What DNG, Timmy TDat and Johnny Depp have in common

Afew days ago, DNG was accused by his former beau and bae, a lass who calls herself Fionah James of being abusive. The allegations came months after their relationship had ended when the scars of any such attacks cannot be seen by the naked eye.

How DNG´s severe beatings saw ex-girlfriend Fiona sink into depression (Screenshots)

Such allegations have become the norm for many a celebrity couple once they have split up with the female partner almost always invariably mentioning abuse as one of the problems that dogged the relationship.


While it is only right for women to testify their truths when they have been abused, I am here to argue that the “believe her” argument has been abused to no end and is in and of itself a problem. Why you ask? Because it doesn’t solve the problem and only normalizes physical abuse and battering.

The curious case of DNG and why your girlfriend is shaming him

Take for example the DNG case. Fionah James, an intelligent lass by her own right should have gone to the police officers closest to her to report the matter when she alleges that DNG hit her.


Instead, she came to social media to “spill her tea” to microblogger Edgar Obare. As if we are her “internet in-laws” or she would get some justice out of her revelations.


And DNG isn’t the only one to have suffered these unsubstantiated allegations as Timmy TDat too found himself adversely mentioned by his one-time paramour, Kush Tracey, of having gotten violent with her.

Kurukwa Kipetero Kiyesu! DNG dumped by girlfriend on social media

If indeed these allegations have a shroud of truth to them, it could be argued that the severity of the actions merits police involvement. Instead, we have to contend with petty gossip.

timmy tdat

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Have we forgotten also that in legal proceedings, the onus is upon the accuser to prove the accusation beyond a reasonable doubt?

ONE ON ONE: Timmy Tdat reveals his plans of getting back on radio

DNG and Timmy TDat have been exposed in the worst way possible because the allegations levelled against them cannot be proven. And if their accusers are telling the truth (and that is a very big IF) then they have done a disservice to women in Kenya who could genuinely be at risk.

Timmy Tdat enlists G Nako and Dogo Janja for 'I Don't Care'

And when you look at it from a global perspective, isn’t that the way the Johnny Depp situation went? His ex wife Amber Heard went out of her way to accuse him of being abusive yet the testimonies coming out of court portray her as the abuser. One would wonder why she didn’t go to court when she claims the abuse originally happened.


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Why Timmy TDat struggles to maintain relevance despite his hits

Timmy TDat is one of the most entertaining artists Kenya has produced. He has a slew of hits and his performances are generally energetic. he is one of the artists who can be described as a character. he is charismatic, talented and passionate about his craft.

Timmy Tdat enlists G Nako and Dogo Janja for ‘I Don’t Care’ (Video)

He is also from a rare school of thought within the Kenyan landscape in that he is not the type of guy to shy away from doing anything and everything to push his career forward and keep his name in the limelight.
Unfortunately for Timmy Dat, this in and of itself is a double edged sword that can very easily backfire on you if not carefully watched.

Timmy Tdat
Timmy Tdat

You see, in any market, the most colourful wares are the most eye-catching. Unfortunately too, these are what are usually saturated in any market as most vendors have realized this fact. So what is left to differentiate you from a whole host of colourful acts and wares?

That is the question Timmy TDat is faced with and one that he has struggled to answer. The Kasabuni rapper is always eager to do whatever it takes to court attention. Unfortunately, this can be a problematic tactic for anyone without a thoroughly thought out strategy and a cultivated understanding of the audience.

That is why whenever Timmy TDat trends, it is because of some outrageous antics he has undertaken that have caused him no small measure of agony.
Going back to what I had said early to illustrate the point; when he hits the stage, more often than not, what many people remember about his performance is the erotic nature of his performance once he invites a lass onto the stage to dance with him.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree
Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

When that isn’t why he is trending, it is down to the fact that he is dating such-and-such and they have been caught up in some new drama because her home government has taken exception to her conduct. That was the case when Timmy TDat was dating Rosa Ree. The Tanzanian government through BASATA, their morality police descended on her for her lewd behaviour.

Timmy Tdat’s heartfelt message after sharing distasteful video featuring Bongo singer Rosa Ree

And what about the music? It is great and Timmy TDat has a slew of bangers but the music is often overshadowed by the tabloid fodder. And therein lies the problem. Timmy has programmed his fanbase to hunger for scandals more than he has for his hits. As a result, whenever Timmy TDat releases new music and it doesn’t feature erotic scenes, he struggles to get eyeballs to watch the video. That is why when he releases music and there is no fanfare of gossip surrounding him, he struggles for relevancy.

Timmy Tdat reveals the main reason he pulled down ‘Vitamin U’ raunchy music video

As a result, Timmy TDat has boxed himself into a corner that forces him to always court controversy for relevancy whenever beyond the content of his music and the fact that he has released bangers. Sure it is a bold strategy but for him to actually make it work beyond typecasting him in the role of the harlequin, he has to match it with a constant slew of hits that overshadow the buffoonery.  And that, that will be a tall order indeed. He needs to get back to releasing radio hits.


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Timmy Tdat decides to go to quarantine with “Pengting”an exciting jam for this tough times

“PENGTING” by Timmy T Dat is now out. One to get us through the quarantine season. The audio was done by Vicky Pondis, video shot by Enos Olik is now 42 on trending. “Pengting” in this context describes a beautiful girl including her features.

It has thousands of views already despite being released hours ago. His fans already flooding the comments section with positivism. Most of them noticing that Timmy has upgraded in terms of vixens in his video.

It is purely a feel-good entertainment song. Further, its  Quite ideal for this season when most people are spending time indoors. I mean who doesn’t want some fun?

On the other hand, the video is amazing featuring this vixen visiting Timmy in his house, to  “Quarantine together” as the song suggests. Trust Timmy with such!


However the lyrics to this song are just funny and quite in line with this quarantine season. He sings in Swahili, English and Dholuo his native language. He is one of the artists that have mastered the art of music.

Trikide hit maker thrives on the fact that he does music that is easy to relate to by his fans. He can bring in a comical and naughty touch to whatever he sings.

Time imefika tuingie quarantine

Nina peng-ting ndani ya quarantine

Tako yellow kama school bus

Mimi sijui mapenzi si uni-school bas

Nishafall baby girl si unipull bas

The upbeat song goes to describe what he likes in his woman.

Timmy TDat has grown massively in the industry. He has had massive hits such as Trikide, usinkazie, Kasayole featuring Papa Jones alongside other collabos Otile brown, Kush Tracey, Rosa Ree, Sudi Boy and Spice Diana from Uganda.

While gengetone still takes the airwaves, Timmy has not been left behind. He did Kimangoto featuring boondocks gang

The song that’s in context with the current corona situation qualifies to be awarded part of the 200 Million Shillings set aside for artists this quarantine season.

Rating 8/10

Timmy Tdat back with ‘Why Me?’ featuring Rostam and Ruby

Timmy Tdat is back with a new jam dubbed Why Me? In this jam he has brought on board Rostam and Ruby. This guy is working hard. This are some of the best talent and the only way to understand this is listening to Why Me.

Why Me is a jam that I’d say that talks about the tribulations of people from the less developed places. Timmy Tdat is one guy who never gets weary in pleasing his fans. This one of his best works I must say.

Also Why Me seems to have a strong message compared to his previous works. I know you’ll agree with me on this one. Looking at his previous work this one is a sure bet.

In every song that Timmy Tdat performs he does it with a lot vigor and energy. This is something that he is well known for. Congrats to him for this.

What is the relevance of ‘Why Me?

First it is always good to look at the relevance of the song. To start with, this song is relevant in today’s generation. Some of the things he talks about in this jam is what most people in the society go through. There is the question Why Me? Which in this case serves as the title of the song.

Timmy Tdat on Why Me?

In addition to the impressive message, the trio does not disappoint. Each and everyone of them performs their lines so well. Ruby with the Swahili verses breaks the monotony. This girl is just talented.

Also you will notice the creativity in the lyrics. The lines are so deep and they cut across a wide range of issues. Who would have thought Timmy can do something big like this?

In conclusion, Timmy Tdat, Rotsam and Ruby did a good job. The song Why Me gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.