Ibraah Vs Tommy Flavour Vs Zuchu: Who is the best with their music so far?

Tanzanian music keeps dominating the East African region. With big names like Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize and Alikiba being in the forefront to grow more talent by the day.

In the past few weeks the three mentioned have unveiled new talents namely Zuchu, Ibraah Tz and Tommy Flavour  under their labels and have been on a spree to promote their music.

Well who is the best among the three?

Ibraah Tz

So far Konde Gang managed by Harmonize has Ibraah who dropped his first track “Nimekubali”a soulful drip of love. From the look of things fans are already in love with the lad.

Ibraah had been doing song covers before being signed by Harmonize. For one he posses the RnB vibe that is fast growing in Tanzania.


Tommy Flavour

This is another RnB sensation that has been in the music scene for a while now. However, it was not until he got signed under the Kingsrecords label owned by Ali Kiba that people got to embrace him.Tommy had his first single “Ömukwano” debut recently and he is doing well.The collabo with Ali Kiba became his selling factor.

Anyway as we wait for more music from his I must say he has the chords for RnB.


When she was first introduced, not many knew Zuchu aside from the music covers maker. After days of teasing the world about the new signing the Diamond owned WCB records, finally unveiled Zuchu.

The daughter of reknown Taarab singer Khadija Kopa becomes one among few lady singers who write her own songs.

She first debuted in the industry fully with an 7 song Ep that has so far been welcomed by her fans. Though under the umbrella of big artist like her Boss Diamond Platinumz and her Mum Khadija Kopa she faces the pressure of leveling up. But all that is a matter time to really determine her strength in music.

Now the ball is your court music lover who do you feel has had a good touch with fans so far among the three?

Alikiba’s new protege Tommy flavour enlists him in new love song “Omukwano”

Just days asfter he was unveiled as the new artists under King’s records, Tommy Flavour has dropped his first single “Omukwano”. He features his boss Alikiba.

What’s commendable about the song is the perfect blend of their vocals. The two artists smoothly complement one another.

The transition of voices in the song is smooth, and the mood is kept constant throughout the whole song . Omukwano which is Ugandan word for “my dear”.

As the title suggests, most people would expect the song to have lots of Luganda in it but no, its in simple Swahili and very easy to understand.

Lyrical prowess

For  Tommy Falvour you’d realize he posses some strong RnB vibe thus Omukwano was just a perfect way to start off.

He starts off by telling his girl that she makes him go crazy because of the love he feels for her. Further he says her love her blown him out before he goes down to the chorus.

Tommy sings off about how he enjoys being in love with this girl.Typical right?

Ooh mukwano go, Naenjoy

Penzi lako, Niko hoi

But again everyone deserves some good serenade and the duo did justice to it.

The chorus, simple as it is, passes on the message clearly. The song is very easy to relate to as everyone can relate to love.


Shot in the beautiful beaches in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The video is beautiful and compliments the theme of love that’s full in the video. Just watching it makes one long to visit the beach and if possible, get to take a ride on a yatch under the sweet sunshine.

Tommy flavour, signed by Ali Kiba under Kings Music, comes as a full package as he sings, writes and produces. He has written songs for artists, like Avril, Vanessa Mdee, Wahu, Ommy Dimpoz, Wanje and Nandy among many others. He is also behind the trending song dodo by Ali Kiba as he assisted in writing and performing it. Besides writing good songs for other artists, he has done songs such as Nishzama.

Ali kiba is behind songs like “Dodo” that’s still 6 on trending. This is after it was released a week ago he excited the internet after featuring Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto in the song.

The duo seemingly are to be closely watched as they seem to be resetting the pace for bongo flavour, especially now that Tommy is said to have helped write Ali’s new song.

Rating 8/10