Georgina Muteti finally unveils photo of months old daughter & she looks like daddy, Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones and wife, Georgina Muteti have a months old daughter -a well kept secret they finally got to reveal at their own time. For once, no one had information on the pregnancy and although Khali has friends in the industry – none of them pulled a Jalango on his wife, Georgina.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti

Anywya a few months after they welcomed the baby, Georgina Muteti is already parading her baby’s face on social media. Well having seen how celebrities hide their newborns identity (face) in social media, Khaligraph’s wife sees no point in doing this. Wondering why?

Well, all her babies look alike – like you can see Amali’s baby pics and think it’s those of the second baby (son) or actually the last born daughter who is just months old. Khaligraph Jones family literally look like him and as for the babies – they resemble each other.

Baby mama drama

With the Jones announcing the arrival of their 3rd child, his baby mama on the other hand is dragging the rapper to court for allegedly neglecting their son.

This is something that has been happening for years now & although Khaligraph Jones is aware of his other child – mmmh (from what we’ve seen) the fella barely cares what his baby is saying about him online.

Khaligraph Jones son

Not that we support such stunts from grownups putting a child through mental torture and rejection – but can they for once focus on the child and not the bitterness? I mean, it’s not like they’ll get back together either way.

Georgina reveals hubby’s, Khaligraph Jones soft side that fans know nothing about

Khaligrap Jones always seems mean online. Well, at least to the haters trying to bring him down with their bad energy. However there are those who paint him a ‘selfish type of person, probably rude’ but that is their opinion; although looking at him one would understand why they feel this way.

His wife Georgina on the other hand seems like the sweetest person; and her followers cannot help but admire how low key she is. Just recently, Georgina gave her fans an opportunity to ask anything about her and family; and believe me, fans flooded her stories looking for various answers.

What however caught our attention is one fan who went on to ask whether Georgina argues with hubby; and if yes, how does he handle it. The fan wrote;

Do you argue with OG?

Georgina speaks

Well, just like any other couple, they too argue and have disagreements which is normal. However according to Georgina her man rarely picks fights with her…but yes, they have their disagreements once in a while. Responding to the question, Georgina wrote;

Mnataka kuona our arguements kwani? We have our misunderstanding sometimes but rarely.

This comes as a big surprise especially after ex Cashy came out to reveal that Khaligraph had been physically abusing her back in the day. However despite the alleged fights, the lady went on to have a son with Khaligraph who walked out on her after meeting Georgina; but hey, such is life.

Khaligraph Jone mzungu wife narrates her experience with normal birth – almost 2 years after cesarean birth

Georgina Muteti who is the wife of Khaligraph Jones had a C section for her first birth; and like many believe the CS was not as tough as normal birth. However I cannot agree with this, because unlike many believe – actually having a CS is more life threatening especially for the mother; but safe for the baby.

However just like most women, Georgina had not planned for a CS back then but due to an emergency with her pregnancy; Ms Muteti was forced to deliver her first child in the OR.

But luckily for the new baby boy, Lu – Georgina was able to have a normal Vaginal birth that she continues to pride in despite the painful experience she underwent.

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Khaligraph’s wife rocking baby bump

Opens up about normal birth

Anyway thanks to a post shared on her page, we finally get to hear her side of side when it comes to VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean). Through her instagram page Georgina went on to write;

I did it! I got my VBAC????????! 11/10/2020 12:58AM

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Well, most doctors will tell you that having a vaginal birth after a C section is close to impossible; however using her own story, Mama Amali went on to encourage fellow women saying;

Georgina Muteti and kids

After having a caesarean birth *emergency* with my first child(Amali),I had a safe vaginal delivery with my second. Baby Lu???? That was only after changing hospitals twice, switching doctors last minute and believing in myself☺️!

In conclusion, Ms Muteti did not hide the fact that she did alot of screaming and praying before baby Lu arrived; but hey, look at how happy she now looks!

Through prayer and screaming during labor I delivered my son????❤️ I’m a happy and tired mum of two now????! #2weeks Btw I forgot how hard having a newborn is????and breastfeeding ????

Pregnant with Twins? Khaligraph Jones wife forced to explain her humongous baby bump

Georgina Muteti has give fans a reason to talk immediately after her pregnancy photos surfaced on social media. For some reason many tend to believe that she may be pregnant with twins; and this is judging from the size of baby bump she is currently rocking.

However through her social media; the caucasian Kamba lady married to rapper Khaligraph has now been forced to address rumors claiming she may be expecting twins.

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Through her Instagram page, Georgina went on to refute these claims in a detailed post where she wrote;

Khali’s wife pregnant with twins?

Please, I’m not having twins, I can confirm that for sure going by the ultra sound I have been having. I get my bump is huge???????? look at how large the father is. Y’all really thought I was gonna have a bump the size of a tennis ball?

Father of nations

Well now that Cashy recently went on to reveal that her son Xolani was fathered by Khaligraph Jones; it appears that his wife has now nick named him the father of nations.

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This was seen in yet another post where Georgina Muteti went on to appreciate Khaligraph for being her ‘rock’ and most of all suppoertive. She wrote;

“And for you Father of Nations????, bless your heart in every way possbo! You have been my greatest supporter and ROCK! Together, we’ll have a tale to tell!!”

“I’ll be everything you need, and I’ll be with you till I die” Khaligraph Jones makes solemn promise to his wife

Khaligraph Jones released his new jam “Roll with You” on the 7th of April, vowing to his wife that she is his ride or die.

The rapper asks that she takes him with her because she is the only person he wants to roll with and the only one he owes.

Papa Jones pledges that he will be everything she needs and never will leave her side.

Baby I just wanna roll with you, so take me baby lemme go with you, cause you be the one I owe it to. I’ll be everything you need, and I’m never gonna leave yah.

Khaligraph with lover, Georgina

Admitting that the first time he lay his eyes on her, he outrightly knew she was sent to him and her love for him is an assurance that this is their destiny.

And for that, she needs to flaunt a little so that the world can know. Promising her that they might not have been where she desired to be, but they will get there eventually.

However, he is willing to spend every penny on her because she deserves it all. Confessing that his love for her has made him partially blind.

Papa Jones

‘Whatever you wish for, lemme get it done’ he continues, ‘I’ve been searching for the longest, I almost gave up, I didn’t know I could find a girl as you who ready to ride’.

I promise to be by your side. And I love how you keeping it fly. Gon’ be with you till I die.


He bashed the trolls that have been soiling his name, guaranteeing his girl that she is the only one he needs.

Before advising her to ignore the rumors and concentrate on the truth.

Alot of things have been said about me but wachana na watiaji.

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Khali goes ahead to assure his woman that for him, it is all work, trying to get the cash because there is no love without money.

But at the end of the day, she is the one he cherishes most.

‘That what I feel for you is real’ adding ‘there is no way I am lying’. Declaring that she is the only woman who kills his vibe.

Khaligraph’s wife, Georgina Muteti with their daughter

All because any time he needs a shoulder to lean on and is just about to give up, she is always there for him when ‘nobody was out there to care for him’.

So I’m gonna say cheerfully that you got a nigga who ready to treat you carefully.

In whatever language she will understand best, he will say it.

Disclosing that it is time he took her to his parents’ home in Bondo and officially introduce her as his beloved wife.

Khaligraph Jones with his wife and their daughter

Eyes so enticing, it gets the better of him and how she has stuck by his side, has forced him to go ahead and put the crown on her.

Check out Khaligraph’s solemn dedication to his wife and mother to his child, Georgina, below.


Meet Khaligraph Jones hot mzungu mother-in-Law

Khaligraph Jones finally decided to move on and start a family with his new found love just a few months after splitting with his ex, Cashy!

However rumor has it that his current girlfriend/wife Georgina Muteti was in the picture even before Khaligraph Jones parted ways with Cashy – something that definitely raises questions!

Anyway so far life seems to be treating Khaligraph Jones and his family quite well and if anything he seems happier than most of us have ever seen him before.

Mother in law goals!

During this festive season, Khaligraph’s wife Georgina had a chance to introduce her stunning mzungu mother on her Instagram page leaving many mesmerized by her youthful looks.

Unlike the usual tough or rather harsh mother-in-laws we are used to, Georgina Muteti’s mother undeniably looks like one sweet and calm lady who prefers staying off social media.

Well, below is one of the latest photos of the grandma shared by her daughter, Georgina Muteti.

Khaligraph Jones mother in law

Respect your wives! Khaligraph Jones reveals what he does when ladies get up to on stage to grind on him

Despite being accused of being violent and abusive by his ex girlfriend, Cashy – rapper Khaligraph’s Jones has come out to reveal something that will leave many men evaluating themselves.

King Kaka with his wife

The rapper who is popularly known for his bars and attitude Khaligraph Jones recently revealed that he fears or rather respects his ‘wifey’ to a point where he doesn’t allow any of his female fans grind on him while he is on stage.

He went on to talk about this while commenting on King Kaka’s video where a lady is seen getting on stage to give him a good time – but being a dad and a husband; the rapper walks away to avoid stories circulating on social media.

Khaligraph Jones talks about his wife

Jones who also came across the video went on to leave a comment that probably left his wife smiling.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti

Well, Khaligraph Jones goes on to say that he runs to the DJ booth to avoid any issues at home. He went on to write;

Buda wife hataleta shida? Me nikiona waschana wamepanda stage nambianga huko kwa DJ

Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka

Khaligraph Jones girlfriend reveals more details about giving birth—and says ‘It was hell’

Khaligraph Jones baby mama, Georgina has never been one to hold back on anything; and the way she talks about her birth experience is apparently no exception.

Khaligraph Jones

On Tuesday Georgina shared what delivering her daughter, Amali Jones Ouko felt like. This was during one of her Instagram stories where she opened up saying that it felt like hell but recovering after birth was even worse.

Though it sounds like she didn’t have the most comfortable delivery, Georgina had  shared that she had an extensive of friends and family in cheering her on through the pain, including her man who also remains very supportive when it comes to taking care of their daughter.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti and daughter

5 months later

Well since Georgina had a natural birth, it’s expected to undergo some of the pain she went through — however what is important is the fact that she walked out alive with no complications.

Baby Amali is now 5 months and judging from the photos shared on social media by her parents we can all agree that they are doing an amazing job!

Watch her video below: