Otile ditched by Jovial just weeks after buying her brand new Mazda Demio

It seems Otile Brown can’t just stop losing women.

Just weeks after Otile announced he has signed budding singer Jovial and even bought her a brand new car, A Mazda Demio work Ksh 700,000, Jovial has left his label.

According to sources, the singer ditched Otile because he’s too controlling and she felt he wasn’t taking her in the right direction.

“That’s true I have left the label after a misunderstanding with Otile over some issues I felt weren’t right. But we are still cool with each other,” Jovial told Nairobi News.


The two worked on “Zichune” which performed really well on Youtube gathering almost 800K views. After being her the car, Otile took to social media to share how talented the singer is.

“Mtoto mkali na anaimba ajabu.. i bless you with this small moti to help carry you around.. they ain’t ready for you .. And by the way @jovialmusic_ is kenyan, born and raised in Mombasa .. let’s support her #zichune ft @jovialmusic_ link on YouTube #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove,” said Otile Brown.

Otile Brown ventures into Lingala in new collabo with Jovial dubbed ‘Amor’ (Video)

Kenyan singer Jacob Obunga, alias Otile Brown, has dropped another jam with Afro-fusion singer Jovial.

Dubbed Amor, their new collabo was released barely a month after the two talented debuted their mega hit dubbed Zichune.

As the title suggests, their new song is a love ballad. Amor is a Spanish word that means love.

As expected, both Otile Brown and Jovial really came through in this jam. Their vocal delivery was really on point.

One of the many things that I love about Jovial is that she can change her voice from sweet-sounding to this rough but sexy voice.

Of course, we can’t fail to appreciate the Lingala vibe in the song. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the reason why this jam is an instant hit.

Jovial and Otile Brown
Jovial and Otile Brown

I love the simple shoot locations that they picked for this song. It really gives it context. In of the scenes, Jovial is seen feeding Otile Brown at a construction site. Does it get any better than that, honestly?.

Amor was directed by X Antonio and I think he did a great job, especially with the scene transitioning.

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Vicky Pon Dis, is also pretty decent. A few seconds before  the song ends, from 3:02, you’ll hear this sweet Lingala instrumental. It’s just lovely!

Jovial has been putting in a lot of work lately and believe you me, it won’t take long before she becomes  a household name.

Watch Amor below and tell us what you think.