Vera to Kenyan women: Stop pushing your men to change

Socialite Vera Sidika was on Instagram this weekend to share that a man will never change for a woman unless he wants to.

According to Vera, men should not be pushed because at the end of the day, they’ll decide what they want to do.

She further to women that men they are trying to mould will never change because to them, they are not the lovers they desire.

“I’ve seen men leave 5-10 years relationships, turn around and get married to a woman he’s known for 6 months,” she said.


Vera also believes that men only change when they like you a reason why women should stop pushing them.

“And does all the things his ex always begged him to do. Word of advice. Stop preaching to these men, they hear you.

“He’s not going to ever be the man you want him to be because you’re not the woman he wants to be with, people change for who they want, period,” she wrote on her InstaStory.  

This is how Vera Sidika met her new boyfriend Jimmy

Socialite Vera Sidika has shared how she met with her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa who is from Tanzania.

Vera, speaking to Wasafi FM said that she met him in TZ and they started talking from there own they met for a date.

“We met here in Tanzania. We started communicating and what followed was dating. I feel like a hopeless romantic and when I fall in love, I do for real. We have so many things in common and he is the love of my life. I really do love him. We have been dating for five months now,” she said.


The socialite went on to say that the two connect and this doesn’t feel like all the bad toxic relationships she has been in before.

“When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It’s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I’m 30 and I think I’m ready for kids,” she said. 


“I am a keeper unless I can’t take it. My relationship with a nigerian guy was abusive, I had to leave.”

Vera Sidika’s bae sends her lovely message as she turns 30 years old 

Vera Sidika’s new catch, Jimmy Chansa, recently took to social media to shower her with a sweet love message during her birthday.

The two love birds have been parading each other on social media leaving a number of women jealous and some wishing they break up soon so that they can have the handsome doctor.

Third floor

Jimy took to social media to post a message after surprising her with a bouquet of red roses and a cake.

“My love, I truly wish that you are blessed with all the happiness, Health,Joy & prosperity in life. After all u will share all that with me!!???? won’t you? Happy birthday to the twinkle of my eye and the person whom i love from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️ @queenveebosset” he posted. 

Vera melted to this and rushed online to reply:

“Awww ????baby daddy so sweet ???? thanks for the birthday surprise ????I love you so much and pray God Keeps us forever ????☺️❤️ Nakupenda ????”

Lucky man! Wild reactions as Eric Omondi man handles Vera Sidika’s huge derriere(video) 

Comedian Eric Omondi has managed to switch national football teams battling for a cup to two countries in East Africa trying to prove which has women with the best behinds.


We all know some of you like to troll Vera for “being plastic” but given a chance, you won’t help but be all over her.

Taking to social media, the Omondi posted a video with Sidika at her palour playing around with her buttocks something that really fired up social media.

The video which is all meant to promote AFCON watching packages was been enjoyed over 300K times on Instagram alone.

“TANZANIA ni nini munayo nyinyi ati @wemasepetu Sisi tunaye Vera na hamtamueza????????????????????????????????… This being single will kill me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? @queenveebosset

Catch all the action live and in HD. All packages. #TukoNdani #Afcon2019

Here’s how fans reacted:

Minsrih Uliachwa na chanty lakini naona unacheza kama wewe… Kucheza na mapanty..

Sammy_kioko Si unaskia poa tuache mambo ya ball kesho

Phil_director @ericomondi I think unaongelea ball tofauti sana

Mcharuko_ Mnaturingishia vera sisi huku kuna huyo anaitwa sachiiii na huyo anaitwa poshqeen ni fayaaaaaa hizo za wema weka pembeni joooh hmtuwezi hata

Mr_puaz Weee @ericomondihujui tupo na nini?? Tupo na @idrissultan tupo na @albertomsando tupo na @hajismanara , tupo na @pierelikwidi na zaidi tupo na @jaguarkenya 

¨Nachizi walai!¨ Jegede´s love for Vera Sidika gets too much for him to contain

Kenyan super producer, Jegede once again shows love to socialite, Vera Sidika after writing her a love letter.

Jegede´s heart has been in a bid to win over Vera´s and doesn´t seem to want to back down after coming this far fearlessly captioning:

According to Jegede, and ideal man is one who proudly showers praise to his woman publicly before fellow women and not vice versa.

The recording artist decided to take the high road, even sharing Vera´s snaps on his own Instagram page.

To an extent he captions:

Isn´t she lovely? Nachizi walai!

He definitely has gone gaga over the ´woman´ in his life.

On yet another of his posts, the ¨Bujubuju¨ hitmaker reveals the oceans he can cross, just for the curvy beauty:

However, seems he hasn´t reaped much after the bootyful businesswoman went mum on the issue, seemingly not paying attention to him.


Fans are however trying to wake him up from his sleep citing that Vera is just not of his class, he needs to realize that soon.

They fire all sorts of shots, probably to scare him away urging him to stop disgracing his dignity:

Sasaa utawezana na vacation za hollywood na high end shopping,mna mambo


Tafta mwingne ako na otile


Wewe chizi kabisa…huyu dame haingii box yako????????????????????????


Dont forget she is pregnant ????????????????


Ata rington alitaka Zari stylo hio hio na hakupenya… You are a shame.


Unatafuta kiki kijana… We Fanya mziki mzuri… Sisi tuko nyuma yako.


Acha kuchanganyikiwa na Maisha.


All u want is fame otherwise the rest issa throw,lakini kama kijubeleng kiko size,wee jaribu bahati yako,lakini hapo umekosa njia

Hehe, this one though:

You went that low? REALLY?????????? Unachizi kwa kimtu kama VERA? You’ve officially gone crazyyyyyyyy

But others make an entire scene out of it all:

Usiskize mtu bro, roho juu kaa kichwa twiga. Go for it. Chama cha boychild comrade power tuko nyuma yako all the way.


Bro..always go getter hoping the best for you..#goget vera-ggv


Vera Come see our Man …Ajegedee yoyoyo????????????#disco matanga????


Cheese her Mr. Jegede there is love for Vera????

But for his gospel brothers:

Lakini bro huogopi neema aki

Another trying to plead for him:

Vera kubali tuu