Kush Tracey talks candidly about her errors and self-discovery

In a poignant video shared on her TikTok page, Kenyan media personality Kush Tracey bared her soul, offering profound reflections on self-worth and personal growth.

With openness and vulnerability, the former rapper delved into the significance of the individuals we allow into our lives and their influence on our self-perception.


Kush Tracey reveals she’d spend 45K a month on bleaching products

“The people we choose to surround ourselves with are mirrors reflecting how we see and value ourselves,” Kush Tracey began. “Our perception of self is often shaped by our circumstances, backgrounds, challenges, and mistakes.”

Reflecting on her own journey, she acknowledged the tendency to base self-worth on external factors. “At times, we let our circumstances define our value, believing that our backgrounds or mistakes diminish our worth,” she shared.

In a moment of profound self-realization, Kush Tracey admitted, “I didn’t always understand my worth or my purpose.”


‘I’m For Real Gospel, Not Clout Gospel’ Kush Tracey

Expressing gratitude for the lessons learned from her mistakes, she declared, “I’m thankful for the journey, for despite the challenges, I’ve been a vessel for change and impact.”

Last year, the former TV presenter courageously revealed her struggles with skin bleaching, detailing a journey that cost her more than Sh1.6 million and involved various methods, including injections, pills, and powders.

Recalling a pivotal moment, she recounted spending Sh40,000 on a bleaching package, only to have it stolen from her car. Undeterred, she repurchased the package, persisting in her quest for lighter skin.


Timmy Tdat has new jam ‘Achika’ and it seems like a diss track for Kush Tracey (Video)

The toll on her physical health became evident as she spoke of experiencing varicose veins and avoiding sunlight due to the fragility of her skin.

The turning point in Kush Tracey’s story came when she questioned her motives, realizing she was chasing an unrealistic beauty standard. She made the courageous decision to stop bleaching, transitioning to natural oils to embrace her natural beauty.

The financial cost of her transformative journey was substantial, with Kush Tracey revealing she spent Sh45,000 per month for three years, totaling over Sh1.6 million.

Kush Tracey reveals she’d spend 45K a month on bleaching products

Popular media personality Kush Tracey has courageously shared her extensive and costly battle with skin bleaching, shedding light on a journey that consumed over Sh1.6 million and involved a multitude of methods such as injections, pills, powders, and other concoctions.

In a candid interview with Massawe Japanni, Tracey revealed the pivotal moment that triggered her downward spiral, recounting how she once spent Sh40,000 on a bleaching package, only to have it stolen from her car while she was socializing with friends. Undeterred, she repurchased the package and resumed her quest for a lighter skin tone.

“I bought a package worth 40K after I left it in the car and went to the club with my friends. I had left the package in the car when it was broken into. I went back, bought it again, and started bleaching again,” the rapper confessed.

Reflecting on the exorbitant amount she spent, she admitted, “The amount I used, I would have bought a shamba,” emphasizing the significant financial investment she made in pursuit of her desired complexion.

Tracey’s journey involved a variety of methods, including injections, pills, and powders, all aimed at inhibiting melanin production. Notably, she clarified that she never resorted to downtown services, indicating the high-end nature of her pursuit for a specific beauty standard. With one box of lightening cream costing around Sh45,000 and lasting only a month, Tracey’s commitment to her skin transformation came at a hefty monthly price.

The toll on her physical well-being became apparent as she spoke about experiencing varicose veins and avoiding sun exposure because her skin felt as delicate as paper.

“For the powder, I would take it via my mouth. I went on an escapade on a trial and error basis as I was not patient enough to wait for results. I had varicose veins; I couldn’t stay under the sun because my skin felt like paper,” she shared openly.

However, the turning point in Tracey’s story came when she questioned the motives behind her actions.

Realizing that she was chasing an idealized standard of beauty that wasn’t aligned with her true self, she made a conscious decision to stop bleaching. After six months of injections, she transitioned to using natural oils, signaling a shift towards embracing her natural beauty.

The financial cost of Tracey’s transformative journey was staggering, with her revealing that she spent Sh45,000 per month for three years, totaling over Sh1.6 million.

Kush Tracey Shares Her Story Of Overcoming Skin Bleaching Addiction

In a brave and open post on social media, media personality Kush Tracey shared her personal struggle with skin bleaching addiction. She revealed that during her early to mid-20s, she experienced a profound struggle with skin bleaching, believing that having lighter skin made her “more beautiful.”

Kush shared photos of her past self, with visibly lighter skin, to emphasize her journey. She admitted that at that time, she was deeply lost, broken, confused, and lacked a sense of identity.

Since then, Kush has undergone a process of healing, patience, and self-acceptance that has led her to love her skin color, embracing both its darker and lighter shades equally. She is now using her platform to raise awareness about the dangers of skin bleaching and to encourage others to embrace their natural beauty.

Kush’s story is important because it sheds light on the obsession some individuals have with lightening their skin. Skin bleaching is a harmful practice that can lead to a number of health problems, including skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and even cancer. It is also important to note that skin bleaching is often rooted in internalized racism and the belief that lighter skin is more beautiful.

Kush’s bravery in sharing her story is an inspiration to others who are struggling with skin bleaching addiction. Her message is clear: you are beautiful, regardless of your skin color.

Kush Tracey Opens Up About Her Struggle with Skin Bleaching Addiction

Media personality Kush Tracey has revealed that she struggled with skin bleaching addiction in her early 20s. In a post on her social media pages, Tracey explained that she became obsessed with lightening her skin, believing that it would make her more attractive and successful.

“I was lost in my early 20s,” Tracey wrote. “I thought that skin bleaching was the key to happiness and success. I was so wrong.”

Tracey went on to describe the negative impact that skin bleaching had on her physical and mental health. She said that she experienced skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and other skin problems. She also developed low self-esteem and anxiety.

“I was so caught up in my appearance that I lost sight of who I was on the inside,” Tracey said. “I was miserable.”

Tracey eventually overcame her skin bleaching addiction with the help of friends, family, and therapy. She now encourages others to embrace their natural beauty.

“I want people to know that they are beautiful, regardless of their skin color,” Tracey said. “You don’t need to bleach your skin to be loved or accepted.”

Tracey’s story is a reminder that skin bleaching is a serious problem that can have devastating consequences. It is important to remember that all skin colors are beautiful, and that we should embrace our natural beauty.

‘I’m For Real Gospel, Not Clout Gospel’ Kush Tracey

Popular Switch TV presenter, musician and rapper, Teresia Wambua, aka Kush Tracey admits that she is passionate about Gospel music. She is not in for Gospel music for clout chasing.

On August Last year, Tracey  tested positive for COVID-19 but later recovered.

Tracey made her decision to quit secular music for Gospel 2 years ago. In addition, the Switch Tv presenter seems to be happy with her decision, which was not so 2 years ago. In an interview, she stated that she had regrets ditching the secular industry.

Kush Tracey reflects on her life, in her solo debut in the Gospel industry  'God Is In Control' - The Sauce

”As a secular artiste, I have had commendable success and one of the great moments in my singing career has been winning the PMVAs. Giving my life to Jesus means that a few things have to change and the direction my music career takes must be redefined”

On an Instagram Post, a fan asked her

”Do you have a husband? Are you joining gospel kinda music?”

Her answer,

”Like I said I ain’t married. I’m for real gospel, not clout gospel.”

Before opting for gospel, she admitted that being a secular artiste comes with a lot of pressure that mounts someone to keep an image of what people expect of you.

”I would drink too much to show that I could go hard and that I had it going on. However, my inner self was in constant fight with what people saw on the service.”

Without a doubt, this was the right decision. She seems to be happy hosting her new show. All the best on her  new path

ONE ON ONE: “Kush Tracey is my celebrity crush!” Jasper Murume declares while revealing the qualities his future wife must have (Video)

When growing up, most of us had celebrity crushes. I will not say mine because I already got over it but in all honesty, I would go crazy when I saw his photo or heard his songs being played.

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Some of us even went as far as cropping photos from magazines and sticking them on our bedroom walls and stare at them in admiration when bored. The good old days…

As we mature and enter adulthood, we either change who we crush on or find a real life partner to channel all this energy to and settle down with. I think reality hits you and that is when you realize that you have been living a lie because there is nothing much you can do other than just adore this person.

The unfortunate thing is, they do not know that you even exist. Sometimes, we still find ourselves crushing on celebrities even as adults.

During an interview hosted by Caroline Mukami, Jasper Mwongera, popularly known as Jasper Murume, revealed that his all time crush is Kush Tracey. She happens to be a media personality, radio host, influencer, actress and an artist.

He disclosed that he has been crushing on her for a long time. I know many of you are wondering whether the comedian is single or taken. Ladies, I bear good news for you.

The Cash money baite  Murume yoh! hitmaker is single and the qualities he is looking for in his future wife are very few. “Bora she is beautiful na akuwe na roho safi,” Jasper explained.

In all honesty, he is a very simple and funny man. The ball is now in your court ladies.  Mine is to wish him all the best as he looks for his soulmate.

Watch the full interview below.


Kush Tracey tests negative for Coronavirus

After 30 days of battling an alien COVID-19, Switch TV presenter, Kush Tracey has finally tested negative for the virus.

News she made public just hours ago, when her 3rd test results came out negative. “I guess I just conquered this COVID-19, AMEN!” she screamed.

Kush Tracey beats Coronavirus

Test results that now gave her the freedom to get back to the world, a conqueror, one who had learnt her lessons but came out victorious.

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Officially announcing she would be letting in fans on her entire 30-day experience with Coronavirus through a video she would be putting up on her YouTube, as earlier promised.

Either way, she could not hide the zeal and gratitude in her after finally testing negative of the lethal virus.

Gospel singer and TV personality, Kush Tracey

Well I guess that means she will soon be joining the ladies on Chatspot after a whole-month break of working from home and being the extrovert and bubbly personality we know, the babe, might have no limits. Leaving fans excited as she joins the team come next week.

“..yes hun from next week I’ll be in ????” she confirmed.

Chatspot show hosts with comedian, Sleepy David

But even as she put on her gloves and boots to match forward, she urged netizens to keep off stigmatization of individuals who had been victims of the disease and managed to overcome it.

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Wrapping up:

What an experience????grateful to God and to all my online fam that showed love & support all through this period????. It was overwhelming. NAWAPENDA SAAAAANA WATU WANGU WA POWER❤️❤️????GOD BLESS????WE GON’ BE ALRIGHT ????.

Kush Tracey tests negative for Coronavirus after 3rd test

We wish her well!

Kush Tracey’s hefty price to pay after second round of COVID-19 results

After 10 days in isolation, Switch TV presenter Kush Tracey has taken a second test of Coronavirus and the results are out.

The Kamba doll tested positive for the virus around August 14, after falling ill for several days with a couple of flu-like symptoms before showing up at the hospital for a test only to receive the breaking news.

Media personality, Kush Tracey

Her Covid-19 status forced her to remain indoors, robbing her the chance to join her Chatspot team of ladies for their daily evening show. But that did not stop her from doing what she loved best-her media career which she handled from the comfort of her home.

Switch TV presenter, Kush Tracey

Second COVID-19 test results

7 days in isolation and she went for a second round of test to know how far she was getting with the disease but unfortunately, it had not left yet.

Sharing the sad news with fans, a dear Kush admitted that testing positive again only meant she was going to spend another week locked up in her house until she beat the virus. Tearfully posting;

Kush Tracey tests positive for COVID-19

Despite the news, Kush admitted she was feeling way better than she was after her first test and it is only time before she quashes the virus.

#covid19 update???? BUT HEY A GIRL IS DOING GOOD????

Kush Tracey staying put after testing positive for COVID-19 again

Fans and friends urged her to stay put and take care of herself more instead of worrying because that would only contain the virus within her system longer.

Hang on there????????????

You will be okay love????????

Oh dear get well soon dear????????❤️

Hang in there????????????????

Waaah was waiting for good news do not worry

Ucjali God is in control… Remember we need you strong.strengthen yourself in the Lord

Kush Tracey tests positive for COVID-19

As Coronavirus cases keep rising by the day, the media fraternity has not been spared either.

Journalists have fallen susceptible to the virus in their line of duty, sending an alarm across media corporates.

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Switch TV’s own presenter and show host, Kush Tracey has fallen victim with her COVID-19 test results turning out positive.

Media personality, Kush Tracey

Taking to the gram, the Internet sensation broke the news, seeming shaken but trusting the process. At first she felt a bit unwell before prompting a check up that saw her end up positive for the disease.

Fam????I have tested positive for COVID-19. You might be asymptomatic like me at first yet you have already contracted the COVID-19 virus. I feel fine-ish at the moment & I thank God & am trusting him to get me through this????

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Artist and TV personality, Kush Tracey

She could not quite identity how she contracted it in the first place but revealed she would be off air for a while, in isolation and taking care of herself.

In regards to work☹️I’ll be off air & work for the next few weeks as I isolate and take care of me????

As for those she came into close contact with, she informed them soon as the test results came out, therefore keeping her loved ones and those close to her safe.

Switch TV Chatspot show hosts: (from left) Kush Tracey, Mary Mwikali, Nana Owiti and Joyce Maina

To this, she would have her journey shared on her weekly vlog, just to keep fans on the know of what it is like and how to guard yourself at such a time.

Attesting to fans that the disease is real, before urging all to stop stigma against COVID-19 victims.

Be safe coz we all can gerrit????. We are all susceptible to this virus because it is here with us & it is so real for those who think it’s a joke????. ✋ stop the stigma ???? COVID-19 is not a death sentence aye???? AMEN????????????

Kush Tracey

There you have it from the horses’s mouth. We wish her well!

Where should gospel musicians draw the line?

Kush Tracey’s recent release with Kristoff and Yvonne Darcq dubbed Bash has elicited mixed reactions and left many wondering whether she’s still a gospel musician.

Earlier this year, the Ndulu hitmaker announced that she had seen the light and she has been releasing songs that glorify the man above until recently when she chose a different path.

Her outfits have also raised eyebrows. According to her critics, Kush Tracey’s recent dress code doesn’t reflect someone who is saved.

She’s not alone. Other gospel singers such as Nicah The Queen have also been faulted for their seductive dressing which many claim does not glorify God.

On the other hand, the likes of Willy Paul are often put on the spot for releasing songs that have little or nothing to do with spreading the word.

Others have previously been criticized for indulging in alcohol and/or drugs, visiting places that are not ‘holy’ such as clubs and sleeping around.

The actions of local gospel musicians makes anyone wonder whether there is a line that they can’t cross i.e. how far they are willing to go.

Ideally, they are supposed to lead their lives in a certain way so that people who look up to them desire to be like them but they don’t do that.

You would not be wrong if you said that modern-day gospel musicians are leading people away from the Lord instead of calling them to Him.

Looking at their lifestyles, you’ll realize they are just in it for the money. Nothing more. They just want to be known as gospel artists but there is nothing about their music that shows that they are saved.

It’s about time they realize that their actions don’t just reflect on them but also on the faith. They should not make Christianity look like a joke. Enough said.

¨How I relate with God is personal¨ Kush Tracey bashes trolls over her ´wobbly´ music career

Secular-turned-gospel artiste, Kush Tracey has been on the receiving end of trolls following her decision to switch.

However, her switch, nor her wobbly decisions have been warmly received by Kenyans over what many term as ´confusion´.

Her switch came after her breakup with popular rapper, Timmy T Dat. Unfortunately though, unlike the likes of Size 8 and Wahu, her gospel music has received very low viewership on You Tube.


Speaking to media personality, Tamima, Kush Tracey admitted that her life has been tough ever since the switch.

People are so judgmental. At the end of the day, you do not live my life so you do not know what I go through and why I make certain decisions in my life. And me deciding to do gospel I believe God is in control of everything. All that I have and I have done is because of God. My talent without God in it, I wouldn´t be where I am today.

Her lifestyle decisions irk majority of Kenyans, especially after getting saved, but with ways that speak a totally different language.

I understand that I may have made some decisions that are not Christian-oriented and that is based on the fact that when you try to get help from people and they will see if they help you they are doing you a favor. To help you they have to get something from you.



The Switch TV presenter revealed that despite having a talent, it seems the gospel world is not her place.

I decided I am not going to lower myself because I understand where God has brought me and what happened for me to say I switched. And what I am doing right now is because I do not want to call someone right now and be like ´I need your help´. I want to help people and try to change the world. But the things God has given me are on the other side and I believe whatever I am doing God is still in it.

Tamima went ahead to ask how she feels, making the headlines right from churches to among individuals – basically everywhere.

Man can judge me and it is okay. I could care less but at the end of the day, where I am with my God is where I am with my God. I am just an artiste. What I know is that I will do Christian music and music that will impact people because at the end of the day you have these two sides of yours. A side I get money to fulfill my dreams. So if God shows me a way without stooping low, I am going to do it. God is above everything, doesn´t matter what I do or call myself, it is your personal relationship.



Well, what is her take home after publicly announcing her switch, only for it to be slapped back right at her face?

I do not regret making the choice public. Because at that point the decision I made then is what keeps me together. As much as I am doing things that people do not agree with, it gave me a stand. Before I was being reckless, no thought. I am cautious about how I present my brand and how I talk about God.


“I am still that Mkamba wa Masaku but don’t expect to see me twerking” Kush Tracey speaks on things fans should expect from her after getting saved

Kush Tracey is now a born again Christian, the former secular rapper announced her decision to give her life to Christ on Sunday January 13th 2019.

She attended a church service at Mavuno church where she got born again. Kush revealed that she had been fighting her inner spirit every time she was doing secular music.

Well, the rapper says her decision to give her life to Christ was met by mixed reactions from her friends and fans. She reveals that some people mocked her claiming that she only got saved so that she could find a husband.

“It’s quite a mixed feeling. This is something I expected. From artistes to fans, everyone seems to be having their own ideas. Some say I got saved so as to look for a husband, which I find to be so ridiculous. Artistes who made their transition from secular to gospel like Wahu and Amani called to congratulate me on the new move. Some think I will lose fans and not everyone is happy. But this is it…I am living my life,” said Kush Tracey during an interview with Pulse.

Mentor and inspire
Kush Tracey
Kush Tracey

The sultry rapper also talked about things Kenyans should and shouldn’t expect from her now that she is a born again Christian.

Kush says that she is now focused on mentoring and inspiring the youth. She also stressed that no one should expect to see her twerk again.

“I like to mentor and motivate as well as inspire the youth and that is what the show is all about. My music should be able to connect with my viewers. Let’s say that my past showbiz career has been erased and that the music I will be doing will inspire. Don’t expect to see me twerking.”

Adding that;

“I deleted stuff that did not reflect the new me. That is because the past is behind me. I left just a few memories like photos of me winning the PMVAs as they have an inspirational story. I cannot control what is already out there so people can keep on playing and listening to the old songs. I will not change my name but rather build my new brand around it. I am still that Mkamba wa Masaku.”



“I always fought with my inner spirit” Kush Tracey ditches secular industry as she gives her life to Christ

The number of female secular musicians is plummeting as more and more cross over to gospel industry. At least 8 former female secular musicians are now gospel artistes.

The likes of Wahu, Amani, Marya gave their lives to Christ last year, whereas Size 8, Lady Bee have now been born again Christians for more than five years.

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New dawn for Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey has also accepted salvation, the former secular rapper announced her decision to give her life to Christ on Sunday January 13th 2019.

She attended a church service at Mavuno church where she got born again. Kush revealed that she had been fighting her inner spirit every time she was doing secular music.

“It has been a longtime coming,I always fought with my inner spirit every time I was doing secular music,but as I always say #GodAboveAll? I have given my life to Christ today and ready to embark on the journey to fulfill my divine destiny,my anointing,my praise,my worship will never be paralyzed by the devil again,well y’all know the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom to God be the glory AMEN?,” wrote Kush Tracey.

Kush has been a secular rapper for two years. She revealed that she had finally found her true home after giving her life to Christ.




New boyfriend? Kush Tracey stirs up excitement with romantic photos of mzungu man and her

Kush Tracey might have found a new sweetheart, some two years after the dramatic breakup with fellow rapper Timmy TDat.

Timmy and Kush Tracey dated for months before their relationship dramatically ended in June 2016. Timmy reportedly descended on Kush Tracey with slaps and kicks at Club 1824 along Lang’ata road after suspecting she was cheating on him.

“Hey Lovely people. First of all I would like to apologize to all my fans for the silence concerning news that has been circulating on social media. There was some misunderstanding that took place outside 1824 that lead to Timmy getting physical with me and that made the taxi drivers outside 1824 take part and try stop him, however I forgive him and am moving past that,” Kush Tracey announced end of her relationship on Instagram.

New bae?

Kush Tracey has been seen packing on the PDA with a Caucasian man. The ‘Huwezi Nidandia’ hit maker first posted romantic photo of the mzungu with her on her IG three days ago, she didn’t include any caption.

In another photo, Kush Tracey indicates that she is going on a vacation with the man.

“Holiday bout to kick off?✈✈passport iko?aye?” Kush Tracey captioned the photo.

Kush Tracey begs for help after thugs steal her car (Photos)

Kush Tracey has fallen victim to car theft syndicate that has seen many motorists lose their vehicles which surprisingly disappear mysteriously.

Many people report parking their cars only to go back to find empty space on the same spot where they left their cars, gone just like that.

Rapper Kush Tracey lost her Toyota Wish in exactly the same circumstance. The car was stolen over the past weekend in Syokimau.

Kush Tracey poses on her Toyata Wish before it disappeared
Kush Tracey poses on her Toyata Wish before it disappeared
Kindly help me

Kush Tracey is appealing to anyone who could have seen her car to call her or report to the nearest police station. The white Toyata Wish has a plate number KBL 074J.

Kush Tracey's Toyota Wish
Kush Tracey’s Toyota Wish

“Hi guys,our car has been stolen this morning between 6am-8am in Syokimau area at our parking lot KBL 074J Toyota Wish-White in colour OB 20/2/9/2018 if you happen to spot it anywhere please reach out on either this nos. 0745492379 / 0721805307 / 0718055192 or contact any police in your vicinity.
Kindly help spread the information.Thank you,” wrote Kush Tracey.


Kush Tracey: I have had a serious crush on Nyashinski since the times of ‘Tuendelee ama Tusiendelee’

Nyashinski has a celebrity admirer, rapper Kush Tracey has had a thing for Nyashinski since she was only a student in high school.

Remember the defunct Kleptomaniax? The group which comprised of Roba, Collo and Nyashinski was the most sought-after music group in Kenya back then 2003.

Kleptomaniax ruled the airwaves with hits like ‘Swing Swing’, ‘Haree’, ‘Tuendelee’ among other songs. The trio went their separate ways and Nyanshinki relocated to US for a decade before coming back.

Kush Tracey developed a serious crush for Nyashinski while he was still a member of Kleptomaniax. Tracey was a student in high school back then.

Yearns to work with him
Kush Tracey
Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey expressed her desire to work with Nyashinski during an interview with Tuko. She revealed that she has only met the ‘Now You Know’ hit maker once.

“Nyashinski has been my MCM since the times of Tuendelee ama Tusiendelee. I think I had a crush on him since then. I only met him once and I saw him from a distance. Definitely i would want to work with him, he is full of energy, positive vibes. His kind of thing is just on a whole different level,” said Kush Tracey.





Kush Tracey finally speaks after she was photographed grinding on her ex boyfriend’s best friend

Rapper Kush Tracey has been the latest talk of town after she was photographed grinding on Otile Brown during her birthday party.

From the comments left by fans, most were shocked to see the lady with her ex boyfriend’s best friend. However some were also quick to say the photo or rather dance was harmless and now the lady has spoken.

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Just recently speaking during an interview, Kush Tracey came out to refute the claims saying people read into much. She said;

I am not dating Otile, we are just friends. That night, my ex Timmy was also in attendance. It was all good vibes.

She went on to add;

They are both my friends and people should stop reading too much into it. I danced with everyone, not only Otile.”

Otile’s manager speaks

Otile Brown’s manger on the other hand also denied any romantic involvement between the two. He said:

It was just Kush Tracey’s birthday. They were just having a good time. Hamna issue.

Timmy Tdat ex-girlfriend Kush Tracy urinated on herself in public after drinking too much coffee 

Talk of embarrassing moments.

Singer Kush Tracy peed on herself after attending a public gathering and was forced to line up to go to the toilet.

She was speaking about her most embarrassing moments to Pulse where she narrated how there was this long line that forced her to wait until she couldn’t wait any more and messed herself.

Messed herself

“I once had too much coffee after which I went to a public gathering. As time went by, I suddenly got pressed and the cloakrooms were a distance away so I held on,” she said in the Viral interview. 

She added:

“As I maneuvered to the toilets (it) was almost impossible as the crowd was huge. The situation got so bad that I couldn’t hold it anymore. I almost peed on myself in the process. As a matter of fact, I did but thanks to my black pants, the wet patch was invisible.”

Kush Tracey reveals relationship goals after nasty breakup with Timmy Tdat

Teresia Ndoti Wambua popularly known as Kush Tracey has opened about her struggles in education, music and love. The flourishing rapper suspended her pursuit for education to focus on her music.

Kush Tracey boasts of several hit songs including ‘Ndulu’ featuring her ex Timmy Tdat. The rapper ventured into music before she completed school.

Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey was pursuing engineering degree but she chose to defer her course. Tracey says she chose to suspend her study because she couldn’t juggle between music and education.

“I deferred university studies in engineering because it really requires a lot of concentration so I want to focus on building my brand first then I will go back to school,” Kush Tracey said during an interview with Nation.

I have learnt to keep my private life private

Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracey

‘Huwezi Nidandia’ hit maker says will never date publicly again following the nasty breakup with Timmy Tdat. Tracey says Timmy is still her friend even though they both moved on with their lives.

“They were all but lies but I don’t waste my time responding to such negativity. We have moved on and are still good friends,” said Kush Tracey.




Kush Tracey survives road accident with minor injuries

Kenyan artist Kush Tracey is said to have been lucky after walking out with minor injuries after she was involved in a road accident that left her car totally wrecked.

The accident is said to have his occurred this week shortly after shooting her latest video which is set out to be released soon.

While sharing details on what led to the crash, the rapper expressed her gratitude to the almighty for helping her walk out alive and for giving her another chance to live.

Though she is nursing a few bruises she suffered after the accident, Tracey told Pulse;

“Everything happened so fast and the next thing I was seeing was my car lying on its roof and my body hanging on there. The thing is that I hit a huge stone on the road and could no longer control the car. Thank God I had buckled,”

She went on to add that,

“Lucky enough, somebody recognised me and shifty came to my aid. He helped me out of the wreckage and after I was offered first aid with medics confirming I was well, I was driven home. I must have been fatigued as I had been out in the field with my crew shooting my new video.”