Why Makena Njeri came out as a Lesbian

Media personality cum influencer Makena Njeri is proud of sexuality. Unlike other members of the LGBTQ members struggling to accept themselves – Makena to owned the person they have always been and that is – a member of the LGBTQ.

For this article – we shall refer to Makena as they or them as requested since she does not identify herself with a specific gender – male or female.

LGBTQ activist, Makena Njeri

Anyway in a detailed post shared on Makena Njeri’s page – they explain their main reason of outing their sexual orientation hoping to become a gateway to all people being loved for who they are – and just as they are. In a detailed post Makena wrote;

I have made myself vulnerable and made my life an open book. All this so that my experiences can be the gateway to all people being loved for who they are and just as they are.


No one is superior and no one should be treated differently. I have done interviews where my life experiences have resonated with so many and because of my journey people have felt a sense of belonging. Trust me I also belong because of ya’ll ♥️. I have openly talked about my love experiences and celebrated love loudly so that others can gain the courage to do the same and to feel free to love who they love like everyone else.

Aim is to Fight for LGBTQ

Having seen how the system works in Africa, the activist says they’ve had good and bad days if not the worst. This is because they’ve been forced to walk on streets fighting for their rights, spent days in police stations – just to see the LGBTQ community accepted and given equal rights.

Chiki with Makena Njeri

However despite it all – the pain, humiliation, disrespect and killings – they continue hang in there hoping one day society will accept them for who they are – humans just like you and I.

I have walked on the streets with other activists to fight for the rights of other people. I have had sad days when everything didn’t make sense at all breaking in every possible way. Spent days in police stations trying to make sense of it all while still being patient enough to educate the system. I have had beautiful days where we all felt accepted and free to live.I am constantly letting vulnerability to take over my existence so that because of my journey we can accelerate acceptance and have all round love in society without discrimination and hate. I do my advocacy through my daily life experiences shared with the world.

And lastly….

This is yet another chapter of my life I am about to share with you. An exciting adventure full of beautiful chats and lessons! Are you ready for the conversations? ????

“Stop killings us” Makena Njeri speaks following brutal murder of gay lady, Sheila Lumumba

Kenyans on social media are angered by the brutal murder of the late Sheila Lumumba, a gay lady that was allegedly killed by 6 men simply because of her sexuakity.

The late Sheila Lumumba

From the stories making rounds on social media is that Sheila Lumumba met her untimely death in Karatina, something that has left the LQBTQ community disturbed.

With the story making rounds on social media,  many Kenyans are now demanding for justice especially since Sheila is the second queer to be killed and still nothing has been done. In April, another lady Erica was also killed by homophobics who couldn’t accept her as a transgender.

Makena Njeri issues statement

Anyway, media personality Makena Njeri who is part of the LGBTQ community has issued a detailed post demanding justice for Sheila Lumumba as well as address the few Kenyans who continue to kill because of their struggle with homophobia.

Late Sheila Lumumba murdered by 6 men for being queer

Makena who has been on the forefront pushing for equal rights for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons earlier today shared a detailed post talking about the two murders saying;

Sept 2021 We lost our sweet Erica ???? to a Homophobic attack. She was killed because of being a Transwoman. A human being just like everyone else, a Kenyan just like all of us. April 2022 we mourn another queer soul. We mourn the death of another human being who was raped and killed by six men ????. Reason? HOMOPHOBIA. How disgusting that this is where the world has gotten to and to even bring it closer home she was a Kenyan who is protected by the same laws that govern us.

They’re human too!

Being part of the LGBT community, Makena went on to call for an end to discrimination against this community as they are human too. According to her, being different does not make them sinners, it’s life and the new normal.

Homosexuality is not a sin, Homophobia IS. For how long will this continue being the narrative? For how long will we demand for justice from the police and the public with no answers? The leaders are quick to kick out queer kids from schools but show us their backs when the same queer kids are murdered. We marched for justice and we won’t stop marching for justice even when our hearts bleed in pain.

For her, having the government against this community is like handing homophobics a license to kill. This is because they refuse to let go of colonial laws that don’t accommodate the gay community.

As I always say Section 162 and 165 of the constitution is a death sentence to all of US. When we as Kenyan refuse to fight this colonial laws that make no sense we will continue to loose queer lives and all lives because the law is vague and gives heartless people power to express their Homophobia!!

And lastly, the lady promised to continue demanding justice Sheila – hoping that the 6 men that raped and killed her have been brought to

We demand justice for Sheila Loudly! We want to know who the six men that attacked and raped her are! We want to see their faces on newspapers and national television for the whole world to see the sick faces of Homophobia!! We want to see our leaders step up and demand for justice just like the do for every other Kenyan! STOP KILLING US WE ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

Sending my heartfelt condolences to Sheila’s family. No one deserves to go through this kind of loss.