“Jacque Maribe has never been a threat to me” Jowie’s baby mama finally speaks

It is no secret that Jowie Irungu and Jacque Maribe were an item at one time; and the sad part is that love story did not go far since Jowie was accused of having a hand in the murder of Monica Njeri.

The now gospel singer and the popular news anchor were then arrested; and unfortunately Jowie got to face the music as he was also said to be involved with the late business. Jowie remained behind bars for 500 days before he was finally released from the Kamiti Prison.

Of course life was not easy but looking at the brighter side; Jowie got spiritual and is now said to be living a party free. Speaking to Massawe Jappani on his latest interview, Jowie’s baby mama Ella, opened up revealing that she has no bad blood with Jacque Maribe.

Jowie Irungu and wife Ella reportedly met through divine intervention

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This is because at the time Jowie was involved with Jacque; both her and their daughter had already excited Jowie’s life following their break up.

Ella speaks about Maribe

Since the man was no longer hers, Ella says she had no reason to hate on Maribe; and looking at her response it is no secret that Jowie has a good woman by his side. This is because not all would take this so lightly. Ella went on to say:

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Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I’ve never been a threat to Jacque and Jacque has never been a threat to me now that’s what you need to understand.

But now that Jowie is enjoying freedom after he was released on bail; let us hope that this time around he makes things right for his family.