Mishi Dora: I’m stressed. My baby that you celebrating her death is alive

Socialite Mishi Dora has come out to deny that her child passed on as some reports have stated.

Report that her child passed on last Friday after being involved in an accident was first shared by fellow Nairobi Diaries actress Glamour Pamm on social media.

“Please kindly pray and support Mishi who has lost her beautiful kid . No one can explain or understand the pain she is going through. It’s well with God!,” Glam wrote. 


Now, Dora has come out to shoot down the claims saying that her kid is very much alive. Without revealing what happened, the socialite asked Kenyans to stop peddling the rumors because they are hurting her kid.

“Allow me to say good morning beautiful people coz it’s morning on my side… i feel like i’ve just woken up today from a long sleep that i never wanted to wake up from…… I feel alive again today… i can afford a smile and laugh now…i’d just love to beg you my loves to stop sending me the condolences messages.. It’s draining me more because my baby that you celebrating her death is alive… god has kept her alive for me… and seeing those messages are affecting her.. She is very sensitive and it ain’t doing me good either seeing her like that… i’m really indebted to god,” she said. 

She added;

“No human being deserves to go through what i went through… i can’t even wish it to my worst enemy… trust me…i’m not special neither is my child that has gone through so much but still is here smiling at me…but she has always made the most impossible possible to us.. Thank you god… thank you my loves for your prayers and love you’ve shown me so far.. I really appreciate…. I have learnt so much this past week… and i’m coming out of it much stronger and closer to god than before.”




Mishi Dora’s advice to ladies dating men who can’t lift them up

Now that Mishi Dora has a boyfriend, she has advice for two people: haters and women with boyfriends not strong enough to lift them up.

She introduced her man sometime ago and ever since, she has been dishing advice to her fans and rebuking her haters who have been saying she doesn’t deserve him.

This time round, she asked ladies not to be scared if their man is not strong enough to give them a romantic lift.

“If he can’t lift you up like this then????.. Ahem!! Don’t panic still ,I believe he can lift you up spiritually ??” she captioned a photo which has her man lifting her. 

Then, she turned to haters and threw some shade:

“F snitches…f frienemies… talk BS about me once more n you’ll have me to contest with… mniache please… i have alot of better things to focus on right now.. not this BS you giving me.. lemme do me n you do you.. ain’t that hard is it???” she said. 

Mish with her bae


“She uses mkorogo” Mishi Dora reveals where Bridget Achieng buys her bleaching creams and how much she pays for them

The hatred between Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng from Nairobi diaries keeps escalating each passing day. After being friends for years, the two parted ways after Mishi Dora joined the reality show and started exposing the fake lifestyle these ladies live.

For now, she does not get along with not only Bridget Achieng, Risper Faith Faith and Pendo but with almost lady featured in the reality show. Her presence in the show has been felt for months now as she has proven to be stronger than most girls and I hear the ladies have now started watching their backs!

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Anyway just recently Mishi Dora got the opportunity to talk with comedian Dr Ofweneke on his live show where she exposed Bridget Achieng for lying about the amount she apparently paid to bleach her skin. According to Mishi, Bridget Achieng only used 2500 to purchase the cream and 3000 shillings to get the skin toner scrub.

When asked how she knew about all these, the Nairobi Diaries actress responded by saying she once took Bridget Achieng to River Road where she saw her pay for the items.

Fans who however commented below the video claim that Mishi Dora needs to get a life of her own since she seems more interested in what others are doing for themselves.