Maina Kageni’s important message to all side chicks that is hard to agree with 

Radio host Maina Kageni has not married and is not planning to do it any time soon.

Maina however, has a message for all the side chicks that want to become the main chick: don’t wait to be introduced, introduce yourself.

Don’t wait

Maina says a woman shouldn’t have to wait till his man dies so that he comes out.

“Go to his shagz and make yourself known. What are you waiting for? Avoid all that drama when that nigga drops dead. I know of people and the father is so wealthy its ridiculous? If you are not known to his people what security do you have?” he said. 


“Go to his sister’s office and make yourself known if need be. Those friends of mine, if I tell you who the father is you might faint. Because of how he looks like a holy joe in public.” 

Maina went on to say crushing at the funeral is an old trick that doesn’t work anymore.

“Popping up at a funeral is such an old trick, the family can easily deal with this. Get known by his family when he is still alive,” he said. 


Maina Kageni’s reaction after Diamond mentioned him in his new song

Radio presenter Maina Kageni was more than ecstatic after Diamond Platnumz mentioned him in his new song.

Maina took to social media to share a snippet of the song, saying it’s always an honor when such an artist as Diamond Platnumz mention you in any of his songs.


Maina, who is known for his morning breakfast show along side Mwalimu Kingangi, revealed that Diamond asked for his advice.

“I shall be addressing the public shortly. When a global megastar intentionally asks you for advice by dropping your name in his latest hit!!!!!!! Aaaakiyao …whuaaat??? …and yes, my brother @diamondplatnumz sent this to me. Humbled …yet that swahili is on another level, aye?” posted Maina.

The song, called “Emergency”, addresses the day to day hardship kind hearted people go through when their kindness is taken for granted. 

Mercy Masika launches a book club

“Mwema” singer Mercy Masika has joined a long list of other celebs with books clubs. On Sunday, the singer launched a book club at the Biblical Guest House in Kilimani.

“If knowledge is power then a book is its reservoir, so we must encourage our people to read,” she added during the launch.

“Even Mark Zuckerburg who is one of the greatest social media innovators of our time, has recognised the power of books and started a book club to encourage people to read.” 

Meaning of books

The invite-only event was graced by books lovers including media personalities Gospel TV host Antony Ndiema and Dan Mwangi of NTV. The two showed their pleasure not only in books but of Masika’s event, praising her for the huge step.

“It is such an amazing initiate because Africa is rising and for us to have more influence in the world, we need to read. It has been said that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book, and I am proud that Mercy is changing that narrative,” said Antony Ndiema.

“Despite getting a D plus in school, I have built a career in ministry because of books. Life happens in seasons and there is a book for every season of life, you just have to find it and read it.”Rev Ken Aringo, who was present, added.

Leave my potti alone! Maina Kageni’s workmate Muikamba forced to respond to haters body shamming her 

Radio presenter Terry Muikamba has slammed haters who have been trolling her because of her body. The classic 105 evening drive presenter took to social media to answer critics who have been attacking her body saying that she will not remain silent as people bullied her.

Fans attacked her calming that she should hit the gym and lose her potbelly. She in turned fired back insisting that she’s just fine with it.

“Okay  I will not be bullied as I ignore  it because I am strong. Before I press send on a picture on the Internet I am well aware of any flawas you might have .. You see that Potti .. I saw it too and I love it.. And it’s mine, so I am not sorry that I don’t met your standard of beautiful.” she said. 

Keep hating

She went to add that she has money regardless of what haters might say about her. People can hate as much as they want but she’s living the best of her life.

“So as you wait to talk about my waist let me take a hot shower in my beautiful house that my job pays. for, feed my potti with food my job pays for. Watch Netfllix that my job pays for then sleep and wake up at 10am as you wait for my next ugly picture for you yo hate on,” wrote Terry Muikamba.

Maina: Diamond is single because of his mom 

If you have been wondering why singer Diamond Platnumz can’t stay in one relationship for long, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has the answer for you.

Diamond has been in several relationships so far and the list keeps growing by the day. All of those relationships have been marred by controversies that have made it to the headlines.

Mother’s effect

According to Maina Kageni, a man who has dedicated his life to offer third-party relationship advice –and is not in any relationship himself– said that Diamond’s mother is the reason why he’s always in those ugly situations.

“Can you imagine having Diamond’s mother as a mother-in-law? Always updating your children on social media plus everything about you. Do you know that she is also always in his house? No wonder he can’t keep women.” said Maina during his Morning show.

King’ang’i also wondered why other mothers are busy in church wherever her mother is all over social media.

Discussion: Kenyan women can’t just stay silent after giving a man a few shillings 

Can you support your man financial? That was a wild topic on Twitter yesterday after a woman called  during his show to confess how she has supported her man and even gives her money now and them.

The caller initiated a flurry of calls from women who some confessed that they do give their spouse some money, ignoring that they should be the bread winners of the house.

Even after the show ended, the discussion continued on social media as many tried to justify why it shouldn’t happen — or should — whenever two people are in a relationship. Many women argued that a man should be independent financial and never ask any financial support from his woman unless it’s very necessary, while others insisted that you should help your man because he also helps you.


Some many also claimed that women can never shut their mouths once they assist their man and always tell it to whoever’s ready to listen.

“I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo,” said Purity.

Another one said “If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.”

Some men also didn’t want to be helped by their women and would rather suffer before they ask for money from her.

Listen to the full conversation HERE

Maina Kageni meets renown artists signed under Diamond Platnumz label and this is what he had to say

Maina Kageni’s favorite artist has always been Jose Chameleone and we all know this.

But he also has a soft spot for Diamond Platnumz music which means any artist signed under Wasafi records would obviously impress him…and yes this is true.

Well, the Classic 105 radio presenter finally met Harmonize who is currently in the country for a Media Tour to promote his latest song Niambie. As expected Maina Kageni had to share a photo hanging out with the young man who he highly praised in his caption saying that he is one talented fella. He wrote;

Maina kageni
Maina kageni

What a talent!!! Thanks Harmonize for coming over and sharing your awesome gift with the Classic 105 family… @harmonize_tz

He is however not the only radio presenter who commended Harmonize for his good songs but also the fans who had tuned in to listen to the interview.

Harmonize is expected to visit Milele F.M, Capital F.M, KBC, Radio Jambo, Radio Maisha, , NTV  now that he is done gracing Radio Africa.