Otile Brown Ethiopian ex denies she hates Vera Sidika

Before Otile Brown curvy Ethiopian bae Nabayet, there was Vera Sidika.

Otile and Vera Sidika loved each other and they wanted the whole world to know. When the break up came, the whole world also followed as the two, especially Vera, tore each other apart.


After the ugly drama, Otile moved to Nabayet before later also breaking up. In a question and answer session with fans on social media, Nabayet denied she hates Vera since the drama.

“Why on earth (would I hate her)? I actually admire female hustlers,” she said after being asked whether she hates her. 

Another question was whether she still loves Otile Brown even after parting ways. Without clearly answering the question, she hinted that she still misses him.


Otile ditched by Jovial just weeks after buying her brand new Mazda Demio

It seems Otile Brown can’t just stop losing women.

Just weeks after Otile announced he has signed budding singer Jovial and even bought her a brand new car, A Mazda Demio work Ksh 700,000, Jovial has left his label.

According to sources, the singer ditched Otile because he’s too controlling and she felt he wasn’t taking her in the right direction.

“That’s true I have left the label after a misunderstanding with Otile over some issues I felt weren’t right. But we are still cool with each other,” Jovial told Nairobi News.


The two worked on “Zichune” which performed really well on Youtube gathering almost 800K views. After being her the car, Otile took to social media to share how talented the singer is.

“Mtoto mkali na anaimba ajabu.. i bless you with this small moti to help carry you around.. they ain’t ready for you .. And by the way @jovialmusic_ is kenyan, born and raised in Mombasa .. let’s support her #zichune ft @jovialmusic_ link on YouTube #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove,” said Otile Brown.

Some fans believe Otile Brown is posting imaginary shows while on ‘tour’ abroad

Singer Otile Brown is currently abroad visiting a few places here and there and fans believe that he’s using this opportunity to dupe his followers that he has a huge following there.

An observer took to social media to dig the popular singer following a post claiming that one of his shows in Austria was lit.

According to the fan, Otile is posting imaginary shows that never happened.

“How come we don’t see you posting these shows since you really got us hyped. We only see you appreciating fans while you are seated,” the fan commented. 


The comment posted on Instagram started getting a lot of attention as more and more fans joined in to share that they never saw a show from the singer.

Otile was eventually forced to respond saying that only his die-hard fans saw his shows.

“I post all my shows on my storyline. You should know if you are truly a real fan,” he said in response. 

Well, we all know African artists perform to just countable people on these abroad trips so Otile should just leave it at that.

Kenyans admit loyalty to artist, Otile Brown soon after Ethiopian bae departs for motherland

Kenyan artist, Otile Brown´s recently introduced Ethiopian bae, Nabayet, now bids Kenyans goodbye, who have turned up in drones to admit loyalty to the urban contemporary artist.


The flawless beauty revealed this on social media, saying:


Soon after, the beauty was home:


Meanwhile, busy tourist Kenyan lover, Otile Brown is away to Europe enjoying the ride, currently in Stuttgart, Germany.




However, what many don´t understand is why he is solo in Germany while bae is off back home and beg the two to just stick together and even walk down the isle.


The bongo artist, publicly flaunts his bae, Nabayet during his visits to all sorts of places, including adorable couple photos of his birthday.


This has been his signature stunt since time immemorial with Socialite, Vera Sidika.

However, since then, our screens have not seen much of the two, but we do hope all is well.

Additionally, fact that he is set to release a new jam might be the reason for his solo trips all around, though no room for speculations!



Kenyans who felt compelled to get back to the Ethiopian beauty literally swore their loyalty to Bad Man Shivo in his absence, even begging the two to stick as one:

Feels like you aint coming back.. don´t leave our guy, our baddest shivo @otilebrown


You are our wife, we love you too @nabbi__????????????????????????


@nabbi__We love anyone Otile brown loves. That´s how loyal we are.

He says you are the one we don´t ask questions. Come back soon.????



@otilebrown_ natarajia kuona dada anavaishwa pete inshallah

Ushakuwa wetu sasa in-law.

I dedicate Mapenzi Hisia by Otile Brown to you @nabbi make our boy great we love seeing u together

@nabbi Welcome again????????


We hope the loyalty is real and just not a stage play to await future dramas, then launch online attacks.