It’s a girl! Msupa S unveils her newborn’s adorable face (Photo)

Msupa S just welcomed baby number 2 and the hip hop artist can’t keep calm. Well, after keeping her pregnancy on the low for the first 7 months; Msupa S finally clean about her pregnancy a few months ago after unveiling a baby bump photo.

The news came as a surprise to many since most of her fans were not aware of her Kenyan boyfriend living in the United States. However after going through her posts, many realized that the fella had been quite active on the comment section; and I’m guessing this is how the guy got to bag the hip hop artist.

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Pregnant Msupa S

Well, 9 months later and baby is finally here to keep Msupa S a bit busy. However, this time around she has all the help she needs from her baby daddy; unlike the first one who left her stressed and depressed following certain relationship issues.

Msupa S introduces daughter

Anyway thanks to a new post shared on her Instagram page, we understand that the singer recently welcomed her second baby girl and she couldn’t wait to introduce her to the online family.

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Sharing her daughter’s first photo on Instagram, Msupa S wrote;

My permanent blessings ❤️

Check out the newborn below, isn’t she adorable!

Msupa S newborn daughter

Kalenjin Hip hop super star Msupa S pregnant, flaunts grown baby bump (Photo)

Rapper Msupa S is eating life with a big spoon in the United States where she has relocated to about a year ago.

Msupa S before and After

From her posts, we can tell that Msupa S is doing just fine and the weather also seems to love her as she appears to be glowing. The good life.

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Well apart from that, looks like she also bagged herself a man who is responsible for her pregnancy. As seen on her social media pages, Msupa S shared a photo taken back in August; meaning the bump is bigger in reality than it appears on the photo shared.

Pregnant Msupa S

Baby on board

From the stories shared online, many believe that this could be Msupa S’ first born since she never talked about having any kids before.

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We also understand that the photo shared above was taken back in August; meaning baby bump could be even bigger or the baby already arrived and Msupa S is taking her time before announcing.

Tbt: Msupa S

Anyway, as for those who mocked and poked fun at Msupa S’ music; well guess who finally has the last laugh?

Female rap wars should come back!

One of the things that made 2016 a memorable year, at least for me, was the female rap wars that dominated the local music industry.

It all started when rapper Njeri released a song dubbed No King. She took a swipe at several Kenyan artists, both male and female, in the song  including the self-proclaimed rap queen Femi One.

In the diss track, there’s a part where she ridiculed a song by Femi dubbed Brikicho that failed to become a hit.

Femi One
Femi One

As expected, Femi did not take the insults lying down. She got into studio a few days later and realeased a song titled Pilau Njeri.

Apart from ridiculing Njeri in the song, she also took shot at other Kenyan female rappers and reffered to herself as the baddest femcee.

Before we knew it, Njeri released another diss track dubbed Conoka (Femiplan). Female rappers such as Kyki and Noti Flow also weighed in with a songs titled Kuku Mwitu and Forehead respectively.


Soon enough, everyone was talking about the beef and waiting for the next diss track to drop.

To be honest, that was a very interesting time. I honestly wish that the female rap wars could come back not for any other reason but because I enjoyed how each of them went out of their way to show us that they were the best.

The beefs brought the local rap scene to life. We even forgot about male rappers for a moment since we were focusing on their female counterparts.

I often imagine how things would be like if we had the female rap wars today and I get excited just by the thought of it.

The best part is that Njeri, Kyki, Femi One, Noti Flow etc. are all alive and kicking so why don’t they do the needful? I have to ask Msupa S to sit this one out because nobody takes her seriously anyway!

Watch  Femi One’s Pilau Njeri below.

Femi One mocks Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat in latest hit ‘Hiyo One’ (Video)

I have longed for the day when I could finally say that Kenya’s queen of rap Femi One is finally back. Ladies and gentlemen, that day is finally here! Femi One is back! You can tell that I’m excited as I write this, I’ll try and contain myself.

Allow me to jog your memories a bit. Do you remember how Femi One killed it on Pilau Njeri, Jah or the Ligi Soo (Remix)? These songs were released more than three years ago. This was when we could all agree that she was in her best element.

Somewhere along the way, she lost her mojo so much so that mediocre rappers such as Msupa S thought they could trade insults with her. Imagine the audacity! I digress.

Femi One

And no, no one has said that Femi One has not released any song in the last three years. She actually had a couple of songs. However, most of her fans, including yours truly, felt that she was just releasing music for the sake of it and not what we had known her for.

After being lost for so many years, Femi One is back to her roots or rather given us a reason to believe that she is still the badesst female rapper in the region.

A few days ago, she released a brand new hit dubbed Hiyo One and we can’t get enough of it. Everything about her new song is on point.

From the punchlines to the wordplay, to the beat, to the beat that was made by Kevin Provoke. Nothing is amiss about this song. For the first time in a long time, I really felt like Femi had lived up to her name as the queen of Kenyan rap.

Femi One

My favourite verse in this song has to be when she said “Fresh kama Tropical fresh Vs PK, I am so sick f*ck Hope kid DK,” I was literally on the floor when she dropped that line.

I listened to Hiyo One a couple of times while trying to understand the thought process behind it. I came to the conclusion that Femi One can never be dethroned. It’s never happening.

The video was directed by Ricky Bekko of Big Dreams Entertainment.

Watch Hiyo One below and tell us what you think.

Msupa S was just comedian, no one took her seriously

Sandra Chebet Koech, alias Msupa S, has been away from the music scene for some time. However, it seems like no one is bothered with her hiatus which begs the question, did she have any fans at all?

To be honest, none of us took the self-proclaimed queen of Kale hip hop seriously from the beginning. I still remember how I was first introduced to her music. A friend thought I should watch a video by Msupa S that was soooo (sic) bad that it was actually good.

The song that made her household name was a re-fix of the international hit, All the Way Up, performed by Fat Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana.

Weeks later, the lass was doing media interviews and comparing herself to the likes of Cardi B and Beyonce. When she appeared on The Trend, Msupa S told Amina that her friends told her that “she could rap like Beyonce.”

The Kale queen did another interview on Citizen TV where she took shots at Kenyan female rappers, including Femi One, Kyki and Njeri. Wrong move! But then again, maybe her boyfriend-cum-manager advised her to do so to gain popularity.

Before we knew it, Msupa S had a new song with Khaligraph Jones dubbed Watajua Hawajui. The song was catchy, that is not up for debate. She started getting shows and before we knew it, she had disappeared from the music scene.

She re-appeared in January this year and accused Willy M. Tuva of hitting on her. Interestingly, she later claimed that the posts had been made by her jealous boyfriend.

We had not heard much from her until recently when she debuted her new collabo with Best Boomer dubbed Wana Nini.

After listening to it a couple of times, I came to the realization that Msupa S has really grown. Her punchlines are more solid, her delivery and rhymes need a little work but you can tell that she’s getting there.

She’s slowly moving from a comedian who was the butt of odd jokes to a household name. All she needs is time!

Watch Wana Nini below and tell us what you think.

“Please tosheka na wako” Msupa S calls out Mzazi Willy M Tuva for hitting on her

Mzazi Willy M Tuva has seduced a wrong woman, female rapper Msupa S has not taken it lightly that the celebrated radio presenter hit on her.

Msupa S took to social media to expose the Citizen Radio presenter, she claims that Mzazi was hitting on her even when he knows that she already has a man.

“@mzaziwilly_m_tuva pliz tosheka na wako min I’m taken .wacha kunisumbuwa,” wrote Msupa S.

Angry reactions

Msupa S’ post surprisingly drew angry reactions against her, most people claim she only wants publicity since she could have solved the matter with Mzazi himself privately instead of exposing him on social media.

See some of the comments below:

marydouglas5082: That’s very stupid of you, unajua ni wanaume wangapi hutuchokoza wanashinda inbox zetu tunakanyangia chini?? Ww ni mjinga sana ata enda kwa news if you like ?Si ulete ata screenshot tukutambue idiot

bryton_drake: this lady is an embarrassment to the Kenyan music industry.. Apuodho lilo

the_twinkle_doll: @mzaziwillytuva come take ur mess?????????? lkn jameni wasichana….???

clinty.brodie:  Aki sijui mbona nilimfollow msupa S????? si upost vitu ya maana jamani

abbieomwesh: Illiteracy is a disease?. Hungem DM umkatazie huko? Did u have to bring it here? Ama Sisi wote ni tuva?

officialkish254: We unataka fame

jemwetich: @queenmsupas is your account hacked??




Msupa S: No mjulubeng is small for a well kept nunu, Vera Sidika is announcing that her nunu is ‘ngombe’ size

Otile Brown was recently exposed by Vera Sidika as an under-performer in the bedroom. The bootyful socialite publicly announced that the singer was poor in bed and that he never satisfied her for the duration they dated.

Vera took to social media to share screenshots of her WhatsApp conversation with Otile Brown to prove that they had issues with their sex life.

In the screenshots, Otile was complaining about Vera touching herself even when he was with her, but the socialite explains that she resorted to pleasuring herself since he couldn’t satisfy her because he has a small mjulubeng.

Vera is so immature

Rapper Msupa S has fired at Vera Sidika for talking ill of her ex. The female rapper ruthlessly tore into the bootyful socialite in a series of tweets.

“Disrespecting an ex and smashing him online will and has never been my thing….Besides that i have Never gone bad or insults to my Exes…. Vera behaving like an adolescent arrested form one kid.” Msupa S tweeted.

She goes on to blame Vera Sidika for not being satisfied in bed, Msupa claims that the socialite can’t be satisfied because she hasn’t kept her nunu intact.

“Dear men, Get in get out, no one has ever won an award for being good in bed. Meanwhile Vera Sidika should stop open up her adolescent brain and remember that she is announcing that her nunu is ‘ngombe’ size. Sad ???,” Msupa S tweeted.