Kristoff as an established artist should let new artistes be

Kristoff is a well known Kenyan rapper. The Artist is said to be a relative to the rapper Collo who is famous as well. Many hits have gone down from this artist which has made him famous from the start.
He’s so talented on the microphone, the stage use and the lyrical flow as well.

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The artist is well known among his fans due to his lyrical hits. Among the major hit, ‘siwezi isha mimi si bundles,’ an origin of dandia kama mat song. In my opinion Kristoff is well know, he has established himself so well in that this minor collabos make him settle for less. Upcoming artists should as well be supported but too much of it will eventually cost him among his fans.

Kristoff an established artist should let new artistes be

Many upcoming fans are struggling to reach the top. Thus their songs can not be a real hit due to the learning the lyrical balance, instrumentation and more. Many artists will think collabos with well known artists make them sell but lets be realistic, if it boring it wont trend as well. This will eventually lead to burying a known legend, this has happened among many.

Kristoff an established artist should let new artistes be

Kristoff should thus focus on more hits either single or collabos with musicians of his calibre and less of upcoming artist. He’s a well loved rapper and it would be sad seeing a legend like him, being surpassed by the new upcoming artists.

Besides it all, this artist has perfect talent on rapping. This can be seen even on the latest collabo hit featuring Tracey and Yvonne and Dj Bash – #BASH. Thanks for reading, Lets like below and as well give Kristoff a word.

Female Willy Paul! Kenyans question born again singer Kush Tracy after spotting her in the club again 

Singer Kush Tracy has been under the microscope for weeks now after Kenyans started noticing her change in lifestyle choices.

The born again Christian who switched from secular to gospel less than a year ago has been looking a lot like Willy Paul in the few past weeks according to fans.

Last week fans started questioning her faith after an account on Tinder appeared with her name, a thing she later cleared up saying it wasn’t hers.


Later fans went in on her because of her dress code saying it doesn’t represent a born again person. Many claimed she’s too skimpily dressed nowadays a thing that never used to happen.

Kush Tracy is in the trending news yet again after being spotted in a club with several other secular artists. Fans believe she’s not born again any more but well, time will tell.

Mkamba wa Masaku! Singer Kush Tracy denies she has joined Tinder as “Maggie” to secretly look for lungula 

Singer Kush Tracy was recently on social media to deny that she has joined dating app Tinder because she’s looking for random sex.

A fake account on social media with her photo sparked the conversation, forcing her to speak up on her social media channels.

According to the singer who is now a born again Christian, she can’t go online to look for sex.

“I am not/never been on Tinder????this just came to my attention (via a friend) and apparently this “Maggie” person is using my pictures as her own to look for friends with benefits nkt,” she posted. 


She went on to say that people should have confidence in themselves and should avoid posting other people’s pictures.

???? I do not look for love/fwb or whatever online asiii and if you are on tinder and ever happen to meet “me” there just report it’s a fake account. Have confidence in yourself and use your own pictures to look for whatever you are looking for muwache kututafutisha vitu hatutafuti????” she added. 

I lost my virginity at 19 – Kush Tracy tells fans

Singer Kush Tracy recently opened up to fans about her private life in an Instagram question and answer session.

The singer, who dated fellow artist Timmy Tdat, has always been haunted by his ghost as fans continue to hope the two can reunite.

Still in love?

She recently opened up about the issue saying she’s single but vaguely answered whether she’d go back to Timmy.

When Kush asked of she still loves Timmy Tdat, Kush went on saying; “Mungu alisema tupendane.” Asked whether she has ever had sex, the singer said that she lost her virginity after turning 19 years.

Here’s the chat she had with fans:

Timmy Tdat ex-girlfriend Kush Tracy urinated on herself in public after drinking too much coffee 

Talk of embarrassing moments.

Singer Kush Tracy peed on herself after attending a public gathering and was forced to line up to go to the toilet.

She was speaking about her most embarrassing moments to Pulse where she narrated how there was this long line that forced her to wait until she couldn’t wait any more and messed herself.

Messed herself

“I once had too much coffee after which I went to a public gathering. As time went by, I suddenly got pressed and the cloakrooms were a distance away so I held on,” she said in the Viral interview. 

She added:

“As I maneuvered to the toilets (it) was almost impossible as the crowd was huge. The situation got so bad that I couldn’t hold it anymore. I almost peed on myself in the process. As a matter of fact, I did but thanks to my black pants, the wet patch was invisible.”