ONE ON ONE: Artists who have had crazy moments with their fans during and after their performances

Most of us enjoy attending concerts just to see our favorite artists perform. The good vibes that come from singing along to the music and dancing is way out of this world.

Thing is, people go for these concerts for totally different reasons. Finding a soulmate, stealing, to see if they can to talk to their celebrities, making friends etcetra.

We have witnessed a number of fans doing some crazy things to artists.  During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, some artists shed light on the encounters they went through during or after their performances.


Kristoff shared that his shoes were stolen when he was busy entertaining his fans. He does not remember how it happened but in a blink of an eye, he realized that his expensive kicks were not on his feet.

Miracle Baby also disclosed about one of the experiences he had. “Nilipatana na madem wakanitoa trouser” (I met some ladies and they removed my pants).  The member of the Sailors group recalls running away as he feared for his life.

Miracle Baby

Jasper Mwongera, commonly known as Jasper Murume also revealed that a fan held him tightly on his neck and congratulated him. This left him in turmoil as he did not know the intentions of the man. The comedian thanked the man, did the same thing in return, and threw him on the ground.

Jasper Murume

It is clear that artists go through a lot during concerts but some of the things the fans do are unnecessary.

Watch the full interviews below.

ONE ON ONE: “Kush Tracey is my celebrity crush!” Jasper Murume declares while revealing the qualities his future wife must have (Video)

When growing up, most of us had celebrity crushes. I will not say mine because I already got over it but in all honesty, I would go crazy when I saw his photo or heard his songs being played.

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Some of us even went as far as cropping photos from magazines and sticking them on our bedroom walls and stare at them in admiration when bored. The good old days…

As we mature and enter adulthood, we either change who we crush on or find a real life partner to channel all this energy to and settle down with. I think reality hits you and that is when you realize that you have been living a lie because there is nothing much you can do other than just adore this person.

The unfortunate thing is, they do not know that you even exist. Sometimes, we still find ourselves crushing on celebrities even as adults.

During an interview hosted by Caroline Mukami, Jasper Mwongera, popularly known as Jasper Murume, revealed that his all time crush is Kush Tracey. She happens to be a media personality, radio host, influencer, actress and an artist.

He disclosed that he has been crushing on her for a long time. I know many of you are wondering whether the comedian is single or taken. Ladies, I bear good news for you.

The Cash money baite  Murume yoh! hitmaker is single and the qualities he is looking for in his future wife are very few. “Bora she is beautiful na akuwe na roho safi,” Jasper explained.

In all honesty, he is a very simple and funny man. The ball is now in your court ladies.  Mine is to wish him all the best as he looks for his soulmate.

Watch the full interview below.

Churchill Show’s Jasper Murume drops debut single ‘Sasa Pambana’ and it’s absolutely hilarious (Video)

Sometime back, I wrote an article explaining why Kenyan comedians should stick to making jokes and leave music to musicians.

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However, in the last few days I’ve had a change of heart and to be honest, this sudden shift was caused by none other than Churchill Show’s Jasper Murume.

Jasper Murume

A few days ago, the funny man released a song titled Sasa Pambana and I have been listening to it on replay because it’s absolutely hilarious.

Basically, this song is about how people were making merry in December not knowing that January – a month that is often associated with brokeness – was just around the corner.

In the song, Jasper says that some people even changed their names to CEO, MD and whatnot because they had a lot of money and now they have to contend with being blacklisted by several lenders because they can not pay back.

I really love this song. I was smiling the whole time I was listening to it not only because it’s funny but also because I can relate to many of the things that he is singing about.

Jasper Murume

To spice up the song, which is styled after Kamba Rhumba, he threw in some Gengetone words like taniua and prrrrr kang kang. If you ask me, that is the highlight of this song.

The instrumentation on this jam is also on point. It blends well with Jasper’s voice and style and believe you me, you won’t resist the urge to get up and dance. Kisinga Sounds outdid themselves on this one.

I also loved the video. It paints a good visual picture of what Jasper is singing about and perhaps it might teach you a thing or two about saving your money when it’s in abundance.

Watch Sasa Pambana below and tell us what you think.