What Kenya’s divorce rates mean

Under scrutiny following data that was published by the Kenya National Statistics Bureau. And while at first glance the number doesn’t seem significant (10,000 cases in 2 years), there’s a reason why it has caused concern within certain circles.

With all these single mother socialites, Kenya will see a sharp decline in marital rates in years to come

To understand this we need to understand just how difficult it is for one to initiate and be granted a divorce within Kenya. For starters, you need to notify the authority that you have begun your separation. Which typically lasts 3 years.

And even before then you have to indicate why you seeking a separation and the few reasons deemed as valid or when it involve cruelty (abuse), denial of conjugal rights and abandonment.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

After the three-year mark allowed to officially divorce. Before that, should you remarry,nyou can be charged with the crime of bigamy. And Kenyans being Kenyans, we often elect to take shortcuts rather than do things properly.

So what typically happens is boy meets girl, boy woos girl, they fall in love, get pregnant, have a shotgun wedding only to realise they aren’t compatible. At this juncture what often happens is that they either agree to agree, or agree to disagree on a separation which typically marks the end of their union.

Open letter response to Kamene Goro’s question on single mothers

Both parties go their separate ways and attempt to co-parent with many often failing. So when you hear about a statistic that claims 10,000 divorces in 2 years, that is merely a drop in the ocean. Those are the couples who decided to follow the proper channels perhaps because they intend to marry their new partner or perhaps because they are relocating to a different country.

To draw a parallel that better describes the situation we are discussing, one only has to look at KRA data that claims only 8% of Kenyans are employed and earn 100,000 Kenya shilling per month. That number fails to account for those who have either hassles or businesses that need them more than this. And because KRA is aware that this data does not capture the reality of beings they have decided to begin looking at Mpesa transactions.

Kate Actress, this is the reason why men dating single mothers show them fire

Even anecdotally when you think about it how many couples do you know that were married whether legally or traditionally who have seen split up without going through the proper channels? This data does not bode well for Kenya as a society as it essentially is warning us of the rise of single mother-led households. There is a phrase I’ve grown to appreciate that states “as above so below”/ “Quod est superius est sicut quod inferius”. This time is sensually tells us to look at more developed countries where this single mother household issue is more developed and better studied for us to understand why it portends ill for Kenya.

Check out the data below:

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers
70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies, teenage drug abusers are from single mother households
63% of national suicides are done by individuals who grew up in single-mother homes
90% or runaway children are from single-mother households are from single mother households
85% of children with behavioural disorders are from single-mother households
80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger grew up in single-mother homes
85% of imprisoned youth grew up in single-mother homes



Safe Harbour


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Timmy Tdat decides to go to quarantine with “Pengting”an exciting jam for this tough times

“PENGTING” by Timmy T Dat is now out. One to get us through the quarantine season. The audio was done by Vicky Pondis, video shot by Enos Olik is now 42 on trending. “Pengting” in this context describes a beautiful girl including her features.

It has thousands of views already despite being released hours ago. His fans already flooding the comments section with positivism. Most of them noticing that Timmy has upgraded in terms of vixens in his video.

It is purely a feel-good entertainment song. Further, its  Quite ideal for this season when most people are spending time indoors. I mean who doesn’t want some fun?

On the other hand, the video is amazing featuring this vixen visiting Timmy in his house, to  “Quarantine together” as the song suggests. Trust Timmy with such!


However the lyrics to this song are just funny and quite in line with this quarantine season. He sings in Swahili, English and Dholuo his native language. He is one of the artists that have mastered the art of music.

Trikide hit maker thrives on the fact that he does music that is easy to relate to by his fans. He can bring in a comical and naughty touch to whatever he sings.

Time imefika tuingie quarantine

Nina peng-ting ndani ya quarantine

Tako yellow kama school bus

Mimi sijui mapenzi si uni-school bas

Nishafall baby girl si unipull bas

The upbeat song goes to describe what he likes in his woman.

Timmy TDat has grown massively in the industry. He has had massive hits such as Trikide, usinkazie, Kasayole featuring Papa Jones alongside other collabos Otile brown, Kush Tracey, Rosa Ree, Sudi Boy and Spice Diana from Uganda.

While gengetone still takes the airwaves, Timmy has not been left behind. He did Kimangoto featuring boondocks gang

The song that’s in context with the current corona situation qualifies to be awarded part of the 200 Million Shillings set aside for artists this quarantine season.

Rating 8/10

Arrow Bwoy’s quest to fall in love in new jam “Tujuane” is definitely worth your time

Arrow Bwoy seems to understand his audience by the day. Days after dropping a sensational gospel song he now brings you a new love song dubbed “Tujuane”.

As valentines day approaches a song like this is clearly something we want to listen to. A time of love needs good music too. For one we can say that Arrow Bwoy doesn’t disappoint either.

The 27-year-old has proven that music is a luxury he would not want to lose. His fans too are also a happy lot because of his consistency. After all in Kenya that is what keeps you afloat.


This song is your everyday feel-good love song where a guy is trying to win a girl by telling her he wants “Tujuane”.

Tujuane is Swahili for “Let’s get to know each other”.It is a quest by a guy who has fallen in love with a woman. Trying to win her over and be with her.

Arrow Bwoy Music

This is a situation that many of us face daily falling love with people and trying to know them and be part of their lives.

Basically the song is quite relatable to many. Arrow Bwoy has clearly outdone himself in this jam.

For one I will give a thumbs up for the lyrical creativity he has a way with words and can make you fall in love.

For a guy that has fallen in love, we see him asking to get to know the girl in question. He even goes ahead to ask for her number and a chance to see her again.

The Vicky Pondis and  Trey Juelz produced video is so well done and for a day like valentines day, it can be added on the playlist.

I mean am sure most of you would want to meet again if valentines will be the first date. Maybe this song can help you say those words you are so afraid to put across to that chic or guy you like.

For that good job Arrow Bwoy this is jam is timely.

Your thoughts?

Guardian Angel is taking over Kenyan Gospel music

Guardian Angel is slowly taking up the crown of the best gospel artist in Kenya.So far he is the reigning King

Having  started off the year on a low note with little Music releases.

It  was not until two months ago that under the  Permanent Presidential Music Commission  that he released a patriotic song titled  “Kenya”.

Further he was on the verge of giving up in music. Reason?Music was not paying his bills as expected.

At that point he felt as though he was being tested.

Fortunately in few months ago, Gurdian Angel was unveiled, as the Brand Ambassador for Crowned Eagle Safaris. A travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya that plans tours and travels for clients in Africa, Europe, Dubai, and Asia.

This was after doing the song “Mercy”.

Clearly  that became a sign of breakthrough for this gospel dancehall champion.

Then to top it all the patriotic song “Kenya” gave him a bigger platform as he got the chance to perform during Madaraka day celebrations in Narok.

His musical content

Kenyans  seem to be loving Guardian Angel by the day. Why? This is because compared to most contemporary gospel artists, Guardian Angel is unique.

In terms of content and lyrical scripting, he clearly know what his calling is. He invests so much in proper gospel music writing and I believe that is what gives him an edge among others.

A good example is his latest jam ‘Kuongozwa”.The song has a bit of  the ‘He leadeth hymn” that he coins around with it to gives us  the dancehall aspect of it and carries the weight with the Swahili verses.

Also read:‘Kuongozwa’, new gospel in town by Guardian Angel 

With big hits like “hadithi” among others this is the guy that we should be celebrating as a country.That is when it comes to contemporary gospel music.

Sadly those that initially took the crown have had countless scandals that have had Kenyans question their music on whether its about gospel or them as individuals.

Guardian Angel for “Kenya”

As Kenya still grapples with bad politics, Kenyans are still putting on a strong face to push through their frustrating days.

This  to at least make a living. Well this might not be ending anytime soon. Audiphaxad Peter, better known as Guardian Angel, is back to the Scene with a song Titled ‘Kenya”.

Thankfully, the celebrated  Gospel Afrorap and Dancehall Singer, Guardian Angel is out to encourage us to keep pushing despite the stress as Kenya is a beautiful country.

“This song is a reminder to my fellow countrymen that God loves Kenya and it’s a beautiful country,” as he told World Is.


The ‘Wakati wa Mungu’  hit maker has managed to stay relevant in the Kenyan Industry and this latest jam is  proof of extreme talent.

The song was  done in partnership with The Permanent Presidential Music Commission who brought up the idea too him.

From the Lyrics that he wrote, he says that despite the challenges in the country, Kenya is still a blessed country with many opportunities, a rich history and very hardworking citizens.

‘Akina Mama Hoyeee,Akina Baba Hoyee, Vijana Hoyee….Wanainchi,wote, viongozi wote  tushikane mikono tuijenge Kenya,,,,,,,Kenya ni Nyumbani kwetu tuungane sote tuijenge Kenya…….

Listening to this song, you’d consider it for holidays like ‘labor day’ for the Kenyan Laborer. But unfortunately the the opposite is the harsh reality.

Having to deal with sky rocketing economy, high taxation that not most us understand but what are we to do?

“Wanao lala tutoke Kwa vitanda. Wakina mama tufunge maleso. Tusiwatukane viongozi Kwa Mitandao let’s take a step ya kuleta mabadiliko Wale wanatoka ghetto wote na wale wa mtaa,

Wale wanatoka village wote na wale wa town up town down town round town. Kenya ni nchi ya Mungu down town round town. Tushikane mikono tuijenge kenya”

But again there is Madaraka day in a few days to come this would be good song to consider  just as a reminder about our country’s struggle.

Reaction to the song…

Before I started writing this article I stumbled on a Facebook post by one Kevin Amunze that had positive energy in support of the song,

”Guardian Angel has turned into something else, he has bitten talent and everything that comes with it. This sound will live forever in our heads, but listening to this song reminds me of one man, Waweru Mburu (R.I.P) , imagine this song in his production. Hii ipewe hewa mpaka iwe anthem. Well Done Guardian.

Further from Youtube comments the same positive energy is replicated,

Kathryn says,

‘Kama unataka hii song ichezwe Madaraka day gonga like hapa. Big tune music doctor’

Dj joe Brizzy says,

‘You Never Disappoint !! Wapi likes za Guardian Angel ?” 

This and many more reactions  clearly define how much talent Guardian Angel has.As we hope for a better Kenya, we going to rate this song at 9/10.

Below is the song watch and tell us what you think.