Makena Njeri Should Accept Her Gender & Stick To It

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri has elicited mixed reactions after she  recently changed her name to a male name.

The former BBC journalist has been on the limelight for her sexual orientation; that she confirmed months ago.

In a video posted by an international media platform, TedX on behalf of TedX Parklands, Makena said it had taken years for her to accept and admit the fact to herself.

Narrating more about her, Njeri shared a story of her childhood friend with whom she loved suits and would spend hours in restaurants speaking of how fashion had constantly evolved.

She decided it was high time to come out after claiming she had undergone depression. She was referring to an incident in July 2019 when she was a viral topic of discourse on social media after her partner went mad following a disagreement and vandalized her car.

She was in a relationship with the beautiful Michelle Ntalami, but the two parted ways acrimoniously because of cheating allegations.

Michelle Ntalami with Makena Njeri

Time To Accept Yourself

After changing her name, not everyone was pleased by her move. Most agree that she should just stick to her old self to remain relevant. But Makena is not one to be controlled by the public. She hasn’t come out to divulge her reason for making the move. But I bet it’s high time she accepts her gender since there’s nothing she can do to change it.

Born this way! Makena Njeri recounts growing up different, says she always knew she was special

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri says she grew up knowing she was different. Maybe unlike other girls, she never felt the need of playing with dolls or having tea parties with her friends nor did she want the girliest dress for christmas….and this is because she wasn’t born wired like that.

As you can see she is a proud dyke who has dated a few celebrities here and there making her a proper LGBTQ member. Well, fortunately for her – she realized she was different while growing up and thanks to a tbt photo from when she was like 7 or 8 years…we can clearly see how different she dressed from other girls her age.

From the photo, Makena Njeri is seen wearing a baggy Tshirt which she paired with white baggy jean pants and accessorized her look with a black buckle belt and the shoes….well she chose Safari’s…a complete look for a small boy.

To caption the post, Makena wrote;

Currently loving my truth and working for my community to make sure other kids have it easy.BOLD????

Still wants kids of her own

Although she already knows she was born different, the lady says one day she hopes to have a family of her own and when time is right, she can opt to partake in the pregnancy experience.

Makena Njeri

I know it sounds unrealistic especially with how manly she behaves but again….it’s a new time and age –  where everything is possible.

Makena Njeri reveals why she likes it when he lovers call her Dzaddy

Makena Njeri this past weekend gave us a lot of information about herself we knew nothing about. For once, we learnt she has plans of starting her own family and if I’m not wrong she’s not afraid to carry the pregnancy to term.

With this information, some none supporters of the gay community started pointing out some of the reasons why LGBT doesn’t make sense; ie Makena Njeri would still need a male (sperm) to conceive – yet in her girlfriend’s eyes, she’s the man.

Well – at least that’s what most said in the comment section while reacting to the fact she said she (Makena) wants to be a mum.

Makena Njeri on being a man

Although Makena Njeri says she does not consider herself as a man – she says she likes and is made of the male energy. To her – it’s natural to a point that she even shops at the men section and looking at her outfits – we can confirm this.

Anywya despite having feminine genes, body and parts – the LGBT activist went on to reveal that she likes it when her girlfriend’s come up with male pet names for her.

Responding to a fan who asked;

What pet names do y’all prefer? Feminine or Masc?

To which she responded with;

Dzadddy Energy

And with that kind of vibe, you’re still wondering why Michelle Ntalami still can’t stop talking about Makena Njeri? Well now you know…it’s define the Dzaddy energy.

“Stop killings us” Makena Njeri speaks following brutal murder of gay lady, Sheila Lumumba

Kenyans on social media are angered by the brutal murder of the late Sheila Lumumba, a gay lady that was allegedly killed by 6 men simply because of her sexuakity.

The late Sheila Lumumba

From the stories making rounds on social media is that Sheila Lumumba met her untimely death in Karatina, something that has left the LQBTQ community disturbed.

With the story making rounds on social media,  many Kenyans are now demanding for justice especially since Sheila is the second queer to be killed and still nothing has been done. In April, another lady Erica was also killed by homophobics who couldn’t accept her as a transgender.

Makena Njeri issues statement

Anyway, media personality Makena Njeri who is part of the LGBTQ community has issued a detailed post demanding justice for Sheila Lumumba as well as address the few Kenyans who continue to kill because of their struggle with homophobia.

Late Sheila Lumumba murdered by 6 men for being queer

Makena who has been on the forefront pushing for equal rights for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons earlier today shared a detailed post talking about the two murders saying;

Sept 2021 We lost our sweet Erica ???? to a Homophobic attack. She was killed because of being a Transwoman. A human being just like everyone else, a Kenyan just like all of us. April 2022 we mourn another queer soul. We mourn the death of another human being who was raped and killed by six men ????. Reason? HOMOPHOBIA. How disgusting that this is where the world has gotten to and to even bring it closer home she was a Kenyan who is protected by the same laws that govern us.

They’re human too!

Being part of the LGBT community, Makena went on to call for an end to discrimination against this community as they are human too. According to her, being different does not make them sinners, it’s life and the new normal.

Homosexuality is not a sin, Homophobia IS. For how long will this continue being the narrative? For how long will we demand for justice from the police and the public with no answers? The leaders are quick to kick out queer kids from schools but show us their backs when the same queer kids are murdered. We marched for justice and we won’t stop marching for justice even when our hearts bleed in pain.

For her, having the government against this community is like handing homophobics a license to kill. This is because they refuse to let go of colonial laws that don’t accommodate the gay community.

As I always say Section 162 and 165 of the constitution is a death sentence to all of US. When we as Kenyan refuse to fight this colonial laws that make no sense we will continue to loose queer lives and all lives because the law is vague and gives heartless people power to express their Homophobia!!

And lastly, the lady promised to continue demanding justice Sheila – hoping that the 6 men that raped and killed her have been brought to

We demand justice for Sheila Loudly! We want to know who the six men that attacked and raped her are! We want to see their faces on newspapers and national television for the whole world to see the sick faces of Homophobia!! We want to see our leaders step up and demand for justice just like the do for every other Kenyan! STOP KILLING US WE ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

Sending my heartfelt condolences to Sheila’s family. No one deserves to go through this kind of loss.



Chiki Kuruka addresses rumors linking her to Makena Njeri

For the past few days Makena Njeri has been trending, thanks to Michelle Ntalami who exposed for being a serial cheater. Well, we can’t really say Michelle Ntalami’s post had any malicious intentions (Ooliskia wapi) since her aim was just to set the record straight for her online in-laws. No?

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Anyway as seen on 3 page detailed posts, Michelle Ntalami explained how she got betrayed by 2 close friends who were involved with Makena behind her back.

One of the ladies was indentified as a gynecologist while the other one remained anonymous for a while; before fans started pointing fingers at Chiki Kuruka.

Chiki with Makena Njeri

According to most fans, it seemed obvious that woman B is Chiki Kuruka that is judging from her closeness with Makena Njeri. Also, having been identified as a Queer by Chimano, this somehow made sense. Right?

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Chiki speaks

However having seen how fans are dragging her name in the scandal yet she’s married to Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime, Ms Chiki had no option but to share her side of the story.

This is after a fan went on to ask Chiki,

Why did you break up Michelle and Makena?

To which Chiki Kuruka responded by saying;

I would normally ignore this. But I guess I have time right now. Let’s do this let’s tag the people you’re chatting about because as far as I’m aware @Michelle. Ntalami has never mentioned my name in her messages. I have never been with either a non binary person nor a woman. Instead I have ALWAYS given my support to a community that I greatly love and respect.

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But these implore are starting to irritate me, not because my Inlaw ya have to respond to this BS, but because humans like YOU put allies off speaking up. I have always had nothing but respect for Michelle actually, but the fact that I have nothing to do with me, needs to end.


Makena Njeri’s new lover unveiled (Photos)

It’s finally no secret that the lovely Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri are no longer an item after months of dating.

Michelle Ntalami with ex, Makena Njeri

The two who were quite big in the Kenyan LGBTQ community- inspiring young ladies to be themselves; unfortunately had a dramatic breakup that involved social media, so here we are.

According to Michelle Ntalami, her ex girlfriend Makena Njeri cheated on her with a certain close friend called,  and others who are yet to be unveiled. Well, so far the likes of Bien Anime’s wife Chiki Kuria have themselves in this mix but as for now we focus on Makena’s new catch.

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Thanks to popular blogger Edgar Obare, we now have photos of the new lady linked to Makena Njeri, and boy is she hot. Well, judging from her photos one can tell that she is a low key person, enjoys natural beauty and is a brown beauty.

Makena’s new girlfriend

Apart from her natural looks, turns out that miss Claire Kinuthia is a gynecologist who also appears quite smitten by Makena.

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Makena Njeri’s new lady

The two were even spotted dining together at a certain restaurant in Watamu; and according to the source that exposed them – apparently these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Anyway, below is the new lady warming Makena’s bed.

12 occasions actress Makena Njeri proved her unique fashion sense in men´s office suits

Former Tahidi High actress, Makena Njeri has been giving male fans a run for their time and money with her meticulous sense of fashion in men’s wear.

I talk of men’s wear because the lass is a known and proud tomboy whose photo timelines speak for themselves.

More often than not, Ms Makena steps out in pairs of trousers, a shirt, or sweater and a hat, to complement her look. Topping it up with her signature watch that never misses in any of her photos.

Film and TV presenter, Makena Njeri

Makena has however never, I mean NEVER dressed in anything like a skirt or a dress, at least I am yet to come across one such photo of hers but she still slays in her trousers and shirts.

For most cases, she has donned a casual look and very rarely has she stepped out in a complete formal look but when she does, she never disappoints.

BBC reporter, Makena Njeri

Well, you don’t need to look far. This is why I think the BBC reporter looks dapper than most men do in men’s wears, have a look:

1. Top and trousers with a white-lappelled black blazer

During her time at the BBC studios, the TV personality was pictured rocking a white-lappelled black blazer, with a white tank top and a black pair of high-cut trousers.

Makena completed her look with a white pair of sport wear and her signature watch on the left wrist.

Makena Njeri

2. Olive-green 2-piece suit with a white shirt

Makena was once pictured donning an olive-green 2-piece suit paired with a white shirt whose first two buttons remained open to make it a bit less formal.

She complemented the look with a black pair of laced office shoes and a serious face look.

Makena Njeri

3. Black shirt and trousers with a peach blazer

The BBC reporter took on a black pair of trousers and a shirt, topped up with a black-lappelled peach blazer and a black pair of men’s office shoes.

She crowned her less formal look with some sunglasses.

Makena Njeri

4. All-black suit

As the title suggests, Makena decided to go all in with a complete black look; black trousers, black shirt and a black blazer. To this, she wore a black pair of laced shoes and some glasses paired with a smile.

Makena Njeri

5. White shirt and black trousers with a peach blazer

The popular actress once donned a black pair of trousers matched with a white, no-collar shirt and her black-lapelled peach blazer, as her signature wrist watch and welcoming face look completed the day.

Makena Njeri

6. Black trousers and a white shirt with a red blazer

On a different occasion, Ms Makena stepped out, this time a bit chilled, with a black pair of high-cut trousers, a spotless white shirt tied to the last button and a shy red blazer to complete the formality.

She took up some glasses and a wide smile to break the mood. For her feet, she opted to have a black pair of closed office shoes.

Makena Njeri

7. Pink 2-piece suit with a black shirt

Makena once went overboard and overdressed after rocking a pink 2-piece suit coupled with a black shirt and a serious face look that screamed ‘bossyness’.

She always keeps her hair short and well trimmed with clean-shaven sides to bring out a Mohawk-kind of haircut.

Makena Njeri

8. All-black 2-piece suit with an African cap

Talk of an intimidating look and Makena’s black 2-piece suit explains it best. This time around, the no-nonsense lass donned a complete, black, sharp, 2-piece suit paired with a West-African hat and that daring look that means ‘business’.

She completed the formal look with a black tie pushed to the last button.

Makena Njeri

9. Black 2-piece suit with a red blazer

No lie, Makena has proven daring in her kind of pairing of suits with screaming bright colors. The personality once rocked a black shirt and trousers completed with a red blazer that had it’s breast pocket graced with a polka-dot handkerchief.

A black pair of closed casual shoes was her pick.

Makena Njeri

10. The feminine look: Pink 2-piece suit with a white shirt and flowers in hand

In a different scenario, the loud tomboy went for a feminine look, with her pink 2-piece suit; a white shirt and a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

She gave in a reserved smile, looked into the camera lens and that was as welcoming as it ever gets.

Makena Njeri

11. Black tuxedo paired with a white shirt

The next time, Makena picked on a black tuxedo that had its satin-faced lapels clearly noticeable, completing her look with a dazzling white shirt and a black velvet bow-tie that spoke elegance.

To it, she put on her signature wrist watch and a black pair of laced shoes.

Makena Njeri

12. Olive-green double breasted 2-piece suit with a white shirt and African hat

Well, well, well, if you think you have seen it all, it looks like we are just getting started.

The film and TV producer recently stepped out in an olive-green double breasted 2-piece suit with a white collared shirt and opted to have its first sets of buttons free.

She complemented her ‘bossy’ look with a West-African multi-colored hat and some brown leather laced shoes.

Makena Njeri