Mishi Dora, your turn! Makena shows her sexy figure after working out(photos)

Nairobi Diaries cast member Mishi Dorah recently tore apart Peirra Makena’s self esteem by public calling her fat and that she has a bad body shape.

It seems Makena took the words to heart and vowed to get her sexy back.

The former Ebru TV presenter has been pushing herself by working out harder than ever and she was recently online to flaunt the results and, they are just amazing.

During her coast trip where she had gone to DJ, Makena posted a few thirst-inducing photos to show the pricing of working and Kenyans –Team Mafasi especially– loved it.

“No excuse not to work out.. i’m down 2kgs heheheeee!! My tummy is slowly taking shape…… I have a target,” she said in her post. 

Getting her sexy back

Mishi Dora had mocked the DJ last year after she gave birth and has been fighting to lose weight. Well, Makena had this for her:

“After my baby..I gained 35kg…. I was 85kgs ????…I decided not to pressure myself since i was trying to figure out how to be a great mom to my LO. I believe im ready now to drop the kgs and i’m doing 60 days first to kick start me. So far without working out and all i have dropped 7 kgs. I’m now at 78kgs.” she said. 

Here are the photos:



Mishi Dora’s advice to ladies dating men who can’t lift them up

Now that Mishi Dora has a boyfriend, she has advice for two people: haters and women with boyfriends not strong enough to lift them up.

She introduced her man sometime ago and ever since, she has been dishing advice to her fans and rebuking her haters who have been saying she doesn’t deserve him.

This time round, she asked ladies not to be scared if their man is not strong enough to give them a romantic lift.

“If he can’t lift you up like this then????.. Ahem!! Don’t panic still ,I believe he can lift you up spiritually ??” she captioned a photo which has her man lifting her. 

Then, she turned to haters and threw some shade:

“F snitches…f frienemies… talk BS about me once more n you’ll have me to contest with… mniache please… i have alot of better things to focus on right now.. not this BS you giving me.. lemme do me n you do you.. ain’t that hard is it???” she said. 

Mish with her bae


Pierra Makena takes Mishi Dorah to court after she insulted her on social media

Mishi Dorah might be in trouble after insulting Pierra Makena on Instagram. Word has it that the female DJ has now involved her legal team. They will be handling the insults thrown her way by Mishi about a week ago over a WhatsApp group conversation.

As reported by SDE who reached out to Pierra Makena’s legal team, they will be suing the Nairobi Diaries reality show actress for attacking the lady and spreading false rumors about her.

Well, it is also unclear whether both parties will win the case; This is because Mishi claims that Pierra trashed talked her on a WhatsApp group and there could be screenshots. And on the other hand Pierra has a screenshot of Mishi’s post insulting her.

With such social media issues it might actually cost the two if they are found at fault. Anyway, lets us just say that Pierra was not ready for Mishi who is well known to fight for herself.

Mishi savagely attacks Pierra Makena

There issue began about a week ago where Mishi came out to attack the female DJ for body shaming her.

Through her Instagram page Mishi savagely attached Pierra in a lengthy post where she wrote saying;

Drama! “Wewe na hiyo mwili yako mzuri si uliachwa na mimba” Mishi Dora goes ham on Dj Pierra

There is some drama brewing! It’s not for Nairobi Diaries but this one seems personal beef between Mishi Dora and Pierra Makena.

Well just a few minutes ago the actress shared a post calling Pierra Makena all sorts of names on Instagram. Apparently this is after Pierra Makena trash talked Mishi Dorah saying that she has a bad body.

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The stories seem to have reached Mishi who decided to go ham on the TV personally. According to Mishi, Pierra has no right to body shame her in anyway. Mishi says to have given birth to 3 children and still maintain her figure is something very few women can do. She then challenges Pierra Makena to try giving birth to 3 kids before body shaming Mishi on National Television.

Mishi goes after Pierra Makena

Mishi Dorah reveals her source of information

According to Mishi, Pierra Makena is said to have fat shamed her in a whatsApp group conversation where they were discussing her.

For this reason the lady is now ready to face Pierra Makena and things might just get out of hand.

Will Pierra respond? Let’s wait and see!