Is Khaligraph Jones starting to lose touch with his fans?

For starters, let me state that I have immense respect for Brian Ouko Omollo, better known to as Khaligraph Jones, but of late I’ve not been impressed with his music. I feel like he is starting to lose touch with his fans.

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I know you now think that I don’t know what  I am even saying but you should give me some time to explain myself and maybe, just maybe you’ll see some logic in my line of thinking.

Khaligraph Jones

The Khaligraph Jones that we all used to know used to make music for the hood but this ‘new’ version does not even care because it seems like all he is really after is to appeal to international audiences.

I get it the fact that an artist has to grow and that explains why Papa Jones is using kizungu mingi in his songs these days but look at big West African acts like Burna Boy, Wiz Kid or Davido. They all sing in their native languages.

Khaligraph Jones

To be honest, I used to enjoy the old version o Khaligraph that used to flow in Sheng, Swahili and a bit of English, I don’t know but I never listen to his songs that are in pure English more than once.

Maybe you see it differently and it is okay to have a different perspective because at the end of the day, we can’t all think in the same exact way, can we?

Watch his latest jam titled Roll With You below and tell us what you think.

“I’ll be everything you need, and I’ll be with you till I die” Khaligraph Jones makes solemn promise to his wife

Khaligraph Jones released his new jam “Roll with You” on the 7th of April, vowing to his wife that she is his ride or die.

The rapper asks that she takes him with her because she is the only person he wants to roll with and the only one he owes.

Papa Jones pledges that he will be everything she needs and never will leave her side.

Baby I just wanna roll with you, so take me baby lemme go with you, cause you be the one I owe it to. I’ll be everything you need, and I’m never gonna leave yah.

Khaligraph with lover, Georgina

Admitting that the first time he lay his eyes on her, he outrightly knew she was sent to him and her love for him is an assurance that this is their destiny.

And for that, she needs to flaunt a little so that the world can know. Promising her that they might not have been where she desired to be, but they will get there eventually.

However, he is willing to spend every penny on her because she deserves it all. Confessing that his love for her has made him partially blind.

Papa Jones

‘Whatever you wish for, lemme get it done’ he continues, ‘I’ve been searching for the longest, I almost gave up, I didn’t know I could find a girl as you who ready to ride’.

I promise to be by your side. And I love how you keeping it fly. Gon’ be with you till I die.


He bashed the trolls that have been soiling his name, guaranteeing his girl that she is the only one he needs.

Before advising her to ignore the rumors and concentrate on the truth.

Alot of things have been said about me but wachana na watiaji.

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Khali goes ahead to assure his woman that for him, it is all work, trying to get the cash because there is no love without money.

But at the end of the day, she is the one he cherishes most.

‘That what I feel for you is real’ adding ‘there is no way I am lying’. Declaring that she is the only woman who kills his vibe.

Khaligraph’s wife, Georgina Muteti with their daughter

All because any time he needs a shoulder to lean on and is just about to give up, she is always there for him when ‘nobody was out there to care for him’.

So I’m gonna say cheerfully that you got a nigga who ready to treat you carefully.

In whatever language she will understand best, he will say it.

Disclosing that it is time he took her to his parents’ home in Bondo and officially introduce her as his beloved wife.

Khaligraph Jones with his wife and their daughter

Eyes so enticing, it gets the better of him and how she has stuck by his side, has forced him to go ahead and put the crown on her.

Check out Khaligraph’s solemn dedication to his wife and mother to his child, Georgina, below.