Why Ali Kiba will never be greater than Diamond Platnumz

Ali Kiba and Diamond have had a rivalry that has lasted for as long as both men blew onto the scene. The former was the first onto the scene and he locked down the noughties with his music but once Diamond finally blew up onto the scene with his song that captured Kenyans attention; Mbagala, the deal was done.

Ali Kiba with Hamisa Mobetto

Since then, the two men, both giants in the east African entertainment scene have been pitted against each other in competition. First it was the fans of each artist doing so then eventually a beef sort of erupted out of the blue between the two.

Harmonize should keep off Diamond Platnumz sister

Since then, they have been compared not much unlike is the case between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Who is better? Ali Kiba or Diamond? And to be honest, the parallels are rather striking! For starters, King Kiba, much like Messi, is the more natuirally talented singer. If you listen to Diamond Platnumz earlier songs, you will realize he has come a long way.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But much like CR7, Diamond Platnumz has put in the work. He is singularly the most industrious artist in East and Central Africa if not in the entire continent. When he isn’t at the studio cooking up new bangers, he’s at the gym chiselling his bopdy for the pleasure of his female audience. When not at the gym, he’s shooting a music video and if that’s not the case then he is out on tour. The boy will never be accused of being lazy because even his preferred leisurely activity, coitus involves alot of cardio.

Diamond Platnumz is right – most women want him for his money & success

And perhaps that is the reason why Ali Kiba will never compare. Scratch that, I am convinced that is chiefly the reason why. At some point, Ali Kiba signed an international recording deal with Sony Music Group and as happens to all African stars when they ink such deals, he fell off.

Salaam with Diamond Platnumz

You need to realise that the American record labels have a way of working that has been successful in the west (America and Europe) but they don’t understand the Kenyan, East African nor African market. Kiba isn’t alone in this as they nearly handicapped the likes of Wizkid who started recording music under the name Star Boy as a finesse.

Is Diamond Platnumz on steroids?

On the other hand, Diamond Platnumz partnered with Tanzanian multi-millionaires and his management team of Said Fella, Babu Tale and Sallaam SK (Sharaff). They are Tanzanians who had at some point worked for Mr Nice so they understand the ins and outs of East African entertainment intimately. They gave him the space to work and his success earned him more than just room to breathe.

Babu Tale with Diamond

Now, nearly a decade since the two started in the game, Diamond has a sizeable catalogue of hits and features. Meanwhile, Ali Kiba has a small catalogue and he even had to part ways with SMG back in 2021. If the two were ever to do a Versus style head-to-head play-off of music, Ali Kiba CANNOT keep up with Diamond. How can you be the greatest if your body of work is smaller than your competition? How Sway? You aint got the answers Sway!

And that is even before we begin to look at accolades outside music. We haven’t even began to discuss what they have done for the entertainment business. Good Lord the minute we start up there, the distance between the two becomes even mor vast!


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Octopizzo is not wrong about Kenyans not supporting our own but…

Octopizzo has spoken out in defence of Otile Brown and other Kenyan artists who he feels are not fully appreciated by Kenyans. You see, all this started with Kenyans celebrating the news that Diamond Platnumz latest song “Waah” had set some record although I have a friend who pointed out that it had not broken Davido’s record for his jam “Fem“. But anyway, this is what got Namba Nane’s finest going.

Octopizzo bashes Kenyans for supporting Diamond Platnumz while ignoring Otile Brown, they respond swiftly

You see, what happened was that Kenyans took to social media cheering Diamond Platnumz’recent win yet just a few weeks ago, Otile Brown had scored a major win for the Kenyan entertainment scene and Kenyans were silent about the matter. This is something that got Octopizzo’s blood boiling and trust that he had a lot to say about the matter.

Octopizzo has a new jam dubbed Kanye
Octopizzo criticized Kenyans

Through his Twitter account, he said,

Octopizzo makes history, becomes first Kenyan rapper to make it to the Grammy Awards Consideration List

“MFs out here Gassing Diamond but will not support Otile Brown. The mediocrity on this platforms.”

Octopizzo Knaye singer born and raised in Kibera
Octopizzo is right about the way Kenyans celebrate foreign acts

Thing is, regardless of what you think about Octopizzo, he does have a point and I have raised it here before. You see before an artist can become a full-fledged star, he or she has to have their homegrown support network. Before Otile Brown can really conquer Africa, he has to first get the unwavering support of Kenyans. And I do not care what anyone says, Otile Brown is one of the leading lights interms of talent in Kenya. And he has been amassing a following but in truth, Kenyans are ashamed to publicly declare their support of their own and this is problematic.

“Unafanya handshake?” Fans react to Octopizzo’s congratulatory message to Khaligraph Jones

And while everyone wants to take aim at Octopizzo for being a hypocrite for saying this while he is still beefing with Khaligraph Jones, I would argue that he is one but for a different reason altogether. You see, at the height of his fame and popularity, Octopizzo would routinely refuse to collaborate and build up local acts.

Octopizzo has carried on his beef with Khaligraph Jones

He was a spotlight hog and while he did indeed collaborate with a few artists, they were usually the exception to his rule. Whenever Octopizzo was asked to support a local artist, he would refuse to but in a coy manner, never mind that he didn’t even have a project he was dropping. And Kenyans picked up on his energy. As a result, they refuse to have him be the one to champion the cause of Kenyan artists.

Octopizzo made a fool of himself by supporting MCSK

It is true, we are a garbage tier fandom and fanbase but it should not be one who routinely refused to build up with other fellow, compatriot artists telling us where we have messed up. It should be someone who is impartial about dolling out the barbs and bouquets like me. Infact, it should always be me and not Octopizzo. Atleast my criticism is positive and constructive. And only Maureen waititu would debate this last statement.


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Diamond is right about men getting married when they are accomplished

Diamond Platnumz has revealed he would not be looking to marry and settle down before he is good and done with his entertainment career. And this is something that has completely irked a lot of East African women who are perhaps waking up to the realisation that any fling they have with Diamond is merely that, a fling.

Diamond Platnumz Brags About Owning A Private Jet (Video)

But the man is absolutely right. You see, he understands that the things that fuel a man to pursue greatness are very similar to what they have always been since times immemorial. And they are the same things that drove us when we were monkeys to cavemen to warriors attacking the neighbouring tribe.

Sex, power and legacy. It really is just that simple but a lot of virtue signalling weak men would have you believe that men pursue greatness simply to make changes to the universe. But Diamond Platnumz isn’t one of them.

Diamond Platnumz reveals real reason he is not married, says wives kill careers

You see, he has had the opportunity to marry multiple beautiful women, all of whom would have allowed him to have a polygamous union with them. However, Mondi always knew he wanted more. What do I mean when I say more? Well, more women. Sexier women. More money and power (in this case fame) and definitely to be one of the greatest if not the greatest East African and African artist to have graced the continent.

But what would happen if he were to get married? Well, that would mean he’d have to curb a huge aspect of his drive. Why else do you think men at the top of the food chain indulge in a lot of carnal exploits? And to take that away is to handicap them. The same thing goes for Diamond Platnumz. He wants to be the best because he understands what it was like to not be desired by women and at some point he was entirely ignored.

Rayvanny announces exit from WCB, Diamond Platnumz reacts

Legacy? Do you think he is satisfied with his accomplishments? Far from it. Now he wants jets and more businesses. Something he can point to when his moment in the sun is up and claim them as his achievements. And we aren’t just talking about musical accolades and awards that will ring hollow in a couple of decades.

So if he were to marry a woman, he would have to devote some time to her and the family they would be starting. That would essentially hamstring him because I am sure you too can tell Diamond Platnumz is a rolling stone but a rather creative one. So for a man like him, marrying would only make sense once he has ascended to the top of his personal mountains and is content with life -content enough to take his foot off the gas.

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Why Zari can only date young men

Zari is once more making headlines after she defended herself from online trolls who were asking her about her relationship with her Ben 10 and for some reason unknown to us (more sensible people), she took the bait.

Zari Claps Back At Fans Criticizing Her For Dating Younger Men

And in her defence, she explained that she is not actually dating a young man, he is apparently just genetically gifted and looks younger than his age:

”He’s not young. He does look young. I am literally turning 42 this year, but you wouldn’t tell. Unless if you know me. Some of us had babies when we were young and we started growing with our kids. Why is it okay when men date younger girls, it is okay?”

Zari Hassan accused of theft, she responds

And then she went on to the “whataboutism” argument asking her fans whether they keep the same energy when discussing older men dating younger women.

GK Choppa with Zari

But the thing her is that Zari is doing what would come naturally given a woman in her advanced age doesn’t have a lot of dating options.

‘You’re Not Supposed To See What I See’-Zari Defends Her Ben 10 Boyfriend From Critics (Screenshot)

And we see that with a lot of other female celebrities who focused on themselves at the expense of relationships. When their careers slow down, they immediately move to dating younger, less established men (often like me, in their 20s) but men who are willing to ride the older woman’s success wave than creating their own.

Zari joins the likes of Larsa Pippen, Nicki Minaj (her beau is not younger but he is a Pookie), Britanny Rener and the rest who have dabbled in either younger men or less successful men because they realised that no man within or around their tax bracket wants to deal with them.

Andrew Kibe Reacts To Zari Going For Younger Men (Video)

Think about it this way, Zari is a 40+ year-old woman who has 5 children by 2 different men. Both those men were high-value men. Ivan was a successful Ugandan businessman based in South Africa and Diamond Platnumz is yeah… You know who he is.

She has 5 children! Do you honestly think any 40-year-old woman who we would consider high value views her the same way she does him? I mean, he would be the type of man who has the world at his feet. He can get any babe he wants. He can still start a family and he has a plethora of women chasing after him. Meanwhile, she is a chain and ball looking for men.

Zari Bags Herself Yet Another ‘Ben 10’ Boyfriend (Video)

No man worth his salt wants to deal with other men’s children. Hell, women need to think twice about whether or not they want these men around their children. You really need to acquaint yourself with The Cinderella Effect.

So who is left for Zari but a young man whose mind has been filled with cougar fantasies due to porn videos they are addled by. Someone who will not be at the point in their lives where they are trying to impose their will on the world. A little boy who has strong Oedipus complex issues.


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Is Diamond Platnumz on steroids?

Diamond Platnumz recently shared some media of himself and he was a far cry from the buff stud-muffin (pause) that we have been accustomed to him being. Instead, he looked like he had shed off an unhealthy amount of weight and looked gaunt.

Diamond Platnumz on sudden weightloss – says he is also worried

We should start off by saying that he took an incredibly short amount of time to gain the build of some mythical Maasai warrior. We saw him check into the gym for about a month and walk away with 15Kgs of muscles. That is not how bodybuilding works.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond was a skinny guy when he first blew up onto the scene. Remember the old-school videos like Mbagala? He was a literal string bean. Then almost overnight, he got a trainer and got buff. And women sat up and took notice. Bwana Platnumz became a sex pistol.

And ever since then, we have seen him yo-yo with his gains. There are times when he is completely jacked and ripped and there are times like right now when he is skinny.

Diamond Platnumz deletes controversial video where he lied Tiffah & Nillan are his only children

I was talking to my mentor about this when he suggested something I hadn’t considered… He might be on roid and is cycling on and off the stuff, rather than blasting. First we should probably take a shallow look at steroids. What are they?

“Steroids are a man-made version of chemicals, known as hormones, that are made naturally in the human body. Steroids are designed to act like these hormones to reduce inflammation.

They’re also known as corticosteroids, and are different to anabolic steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes.”

Diamond Platnumz is a rubbish father! So why do women keep choosing him?

And as stated above, they are used by bodybuilders and athletes. What was Diamond possibly using them for? Well, to gain and maintain muscles. No, he didn’t want to win a Mr Olympia contest but he wanted to look good -and he did.

Zuchu to wed Diamond Platnumz

Why do I suspect that he did? Well, he gained puffy nips (puffy nipples). That is actually a sign of something called gynecomastia. And unfortunately, roids give you tits.

But that isn’t entirely conclusive because while we saw his nips grow, they weren’t exactly pronounced other than on his nips. So let us look at how he can gain and lose muscles this drastically.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

And the issue Diamond Platnumz seems to have come up against is cycling off roids. When you cycle off and do a piss-poor job of it, you lose all your gains because your natural hormone profile has tanked. I mean, we could be wrong in our opinion but we highly doubt he can keep swelling and shrinking like an inflated and deflated balloon respectively.

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Diamond Platnumz is a rubbish father! So why do women keep choosing him?

Diamond Platnumz is an absolutely garabage father for any child. So why (pray tell) do women keep choosing to have children by him? That is the topic of conversation I recently had with a guy I would like to call my mentor. And it is an important one because it affects how all men are treated by the women they pursue.

“You need to introduce them to their half-siblings” Diamond Platnumz advised by his mum

You see, when you think of Mondi (just found out that’s apparently what Tanzanians call him), what comes to mind? Perhaps it is his success and fame as East Africa’s biggest star. Or perhaps, if you’re older than 18 years old, you also think of just how irresponsible he is with his seed.

And that is why Diamond keeps siring children like a rabbit (or rat) and women still flock to him perhaps hoping they’ll be the exception and change him for the better. They think they can tame him but why are so many attracted to him like flies to shi faeces. And it is ludicrous to imagine because it flies in the face of his patterns.

‘My Twin’- Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha Donna Celebrate Son’s 3rd Birthday

So why do women keep choosing him? Well, the most straightforward answer would be that they are illogical. But we aren’t going for low-hanging fruit that would allow low-IQ, low-integrity male feminists to claim misogyny. So we are going to take a look at who he is and contrast that to why he is attractive to women.

And the first reason women keep chasing after Diamond Platnumz is his success. And indeed, he is the biggest star in East and Central Africa. To women, this ignites their hypergamous instinct. What is hypergamy? Well, you could always Google that but seeing as were having that conversation, hypergamy is the “action of marrying or forming a sexual relationship with a person of a superior sociological or educational background”. Women see him as a come-up. Why? Because we live in 3rd world realities and 3rd world economics. Women figure that siring his progeny is a score. It’s an investment for them to be set for the rest of their lives.

Tanasha confessed she had been lying about Diamond Platnumz being a deadbeat dad

And then there is the less understood reason that we simply talk about as “he’s a bad boy”. The Overton Window on this doesn’t allow us to view this from a more cerebral plane: hybristophilia. What that refers to is an attraction to criminal elements. It becomes about women wanting the bad boy when it gets distilled down.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is quintessentially that. He is the guy that marches to the beat of his own drums. He answers to his own time. he is a bad boy because he makes his own rules. Not all women are hybristophiliacs but all hybristophiliacs are women. They want the thrill that comes along with dating a bad guy. The emotional highs are dizzying. But the lows are truly low. My mentor let me in on a little secret though, women want to feel something. They want to feel alive. And what is more alive than the exhilaration of not knowing whether you’re going to get high highs or low lows?

Fans cheering up Diamond Platnumz with “still a winner” posts are pitiful

It doesn’t matter that he is a father to many by many different mothers, all that matters to most women is the promise of financial security and the possibility of being the one to tame him a la beauty and the beast.

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Tanasha confessed she had been lying about Diamond Platnumz being a deadbeat dad

Tanasha donna and Diamond Platnumz had a love story that captivated the greater East African region and all the hearts of its female denizens. The love story began like most of his other relationships. It was a whirlwind romance. Tanasha Donna was warned by all of Diamond Platnumz exes and she even had the internet to use to tell what lay in store for her. She thought she was different.

Tanasha Donna opens up about son’s new found relationship with daddy, Diamond Platnumz

The Tanasha story was literally like any other Diamond Platnumz love story as it also featured a hilariously quick pregnancy announcement. From there, we were treated to images and videos of the couple acting the role of a happy, healthy couple. It was so similar to his previous relationships that you could literally replace any one of his women to the role in different dates and the relationship would play out in a similar fashion.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna posing

Tanasha was deaf to the warning being sent her way even by Zari Hassan, the only one of Diamond’s exes who bothered to try and prepare the Nairobi beauty for the premium tears (I find that Nairobi phrase hilarious) she was going to shed. And true to form, once the baby was born, the relationship crumbled like a dry military biscuit.

Photos: How Tanasha Donna ‘All white party’ went down

Tanasha was not only humiliated but she was left nursing a grudge that she quickly weaponized as soon as she landed back on her backside, in Nairobi. She went on several rants decrying the fact that Diamond Platnumz was a quote-unquote deadbeat dad. The thing about this is that it was a juicy story for bloggers (tabloid gossip rags) and women who were living vicariously through Tanasha. Everyone else had the bare minimum brain cells needed to rub together causing a spark that flamed into the common sense needed to question this narrative.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

You see, Diamond Platnumz has only once ever been taken to court over child support and it was done by Hamisa Mobetto. The other lady who accused Diamond of being a dead beat dad was proven to have been lying through her teeth and that was Zari. You see, Tanasha’s predecessor was caught in her lie when it was revealed she had been attacking Diamond Platnumz and spewing bullshit about him all while living under his roof in South Africa.

Tanasha Donna needs to rehabilitate her public image and Diamond Platnumz can help her with that

And like Zari, Tanasha was talking about how Diamond Platnumz is a useless father while cashing his child support. Makes you wonder because we also have to ask the question about just how it is that she, an “up and coming” lazy artist was able to afford her mansion. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that she has been dishonest about some details in her stories. And slowly but surely, the truth shall emerge and it won’t surprise any intelligent individual.

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Diamond Platrnumz doesn’t owe his father anything

Diamond Platnumz is being called out for not supporting his father. How do people know he isn’t helping out his old man? Well, Abdul Naseeb Snr was seen in some photos going about his business and he had to use matatus. Guys are appalled, claiming Mondi is going to incur the wrath of his ancestors.


Because the notion African have is actually pretty toxic. You see, Africans seem to believe that no matter how deadbeat your parents are, no matter how toxic they are or how abusive your parents made your household when you make it in life, you owe it all to them. So guys think Diamond Platnumz owes his father his success.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz dancing

You really do have to understand where Diamond is coming from in this entire situation. When he was growing up, he was in what passes for a complete family. His father was a part of his life. That is, until he was in first form. Yup, in Form One, his world was tremendously rocked by his father’s abandonment. A young boy who was supposed to be growing into a man, a boy who looked up to his father (naturally) now had to wrestle with long evenings waiting and hoping against all hope that he would see his father return home.

Karma? New photo of Baba Diamond Platnumz confirms old man is struggling in life 

That mental anguish eventually faded because at the end of the day, time heals all wounds and Diamond Platnumz’ hurt and pain at the rejection, his anguish at the abandonment ended up fomenting into anger. Now he was angry at the fact that his father had chosen the cowards way out -running away from his family, rather than simply parting ways with his mother and staying involved in his children’s lives. He was angry at having to watch his mother struggle to feed all their children. I would argue that this part of his life made Diamond Platnumz a sociopath to some level but I am not a certified psychologist so what do I know about personality disorders?

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz welcomes niece, Balqis Isihaka

And against all odds, Diamond Platnumz became the big brand he was. He became the superstar whose every move sends tremors throughout the African entertainment scene. Sure, when he started out he was a small time singer whose songs were pretty crappy but he grew as an artist and refined his craft. Now he is the main guy and his father decided to resurface. How can anyone expect Diamond Platnumz to help the man who emotionally crippled him?

Meet the hot woman Baba Diamond Platnumz dumped to date Mama Dangote back in the day (Photo)

And to make matters worse, Abdul Naseeb Snr decided to be the one person who would consistently dish out dirt about his son. And even when he fell severely ill, he was still forming at the mouth blaming Diamond Platnumz for not stepping in and helping him seek medical attention. Talk about being entitled. And true to form, Diamond Platnumz turned a blind eye to his father’s plight.

diamond platnumz
Diamond Platnumz flexing

Blah blah blah. At the end of the day, the day ends but only an entitled and selfish individual would act as if they cannot see the logic behind Diamond’s decision to let his father sow the fruit of his abandonment. To me, no one has the right to point accusatory fingers at Simba on this matter.

The understated genius of Diamond Platnumz song Waah!

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Tanasha Donna needs to stop focusing on Diamond Platnumz

It would seem Tanasha Donna is one of those women who never learnt that ukiachwa, achika. I am saying this because even though it has been years since she was dumped by East Africa’s biggest star and left as yet another one of his single mother exes.

Weuh! Tanasha Donna rubbishes baby daddy’s claims that “Marriage ends careers”

I am saying all this because she has formed an opinion that not only is unnecessary but also shows that she is still butthurt by the fact that he has declared that he doesn’t see the point of getting married until he is ready to retire.

Tanasha Donna-IG

Ati for some reason Tanasha Donna decided that she needs to weigh in on everything Diamond said by saying:

Tanasha Donna over the moon as she plans to introduce 3 year old son to his grandmother for the first time

First of all marriage is not for both of you but it is for God. I believe you can be married and both fulfill your dreams. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
I don’t think everything changes when you are married and you can’t fulfill your dreams anymore since you have to focus on managing the home and whatnot. It depends on the couple.

But that raises the question of what she knows about marriage given she’s never actually gotten married and also, why would any intelligent woman listen to a single mother who is still baying after their baby daddy?

Tanasha Donna

Think about it, she is talking like this because she is bitter. She just realised what we knew all along, Diamond was never going to settle down with her. We had all known this all along and had attempted to warn her to no avail. And to make matters worse, she tried to baby trap him.

Diamond Platnumz on babysitting duties while ex Tanasha Donna enjoys vacation in Europe

But the jokes on her because she found out the hard way that Diamond Platnumz was only with her for the season and when her time was up, regardless of whether or not Tanasha Donna had managed to secure a baby from him, he was always going to dip.

Musician Tanasha Donna

She has been exposed for being terrible at judging character and situations. And this fact came to bite her in the um because now she isn’t simply a single mother but a single mother to a guy who is one of the highest value East African men. No one wants to touch her beyond a short while, a fun time and then they dump her back into the dating pool.

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

Tanasha Donna has woken up to this reality and she is getting bitter about it. No one has tried to settle down with her and meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz is saying she was never even in contention to become his wife. That is a crushing reality to have to swallow or bear.

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Rayvanny’s move from WCB was expected but he did it right

Rayvanny has officially left WCB. By now, that should be old news (well, it should be if you read Ghafla as religiously as you should). But the manner in which he did it allowed Diamond Platnumz to not just save face but also put him in the frame of mind to help him out whenever the need arises.

Rayvanny announces exit from WCB, Diamond Platnumz reacts

This is a sharp contrast from the manner in which Harmonize left WCB (Wasafi Classics Baby -God this is a cringey name) because when he left, he made sure to burn every bridge available and while many of his fans would love to argue that this did nothing to deter his career, the truth is that it stunted it to some degree.

You see, when Rayvanny left, he made sure to not talk ill of the studio that had been responsible for his discovery and nurturing of his talent. There has been no acrimony and no drama. He simply served out the duration of his contract and bid his former team adieu.

Is Rayvanny exiting Wasafi Records? Diamond Platnumz responds

This was actually a smart move because it allowed him to learn from the management team of the biggest record label in East and Central Africa. He was literally seated on the shoulders of giants and learning about more than just the craft of music production but also about the music business.

Rayvanny with baby mama, Paula

It’s been six years since we started working together. My team, my family WCB Wasafi, love and unity has been very instrumental in the success of our team.
I have learned a lot and also we have achieved a lot together. I was the first Tanzanian artiste to win a BET award. I have been the first artiste to perform on big platforms like the MTV EMAs stage, Dubai Expo and many more.

Contrast this to the way in which Rayvanny’s former teammate did things. He went as far as to try to break his contract. When he tried justifying this move, he claimed that when he signed the contract, he didn’t know any better. And he eventually had to buy out his contract.

Rayvanny issues stan warning to Wasafi FM radio host trolling his son’s mother

From there, he has since been trying to compete with Diamond Platnumz without realising that he should be focusing on his career. It’s really crazy when you think about it because while Diamond has been performing internationally and continues to get a lot of praise from international stars, Harmonize has been unable to grow from being a local and regional artist.

Rayvanny stuck around until he was helped to get onto the international platform. He waited under Diamond’s wings and bid his time until he was even able to surpass the accolades his former boss has earned.

And now that the time is right, he is starting to do his own thing with complete confidence knowing he is dead of even Harmonize. In East Africa, you’d be hard-pressed to compare him to most of his peers.

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Why Tanasha Donna should give polygamy a shot

Tanasha Donna is a strong woman “who don’t need no man”… Except that she does and we know this from her “thirst traps” that include her doing what she probably considers to be belly dancing.

Tanasha Donna reacting to Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s new found love? (Details)

And then there is the fact that she only ever truly makes headlines in East Africa when it is about her being linked to men -albeit superstar men such as Omah Lay.

Or perhaps it was because we were discussing the lack of new content and music from her. No, really, when was the last time Tanasha Donna released a song and did you care for it? Did you hear it radio or at the club? Because I understand that argument that hearing songs on the radio is no longer the mark of whether or not it is a hit (radio is dead) but the club? They HAVE to play the music everyone wants to dance to.

‘Polygamy Is Not For Me’- Tanasha Donna Tells Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz

Now she’s back in the headlines over some comments she made regarding her ex, the father of her son, Diamond Platnumz. And it is all about the fact that she has once again reiterated her lack of enthusiasm for being a second wife.

“I trusted too much,” Tanasha Donna opens up on her biggest regret in life (Video)

Tanasha Donna is a very attractive lady and I am sure that a lot of men would be willing to take her and her son on and make an honest woman of her BUT the problem here is it’s not the type of men she wants.

What Tanasha Donna should learn from her Memphis performance

Let that sink in. The average fool on Twitter would probably chop his foot off for the opportunity to date her. Hell, he’d probably sell his mother into slavery for that chance but for some context, you need to be aware that the average Kenyan (or East African) man hasn’t seen any action since June last year.

Tanasha with rumored bae, Omah Lay

And she doesn’t have her eyes trained to find “average”. Remember that Tanasha was linked to a bunch of ballers (one of whom is said to have given her the BMW she drives (hail Edgar Obare) and Wizkid at some point was seen entertaining her after his concert was done and then there is Diamond Platnumz… Average men do not factor into her math.

Tanasha Donna is entitled for trying to force us to support her music

And that is why she needs to start accepting to be a second wife. Her religion, Islam allows for this and there is no top tier, high-value man who is going to take her seriously given the fact that she comes with baggage attached to her in the form of Diamond Platnumz’ son.

Omah Lay with Tanasha

Do you see Wizkid settling down with a single mother? What about Otile Brown? Actually, Otile is a simp so maybe he isn’t the best example.

Tanasha Donna responds after Risper Faith accuses her of failing to pay cosmetic surgery worth Ksh 850,000

But I am sure Tanasha Donna is still not at the point in her life where being a second wife is an option.. But she will arrive there soon enough. Youth -and by extension is beauty- is fleeting and that is the only thing she brings to the union -well, that and Diamond Platnumz son and whatever complications their relationship and co-parenting agreement brings with it..

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What Tanasha Donna should learn from her Memphis performance

Well, Tanasha Donna could start by learning that I am always right. She has no fan base to speak of. And that is entirely her fault -but, it’s not all gloom and doom.

Tanasha Donna is entitled for trying to force us to support her music

Remember when I said she should have been churning out music at a prolific rate right after her split from Diamond Platnumz? That was when all of East Africa was busy focusing on her and her life.

Tanasha Donna-IG

Now that she knows she doesn’t have any real fans of her musical talents, she can finally begin to actually build her career in earnest. Think about it. She knows what she needs to do. It is not a surprise that fans do not request her songs on the radio, and her songs do not get heavy rotation on music platforms…

”Support Your Own!” Tanasha Donna Urges Kenyans To Support Local Music

And the only way she can build a true fanbase is by actually making a lot of music to appeal to different occasions. She needs songs that are simple-minded earworms that do great as club bangers. She needs radio hits as well. And finally, she needs music that showcases her vocal range and talents -something for the critics as it were.

Musician Tanasha Donna

Instead, she puts out music at such a lazy rate, it is clear she assumes the level of fame she had while she was sharing a bed with Diamond Platnumz is what she is entitled to for the rest of her life -after all, she bore a son by him. Tanasha is in for a rude awakening if she doesn’t actually change her perspective.

Diamond Platnumz’ and Tanasha Donna’s son turns 1

You’re a musician so this is a no brainer. Make more music. Make better music. Actually, engage your fans and stop doing BS social media interactions.

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Zari Hassan needs to enjoy Ivan’s wealth in peace and silence

Zari Hassan has been talking about the money and wealth she inherited from Ivan Ssemwanga in a very dismissive way and we have to admit that we are tired of listening to her try to gaslight us and act like she made herself sans Ivan Ssemwanga. The truth is, we all know the truth and we have no issue with her enjoying that wealth but she needs to do so silently.

Life is for the living: Zari Hassan comes clean on inheriting late husband’s wealth

She recently spoke on the matter and had this to say about the fact that a lot of Ugandans are calling her out for claiming the self-made title when we know better:

I never inherited anything from him. There were times we drove a car whose doors wouldn’t even open, but people did not know that.But now when someone sees you posting a Lamborghini they say ‘she inherited it.

The late Ivan Ssemwanga with his youngest son

But the truth of the matter is that we know the truth. Zari did not start out her life living in the lap of luxury. She was a village girl whose beauty managed to get the attention of men with means, resources and connections. That is how she began her climb to the top of the tax bracket. One of those men was Ivan Ssemwanga.

“He almost suffocated me” Zari Hassan on living with an insecure and a*****e husband

I will not spend a lot of time speaking about a deceased man (God bless the dead) but he was the brains behind the business empire Zari is currently at the helm of. Actually, she is at the helm of said empire simply as a custodian for her children’s inheritance.

This is actually where we see her brilliance truly begin to shine through. She is running the business in such a way that there is not just a lot for her children to inherit but also for her to have when she eventually is forced to walk away from managing her late ex-husband’s properties and businesses.

Take notes: Zari Hassan explains how most women end up in t***c relationships

So why does she continually try to make us forget the fact that we can put two and two together and realised a long time ago that she only gained the courage to leave Diamond Platnumz after her position as the custodian of Ivan’s wealth in place of his children?

Zari Hassan’s boys

Then again, there are a lot of people who had bought into her boss-lady persona which was put out on social media long before she had any real accomplishments and businesses to show for it. Back when she was Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama cum stay at home wife.

The official heir of Ivan Ssemwanga’s properties finally named

Anyway, what do I know? Perhaps, her cognitive dissonance is only fuelled by the number of people she gets to buy into her delusions of grandeur. So yes, she is a self-made businesswoman who had a hand in all the businesses Ivan Ssemwanga built. And yes, she was a doting mother to her sons while they lived with Ivan who had full custody of the boys and she was an ever-present force that guided his business decisions.

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Kenya Is East Africa’s Music Powerhouse BUT…

You read the title right, Kenya is actually East Africa’s defacto musical powerhouse. There are no ifs, buts or maybes because it is the country that actually decides which stars will be stars and who will become a superstar.

Vera Sidika Explains Why She Chooses To Give Birth In Kenya Rather Than The States

The numbers are in and anyone with enough brain cells to rub together to start a fire can look at these very simple numbers and see that this is a fact. If we are not feeling your music, you will not become a star but this is actually also a very bad thing.

And the reason I am of this opinion is that the data shows that we as a country actually betray Kenyan stars. We betray our own. I have gotten ahead of myself so let me get back to the very beginning.

Socialite Huddah Monroe Discloses Interest In Vying For Kenya’s Presidential Seat

I was going through different statistics for the YouTube analytics of the biggest celebrities in East Africa. That means, Kenya, Tanzania Uganda but also for the greater East African regions such as Rwanda and South Sudan. What I found was very interesting because it showed me why Kenya needs to become very restrictive about who we support because as I noted earlier, we make the stars.

I was always of the opinion that Tanzanian artists are big because of the unwavering support they are given by their home audience but I found out that the secret weapon is truly just Kenya’s support. Think of anyone of East Africa’s biggest stars, Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Mbosso, Rayvanny, Harmonize and Ali Kiba. They get most of their love and support from Kenya!

Naivasha Rally proves entertainment is future of Kenyan economy

Can you imagine that? The main reason for this is because compared to our East African counterparts, Kenya has the best internet infrastructure. To add to this, despite Uhuru Kenyatta’s kangaroo regime and the insane amounts of taxes we have been subjected to, we still have the most affordable internet which means Kenyans can and often do enjoy online content.

The second reason is that we suffer from low self-esteem which manifests itself in our praise and craving for foreign content. It is actually very true that we do have a problem with supporting our own. Each of the most popping artists in the East African regions are given support by Kenya. At this rate, they should just do a “gratitude concert” and thank us.

Can you imagine how big Kenyan artists would be if we gave them the same level of support? It really only is Otile Brown who seems to get this level of support from us but even then, it isn’t enough for him to compete with the top 2 most popular artists in Kenya-he rounds off the top 3 but that only earns him bronze.

I mean, even Omah Lay gets most of his support from Kenya. He has a healthy support base from his own country and community with Nigerians really coming out to support his content and music but Kenya still takes the top slot, which is one of the reasons why he is as big as he is in Africa and not just in Nigeria.

And this opinion is borne out by the fact that when Kenya stops supporting an artist, their numbers suffer horribly and that is seen very well in Harmonize. He is the only artist I have seen on the list without a strong fanbase in Kenya and he is suffering for it, His graph has shown a very steady dive and his numbers have subsequently plummetted.

Imagine if we could get the same support for our own, Kenyan born talent? Or perhaps, what Kenyan artists need to actually do is to start claiming they aren’t Kenyans. Maybe Otile Brown would have been bigger had he come out and claimed he was Tanzanian. Or even Ugandan. We seem to only ever want to support our own when they win after the rest of the world has finally recognised our star.

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Why Diamond Platnumz buying a Ksh 5M chain is an investment

Diamond Platnumz is running around with a piece of jewelry around his neck that costs more than my mother’s car.

Diamond is expanding into the South African market

Usually, that sounds like just about the dumbest thing any artist could ever do but I am of the opinion that in this case, it was one of the smartest things he could possibly do.

Diamond Platnumz
Babu Tale with Diamond Platnumz

And trust me when I say that by the time I am done with the article, you too will agree with me that what Diamond PLatnumz did is pretty smart.

Fans cheering up Diamond Platnumz with “still a winner” posts are pitiful

You see, to get why I am of this opinion, you must also think back to when Forbes released its list of Africa’s richest celebrities.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond was left off the list. And that stung him. All his detractors used that to claim that he was just postulating and “forming big man” as one of my mentors puts it.

Why everyone believes Diamond Platinumz new relationship won’t last

However, Mondi realised he cannot simply insult his detractors. He must show Forbes that they were wrong and force feed them the disrespect they served him.

Diamond Platnumz

And so he has been splashing out on some rather ostentatious gifts to himself. First was a Rolls Royce 4×4. And now it is a 5 million shilling chain and pendant.

And what does this “investment” get him? For starters, free advertising. Everyone in Africa is talking about this Tanzanian phenomenon.

Diamond Platnumz

He has gotten free sponsored content across the continent. And the second thing is that it firmly stamps him as the biggest artist in East and Central Africa.

However, the best thing this chain buys him, is respect. Not the respect of the local buffoon seated in Tandale, telling everyone about how when they were in high school, he bullied Diamond Platnumz.

No, Forbes has taken notice. Other artists have taken notice. And as a result, I promise you that this man’s phone is blowing up. Every one wants to a piece of his success. He has artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Congo and even Morrocco blowing up his managers phones trying to lock him down for a collabo -and that is before we turn to the West.

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Diamond is expanding into the South African market

Diamond Platnums has his eyes set on expanding to the South Afrtican market and we love what we are seeing because this shows a man who has a mission: conquering African music across the entire continent.

Machoos! Diamond Platnumz former brother in law proposes to new found love after welcoming bouncing baby boy (Photos)

Many a times, Mondi has been accused of being vacuous and I have defended him because I respect the hustle, I respect the grind and ultimately the vision but only high iQ individuals can appreciate this inspite of all the shenanigans.

Diamond Platnumz
Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz understands that inorder for his status to keep growing, he needs to open up new markets -regardless of how difficult that might be because the South African market is famously difficult to open.

Go Getter Indeed! Diamond Platnumz Flaunts His Brand New Rolls-Royce (Video)

Bwana Naseeb has decided to begin doing Amapiano jams and work with South African producers aswell as Mzansi artists and this is for a good reason: in that market, you must conform to what they demand or get booted out.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz inspires envy in his peers

And in Mzansi, they are famously xenophobic but if you attempt to open the door by working with their own and appealing to their sense of “superiority”, they are willing to listen and embrace your art.

Zari Hassan excites fans with heartfelt message to baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has doubtless studied how Nigerian artists such as Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy and Phyno have worked with South African artists and trust me that he has been taking notes.

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

As a result, we have a crazy Amapiano banger from him. Add to this the fact that his baby mama Zari is a fixture on the South African social scene and you can understand what his eyes are deadset on.

Go Getter Indeed! Diamond Platnumz Flaunts His Brand New Rolls-Royce (Video)

And as a result, I guarantee you that he is opening up the South African market for the rest of East African artists. Ali Kiba had previously attempted to foray into the market but he ultimately fell short of becoming a mainstay because all he would do is shoot videos there.

South Africans are a proud, haughty lot. But the idea is not to conquer a huge chunk of the market. If, say, the market has 100,000 listeners, all you need is 15K of that sample size to bump your music and now you are a continental giant.

Fans cheering up Diamond Platnumz with “still a winner” posts are pitiful

This is where Diamond’s genius can be seen. He is not trying to get 100% of the pie, he is just attempting to get a huge enough chunk for the grammys to finally take him serious. He wants to be East Africa’s answer to Burna Boy who the international community is going crazy over.

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Fans cheering up Diamond Platnumz with “still a winner” posts are pitiful

Diamond Platnumz Kenyans and East African music fans are actually trying to tell him that despite his loss at the BET Awards, he is still a winner and I couldn’t help but laugh at the mindset we display.

Simba kama Simba: Diamond Platnumz leaves everyone staring with his stunning Maasai attire at BET awards (Photos)

You see, when you look at South Africans and West Africans, they want to win and that is all that matters. They do not try to soften the blow. They are there to win and they are making no qualms about it.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

Mondi is a winner. Period. Having to start telling a man as high value as him that “it’s okay because in my eyes you’re still a winner’ is the type of stuff single mothers tell their children who suck at whatever they were competing in.

“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

Instead, what we need to be doing is telling him to improve and be back next year to crush the competition. It takes nothing away from Burna Boy’s win but it also does not make his loss mushy.

Diamond Platnumz
Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

Inorder for there to be a winner, there must be a loser. Diamond Platnumz was that this year but next year, he has yet another chance to win. The fact that we are busy trying to give a grown man known to be a winner an emotional crutch is pathetic.

Diamond Platnumz has unlocked the craziest level of success

We really do live in clown world. We are trying to neuter a grown man’s competitive edge by trying to baby him and make it seem like he is a 5-year-old who deserves a participation trophy. What? Mondi has been winning and this loss only fuels him further.

Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz

He will be back with more hits and it is just a matter of time before he gets his moment in the sun and then the salty idiotic Tanzanian cucks who were demanding the BET college do not give him an award (read harmonize fans) will be crying.

Diamond Platnumz lost. So what? He will be back. Stop the pathetic bullshit of trying to emotionally coddle a man who is accustomed to the highest levels of success and look to push yourself to be more like him in your chosen path in life.

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Why everyone believes Diamond Platinumz new relationship won’t last

I want to be the first man on record to say that Diamond Platnumz new relationship will be a love for the ages. He and his new beau will be an example of how a loving relationship should be. Ok, I am done with the jokes. Now let us get serious.

“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

Mondi is in love -again. And everyone expects this relationship to play out like it did for all the others -in premium tears. And perhaps, even with a baby to boot as this particular lady attempts to lock him down.

Diamond Platnumz

You see, Diamond Platnumz is like a character in a Greek tragedy who is doomed to keep playing the same role with a different cast of ladies. He meets the lady and pursues her. He gets her and she then attempts to lock him down with a baby all the while turning a deaf ear to all the warnings those close to her shout.

Why Diamond Platnumz sisters cannot seem to remain married

And then when they welcome their baby, their love sours and now they have to deal with being co-parents even though they despise each other and his family gets involved and it becomes an entire mess.

Diamond Platnumz

We have seen it all before and seen it repeat itself. Yet, for some reason, Diamond Platnumz seems to be comically unaware of what lies in store for him each time. Well, either that or he just enjoys being the main clown at this circus and he loves the chaos.

Diamond Platnumz has unlocked the craziest level of success

Help me count the ways in which Diamond Platnumz’ love story has repeated itself. First, there was an unknown woman who sired for him a daughter. She has kept that child away from Diamond Platnumz and the entropy that is his life.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

Then Mondi got with Zari and to be fair she was super aggressive about settling down with him. And things seemed to have worked out -for a time. Then all of a sudden, that relationship imploded after they had sired two children, Tiffah and Nilan, together.

‘Mtaachana Tu’ Fans React To Diamond Promising Loyalty To His New Bae

Then came Hamisa Mobetto who gave diamond a son only for his family to get involved and really push for her to be kicked out of his life. Atleast here he makes an effort, as infantismal as it may be to be in their son’s life.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz

Then came Kenya’s Tanasha Donna. A lazy woman for sure but a very beautiful one. She gave him a son and wouldn’t you know it, their love soured even after he did a song with her in which he promised to marry her.

Yet this new lady, is the one who is going to see a change in him? Just wait for it… her character development is being worked on. Diamond Platnumz is about to go full demon time on her and her emotions.

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Why Bahati imitating Diamond Platinum is perfectly normal

Kenyans are busy mocking Bahati for imitating and actually outright cloning himself after Diamond Platnumz and Noti Flow is the most brazen celebrity to do so yet it is perfectly normal when you look at things from a neutral perspective.

“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

But a lot of us have infused our emotions and distaste at the now-defunct EMB Records owner and CEO which is why we are quick to disagree with everything he does even when it makes sense and is pretty smart of him to do.

Take his clear pandering and imitation of Diamond Platnumz. It makes sense because Mondi is the biggest star in East and Central Africa. he has grown from strength-to-strength, having started out as a talentless hack from the slums of Tandale.

‘Nimekuachia YouTube’- Khaligraph Surrenders To Bahati After Releasing Back To Back Hit Songs

And when he begun his career, he was singing on rubbish heaps and dancing in sewage but he managed to elevate himself and transform himself into the premier performer and crooner from our region -so why wouldn’t Bahati want to copy his playbook?

“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

Even when it comes to fashion, Diamond Platnumz is the type of man who experiments with all types of fashion including high fashion. And though there are times when he doesn’t really pull off the look, he is very fashion-forward and willing to experiment.

Ringtone Throws Shade At Bahati, Blames Him For Making People Disregard Gospel Music

Bahati loses nothing from also trying to ape his fashion. He can find things that work for him and actually perhaps incorporate his own style at his level into what he has aped from Platnumz, owning the look and coming up with something unique.

Diamond Platnumz has unlocked the craziest level of success

You see, you don’t always get to meet your mentors in the new social media world. Sometimes, you identify an industry leader or industry shaper and you learn from their successes and that is what Bahati seems to be trying to do.

‘Tufanye DNA Tujue Baba Heaven Ni Nani’ DK Kwenye Beat Tells Bahati

And who knows, Mtoto was Diana might just get to grab Mondi’s attention. perhaps this is how he will earn an audience with the man or even get signed to his WCB Records label and that would be when most of his haters would see Bahati’s vision and praise him for sticking to his strategy.

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Hamisa Mobetto has outdone even Diamond’s expectations

Hamisa Mobetto has shocked the entire world, not just Tanzanians and East Africans after she surfaced abroad American superstar rapper Rick Ross’ yacht where she was just cooling and living life large.

Shemeji Wetu! Fans React As Rick Ross Continues To Show Interest In Hamisa Mobetto

Just to recap a bit on what this Tanzanian beauty has been through; allow us to start from the point that made her relevant -dating Diamond Platnumz, the biggest East and Central African star of the day.

Former socialite Hamisa Mobetto

She started off as Mondi’s clande while he was still with Zari Hassan, the mother of two of his children, Tiffah and Nilan. And while the cat was away, Hamisa Mobetto left her earing in his bed and also stepped out wearing his clothes.

Hamisa Mobetto finally addresses haters praying and fasting for her downfall

That was then followed up with her getting pregnant by him in an attempt to baby trap the artist but that did not work as her family literally made her life hell in an attempt to be avenged who they saw to be a trifflin’ tramp.

From there, she has since put out a song detailing what she endured at the hands of Diamond’s mother. But Hamisa Mobetto moved on and dated different men only that none of them really could hold a candle to Diamond’s dazzling sun.

“Home wrecker” Mama Diamond Platnumz husband takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto

Hypergamy was never sated with any of them and a lot of those dalliances were short-lived. And now she has managed to get into Rick Ross’ vision long enough to be on his yacht and then be responded to on Instagram to give her validation.

But we would have to be fools to think this spells anything long term with the rapper who is known to have dated a bevvy of beauties. However, this is quite the upgrade still. And this time in the sun should be used by Hamisa Mobetto and leveraged to get more for herself.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies caught on camera bonding like never before! (Photos)

I am not saying she should run to the tabloids to sell her stories but perhaps while she is the flavour of the week but she could ask her manager to first and foremost increase her rate card costs and then start pushing for more business with Tanzanian brands while the media of the world is focused on her.

Baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto

At the end of the day, Hamisa Mobetto has managed to surpass everyone’s expectations of the men she will be able to attract and no man was more shocked than Diamond Platnumz. But she needs to be realistic in her evaluation of things and realize that her youth and beauty will not last forever and gravity and father time will win and her looks will fade. She should do everything in her attempt to lock down Rick Ross but without siring yet another bastard and also make arrangements to leverage the media attention she is currently garnering while she is the apple of his eye.

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Why Diamond Platnumz sisters cannot seem to remain married

Diamond Platnumz and his sister have been unable to sustain any relationship they have gotten involved in for longer than 18 months. Usually, in Mondi’s case, he sticks around only long enough for the child to be scarred by the end of its parent’s union.

Haraka aje? Diamond Platnumz sister dumped by husband after reuniting with 1st wife

The exception to that scenario was with Tiffah, his eldest child by Zari Hassan. As for his sisters, Queen Darleen and Esma Platnumz, they managed to get married only for their marriages to implode because they had walked into polygamous settings without properly preparing for the role of the second wife.

Sandra Sanura Kassim

Ideally, this piece should be a celebration of the fact that I have been proven right yet again following a piece I did foretelling the end of all these marriages and the fact that these people are suffering the brunt of what their mother and father socialized into them:

Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

At the end of the day, given the fact that Diamond’s father was nowhere to be seen as he grew up, we cannot put any blame on him for the faulty manner in which Diamond Platnumz learnt to love. That is to say, outside of the abandonment issues he saddled his son with. The other issues Diamond Platnumz displays in his relationships are down to what he learnt from his mother.

Bongo Flava king, Diamond Platnumz

The fact that he sees no reason to be upfront with his lasses, instead of sneaking around behind their backs and then surprising them with a love-child is something that we can only assume he picked up from mummy dearest. That is why even his sisters have issues that see them compete for and then marry men already married. They then go ahead to insult their co-wives rather than try to create a harmonious familial background for themselves and their children.

From Zari to Tanasha, all of Diamond Platnumz’ exes are competing for his mother

And make no mistake about it, I am not going to blame Abdul Naseeb for anything because he is not the father of Diamond Platnumz. He was sensationally humiliated when this was blasted across social media by Kendra Michaels aka Sanura Kaseem aka Sanura Michaels.

Esma Platnumz engagement party

And that was something that her children learnt too. her daughters, Mondi’s sisters also learnt to be fickle with their love. they were taught to be cantankerous. So when they enter marriage as a second wife, they immediately start to rock the bought.


Not only were they socialized this way, but Mama Diamond Platnumz doesn’t later try to step in and ask them to calm down and let cooler heads prevail. You see, they are Muslims. And in Islam, a man is allowed up to four wives and Muslim women grow up with this truth being a possible reality for them.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life

So why is it Sanura did not teach Queen Darleen or Esma about this being a possibility and how to deal with it? This is entirely her fault.

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Diamond Platnumz has unlocked the craziest level of success

Diamond Platnumz has achieved a hitherto unknown level of success: real haters. And we aren’t talking about your petty garden variety haters who only whine and bellyache about how much they despise you but rather, haters who go out of their day to limit your advancement.

Go Getter! Diamond Platnumz Shows Off His Songs With The Highest Views (Screenshot)

We recently saw Tanzanians write to the BET Awards consideration committee and ask them not to consider him for an award and you have to wonder about the type of person who can actually take the time out of their day to do something potentially ruinous to fellow Tanzanians.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz inspires envy in his peers

Diamond Platnumz will win the award if he gets the most votes. However, for a lot of onlookers looking in, they look to see an entertainment scene of petty haters… And that elevates Diamond Platnumza even more above his haters and the rest of Tanzania’s performers.

Eyes On The Prize! Diamond Platnumz Nominated For BET Best International Act

To me, it is really interesting to see that the stereotypes about Tanzanians being a bunch of people who believe in witchcraft and have a crab in a bucket mentality. They have basically taken a good long look at Mondi and after much introspection, have decided that they do not have what it takes to best the crooner.

If I were in Diamond Platnumz marketing team, I would be thinking this is a potential gold mine. You see, it is clear that our guy lives absolutely rent-free in the heads and minds of Tanzanians.

Ooliskia wapi! What Forbes Africa wrote about Diamond Platnumz net worth

He could actually market things to people and depending on how creative his team is he can also begin to double his going rates. Why? Because in marketing, it helps to be just as hated as it does to be loved.

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Why everyone thinks Diamond and Zari are rekindling their relationship

Diamond Platnumz is down in South Africa visiting his children by Zari Hassan and the pair of them have ignited dating rumours for the umpteenth time. For some reason, a lot of East Africans and Tanzanians, in particular, seem to want to always allude to the pair reconciling and hooking up again.

Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon

You have to wonder why they keep trying to pray for the former “it” couple to rekindle their relationship when it is clear they have both moved on and are happy with their respective partners or their single life.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But why does this always seem to happen with Diamond and Zari? It is because the concept of co-parenting is one that is very misunderstood in Africa as it is still a novel one. For our boomer parents, this was anathema. When their marriages ended, they would simply go their separate ways and one parent was often alienated.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

That or the fact that a lot of us have crappy self-discipline so we project our actions on to Zari and Diamond and assume that like us, they are smashing because that is what you and your baby mama often get up to and you cannot fathom another way of doing things.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz has busied himself with tours and concerts but he’s now on vacation bonding with his children

But the truth is that co-parenting is one o the most complicated relationships to maintain if you aren’t clear that you’re doing it for the sake of your children. You see, the best setup to raise children in is an intact family. And nuclear families are proven to be the best familial unit for that. But life happens.

“Home wrecker” Mama Diamond Platnumz husband takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto

And just like it did to Zari and Diamond, relationships and marriages come to an end. That usually means that you have to figure out how to both be parents regardless of whether or not the breakup was peaceful or not.

Source: https://www.fatherhood.org/father-absence-statistic

And for a long time, their relationship was almost nonexistent and as a result, Nilan and Tiffah had to make do without their father being present in their lives. That is a big issue if what you want is to raise balanced children as research has suggested that a father is integral for children to learn discipline.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

So now that things have worked themselves out and the former couple are cooperating in their parenting efforts, a lot of people see this as a sign Zari is cheating on her “Dark Stallion” but I am of the opinion that they both have simply decided to put their children first and we need to learn from that. This is what adulting looks like. This is what being a parent is about.

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Zari has finally understood what co-parenting is about

Zari Hassan has stopped being a difficult mother and co-parenting partner to Diamond Platnumz and now it seems they get along swimmingly. I am of the opinion this was only ever possible since she stopped competing with her ex/ nemesis.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

And indeed, I am vindicated when we look at her habit patterns and see that when she realized she needed to let go of her childish obsession and competition with Mondi and things only got better when she found herself a man who seems to make her complete.

Zari with her new man

And now, the morn has arrived to greet us with news that Diamond Platnumz went to South Africa to visit Zari and his two children by her. And the welcome he received was heartwarming to witness as we watched his daughter and son rush over to his taxi to excitedly greet their father.

Can your mother even? Zari Hassan reveals special present she will be gifting son on 18th birthday

I am a proponent of having a father in children’s lives in whatever capacity (aslong as they aren’t criminals or abusive) and this really puts a smile on your face because for once, I want to be at the forefront of giving Zari her bouquet.

Zari posting thirst traps on social media

The truth of the matter is that even though our guy is not exactly an example of responsibility, his presence in his children’s lives will actually afford them some advantages they wouldn’t have otherwise. And you don’t have to stretch your imagination to understand that the bare minimum of this is his connections and networks.

Menopause ni wewe! Zari Hassan giving many sleepless nights with never seen before lingerie photo

Zari has given her children the best possible gift she can with their father: his love and to our children, time spent with them is what equates to love. And we have to actually emulate what she is doing because a lot of women argue that their baby daddies are unavailable because of one reason or another. Can you imagine how much more extreme the case is for the pair of them?

Zari chilling by the pool with Diamond’s daughter, Tiffah

Diamond is a high flying superstar at the zenith of his career so he is always jetting about for his performances but she is trying to do her best to allow him to see the kids when the opportunities arise.

Upgrade! Zari Hassan unveils Mr Stallion aka new bae’s face on Valentines Day (Photo)

Zari last came to Tanzania and now it is Mondi’s time to go to South Africa and we love it. the children know who they are and are being allowed to understand the other half of their culture and this will doubtless gibve them the dignity with which they can face the complexities of life and for that, Zari deserves three cheers.

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The real East African superstar: Diamond destroys all the lies that he buys YouTube views

Diamond Platnumz has been the subject of alot of rumours for years that claimed he buys his YouTube views which is the only logical way to explain how fast they rack up millions of views.

Except for Diamond Platnumz, Tanzanian stars using Harmonize nude scandal to market themselves

However, he recently revealed how much he makes from his songs and showed proof of the fact by sharing his creator suite insights and we have to all give this man his bouquet of flowers while he is still alive.

Diamond Platnumz
Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

You see, Diamond Platnumz actually is minting millions off his channel and if you know anything about YouTube, then you know that for an African act, this is a hugely impressive accomplishment as the Google company pays out shaved pennies on the dollar because they do not find the sub-Saharan African market worth a damn.

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

We are the one market that is paid horrendously so when we see Mondi make such a win, we need to actually appreciate the fact that he has so gracefully and completely destroyed the rumours as no other East African and indeed, African star, has the cojones to actually make such a bold step.

I have argued on occasion that whether or not you like Diamond Platnumz, he is a true blue, fully-fledged superstar. He is above the Harmonize’s that Tanzanians try to push on to challenge him. He is far above Ali Kiba too.

Diamond Platnumz takes a swipe at Harmonize while giving humbling speech about Rayvanny

And the number of doors he can actually open for other East African stars is something we should be more focused on. You should actually be trying to propel this guy even further into the stratosphere because that is how the music business actually works and grows. You start with one artist who introduces you to their culture and sound and you delve deeper into that world.

diamond platnumz
Diamond Platnumz flexing

Given how closely knit East Africans are, even Kenyans will benefit from Diamond Platnumz growth. First, there is the obvious step of learning from watching his steps. Then there is the possibility of working directly with him. But all in all, we would actually be suggested by the YouTube algorithm. You will see a Masauti song suggested or an Otile Brown jam.

The long and short of all this is that Diamond Platnumz has actually crushed his haters resoundingly. This matter is now dead and dusted.

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Except for Diamond Platnumz, Tanzanian stars using Harmonize nude scandal to market themselves

Diamond Platnumz is clearly a god among men if the recent antics in Tanzania are teaching us anything. At the very least, he is miles above the fray of East African artists that the recent shenanigans that Harmonize got caught up with are not worth him speaking on.

Harmonize responds to allegations of sleeping with ex girlfriend’s daughter, Paula Kajala

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, Harmonize had been dating a lady who is a single mother called Frida Kajala and their relationship had progressed in such a short while to the point where they were engaged.

Harmonize was exposed as a scumbag

A short while ago, however, he released information that implicated Rayvanny of having a relationship with his would have been step-daughter and though she was 18 years old (meaning she had attained the age of majority), she was still a high school student. And boy did Harmonize go after him hard, even pushing Frida Kajala to seek legal redress for the situation.

Harmonize Denies Allegations Of Appearing Naked In Video, Says It Was Photoshop (Video)

All the while, unbeknownst to us, Harmonize was busy dirty macin’ and trying to sneak into her panties. Rayvanny is the one who outed his shenanigans by leaking the chats that also had nude photos that Bwana Tembo had sent the younger Kajala.

Harmonize and Kajala during happier days

Now the two stars are going at each other, Harmo by proxy and VannyBoy by dissing him directly and everyone including Nandy and Ali Kiba are busy using this situation to push their latest projects except Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz takes a swipe at Harmonize while giving humbling speech about Rayvanny

And the reason for this is because Diamond Platnumz really doesn’t have to respond to the drama. Make no mistake about it, Simba is sitting somewhere and laughing at this turn of events as Harmonize is getting exposed for being a self-righteous hypocrite.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz has avoided speaking on the matter

This is especially so because for a long time after their fallout, Bwana Tembo has been name dropping Diamond Platnumz in interviews and attempting to nip at his heels and entangle him in a fight. To be clear, I think this was a smart strategy because it has nothing but upside for Tembo while it would do nothing for Mondi’s star. if anything, it would only be diminished.

Baby mama accounting: Tanasha Donna and her Diamond Platnumz dependency

And so he chose to ignore the rubbish. Think about it, does Diamond Platnumz need to promote a song by mentioning Harmo? Nope. He just needs to announce a new project and everyone will be switched on by their own excitement.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz has busied himself with tours and concerts

Infact, it is smart for Mondi to move in silence until he decides to shake the landscape. And therein lies the true difference between him and the rest of Tanzania’s entertainers: he can afford to move at his own time and he and only he validates Diamond Platnumz.

Weuh! Diamond Platnumz manager takes brutal swipe at Harmonize, confirms singer is infertile

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