DJ Pierra Makena: I remember looking up and telling God please..please be the father to my unborn child

DJ Pierra Makena recently took to social media to share her journey as a mother. The popular DJ made it clear it wasn’t an easy journey for her and things never fell in place as she had dreamt of before becoming pregnant.

Makena shared that she had to pray a lot since she was in the journey all alone and used to cry a lot while playing Mercy Masika’s hit song Mwema. She clearly stated that she never wants to be in that kind of a situation again.

Never again

“I honestly was a little below rock bottom.. I remember I sat in my car and I played and replayed MWEMA by @mercymasikamuguro i cried so many times to God and prayed so many different prayers coz i didn’t know what would be good for me anymore… I remember looking up and telling God please..please Be the father to my unborn child……. I don’t ever want to be like this again…. and in my car in the house I just replayed the song like 100 times…” she said. 

She went on:

“The following day I went to the hub…. just to walk around and yes all the time either my sister my mom my bros or my friend would be around coz they knew I needed the support though I didn’t ask….I walked so much….and guess what!!!! My water broke. #ownmystory #BEYOU #thediaryofamomDj #imhuman #thanks to anyone who stood up for me and shared my tears. Let’s enjoy the smiles….” she posted.

DJ Pierra on being bullied online: I need to think before I click 

DJ Peirra Makena understands what cyber bullying means. The popular DJ was trolled after gaining weight a few months ago.

She has now come out to address the issue saying that at first she was in denial but later understood that working out, instead of attacking online bullies will help her eventually.


“After I gave birth I was going through depression and my weight was not adding up. My doctor insisted that i eat more because i needed to gain weight. I woke up one morning and i was 64 kilograms, you have no idea how that felt. So when somebody posts on social media how i looked terrible with my weight it broke me down,” said makena in an emotional speech.


“So for someone to wake up and say that i look terrible with my new weight, at first i took my phone and hurled insults. I picked all the f-words, n-words and all words that you would never want to use in front of a baby. Them i deleted them. I realized i need to think before i click and ever react to anything.”

Mishi Dora: I will apologize after it is confirmed that Pierra Makena was not the one abusing me

Mishi Dora is not willing to go down without a fight. After Pierra Makena’s legal team released a statement demanding an apology from the Nairobi Diaries actress for abusing the female DJ.

In the lengthy legal statement, Mishi Dora was given 7 days to issue a written and verbal apology.

Mishi refutes to apologize

However speaking to Mpasho the lady has come out to demand people to give her peace. She revealed that she is currently in mourning and needs peace to remember her late dad.

First of all, I am mourning my father and I don’t want all these negative fights around me.

Lawyer handling the case

Mishi went on to add that her lawyers are handling the case and she will not apologize unless it’s not proven that Pierra Makena was the one insulting her.

I have a lawyer, he is handling all that and my management team is handling that issue. like I said I am not going to apologize until Pierra confirms to me that it was not her who was insulting me on that WhatsApp group.

She concluded by saying;

I am willing to apologize if it is confirmed that it wasn’t her using that number. If not then I am not going to apologize. But if it not her then I am going to apologize. That is all I can say right now.

Is Pierra Makena joining Nairobi Diaries? She responds

About a week ago Mishi Dorah went out screaming insults at Pierra Makena who allegedly fat shamed her on a whatsApp group.

However, turns out that this was just another misunderstanding or rather mistaken identity. The lady referring to herself as Pierra Makena is just a die hard fan who sadly insulted Mishi Dora in the group.

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Anyway, Pierra legal team finally managed to get hold of the lady who has now cleared the air. Pierra on the other hand is still pressing charge against Mishi since the Nairobi Diaries actress refused to apologize.

Is this a plan to introduce the lady to Nairobi Diaries

Due to the scandal, people are claiming to thatthis could be a plan to introduce the lady to the show.

Responding to the accusations, Pierra denied the story saying;