Every time I have been in a near death situation, my first reaction is to say No – Nameless reveals brain condition that almost killed him

Singer David Mathenge popularly known as Nameless has opened up about a brain condition that nearly killed him in September last year.

In an interview with KTN, Nameless opened up about  fighting subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is bleeding in the brain.

“I was in a board meeting, it was for PRISK. It was quite an intense board meeting that went on for about five or six hours. Then I started getting weird sensations in my throat. I thought if I drink water or sprite it’ll ease, I felt it creeping into my head. It was like bubbling.

“I started feeling a thumping and people who were in the boardroom were like hey are you ok? I told them I am not feeling good and I need to leave. I walked down the stairs, just in that short time probably like one minute, but by the time I reached the door of my car, I could tell something was totally wrong,” said Nameless.

Almost died

He went on to add that the feeling was followed by intense pain which made feel like he’s going to die in the next second. Luckly, his colleagues at PRISK, Noni and Daddy Owen, rushed him to Nairobi Hospital before he was transferred to Aga Khan University Hospital and admitted at the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

“Every time I have been in a near death situation, my first reaction is to say No! I have been on a car accident and in this case, as I found out later, I was saying No! I am not going now! I can’t! I am not ready to go!


“So, I was holding my head like this because I remember it felt like it was going to explode and I could feel it boiling…I was like No! No! No! I am not going, I can’t go,” he explained.

He went on:

“I was at HDU for 10 days, after the 10 days I was moved to a normal ward. They were like now we have reduced some of the medicine and the blood is reducing. In total, I think I stayed for three weeks.

“The only problem for me, separate from the haemorrhage, is when I lie on the back for long I have intense pain. I have always had an issue with my back.

“Some painkillers were suppressing it and I didn’t realize it but after five days the pain surpassed the one that was already being suppressed. I had to be taken back to theatre. That developed just because of me lying horizontally for too long.”

“I was told by the doctor bro you just almost died, forget about work….Then it sank in, that shifted me to just relax, it was high season, I had bookings, I had to tell them no. Let me just enjoy being alive,” he said. 

Wahu: My husband spends more on shoes than me

Singers Nameless and Wahu were recently on IG to reveal their financial quagmires as fans followed closely.

According to Wahu, her hubby usually spends so much on shoes. In fact, he spends way more than her.

“Well, this guy here spends a lot of money on shoes. He buys his shoes so expensive. For me I window shop first and bargain before buying anything. I also look at it first before spending a coin on it. For my husband, window shopping is a not a thing for him.” said Wahu.


“He buys shoes that are of the same colors and I am like, you cant spend that amount of money on a shoe and why have ten pairs same colors?”

Men also need to look good

Nameless on the hand defended himself saying that a man needs to stay smart.

 “Mwanaume ni viatu. You better spend on your shoes than even on the clothes you wear adding that men shoes are more expensive than ladies.” he said. 

“We want the situation when our kids do not fear us so much but at the same time respect us. My wife is usually the tough one in bringing up the kids. She is the chief-whip of the family.”

Nameless names three important things to note if you want to be a successful musician in Kenya 

Nameless has been in the music industry for close to two decades now. That comes with a lot of experience and the singer recently shared some.

Nameless shared three secrets that have kept him in the business for that long and how he has managed to keep his fire burning.

In an interview he shared that younger artists should know where their strengths lie in terms of talent, discipline and strategy.

“There are three things I always tell young artistes, even when I am mentoring them: There is talent, discipline and strategy. I always say that sometimes a person is strong in some parts, and weaker in others because people are different.There are people who are talented, but they are not disciplined, others are talented and disciplined but do not have a strategy. Maybe you are talented in voice but you do not know how to put those words well, then just get a writer to write for you,” he said in the interview.

SInger Nameless and Wahu

Strengthen that part you are good at. Subconsciously, initially I always tried and strengthened my weak points, but now when I sit down I realise they just revolve in those three angles. In the creative art there is a time that you can be in the mood to create and there are other times you are out of the mood completely. It is not coming at that point you want it to come.

Keep your writing simple

“At that time what do you do because you have to work? So you need to get some support at that situation, even myself I open myself to writers, I have always written my music, my own work. The first song I was helped in writing was Butterfly, which was in Luganda, so I needed to get some assistance in that and I told someone this is what I want, so they did it for me.”

Nameless concluded, “Those three points are what have guided my career over time, every time I am weak, I find a way to strengthen it so that it is a full package.

“I think I am very strategic [have been] ever since I was young. If you want to work on strategy learn how to play chess. Even as kids, I try to get Tomiso to play chess because it helps your mind to be strategic. I try to keep my writing simple, I learnt that in university, that is few words but strong.”