Jeff Koinange ditches his Mercedes Benz and heads to studio on a horse(video) 

Veteran journalist Jeff Koinange is known as a man who cruises around in a Mercedes Benz G wagon. The car, priced at 12 millions, always steals the show with it’s looks and comfort.

This time round, however, the Hot 96 breakfast show presenter opted to go to work in something less comfier: A horse.

During a guest appearance at the World Cup Barn Show on Citizen TV, Koinange rode a horse to the studio leaving many stunned including Mwiki FC which was present on set.

The ban

Matching decor

The ban, which has studio set up to be like a real ban has fodder hay, artificial grass turf, wooden barrels, and wooden packaging boxes in its decor, a reason why Jeff opted to go with the horse.

Watch the video below:


Jeff Koinange reveals shocking things that happen outside his house in Kitusuru despite government warning 

Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange expressed shock that no one in his neighborhood has observed DP William Ruto’s tough warning on tree felling and logging.

Trees being cut in Kitusuru

During his JKL show on Citizen TV, Koinanage showed remorse that trees were being cut at an alarming rate around his home in Kitusuru despite government’s ban.

”The deputy president put a ban on logging. Trees are being cut left, right and centre ouside my house in Kitusuru. The machines are going on day in, day out, cutting down trees. Imagine what is going on in the Mau,” Jeff Koinange said.

On Monday Ruto announced that there won’t be any tree felling and logging in Kenya for 90 days to restore the lost forest in the country. Illegal login is slowly turning the country to a desert and Kenyans are pushing for change before things get worse.

Jeff Koinange enjoying his holiday in Malindi with his young family, meet his wife and handsome son (Photos)

JKL presenter Jeff Koinange is currently enjoying his holiday in Malindi together with his family. The celebrated radio presenter cum TV personality has left many complimenting his wife and son after sharing their photos on his gram.

Well, this is after he shared a couple of photos in the company of the two and judging from the smiles on their faces, the family must have been enjoying themselves.

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However, this is a bit new to his fans since Jeff Koinange is one man who knows how to keep his private life off air.

Anyway looking at the young boy, one can’t help but conclude Jeff Koinange’s son took after him.

Jeff Koinange’s career

Having made a name for himself thanks to his powerful voice, Jeff Koinange remains among the top journalists we have seen in Africa.

Word has it that he makes quite a large amount on Citizen TV but with a personality like his, what do you expect?