Vera to Kenyan women: Stop pushing your men to change

Socialite Vera Sidika was on Instagram this weekend to share that a man will never change for a woman unless he wants to.

According to Vera, men should not be pushed because at the end of the day, they’ll decide what they want to do.

She further to women that men they are trying to mould will never change because to them, they are not the lovers they desire.

“I’ve seen men leave 5-10 years relationships, turn around and get married to a woman he’s known for 6 months,” she said.


Vera also believes that men only change when they like you a reason why women should stop pushing them.

“And does all the things his ex always begged him to do. Word of advice. Stop preaching to these men, they hear you.

“He’s not going to ever be the man you want him to be because you’re not the woman he wants to be with, people change for who they want, period,” she wrote on her InstaStory.  

Diamond Platnumz’s family not happy with Vera Sidika’s dress code during Tanasha’s baby shower

Vera Sidika became a topic of discussion last week after gracing Tanasha Donna’s baby shower skimpily dressed.

Fans have been complaining over Sidika’s see-though dress that exposed her underwear saying she shouldn’t have been invited at the party. Vera clearly wanted to steal the show from Tanasha but it didn’t happen.


Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz wasn’t also happy with the dress code and threw shade hinting that Vera shouldn’t have attended the party in such an attire.

According to Esma, Vera came in with a mosquito net only while everyone came with a net to protect them from mosquitos.

“Tunaambiwa kila siku tuwe makini na mbu nikaamua nije na net yangu mapema kiusalama zaidi japo beach hamna mbu wengi ila nikakutana na mwenzangu kavaa chandarua kitupuuuu.” she said. 


Here is why Kenyans are launching out attacks on Otile´s ex, Vera Sidika

When you give your word, Kenyans will back you up. But if you´re out to fool them, they´ll come out guns blazing.

This time, Vera Sidika is the victim.

Back when she split with Otile Brown, she made Kenyans believe that the RnB singer was not up to it both financially and in bed.

Kenyans believed her, backed her up and slammed the ´Mapenzi Hisia´ singer for failing big time!

There was definitely that percentage that swore their loyalty to Otile and were with him through thick and thin.

Unfortunately, Vera´s lie has been uncovered and the higher percentage is out to fire shots in the socialite´s direction who to them is nothing less than a liar.

Otile who has moved on to current Ethiopian bae, Nabayet, is living life on the fast lane and serving goals with his beauty and brains of a girlfriend.

It has now dawned on Kenyans that Otile is not actually who Vera alleged he was. If anything, he has made it in life!

Just yesterday, Otile shared a photo of himself savoring his successes, deeply immersed in a Jacuzzi and some pretty lavish enclosure.

It is definite that Otile is living a lavish lifestyle despite Vera´s claims.

So what Kenyans have done, is go after Vera for being a pathological liar and this time they mean it.


Comment section

These are some of the attacks launched:

@nabbi__ But when were you planning to tell us that Vera lied ???????? you smart smart huh ????????


I know right??????????????????????Hapo mbele iko Sawa


So vera lied to us na venye uko loaded….


So Vera called that thing a toothpick basi ako na borehole ????


Vera why did you lie to us, all i can see here is a loaded machine


@shirlyn_akinyi_wakuloba ???? ???? ???? ako nayo… Vera alitucheat


Vera alikuwa anatudanganya kumbe


Kwa haraka haraka vile nimeona iyo picha kumbe vera alidanganya


Vera ni Muongo sana aki