comment on Diamond’s post saying:

“Woooiii, So sorry my Baby”. Diamond responded saying “@Tanashadonna Thank You, Mama.”


‘You are good for Gorilla tracking’ Zari Hassan destroys activist Mange Kimambi in new social media war 

Socialite Zari Hassan and controversial US based Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi are back at it after renewing their beef.

Kimambi started it all several months ago after claiming that Zari has been lying about her age and was even detained while trying to enter the US.

Zari, in return, shared that Kimambi was a broke bitter woman who was jealous of her success and is doing everything to bring her down.


The renewed fight, however, has switched gears and this time included their kids after they were dragged into the fight.

Zari said that Mange was bitter to the extent of neglecting her kids who were malnourished and had hair full of lice.

In response, Kimambi claimed that Zari’s kids had no teeth and if they were put together to play, his son would be scared thinking Halloween had returned.

I mean just look, they can’t even play together. Keanu angeogopa sana angehisi Haloween imerudi anakimbizwa na zombie mtoto, especially na hizo #ChineseGucci alizovalishwa,” wrote Mange Kimambi.

That escalated everything and Zari went on a rampage, posting over 10 posts dissing Kimambi and her family.

Here are the posts:

Zari Hassan wouldn’t mind Akothee moving in with her 

Singer Akothee has been doing a lot of crazy things on social media and many people would prefer watching all that from a distance.

But not Zari Hassan.

Zari recently took to social media to applaud the singer’s unique lifestyle and add that she wouldn’t mind enjoying it firsthand at her home.


On social media, Zari commented on Akothee’s post saying that she’s one crazy lady but she loves her lifestyle.

“When I said you are craiiizi I meant it. Please move in with me and make us all crazy. I like this crazy.” posted Zari. 

Akothee in return replied:

“We finished giving birth and now it’s time to enjoy life. Come soon we lit it. We control dis streets.” she said. 


Zari Hassan fires back at fan who claimed she’s always idle

Socialite Zari Hassan recently had to bash a fan with an unexpected reply after he claimed that she’s always idle.

According to the fan, the socialite has been spending too much time on social media and needs to find a real job.

Zari however, fired back at the fan with a savage reply saying that he has subscribed to all her Instagram posts but complains she’s idle.

Zari kwani hauna kazi ya kufanya muda wote uko online,” the fan asked.

“Kwanza we ndo umewasha notification uone kila niki post, unajuaje niko online, Kwani we kazi unayo? Kazi nikuona Zari kapost nini,” Zari fired back.


Zari has more than once fired back (if it’s her) to fans who have tried to throw shade to her on her own platform. But we all know the account has a manager so maybe it’s not her after all.

‘I am 0% the person I was three years ago’ Huddah says

As much as we would like to think Huddha Monroe hasn’t changed, she recently explained that she’s no longer the woman she was  5 or 6 years ago.

In a post on social media, Huddah revealed that she would never waste her energy in social media fights like she used to earlier on.

In fact, she’s regretting that she was involved in several online fights in 2011 but now she’s a mature woman who will just let it slide. Really?

“I am 0% the person I was three years ago and I would probably get in a fight with 2011 me,” she said.

“I’d beat the shit out of the Huddah of 2yrs ago. Rants and fights online WTF was you bitch?”

Old Huddah

Huddah used to reply to a lot of things side online about her. She also used to throw shade to guys like Vera Sidika who she’s competed with for the better part of her life.

Mileage! Fans attack Huddah for looking old and worn out after posting photo without filters 

Fans believe age has finally started catching up with socialite Huddah Monroe. This is after the popular socialite posted a photo on Instagram without filters which fans went on to claim she looked old and tired.

Huddah Monroe is now 27 years old but Kenyans have always argued that there’s no way she was born in 1991. Many have claimed that she’s over 32.

Is that you?

In the photo taken by a fan, some where quick to share that she looked tired and not pretty like whenever she uses filters. The photo has been doing rounds for the better part of the weekend making her a topic of discussion.

“These celebs use filters, I mean all of them. Let no one lie to you that they have no wrinkles or stretch marks. They use filters to enhance their hips and bums,” said a fan. 

Another said: “The Iphone camera shows all your imperfection.”

“In this pic the b*** looks old and ugly at her rough face. Woi. filters zimeokolea watu sana.” added another. 


Zari Hassan’s manager buys multi-million off-road beast (Photo) 

Zari Hassan’s personal manager Glaston Anthony has bought a brand new car worth millions.

Taking to social media, Anthony posted the brand new Ford Wildtrak that goes for about Ksh 5 million.

“Another 1! Added to the fleet. #ford #wildtrak now to pimp it put. Any ideas Still thinking of a name….. car purchase inspired by Teddy Mboweni. I used to be very hyper active, but maturing in age has calmed me down. But I’m still very athletic in my mid 30’s in the new Ford Pick up! I think my new Pick Up new a name and New shoes,” he captioned.


He also went on to share though he bought a the Ford, his dream car is a Mercedes Benz G Wago and he’s optimistic he will buy it soon. The costs about 10 million.

“My wish list but a reality real soon,” he captioned.

Zari fires back with savage response after being called ‘Mshamba’ by popular actress 

Socialite Zari Hassan is back on Instagram and she’s back with a lot of fury. The socialite was recently forced to fire back with a blunt reply to actress Faiza Ali who tried to troll her..again.

Faiza accused Zari of looking down on Tanzanians despite being a “villager from Uganda.”

“Na zaidi anazarau sana watanzania..halafu mie namuonanaga mshamba tu na style zake za kishamba,” Faiza commented on Zari’s post.

Stay in your lane

Zari, who is coming off multiple Instagram hacks, fired back at the actress who has cultivated a tendency of trolling her online.

“Mshamba wakiganda, alafu mie napenda ushamba wangu. Twende kazi…. maneno ata kwa kanga yapo… secure the bag,” She wrote.


Zari’s hacked Instagram stops posting porn, starts sharing Hamisa and Diamond’s photos

Zari Hassan’s team insisted that they have her account back, but over time, hackers have proved that they are still in control.

Hassan was hacked on August 6 during her daughters birthday. Her team, hours later, came out to share that they have managed to win back the Instagram page but it’s highly unlikely.

Not Zari

The page has been posting shocking content since then, starting off by sharing pornographic material. Now the hackers shocked over four million followers by posting Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu photos photos.

The images uploaded on account forced his Manager Galston Anthony to state that Zari was not in any way involved in posting.

“I would to recommend to everyone not to hit the like button, as Zari has not posted this. As her manager I will let u know once the account is back in her control. No content posted from yesterday is co-signed or approved by Zari. for the hacker. As for the hackers, U might do this for recognition but sadly, u will make no money off this and no one will remember ur name. U will go to bed feeling a deep sense of emptiness as u have the very short end of the stick. Zari the winning team!! Hacker in a few days….everyone will forget u even existed” shared Zari’s Manager.

Zari’s account hacked again, hackers post porn

News that socialite Zari Hassan’s Instagram account has been hacked spread like wild fire. The mother of five lost her account on the worst day possible to do it: During her daughter’s birthday.

The socialite then managed to win the account hours later but it seems the hackers still have control.


The hackers have shocked millions of die-hard followers that adore the socialite after they started sharing porn today in the morning using the account. It seems though Zari might have won the account back, she’s might not be in total control.

The hackers want a clean $4,000 to return the account and now they are punishing Zari for not paying. The post has now been deleted.



Zari Hassan responds after hearing Diamond is coming with Wema sepetu to her house

Diamond has announced that at least 30 fans will be flown to South Africa for his daughter’s birthday party. His manager, Babu Tale, revealed that they’ve offered free flights to a number of Bongo Movie actresses who had organized Zamaradi Mketema’s son 40 days celebrations.

One of those offered the chance to fly there is none other than Wema Sepetu. She took to Instagram to share the news, saying she was excited to be part of the team picked.

On behalf on Wanakamati wote I will like trosay Thansks to Wasafi Compnay .maanake umetusprprise sana kwa hili lakini asante sana. We are looking forward for Tiffah’s Bithday” said Wema Sepetu.

Don’t come

Zari Hassan, the woman of the house, doesn’t look too happy about the 30 guys, especially Wema, coming from Tanzania to her house. On Instagram she answered a fan who alerted her that the 30 were coming, to which she replied they shouldn’t at all.

“Mama Tee Tiunakuja sauzi sisi shangazi zake Tee na mama zake wa Kambo” said the fan on her Instagram

Zari responded saying: “Haha sitakikunichafulia nyumba samahani. Mkai uko uko”

Other actresses expected to join Wema on her trip to South Africa include Shamsa Ford, Shilole, Irene Paul, Irene Uwoya, Lamata, Kajala Masanja.


Vera Sidika speaks on selling Huddah Monroe’s lipstick line 

Vera Sidika, it seems, is trying to clear her image from a once drama-engulfed socialite to a business woman looking to settle down soon and start a family.

Another socialite in a similar loop is Huddah Monroe. Though the two don’t see eye to eye, Vera recently opened up saying that she doesn’t mind selling some of Huddah’s stuff in her new palour. Money is a focus and Huddah’s lipstick will be in her palour if it’s good enough.

Business first

Mimi ni mwana biashara so akizileta kwangu na kuna proposal ya kupiga biashara nachukua percentage yangu sawa.

“I have no problem with anyone especially when it comes to business I’m very straight forward.” Said Vera in an interview with NTV after asked whether she can sell Huddah’s lipstick.

Snake!! Is this Huddah trying to apologize to Zari after allegedly sleeping with Diamond? 

Socialite Huddah Monroe and Zari Hassan used to be good friends but along the way, they fell out and few have never understood what really happened behind closed doors.

Monroe however confessed she bedded Diamond Platnumz and that’s when Zari was really into the guy. Since then they haven’t talked but now Huddah has come out to share that she misses her good friend.

No idea why they are not talking

Speaking in an interview on Wasafi TV the controversial socialite confessed that she misses Zari and doesn’t know what really happened to their friendship.

Fans believe that’s a snake move because she has secretly confessed of thirsting for Diamond. Several times on social media Zari has shunned her for trying to mess around with her ex.

“Me and Zari we were very close.  We were very good friends, were used to talk about issues personal sana. Sasa zingine I still miss her as my friend, because alikuwa ananiambia sana vitu zake personal, na ningetaka hata kuexpose vitu zake social media, ningeexpose, akini I have never because she was a very good friend, I feel like she is still a good friend, because mimi sina issue nay eye, and I feel even her deep down hana issue na mimi,” she said.


“Lakini we just fell apart, people were talking too much at ooh Huddah has this thing with Diamond, which was a lie. Mimi and Diamond met even before he  met with Zari so that was just some crazy shit.”

Kenyans to Huddah: We hope you came back pregnant after meeting Diamond 

Ugandans did, Tanzanians did and now, Kenyans want to do it.

Diamond Plantunmz is a single man. Before that, He was married to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and the two were blessed with two kids. The singer then messed around with on-and-off lover Hamisa Mobetto, a Tanzanian socialite and got her pregnant.

Kenyans are now asking socialite Huddah Monroe to represent the last East Africa country by getting pregnant by the singer. On Instagram while informing fans of her Tanzanian visit and meeting Diamond, Kenyans pushed her to make a move and make sure she comes back home with a child from the popular singer.

We all know thirsty Huddah wouldn’t mind.

The socialite shared a few years ago that she bedded the singer despite being with Zari then. She wanted him that bad.

“When you think your man is yours kumbe (yet) he is ours. And I ate and dined with both of you. Having kids with someone to tie him down doesn’t mean he won’t leave,” she posted after enjoying some D from the singer. 

Here’s what fans had to say during her visit:

jane.mwaniki.1447: Tunangoja utuletee mtoto pia hapa Kenya tu nahitaji mbegu ya diamond

rozzykoina: Kenya tunataka mimba ya Diamond @huddahthebosschick usitoke uko bure

addahouma: huddahthebosschick star gal, you better come back pregnant ohh

collo_mwenyewe: Pewa mimba at list Kenya pia tuwe na mtoto wa diamond

maina_njoki019:When should we expect the breaking news? We can see something cooking up

wendylily756: When coming back to Kenya bring back a piece of this simba, we are tired of helping bongo and Uganda get this simba na haileti bidii, dont worry diapers na babycot tutanunua, paybill safaricom hawawezi kataa kutupea…go girl

its_aidany: This time around waTz wanataka azae na mkenya

zip_mtotowakiafrica: Ni juzi nliona ukisema eti unataka mtoto, dee hana wife Zari alimkataa kabisa and he’s so good at it, tumia hii chance vizuri na tutakusaidia kutusi Hamisa

kimmassana: Yan usipoliwa wewe sijui,vijana wa Tz wakuache tu…

simwita_the_don:Take care hanaga mchezo atakutafuna

acholaann: Cheza Na chibu Wewe.. Next tutaskia Wewe pia uko na ball.. P2 don’t work on his 


Kenyans finally ‘uncover’ old mzungu who took Huddah for expensive trip to Monaco

Huddah Monroe has been really enjoying herself lately after heading to the most expensive city in the world, Monaco, for the F1 race and to have fun. In a long time, Huddah has not enjoyed search a trip and has stayed away from Instagram with nothing to post.

Kenyans, however, think they have finally managed to uncover the old mzungu who allegedly took Huddah Monroe for the expensive trip in Monaco and given her renewed life on IG.

Huddah in Monaco

The man behind it all

In the popular group, Chit Chat for Nairobi mums, a Kenyan shared a collage of photos which all have one Mzungu who many concluded is behind the expensive trip and designer cloths.

What do think? Is it true? Here’s the photo:



Huddah defends billionaire Chris Kirubi: He’s not a thief, he got lucky after right investments

Billionaire Chris Kirubi’s health has deteriorated in the past few months after he was diagnosed with cancer. A section of Kenyans tied the 77-year-old’s poor health to some of his past history in which he was accused of embezzling government parastatals such as Uchumi, Kenya Airways and also Kenatco.  Many, believed, it was karma.

But not socialite Huddah Monroe.

Chris Kirubi and Kiprono Kitony, chairman of Radio Africa Group.

Chris got lucky

Huddah took to Snapchat to share her view after a photo of Kirubi looking frail went viral. According to her, he was a hardworking man who invested and got lucky. She also said that diseases don’t discriminate and people should avoid side-mouthing ill people.

Chris Kirubi is a great man. Someone we should all emulate as a business man. He bought shares at the right places and got lucky,” she said.

She asked Kenyans to drop the idea that every rich man got there through stealing.

“Most people think that every rich man must’ve stolen. Why don’t y’all steal too? If stealing makes a man wealthy why don’t you change your career and be a thief? Most people operate in sheep mentality, change it and see how far you can go in life,” she added.

Kirubi is behind successful projects like the popular Two Rivers mall, Capital FM among other unknown projects. His health is however a topic that continues to remain in the dark but if indeed he is sick, we wish him a quick recovery.


Here is why Huddah Monroe is looking for someone to hack her Instagram page

When the likes of Wema Sepetu are busy looking for a way to keep hackers off their social media pages; Huddah Monroe is hoping to find someone who will help hack her account.

This is after she forgot her Instagram password and has not been able to access her page. Having been verified on Instagram, it’s understandable why Huddah is now willing to part ways with a huge amount of money just to get her account back.

Also read: “keep hawking your crab infested nunu” Zari Hassan savagely tears into Huddah

The lady made the announcement through her Snapchat account where she wrote saying;

Zari Hassan disses Huddah

After Zari Hassan revealed that she had received an iPhone x on Valentine’s Day; Huddah went on to throw shade saying some of people bought the phones after there release making it no big deal.

This was aimed at Zari Hassan for showing off her latest phone giving many an opportunity to hate.