Kisha Yvette battled depression around the same time Bahati dumped her: I was so broken. I had to pick myself up 

She might look okay but deep down, Kisha Yvette Obura knows things are not smooth.

The sassy lady who dated Bahati in his early days as an upcoming artist has confessed that when they broke up, things weren’t easy for her.

“Today I’m very grateful for a lot of things. The last few days have been so tough on me, battling anxiety, mental health and depression at the same time (since 2015), this being the first time I’m talking about it. The whole world shattered right on my face, I prayed and asked God not to wake me up the next day (happened every day),” said Kisha. 

Kept fighting

Bahati’s baby mama went on to add that she went silent after the break up and only a few people checked up on her.

“People used to call me and I didn’t even have the strength to pick up calls. A few people realized I was so silent and took the time to check up on me. @pepee_64 @jacquekimandi @smiliosis1 @betty_colette, I appreciate y’all .. @aliciahoburaliah I know how much you tried communicating but I couldn’t even talk.
It was a rough time, it still is but I’m glad I’m not where I was 3 weeks ago.

“Thank God for my mum who’ always made sure I’m kicking it every day, it broke me when I broke down and my baby was the one comforting me, wiping my tears ????. I was so broken????I had to pick myself up and asked God to give me strength.

“I’m not ashamed about my situation, at the end of the day IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. And I know of so many people who gave up the fight but I’m still fighting.

Bahati attacked for ignoring ex-lover on mother’s day

Bahati is yet again a topic of discussion online after ignoring his baby mama on mother’s day. The singer took to social media to wish his wife Diana Marua a special mother’s day, calling her a gem in the process.

He penned a sweet message online dedicating the day to her.

“Dear Diana,
You’re a Gem
You’re Precious
You’re a Pillar to Our Family
You’re My Prayer Partner
Thank you for giving me a Chance to be Called a Father.
Thank you for Being the Best Mum to my Kids.
In this World no One Comes Above You.
You’re Part of My Heart and Soul…


”Dear Diana. You’re a gem. You’re precious. You’re a pillar to our family. You’re my prayer partner. Thank you for giving me a chance to be called a father. Thank you for being the best mum to my kids. In this world, no one comes above you. You’re part of my heart and soul. Happy Mothers’ Day love,” he wrote. 


Batahi, however, ignored his former girlfriend Yvette whom he has one child with.

A number of people picked issue with him for not appreciating his other baby mama and mother to his first born girl Mueni. According some, Bahati should have at least said something online.

Wedding bells? Bahati’s baby mama to finally settle down with her new man

Yvette Obura who is Bahati’s first baby mama is among the very few women who don’t practice baby mama drama!

Well, many people on social media consider her wise and above all – a woman many should learn a thing or two from.

Deapite having a child with the popular gospel singer, Yvette managed to keep the information on the low; until the singer decided to share the news through his social media pages.

However, just like most couples Yvette and Bahati decided to raise their baby girl Mueni separately after their relationship did not work out.


According to Yvette, co parenting only works when boundaries are respected. The lady says that she has managed to work with her baby’s father because they are also seeing other people on the side.

During a question and answer session on her gram, Yvette revealed that she is cool about meeting Diana Marua when time is right.

In another post she also hinted about a possible wedding with her current man who is from Mombasa. Hopefully she will also introduce him on her Instagram soon.

New photos of Bahati’s baby mama looking hotter than ever!

Before settling down with Diana Marua, singer Bahati had his first child with his ex girlfriend, Yvette Obura aka Kisha. However unlike Diana Marua, the fella never introduced his lady to his fans and all we knew is that he was single.

However, last year the gospel singer left many talking after revealing that he has a 2 year old daughter. This was one of the biggest surprises seeing in 2017 especially since Bahati had been portraying the good boy act!

Having introduced his baby girl, Mueni his fans wanted to now see the baby mama. Thanks to Yvette’s friends we got her handle enabling us to share her photos.

Yvette looking hotter and happier!

Though word has it that her relationship with Bahati came to an end after she got pregnant; the mother of one appears to have moved on!

Seems that life is treating her just fine and if anything; she is happy for her baby daddy who married the love of his life last year.

Her relationship status are still on the low down but judging from her beauty, she probably has a new man in her life.


“He cheated on me and our relationship fell apart after I got pregnant!” Bahati’s baby mama reveals

The moment Yvette’s friends started attacking Bahati’s new girlfriend on social media we knew things would get ugly and the drama just began.

Well for the first time Yvette who is the mother of Bahati’s 2 year old daughter opened up about their relationship during an interview with the Nairobian where she revealed some of the secrets we didn’t know about Bahati.

According to her…she started dating the singer back in 2011 and since he was not known that much, they kept their relationship on the low. Apparently they dated for 5 years but after learning that she was pregnant things just changed. She says he became different this pushed them apart Howe she chose to keep the baby with or without him by his side.

“I started dating Bahati way before he became a celebrity in 2011 and we were in a serious for 5 years. The relationship was good until when I got pregnant and the things started changing. We did not expect the baby but I decided to keep it. “

Happy Bahati with his girlfriend

Kisha Yvette goes on to add that she was never a groupie as many tend to think. Yvette reveals that the singer also cheated on her but she never thought of aborting like how some women her age do. She went on to add,

” That was when we started to grow apart and the relationship was no longer what it was. He cheated on me. I never aborted and I was never a groupie. Last weekend Bahati picked up Mueni as usual and said they were going for lunch only for me to learn later that my daughter was trending on social media. He never sought my consent. I want his friends and girlfriend Diana Marua to stop posting my daughter’s photos. It is disrespectful.”

Well, I bet this is why she seems protective towards her daughter.

“I don’t want to be with Bahati” Bahati’s baby mama Kisha Yvette Obura opens up

Gospel singer Bahati introduced his biological daughter – Mueni Bahati a few days ago and now everything seems to be going south.

Friends of Bahati’s baby mama – Kisha Yvette Obura were quick to roast Diana Marua after she posed with Bahati’s daughter.

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Bahati and his daughter

Most people on social media have also been urging Kisha to fight for her rightful place in Bahati’s heart, they argued that the young gospel singer and his baby mama should get back together for the sake of their daughter.

Kisha however opened up and said that she no longer wanted to be in a romantic relationship with the the ‘Nikumbushe’ hit maker.

“Jesus Christ! I don’t want to be with Bahati. He is just but my baby daddy/ ex. The only thing that people should know is that the baby is not adopted but my own. Thank you.” Kisha responded to posts on Facebook.