Nadia Mukami talks lesbianism, abortion and dating

Kenyan sweetheart, Nadia Mukami has trashed claims that she terminated Arrow Bwoy’s pregnancy.

Nadia, who has time and again proudly confessed she is a virgin, has not only had fans thinking she has aborted a couple of pregnancies, but that she is also lesbian.

The sensational singer engaged fans in a Q&A session online, claiming she is idle and needs to hear all the gossip that has ever been told about her.

Nadia Mukami

One fan stated:

Ati ulitoa mimba ya arrow bwoy

An awe-struck Nadia came out laughing at the rumor affirming:

Lmao lol

Sijawahi beba mimba

However, she was quick to clarify to her audience that she is no longer dating Dancehall artiste, Arrow Bwoy.

Ali Yusuf stage name, Arrow Bwoy

J Cole

Though she acknowledged the fact that children are a blessing but hers needs to come from one man, and that is none other than American rapper, J. Cole.

Children are a blessing and I can’t wait for that experience probably in few years prolly with Jcole

There is something about the American idol that has stolen Nadia’s heart and she just can’t get over it.

With critics telling her those dreams are unattainable and that the rapper is pretty on a different level, none of that has deterred the singer’s vision to claim J. Cole.

Sadly though, it seems things in paradise are no longer going well after she confessed ‘Our relationship is on the rocks’.

Disbelieving masses have time and again called out the songstress for hiding her relationship status by using J. Cole as her scapegoat.

A fan articulately noted:

Ur single pretented to be in a relationship

Nadia then bashed:

Stop hating on me and Jcole.


A fan sought to confirm about Nadia’s alleged pregnancy, speculations that started last year after she stepped out with a grown belly.

Nadia Mukami flaunts her protruding belly

But she responded:

With great lyrics.

For her, the only pregnancy she can afford at the moment is channeling good music her fans’ way.

The fast-rising female artist has previously indicated that she has too much on her plate to have children yet.

Children are a blessing but I am focusing on myself and my career as there is so much in store.

Nadia Mukami

Sexual inclination

On another note, fans persistently asked her about her sexual orientation, posing:

Scandal ya lesbian ukiwa highskul

But she responded:

Strictly d**kly

Another insisted:

We ni lele hupendi mjulubeng????

Only to reiterate:

  Strictly d**kly

¨The man who makes my ovaries shake…¨ Nadia Mukami goes gaga over American rapper, J Cole again

There is just something about American rapper, J. Cole that seems to have enticed Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami who has time and again gone public about her undying love for him.

She in the recent past announced that she is dating the American rapper and fans took her for a joke because that is probably the best one could give anyway.

However, this week, she declared that the only celebrity she would ever get intimate with is the International rapper.

I mean, I´m already dating him but he doesn´t know. J. Cole. I´ve said it a million times. He´s my baby daddy, we don´t have kids yet. He´s my husband, we are not married. He doesn´t know me. He has a wife but….J. Cole.

Nadia Mukami expresses undying love for American rapper, J. Cole

Love poem

Now, she has written the American rapper a long emotional post, seemingly a heartfelt poem, wishing he could just hear her cries.

She started off:

Man of my dreams,

Going deeper, the songstress could not hold back the urge to start a family with J. Cole, showering him with lots of praises, you´d think they´ve already met.

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami

Revealing that she would sire the rapper a good ´6 children, back-to-back´.

The man who makes my ovaries shake
The man who swiped me off my feet (but in this photo he swiped me off my make up????)
The father of my 6 children back to back!
The only man who wouldn’t cheat on me!

However, the ¨Maombi¨ singer decided to unearth one of her old, rusty throwback photos, and montage it with J. Cole´s flawless photo.

But she believed:

I know Jcole would still love me like this!
I mean sometimes it’s about inner beauty????????

Nadia Mukami publicly declares her love for American rapper, J Cole

Finishing off:

Your Kenyansweetheart
Your short bae
Yours truly
KaNadia Katambe ???? (Proof that mkipendana mnaanza kufanana mpaka pozi, love makes you twins)

J. Cole is married and a family man but Nadia seems to have given a deaf ear to that.

International rapper, J Cole and his wife, Melissa Heholt

Nadia Mukami trolled for chasing clout, by using American rapper, J Cole as bait

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami is on the receiving end after fans called her out for cheap publicity, by insinuating she is dating J Cole.

In a series of Instagram posts and updates, the songstress shared a photo of herself grinding on the American rapper alluding:

Jcole my love????

Finally we have decided to make it official????

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami allegedly dating American Rapper, J Cole

Before gushing:

You know I do not like public relationships????but he got a charm on me????My chum chum????My abuju buju???? Beyoncé and Jay Z got nothing on us! Hashtag love looks like this! #Your couple goals! Hashtag Love like Juliet and Romeo (put a snap of fingers as sound effect)
We won’t listen to haters, our love is strong❤️ #kaNadiakatambe

According to the Kenyan lass, ´their love´ is second to none. Forget Beyonce and Jay Z or even Romeo and Juliet, their tale is different.

On a couple of slides, Nadia decided the only way she could prove haters wrong is by sharing screenshots of their conversations.


Fans are however not taking any of it in. According to them, first, it is clear all that was Photoshop.

Secondly, J Cole is married to a dear Melissa Heholt, with whom he has a second child. So unless Nadia comes in as a second wife, fans are not quite sure there is any relationship.

American rapper, J Cole and his wife, Melissa Heholt

Lastly, no one is up to believe J Cole went round the world and ended up landing in Kenya to seek a wife, particularly, Nadia Mukami.

Take a look at some of the harsh comments:

_shar.on__ show us the conversation where he said you should DM him????



@nadia_mukami mwaari..u sure that’s the original account uh?????????



@_denis_mwirigi atleast ata angemfollow????????????


nitramyrn Unatafuta clout ww????????????




@nadia_mukami is that serious! You’ve gone far before setting up with home gangs….all the best if it’s true



@nadia_mukami kumbe cardi hakudanganya ama kazi ya Mungu haina makosa


jamaaflanimpole Peana io kitu naniiii peannaaaaaa????????????????????????????????????????????????


fashioniconstan_ Halafu haters watasena ni Photoshop????????????????



@fashioniconstan_ ???????????? Cole is already married naona amepata second wife. ???????????????? we are very happy on her behalf…. Atleast day Cole atakuja kulipa dowry atathrow performance????????????


michael_ngene98 Utakulwa tu na uachwe.



@michael_ngene98 mapema mno????????????????hata vera na otile waliachana tu


maniac_boo Enyewe there is power of pussy ady international ????????????sio juju ni maombi????????


shaddy_wa_techcentral The photoshop guy did a great job. How much did u pay?


chris_curltexx Umeamua ku smash yesu????????????