Jacque Maribe’s Illness Delays Long-Awaited Verdict In Monica Kimani Murder Case

In a dramatic turn of events, Jacque Maribe, the former Citizen TV presenter implicated in the 2018 murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, was unable to appear in court on Friday for the scheduled judgment delivery. Reports claim she fell ill earlier in the morning, adding another layer of suspense to the already high-profile case.

Maribe, alongside her then-fiancé Joseph “Jowie” Irungu, stood accused of involvement in Kimani’s brutal murder. Her absence prompted Justice Grace Nzioka to postpone the verdict until March 15th.

Kimani’s death, marked by a deep throat cut and found in her Nairobi apartment, sent shockwaves across Kenya. The ensuing investigation drew intense public scrutiny due to the involvement of celebrities like Maribe. The public hung onto each court appearance and twist in the narrative, captivated by the complex web of evidence and testimonies presented.

The prosecution built their case primarily on circumstantial evidence, placing Maribe and Irungu near the crime scene. The defense, however, has consistently challenged the validity of this evidence, arguing it’s insufficient to prove their involvement.

With Maribe’s sudden illness and the verdict pushed back, the Kimani murder case remains unresolved, leaving Kenyans waiting for answers and closure.

Jacque Maribe Returns To Instagram As She Celebrates Her Son

Former Citizen TV presenter Jacque Maribe, has returned to Instagram after a year-long hiatus. She announced her return in a post on September 1, 2023, writing, “The sabbatical ends. Loading…”

Maribe also shared a video montage of bonding moments with her son, Zahari, in her first post back on Instagram. She wrote in the caption, “I’m so grateful I got you Zee. My entire heart, my pride and joy.”

Maribe’s return to Instagram comes after a heated debate with comedian Eric Omondi over her son’s paternity. Omondi has claimed that Jacque Maribe refuses to do a DNA test to determine if he is the biological father. Maribe has denied these claims, saying that Omondi is lying.

In an interview in June 2023, Maribe said, “I’m tired of this nonsense. I’ve kept quiet for long. This liar called Eric should come correct or I come with receipts. And that’s on period.”

Omondi has countered Maribe’s claims, saying that there has been a challenge in determining the biological father of Zahari. In an interview with Milele FM radio presenter Ankali Ray, Omondi said, “Sasa sijui. Sijui mimi but haina shida.” (I don’t know. I don’t know if I am the father, but it’s okay.)

It is unclear whether Maribe and Omondi have resolved their dispute over Zahari’s paternity. However, Maribe’s return to Instagram suggests that she is ready to move on and focus on her son.

Jackie Maribe pens heartfelt letter to her son

Jacque Maribe declared in September 2022 that she wouldn’t be updating her Instagram page until she felt it was appropriate. She did, however, grant some latitude for posting Instagram stories.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jacque Maribe (@jacquemaribe)

Fans have noted that the single mother has adhered to her word and taken a social media hiatus. This is what she said a year prior:

“1st September 2022, I chose to only do stories here on IG…well, shouldn’t that change now on 1st September 2023?? The sabbatical ends. Loading…

There are no photographs while I’m reloading.”

With a huge bang, the former Citizen TV presenter has returned. She has decided to mark her return with a heartwarming video montage of her and her son’s times spent together.

She sent an emotional message to her son Zahari on the video;

“I’m so grateful I got you Zee. My entire heart, my pride and joy.”

The last time Jacque expressed her opinions on Instagram, she got into a furious argument with Eric Omondi on the paternity of her baby.

The two adults engaged in a back-and-forth regarding a DNA claim that has never been addressed to this day.

According to Eric, she won’t put him through a test to find out if he is his biological father. Maribe asserted in June that Eric had been dishonest regarding the DNA test procedure.

Maribe, Jowie to learn Monica’s murder case outcome

Today will determine the fate of former TV anchor Jackie Maribe and her ex-fiance Joseph Irungu in relation to the slaying of late businesswoman Monica Kimani. Jowie is the initial suspect in Monica’s murder case.

In 2018, he and Jacque Maribe were charged. At her Lamuria Gardens apartment in Kilimani, off Denis Pritt Road on Kitale Lane, Monica’s body was discovered.
35 witnesses who testified against the two were called by the prosecution.

The evidence they presented in court is enough to prosecute them, according to assistant DPP Gikui Gichuki, despite the fact that they have denied knowing Monica or having any involvement in her death.

“My lady the death was unlawful as indicated by all the prosecution witnesses. As per witness testimony, the first accused was placed in the house of the deceased, he was positively identified during the identification parade” – Gikui.

Gikui said at the conclusion of the case that the two “acted in concert to eliminate the deceased” with a same objective. She cited a court of appeals ruling that stated that aiding and abetting generally refers to providing assistance or being an accomplice in the commission of a crime.

Additionally, the state has requested that the court take into account the fact that Maribe did not make any effort to distance herself from Jowie’s deeds and instead assisted him in setting fire to evidence.

“The demeanour of Jowie and Maribe should also be taken into account at the time of investigations which entailed giving false information to the police during the trial where the accused in some cases missed court proceedings,”

The prosecution claimed that Jackie Maribe, the second defendant, was the first defendant’s partner at the time they were living together. Gikui then clarified that Maribe was the proprietor of the car involved in a criminal activity.

“She also allowed the gun to be kept in her house yet she had a young child. It should be noted in testimony produced in this court that she lied to the police consistently regarding how the first accused person was injured,”

Katwa Kigen, Maribe’s attorney, has countered that none of the witnesses had implicated the former television anchor with the crime.

“The case is based on circumstantial evidence; there’s no direct evidence against the second accused person,”

Jacque Maribe Talks About Her Relationship With Dennis Itumbi

Media character Jacque Maribe has confessed about her relationship with Boss Managerial Secretary ICT Dennis Itumbi and columnist Sam Ogina.

The mother of one explained in a post via online entertainment that she has never been in a heartfelt connection with both of the two.

Maribe likewise tended to claims that she denied her supposed child daddy Eric Omondi, the chance for a DNA test on their child.
Maribe suggested that she has been helpful in the entire issue of paternity test.

She went on to communicate her disappointments over individuals hauling Ogina into the show.

“Road trip to heal the mind and gratitude for sane friends. Also, let me clear the air here publicly. Leave my friends alone. How and why is my friend Sam Ogina being dragged into unnecessary drama? We have never dated. Just like you said I dated Dennis Itumbi. Leave me alone,” Maribe said.

The previous Resident television anchor underscored that she had never been in a close connection with the two.

Back in January, Maribe, apparently jokingly, presented Itumbi as her dad’s child in-regulation in an Instagram story.

She had imparted a subtitled photograph of Itumbi to her dad.

“Mr Maribe and his child in-regulation, regardless of what anybody says, we remain family,” she said.
This raised theories about her relationship status.

Kenyan Comic Eric Omondi then again had recently said that he met Jacque when she was involved with Ogina.

Afterward, Maribe educated him regarding her pregnancy prompted the introduction of her child who has been at the focal point of his quarrel with the previous TV sovereign.

Sitambui pesa za Eric Omondi – Jacque Maribe

Former media heavyweight Jacque Maribe has made hints about her own personal growth.

Her baby daddy, Eric Omondi, boasted about his fortune by flashing cash in a post where she was tagged, and Maribe replied with a mysterious statement.

Eric Omondi was heard and spotted criticizing comedian Obinna on his social media channels for implying that he is using money obtained illegally to carry out publicity stunts like handing out unga.

A Jacque Maribe supporter named Mercie Kariuki directly questioned Jackie on social media about whether the comedian had started providing child support for their son.

Omondi has been charged with being a deadbeat father by Jackie in the past.

She stated in a comment:

Jacque, huyu jamaa alianza kulipa child support ama tumfanyie ile kitu?”

Jacque Maribe replied:

“I am okay. Why do you think I would need that? I am Mrs. K. That is all. I do not have a problem with child support.”

The night Monica Kimani was murdered I spent the night with Sonko – Jackie Maribe

Jackie Maribe shocked the court when she gave testimony about her movements and whereabouts on the night Monica Kimani was murdered. According to her, she was partying with the former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his entourage and they chose to go to a club based in Westlands called 40 Forty.

Monica Kimani update: Jackie Maribe denied knowing anything about murder

It should be remembered that she is charged with being party to the murder of a Nairobi businesswoman called Monica Kimani was found in her apartments with her head nearly completely decapitated.

The late Monica Kimani

She is accused together with her former fiance, Jowie Irungu of having either planned or helping to cover up the murder of the deceased. Her co-accused on his part revealed the gun he was found with belonged to his former neighbour and friend.


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Eric Omondi’s baby mama shares cryptic text hinting she is in a romantic relationship with Dennis Itumbi (Photo)

Jacque Maribe did not have a good ending in 2021 especially after her rant concerning child support; after alleged baby daddy Eric Omondi stopped supporting their now 7 year old son.

Judging from how the child support scandal went down, we have reason to believe that – there are some unanswered questions between Eric and Maribe; but I believe they said it shall be resolved behind closed doors.

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Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

Anwyay barely two months after this, we now have Jacque Maribe gushing over friend; Dennis Itumbi who recently hangout with her dad, Mr Maribe probably just to catch up after a long time.

However, what seem to catch people’s attention is how Jacque captioned her post, with words that implied Itumbi is her man. She wrote;

Also read: “Leave me alone, I can’t do this anymore” Jacque Maribe tells off netizens asking about her baby daddy

Mr Maribe @maribewamwangi and his son in law @dennisitumbi no matter what anyone says, we remain family

Dennis Itumbi with Jacque Maribe’s dad

Dennis Itumbi = Son in law?

Okay, I want to believe that the son in law was used as a polite gesture to appreciate Itumbi; for helping with her case in court.

But again, could it be that Jacque Maribe decided to settle for Itumbi after realizing how her relationship have been more of ‘character development classes;’ than a romantic affairs – I mean look at Eric Omondi and Jowie Irungu?

“Leave me alone, I can’t do this anymore” Jacque Maribe tells off netizens asking about her baby daddy

Just a few days ago Jacque Maribe issued a statement announcing a social media break following the dramatic baby daddy exposè she did on her page. It’s no secret that this story not only exposed her but also her 7 year old son who she says needs to be protected. True.

Jacque Maribe, son and Eric Omondi

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Anyway with everyone now asking who Maribe’s baby daddy is, the celebrated journalist feels that she has been putting up with so much pressure which she needs to take a break from.

The lass revealed this in a new post shared on her IG where she wrote;

Time out. Time to leave me alone. Time to get me time and be happy.

Leave me alone

Okay we could say that she brought this upon herself but again, it’s also a lesson well learnt. With fans sliding in her DM to ask about her baby daddy not forgetting the drunk video with Kabu and Eric, Jacque Maribe is now asking everyone to leave her alone.

As seen on a detailed post shared on her page, Maribe wrote to her fans saying;

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Jacque Maribe with son, Zahari

This is the last statement I’ll make about this never ending story. I want to be left alone. We over reacted. We might have been overwhelmed.

Well whether Eric believes he is the father or not, Jacque says everyone will own their truth about the boy; but as for now – as a mother she will protect her baby boy. To conclude her post she wrote;

Each of us will own our truths. There’s a child involved so let’s respect him. I can’t do this anymore. Tuwache tu

Eric Omondi’s excuse as to why he does not know where 7 year old son lives

Comedian Eric Omondi has become a hot topic thanks to baby mama Jacque Maribe. After 7 years of maintaining her silence on whether or not Eric Omondi supports his son, we now know that he doesn’t!

The revelation however comes hours after Eric Omondi went on to announce that singer Miss P was pregnant for him, but unfortunately the prank ended up exposing him as a deadbeat.

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Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

However it appears that Eric Omondi is not happy with the stories going around about him and to prove that his baby was just acting up – the comedian decided to call her during an interview with one Mungai Eve…and yea – another mistake.

Maribe lectures Eric Omondi on phone

Speaking on phone, Jacque Maribe made it known that Eric has never been active in their sons life nor does he chip in to cover the boys expenses.

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According to Maribe, Eric doesn’t pay his sons school fees nor does he know where his son currently lives. She proved this after asking;

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

Where does your child live Eric? When is the last time you saw him?

To which he responded


And unfortunately, his answer was wrong as Jacque Maribe corrected him by saying Gigiri. Yes, Eric doesn’t even have the physical address to his son’s home.

Explaining why he got the answer wrong, Eric Omondi said Maribe and his son just moved out of their Kileleshwa home recently…that’s why he didn’t know where they were. Alaar.

“I have amazing people in my life” Jacque Maribe pours out her heart for the first time in detailed post

Jacque Maribe recently turned a year older and to mark this major milestone; she decided to spend her day with those she loves. Through her Instagram page Jacque who had a complicated 2020 due to the case against ex fiancé Jowie; went on to appreciate everyone who has been standing with her all through.

As seen in a detailed post shared through her social media page; she went on to thanks her friends and family for being the reason she now wears a smile on her page. If you remember well, last year (2019) the media personality did not celebrate her birthday and for this reason, she made sure to make this year’s day a bit special.

Appreciating those she loves Jacque Maribe went on to write;

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

This photo always reminds me of a time I was helplessly happy. And that is how I spent my birthday, happy. I have amazing people in my life that I will never take for granted. I love you helplessly, all of you I shared it with. @chemutaigoin I can’t begin to describe the love and gratitude I have for you. You are the best friend anyone could wish for. I love you. @frankkiganane you are my heart, my treasure, everything!

Friends and colleagues

Knowing very well how life changed since her break up with Jowie; most of her loved ones ensured she stays loved and comforted until she bounced back on her feet. Some of these however also happen to be her colleagues and for this reason she went on to appreciate them saying;

@kimantose2.0 so far yet you still manage to make me smile. @jcokindo I can’t even start with how grateful I am and your gift just made me cry. @bmnjule and @joeonsongo you are the friends heaven sent my way. My crew @officialelphaslagat @benkirui_ @oti you are amazing people. @eki my summer bunny I don’t know how to thank you. Richie and @jshegu too. My family my neighbors my home manager.

In conclusion, Jacque Maribe went on to say;

The @alfajirigrill establishment you always got me. @stylistcollins you made me look amazing. To everyone who called sent messages thank you so much. You are the people that made my day more so my night bright, I will treasure you always.

“Eric Omondi recently approached me and hinted we can get back together,” Jacque Maribe spills (Video)

Eric Omondi denied being the father to Jacque Maribes son, Zahari, for a long time until he recently came public about it.

Unfortunately, looking back, he wishes that Jacque and him would get back to being an item now that they are both single, something that the former Citizen TV journalist has come open about.

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During her exclusive with Carole Mandi, Jacque admitted she always looked forward to holding her own baby, after two miscarriages but Eric was not.

“I think we were at different spaces in our lives. He did not look at it as a serious relationship and now we have a baby. But he still wants to have all the girls and the groupies etc,” Jacque opened up.

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

So they had to split and go their separate ways but still remain friends to date.

Eric and Jacque on getting back together

It is not until Jacque disclosed that Eric recently asked whether they can patch things up and get back together.

According to Jacque, given a chance, she would not go back to dating Eric but prefers their well-cemented friendship.

The sassy Jacque Maribe

Sadly though, Eric Omondi feels a different way.

“He doesn’t believe it though. He recently made a joke and said, “you’re single, I’m single, we’re meant to be single so that one day we [become one],” and I was like bro!” Jacque remarked.

Jacque was shocked at the comedians statement, and said she was not in for that.

“I keep telling him, we kind of messed up crossing the line. We were very good friends from the beginning but given a chance to become great friends again, I would never cross that line,” Jacque admitted.

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and their son, Zahari

For her though, she is currently enjoying the single life and when it comes to dating again, she stated that she first needs to be good friends with the guy before moving any further.

Have a listen;

5 prominent media personalities eyeing Kenya’s political space

After years of gracing our TV screens and radio airwaves, several renowned media personalities have expressed interest in vying for particular political seats come the next general elections.

Some who already started their journey but got knocked off along the way. Others hopeful that politics will bring them fulfillment as they desire to see change in different parts of the country. Lets kick off;

1. Jalango

The lad who rose to fame through his comical stints before joining the radio field that has since opened numerous doors for him, indicated that his radio job at Kiss FM will be his last employment. As he now changes focus to politics, targeting the Langata parliamentary seat come 2022.

Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o

2. Betty Kyallo

The popular TV girl who ditched the media to run her salon business, confirmed to Mwalimu Churchill that joining politics is part of her plan, even though still deciding which position to take up. Plus, she was spotted just recently in the company of her Somali bae, Hon. Alinur Mohamed ahead of 2022 political campaigns.

Mompreneur, Betty Mutei Kyallo

3. Andrew Kibe

Kibe Andy is not new to politics. The former Kiss FM morning show co-host contested for the the Langata parliamentary seat in 2013, but never got to see the light of day. However, indicating he is still debating whether to go back into the political field or not.

Andrew Kibe early political ambitions

4. Jacque Maribe

The former Citizen TV news editor indicated that if she were to vie in her home county, Murang’a in 2022, women in the area had even pledged their support for her.

Media personality Jacque Maribe

5. Alex Mwakideu

The veteran radio presenter, has time and again disclosed his intentions to run for the Wundayi parliamentary seat, reiterating the same to Jalang’o during their interview in July this year.

BFFs Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

“I just don’t care about him” Jacque Maribe talks about Jowie Irungu months after bitter break up

Jacque Maribe is fed up with how everyone has been on her case after being dragged into the Monica Njeri murder case thanks to fiance, Jowie Irungu.

According to reports Jacque Maribe was allegedly said to have a hand in this; but this is for the police to figure out since the case is still in court.

Anyway, having been released on bail; Jacque Maribe has been keeping a low profile for months now until her latest interview with True Magazine. Speaking for the first time since being released, Jacque Maribe clearly did not have much to say about her ex, Jowie Irungu.

Dennis Itumbi, Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu

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Love turns bitter

Judging from how Jacque Maribe did not want to get involved with Jowie; this shows that the lass no longer feels the same way she felt for this hunk!

On the interview, Jacque Maribe went on to reveal that she cares less about Jowie nor does she talk about him. She went on to open up saying;

 I don’t talk about that man. One, because we have a court gag and there is no way of speaking about him and not giving details of what happened.

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Well, if you thought this was a joke, then her second reason will definitely confirm that Jackie Maribe not only regrets her relationship with Jowie but wishes it never happened. She went on to add;

And second, I just don’t really care about him at all

10 Kenyan celebrity journalists who took to self-employment after years of working with giant media corporates

Cases of retrenchments and mass firings from local media conglomerates almost became the order of the day especially after Coronavirus hit.

It is no longer a new tale in the media industry, a lesson that majority of journalists have since learnt and taken steps on in the event that they face redundancy or even for those that already have.

Citizen TV studios

Once bitten, twice shy. Media professionals have now opted for second, third sources of income to sustain their families and even for financial security. However, for those that opted out of the circle or were forced out by unforeseen circumstances, self-employment has become the route to take for them. Lets get right through it.

1. Betty Kyallo

The sassy celebrity journalist has hopped several times in the media industry especially after her exit from her first home, KTN in 2018, to join rival station K24 where she exited in May 2020. Since then, Betty has been all about her beauty parlor business, Flair by Betty among other partnerships.

Ms Betty Kyallo

2. Maalika Kazia

Late August 2020, the young beauty called it quits at KTN where she had been for the last 2 years in what she termed a new step into a different chapter. The beauty is now into content creation on her YouTube channel ‘Maalika Kazia’ where she mainly talks about her personal life.

Maalika Kazia

3. Eric Njoka

The former K24 news anchor who teamed up with Karen Knaust for the Weekend Edition, has made his major comeback with his own online talk show Centred set to kick off this Thursday.

Former K24 Editor and producer, Eric Njoka

4. Jacque Maribe

Maribe, after being surrounded with controversies in late 2018 while working at Citizen TV, bounced back in August 2020 with her online political show dubbed Hot Seat that has aired several episodes so far.

Ms Jacque Maribe

5. Janet Mbugua

The mother of 2 quit her plum job on Citizen TV’s Monday Special show as she went into maternity but never returned, where she soon after launched her book My First Time and has since been doing all sorts of gigs including running her enterprise Inua Dada. 

Janet Mbugua

6. Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Mwanaisha was among the team of professionals shown the door at K24 in late 2019 where she dropped her journalism cap to take up full-time catering which was her main profession and has since started her own online talk show The Dada2Dada Uncensored.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga

7. John Allan Namu

The popular investigative journalist resigned from KTN in 2015 after multiple frustrations, to start his own investigative documentary series Africa Uncensored.

John Allan Namu

8. Terryanne Chebet

Terry was fired from Royal Media Services owned TV station Citizen TV in 2016, a move that totally broke her down for months before fully taking up her business empire, Keyara organics, that she had founded in 2014. She however currently holds multiple power positions in different entities.

Terryanne Chebet

9. Asha Mwilu

Asha worked as special projects editor at Citizen TV before announcing her exit in May 2020 before unveiling her own media company dubbed Debunk, on July 1, 2020.

Ms Asha Mwilu

10. Nancy Onyancha and Joab Mwaura

The celebrity couple took up their media organization, Sauti Tajika as option B after being shown the door during K24 TV’s mass retrenchment in June 2020. Nancy however joined Switch TV in early July.

Nancy Onyancha and husband, Joab Mwaura

“Jacque Maribe has never been a threat to me” Jowie’s baby mama finally speaks

It is no secret that Jowie Irungu and Jacque Maribe were an item at one time; and the sad part is that love story did not go far since Jowie was accused of having a hand in the murder of Monica Njeri.

The now gospel singer and the popular news anchor were then arrested; and unfortunately Jowie got to face the music as he was also said to be involved with the late business. Jowie remained behind bars for 500 days before he was finally released from the Kamiti Prison.

Of course life was not easy but looking at the brighter side; Jowie got spiritual and is now said to be living a party free. Speaking to Massawe Jappani on his latest interview, Jowie’s baby mama Ella, opened up revealing that she has no bad blood with Jacque Maribe.

Jowie Irungu and wife Ella reportedly met through divine intervention

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This is because at the time Jowie was involved with Jacque; both her and their daughter had already excited Jowie’s life following their break up.

Ella speaks about Maribe

Since the man was no longer hers, Ella says she had no reason to hate on Maribe; and looking at her response it is no secret that Jowie has a good woman by his side. This is because not all would take this so lightly. Ella went on to say:

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Tbt: Jacque Maribe and Joseph Irungu in court

Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I’ve never been a threat to Jacque and Jacque has never been a threat to me now that’s what you need to understand.

But now that Jowie is enjoying freedom after he was released on bail; let us hope that this time around he makes things right for his family.

The untold story of how Jacque Maribe rose from intern to respected senior political reporter

Jacque Maribe’s story is a unique one, starring in drama during her high school days, later landing a job at K24 with an untold story of how she got despised for challenging men in her unquenched pursuit for political journalism.

Unlike the olden days when parents would have their kids enroll in the so-called serious careers like Law, Medicine etc – her parents were fine with her passion in Journalism.

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She enrolled at the University of Nairobi as the premiere class pursuing Journalism and Media Studies before Mediamax got a hold of her offering her internship in her first years.

TV girl, Jacque Maribe

Barely 2 weeks into her job, her boss realized the potential in her before popping the question “what exactly is your passion?”

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For a little Jacque, politics had a soft spot in her heart but her boss dismissed her like:

No! Politics is literally a man’s world. That is not something you should be thinking of getting into.

Jacque Maribe

Her rise

Unknown to her boss, that right there had challenged Jacque to prove herself to the patriarchal society.

That literally became the driving force that took me into the world of politics, not just as a reporter, but as a female reporter.

She hang on at K24, bagging a promotion as senior political reporter before getting poached by Kiss TV for the same position but shorter period.

Journalists Jacque Maribe and Stephen Letoo

Jacque’s exceptional skills got her a chance at Citizen TV – every journalist’s dream – and she took it and ran. However:

As a woman in the political space was a dream come true but also a lot of work. You have to push yourself beyond the limits prove yourself and it paid off.

Standing as the first ever female political reporter to exclusively interview President Uhuru Kenyatta within State House grounds, at a time she was heavily pregnant with Zahari.

Jacque Maribe

Her reporting that brought her to higher and respectable grounds in the political space, until all hell broke loose.

All of a sudden, I had to take an emergency break. 2018 was a very interesting year for me, having risen like that only to literally come to a standstill.

As she bounces back, Jacque affirmed:

However many times you fall, get back up!

Revealed! The 2022 political seat Jacque Maribe is eyeing

Kenyan media personality, Jacque Maribe has expressed interest in politics come the next general elections, if at all people will be willing to vote her in.

This she revealed during her Instagram Live session with DJ Mista Dru on his VIP Room show, admitting that many have been pushing her to join politics.

The ex-Citizen TV news editor further divulged that the seat she would be vying for would be in Murang´a, that is believed to be her home county.

Journalist, Jacque Maribe

When asked about it, the mother of one openly stated:

It is an opportunity. Given the opportunity, why not?

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She however failed to go into details nor took either side, maintaining neutrality on what Kenyans and her followers should expect from her come 2022.

I have not ruled it out but what I´m saying is, I have not declared it. I´m receiving a lot of messages with people asking if I will run.

Media personality, Jacque Maribe


The proper response from me is, ´See you at the finish line!´

However, she was quick to affirm that at times, people will push you in the right direction, therefore why she has not completely dismissed the political seat claims, yet.

You never know.

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Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

This comes barely 2 years after the journalist parted ways with Citizen TV, later hosting her birthday party in Murang´a where women present pledged their support were she to declare she would be running in 2022.

She told The Star:

It is something I would be interested in when the time is right.

Which seat she might be taking up also remains unknown. We wish her well!

It’s the right time for Jacque Maribe to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe crossed my mind a few days ago. Actually, I started thinking about her after I saw a photo of her ex-boyfriend Jowie hanging out with Joe Muchiri at a popular club.

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I began to wonder what became of her and how she got caught up in a murder case that culminated in her dismissal from Royal Media Services (RMS) around this time in 2019.

Jacque Maribe in court

I’m not saying that she is innocent. We will let the courts decide that. I was just not amused with how things played out. Not even one bit.

You see, Jacque is lady we have seen grow from an ordinary reporter to a news anchor and many people, including myself, were really rooting for her and then it was all gone in the blink of an eye.

Some people might say that it is her fault because she did not bother to do a background check on the man that she was gallivanting around town with and that she should have known better but that is; neither here nor there.

When people are in love, like we assume Jacque and Jowie were at some point, they tend to overlook certain things, it’s just human nature in my opinion.

Jacque Maribe

I would not even be surprised if I learned that they are secretly seeing each other now that he has been released from prison. Some of these things are so hard to explain.

In my opinion, if she thinks that is what is best for her then should go for it. Looking back has never helped anyone and if she really ended things she should pick up the pieces and rebuild her life.

Although we would like to see her back on our screens, the chances of that happening are very slim but who said she can only be a journalist, I read somewhere that she is also an actress. I believe she can get back to doing that because as they say, when one door closes another opens.

Is it Jacque Maribe or Chantal? Eric Omondi finally explains his complicated relationship status!

It is no secret that Eric Omondi fathered Jacque Maribe’s son and after hiding it for years; the former lovers finally confirmed this just a while back – letting their fans know that have a child together.

However what’s confusing is how the two avoided showing any drama related issues despite having ended their relationship when their son was still quite young. The two have proven that practicing maturity is important especially when a child is involved.

Anyway since Eric Omondi confirmed he was Maribe’s baby daddy; there have been a lot of questions as fans demand to know how the comedian manages to juggle his exes who also happen to be good with each other.

Eric Omondi

However speaking to Reverend Lucy Natasha on her Live IG session; Eric for the first time set the record straight revealing who is his main woman.

Reverend Lucy Natasha and Eric Omondi

Just incase you missed it, comedian Eric Omondi revealed that he is currently not dating anyone due to personal reasons.

He went on to add that he is however in good terms with his ex girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli who broke up with him after hinting about an infidelity issue.

Eric Omondi with Chantal Grazioli

Well you can’t blame her for walking away especially since she knows how fine she is. The two however remain friends – but fans on social media keep suggesting Chantal has been showing signs of getting back with Eric Omondi.

Anyway, as of now both Eric and Chantal share custody of their cat, Smoothy Omondi who not spoilt but is definitely living a good life compared to the cats out here.

Maribe and Eric Omondi

As for Jacque Maribe, this is a different case since she is the mother of Eric’s first born.

Co-parents, Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe

And as many already know this is one of those relationships you can’t predict; since no one knows whether or not the two want to raise their child together – under one roof!

Baby number 3! Jacque Maribe’s sister welcomes her little bundle of joy (Photos)

2018 was a tough year for the Maribes as their kin was arrested and charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. But 2019 has started off well for the Maribes, they have welcomed the newest member of their family.

Jacque Maribe was arrested on September 27th 2018 in connection with the brutal murder of Monica Kimani. Her sister Cathylene Maribe was showed her full support and always showed up in court despite being pregnant then.

Cathylene Maribe while she was still pregnant
Cathylene Maribe while she was still pregnant
Baby girl

Cathylene Maribe has since given birth to a bouncing baby girl. The excited mother took to social media to announce the arrival of her daughter.

“My new year blessings…..#kelani…” Cathylene Maribe captioned a photo of her newborn baby.

Cathylene Maribe is now a mother to three children.


What Betty Kyalo had to say after fans pressured her to speak about Jackie Maribe’s drama  

Citizen TV employee Jackie Maribe has been swimming in a lot of drama ever since she, and boyfriend Joseph Irungu, were accused of murdering Monica Kimani.

The on-going court case is being followed closely by the whole country as citizens await the ruling which will be done next year.

Fellow news anchor Betty Kyalo was asked by a fan to speak about the case recently while on an Instagram live video and she totally refused. The fan wanted to know her take but Betty said she can’t address the case.

“What can you say about Jacque Maribe?” the fan asked. 

“Oh goodness! I cannot get into that topic right now.” she replied. 

Soft news

Instead, Betty addressed softer issues such as why she doesn’t love avocados and hates cooking eggs because of their smell.

“I don’t like the smell of the eggs she said. “Funny enough I don’t like avocado either. Unless I’m eating the avocado with sugar.”

Jacque Maribe speaks on joining politics in 2022

Jacque Maribe’s birthday celebration at a restaurant in Kilimani had hidden agenda, the Citizen TV journalists turned a year older on Tuesday December 18th.

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Maribe invited women from her home county of Murang’a during her birthday celebration at the restaurant in Kilimani.



Apparently the women attended the birthday party to assure her of their support if she decides to vie form Murang’a Woman Rep seat come 2022.

Maribe however indicated that she has interest to dive into politics, she however stressed that she will make her intention known when the right time comes.

“It is something I would be interested in when the time is right,” Jacque Maribe was quoted by the Star.





Shix Kapienga to Jacque Maribe: 2018 has been a nightmare for you

Jacque Maribe’s woes started on September 27th when she was arrested a few hours after being summoned to Kilimani Police Station to record statement after being linked to the brutal murder of Monica Kimani.

She was finally released on bail on October 30th, but she walked out of Lang’ata women prison a day later on October 31. Jacque spent a total of 32 days in detention.

It was a tough time for Jacque who is a mother of a four year old boy. Even after her release, she still couldn’t resume normal duties at Citizen TV as conditions for her bail restricted her from going back on air or conducting interviews.


Jacque turned a year older on November 18th and her Best Friend Forever (BFF) Shix Kapienga penned an encouragement message to her.

“2018 has been a nightmare for you ma’ but that doesn’t mean 2019 will be the same…with God by your side, everything is possible!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY love.
Welcome to your break through season @jacquemaribe ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” wrote Shix Kapienga.

Jacque Maribe and Shix Kapienga
Jacque Maribe and Shix Kapienga

Jacque Maribe celebrates her birthday with colleagues at Citizen TV and family members (Photos)

Jacque Maribe turned a year older on Tuesday December 18th. This time round it wasn’t Dennis Itumbi who surprised her with birthday cake at work, but rather her colleagues at Citizen TV.

Maribe resumed duties at Citizen TV but not as a reporter or anchor as terms of her bail forbids her from being on TV or conducting interviews.

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Jacque’s colleagues at Citizen TV surprised her with a birthday cake on her birthday. Even her boss Linus Kaikai joined the party to sing her birthday song.

2nd birthday party

Jacque Maribe hosted her second birthday party at a restaurant in Kilimani where she invited some women from her home county of Murang’a.




Dennis Itumbi once again writes a sweet poem for Jacque Maribe on her birthday

Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe are more than Best Friends Forever (BFFs), only the two of them can describe the nature of relationship they have.

Itumbi has wrote several sweet poems for Jacque, even when she was about to be granted bail the State House operative wrote her a poem.

The two however have denied multiple times that they are dating, this despite all the romantic things that Itumbi has been doing for Maribe.


Jacque Maribe turned a year older on December 18th. In 2015, Itumbi disrupted live broadcast on Citizen TV to surprise Maribe with a birthday cake.

This year however, Itumbi has decided to write a poem for Maribe on her birthday;

I wrote this one late,

Kindly carry it to the car as you go to court today,

That is why I slip this under your door,

Happy Birthday Jacque Maribe,

Been standing outside your door,

With pen and notebook,

Thinking how Tragic a year you had,
Impressed by the Magic you have,

Aware that like someone said,
A challenge, only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.

So here my birthday note,

At least one day this year find a very rainy mid-morning, I will come with an umbrella,

So that, I can hold just one raindrop for you, place it on your bicep and watch it roll down.

I ask for no more,
Just a chance to watch you re-introduce yourself in 2019,

With your wounds – Yes.

With your visible scars – Yes.

But with fresh stamina.. Undettered passion

Because you are,

Jacque Maribe.

Happy Birthday!