Mishi Dora’s advice to ladies dating men who can’t lift them up

Now that Mishi Dora has a boyfriend, she has advice for two people: haters and women with boyfriends not strong enough to lift them up.

She introduced her man sometime ago and ever since, she has been dishing advice to her fans and rebuking her haters who have been saying she doesn’t deserve him.

This time round, she asked ladies not to be scared if their man is not strong enough to give them a romantic lift.

“If he can’t lift you up like this then????.. Ahem!! Don’t panic still ,I believe he can lift you up spiritually ??” she captioned a photo which has her man lifting her. 

Then, she turned to haters and threw some shade:

“F snitches…f frienemies… talk BS about me once more n you’ll have me to contest with… mniache please… i have alot of better things to focus on right now.. not this BS you giving me.. lemme do me n you do you.. ain’t that hard is it???” she said. 

Mish with her bae


Go well my love! Mishi Dora cries as her father is finally laid to rest

Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has shared a photo from her father’s funeral. Judging from when she shared the photo seems that the ceremony is currently ongoing at her rural home.

Mishi has however not had a chance to mourn her dad in peace as has currently been battling a law suit after insulting Pierra Makena.

In a recent interview, Mishi revealed that she would only apologize when it’s proven that DJ Makena had nothing to do with the WhatsApp group fat shaming her.

As for now she has joined her family and friends to give her father his final journey.

Fans and friends send their condolences

Having made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, Mishi Dora has been receiving messages of condolences from her fans.

This being a tough time for her and the family, we from the Ghafla team our heartfelt condolences to the actress’s family.