Jeff Koinange narrates his excruciating struggle with the wife to sire a son

Profound International and local journalist, Jeff Koinange narrates how much of a struggle it was for him and his wife, to have their son.

JKL Live Presenter, Jeff Koinange

We really tried to have him, and when we finally did, we said we´d do our best to give him everything we never had, including the both of us, a father and a mother, which I particularly never had.

Jeff Koinange with his wife and son

Up and Close with blogger, Yvonne Aoll, the veteran Citizen TV Journalist shared.

Don´t step into anybody´s footsteps, don´t try and be like daddy in any way, no pressure to do what your dad did, do what you want to do.

Carve your own path.

This comes in just days after the JKL Live Presenter articulated that he has no regrets for the fact that his father passed on while he was still young.

Jeff explains that, had his affluent father lived longer, he would have been brought up a spoilt brat.

Jalang’o: No, Jeff did not call me stupid! Blogs edited the video to feed lies 

Comedian Jalang’o had a lot to explain on why he left Hot 96 FM after rumours that co host Jeff Koinange forced him to.

A video has been doing rounds on social media showing Koinange calling Jalas stupid in what seemed like a joke but Kenyans believed Koinange had formed a habit of always abusing the comedian on radio.


Jalas in a statement, said bloggers edited the video to make it look like his recent move to Milele FM was due to the so called harassment from Jeff, something that’s wasn’t true.

“I have received so many calls asking me why I left Hot 96 and why I parted ways with Jeff when the show was such an amazing gig and everything was just perfect. Now here is not why I left! There is this story doing rounds that Jeff abused me or called me stupid and blogs have picked it and making everyone be live that it’s the reason why I left!” he said on social media.

“No, Jeff did not call me stupid! What the blogs have done is pick a Part of our conversation and edited it to feed this lie! Jeff and I had and still do have the best relationship ever! Jeff actually knew that I was leaving and wished me well. I have since called Jeff and we had the best conversation and the show must and will go on without me Hot 96 is a big brand. So let no one lie to you that Jeff abused me…he would never do that because of the respect we have for each other.”


Some Kenyans believe Jalang’o ditched Hot 96 because Jeff was always insulting him(video)

Jalang’o is no longer part of the Hot 96 FM team after hosting the breakfast show on the station for almost a year and a half alongside veteran journalist Jeff Koinange.

Though the comedian took time to personally thank each and every person on the team that made the show possible, and then proceeded to leave in peace for Milele FM, some Kenyans believe he left the show because Koinange was always disrespecting him.

Stretched joke

A clip has been doing rounds on social media showing the two presenters arguing live on radio and Koinange jokingly calls Jalas “stupid”. Jalas orders him to stop but Jeff goes on to do it again.

Some argued that the joke went too far while others claim it’s something Jeff has been doing for sometime. Both presenters have not addressed the clip.

“Damn… Now I understand why Jalang’o has left Hot 96 for Milele FM…. Imagine having to put up with this kind of disrespect every morning ?????Btw being a co-host on radio is one of the hardest jobs in life, mtu anakuja studio na stress zake?‍♂️,” said a fan. 

Watch it below:

Lilian Muli speaks on rumors that Jeff Koinange fathered her baby in her new show 

New anchor Lilian Muli is gearing up to launch her new show “Pregnant with Lilian” on Viusasa that will share some of the tough things women go through while pregnant.

The show has attracted both negative and positive publicity as Kenyans anticipate to see some of the topics the controversial news anchor will be talking about.

Muli has shared the first promo of the show which has her talking about a wide range of topics including a controversial one that left Kenyans shocked.

Is Jeff Koinange the father?

After Muli announced she was pregnant, Kenyans started guessing who the father of the baby is, a thing that led to many conspiracy theories, but one which claimed fellow Citizen employee and news anchor Jeff Koinange was the father shocked many included Muli herself.

“Seriously guys? Really?” Lilian asks in the promo after saying that that was the craziest rumour she heard on her pregnancy.

Here is a snippet of what Muli had to say about the pregnancy and speculation that Jeff was the man behind it all.

Jeff Koinange: I also go broke sometimes

Despite being worth Ksh 50 million, presenter Jeff Koinange sometimes looks at his bank account and sighs with disappointment.

The popular journalist confessed in an interview that he also goes broke sometimes just like any other ordinary Kenyan despite his wealthy family background and thick portfolio.

I go broke, just like the next person. But because I was born into a family name like this, ‘Koinange,’ they say, Oh you people have a street named after you, your people were in government for the last 50 years,” said Jeff in a one-on-one interview with SDE.

His father died when he was just two months old

Jeff, in the interview, said that his father died two months after he was born leaving his mother a widow with three other children to care of meaning he had to step up his hustle from a young age but he doesn’t regret as much.

“My father died the day I turned two months old, leaving a 28 year old widow to care for four kids on her own, and she did don’t just imagine things,” he said.

” Also because if he was around, we might have ended up as some really spoilt brats as kids, and I’m glad we didn’t end up that way. So, you know, it’s not my calling, but, I think it’s a good thing he went.

He added:

Jeff with son Jamal

“And look, that’s what people think, it’s the stereotypical image they have of me, and I hope I can set the record straight with the book, because, everyone thinks I grew up privileged.

I do go broke, just like the next person. But because I was born into a family name like this, ‘Koinange,’ they say, “Oh, you people have a street named after you, your people were in government for the last 50 years.”

And for me it’s like, you know what, that’s all well and good, but listen to my story, listen to the fact that my father died the day I turned two months old, leaving a 28 year old widow to care for four kids on her own, and she did. You know, read the story, don’t just imagine.

“This is exactly why people are so misunderstood. And it is also why I think it’s important for everyone to write their story, because, people assume whatever they want to assume.

Even then, at the end of the day, I might not be able to convince some people. They’ll still sit and think, this is just a book, it’s just a story. And that’s unfortunate.”

Jeff Koinange enjoying his holiday in Malindi with his young family, meet his wife and handsome son (Photos)

JKL presenter Jeff Koinange is currently enjoying his holiday in Malindi together with his family. The celebrated radio presenter cum TV personality has left many complimenting his wife and son after sharing their photos on his gram.

Well, this is after he shared a couple of photos in the company of the two and judging from the smiles on their faces, the family must have been enjoying themselves.

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However, this is a bit new to his fans since Jeff Koinange is one man who knows how to keep his private life off air.

Anyway looking at the young boy, one can’t help but conclude Jeff Koinange’s son took after him.

Jeff Koinange’s career

Having made a name for himself thanks to his powerful voice, Jeff Koinange remains among the top journalists we have seen in Africa.

Word has it that he makes quite a large amount on Citizen TV but with a personality like his, what do you expect?

Jeff Koinange elicits mix reactions as he takes his son Jamal to meet ‘Africa’s great statesman’ (Photos)

Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange caused tongues to wag when he took his son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange to meet former South African president Thabo Mbeki who in Kenya on an observatory mission.

Mbeki, who is the Head of the African Union Election Observation Mission to Kenya, rubbed shoulders with Jeff and his son over the past weekend.

Jeff Koinange, his wife and son pose with Thabo Mbeki

“Took my son, Jamal to meet one of Africa’s greatest Statesmen, Thabo Mbeki!!!….Google ‘I Am An African’ and you will know how GREAT this man is….. Somebody say Oh MY!!” Jeff Koinange captioned photos he shared online.

His post elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans; some expressed their disappointment with Mbeki for concluding that 2017 election was credible while others praised the South African statesman.

See some of the reactions below:

Amol Alphonce: Kindly tell your cousin President Uhuru to stop killing luos. Even “criminals” have rights.

Henry Mwale: Mbeki is not a great African statesman,remember he was forced out of power for trying to fix Zuma through unorthodox means.

Ogot Nyakwar: Thabo Mbeki is no statesman by endorsing a clearly flawed election ,we know what happened beyond closed doors,he was sent to RAO but he didn’t agree, he sold us to the devil, let him go solve lazy bum SA issues first

Victoria Ochwal: Good for you, as Kenyans die,you are meeting brokers of death

Daniel Maina: And your wife too, we want Isaac Ruto on the bench cos he need to tell us how even after they fixed his nose in South Africa still he couldn’t smell the overwhelming defeat.

Sandra Gitau: Some Kenyans ….jealousy go kill u ooh

Joel Njuguna: where r your people

Virginia Nyambu Wanjau: He is all grown, I remember when you took him to see Mandela he was just a baby then. Anywoo sisi tuko hapa kayole tukingoja wagitheri

Mike Wiresire Wayasa: Tell him we had PEACE before elections, its only JUSTICE we are looking for. Now he is leaving us with none, they have even taken away the PEACE we had.

Chebi Michael: When you’re done there is peace throughout Kenya,please take him around Kibera,Mathere,let him have the wider picture,that it’s not all happiness and the ‘good life’,maybe he’ll be like Thabo Mbeki one day

Mwangi Maina: Yaani Jeff. You sourced from outside. Aaai jamani. Hii migration italeta siiiiida. U couldn’t get one our own…eg Bob Collymore…eg waiguru

Ngalla Ali Finehas: Thambo Mbeki needs miguna miguna to tell him something…Hehehe

Stephen Kings: Greatest African statesman, which google did you use? Or which OS are you running?

Ochieng Ngore K’Onam Maxwell: Great in deed! Especially after receiving bribes from a German Co. in return of a contract #FakeGreatness