While Diamond is stripping for women on stage, Tanasha is back at home showing her loyalty to him: I can’t cheat on him

During his recent concert #Onemanoneconcert in Kahama, Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz once again proved why he goes by the name of Simba!

Thanks to a few video clips making rounds on social media; we see the singer getting too freaky with a female fan on stage while performing hit song Eneka.

Tanasha on the other hand, isn’t under pressure from such stunts. She’s knows the occupation comes with its pressures and she believes she’s built for that.


No worries

The sassy presenter had to deny that she’ll cheat on Diamond  following clip on social media hanging out with her male co-workers.

She wrote:

“These are the kind of friends I have and this is us at work.”


A fan suggested that Diamond should be very careful with her because she looks like a cheat.

“I think diamond should be very careful,” a fan said. 

Tanasha responded to the fan saying that Diamond has no reason to.

“He has absolutely nothing to worry about.” said the presenter.

‘I have a man every woman dreams of’- Tanasha Donna screams

Are you dating the man of your dreams?

Well if not, it’s because he might be stuck with Tanasha Donna.

The cute radio host took to social media to brag how she has secured the bag(ok, almost) by flaunting her lover Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond, it’s not a secret, drives ladies crazy. It never used to happen when he was broke though and a majority of fans have always mentioned this once in a while.

Tanasha however couldn’t hide her blessings, taking to social media to share that all women want a piece of the famous singer while she enjoys every inch of him.

“Love of my life. The gentleman every girl dreams of. Can’t wait.” she captioned their photo. 

Diamond, according to the radio presenter,has been one person who has held her down in the music game. She recently revealed how supportive he has been saying that he even helped her create her new banger.


“How did I ever get so lucky!” Tanasha Donna’s special message to Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have been dating for a while now and from the look of things these two seem to get stronger everyday.

Despite both living in two different countries they often make it possible to see each other; however most Tanzanian on Instagram feel that this relationship will not last.

Even with the negative vibe coming their way, Tanasha continues to prove that she will not be living her man anytime soon. Just recently through her Instagram page she a photo of the Tanzanian singer and went on to caption it;


How’d I ever get so lucky Jamani? ????????❤️????❤️

I thank God for you everyday????

Diamond Platnumz dismisses side chick

This special message comes just a few weeks after Diamond Platnumz exposed his former ex side chick for trying to ruin his relationship with Tanasha.

Diamond Platnumz went on to share WhatsApp receipts showing how Lynn had been trying to get his attention but he kept on pushing her away especially because of his relationship with Tanasha.

well, I guess he finally decided to change after Zari left.

Zari sends cryptic message to Tanasha during Valentines Day: You can’t change him  

Mother of five kids Zari Hassan broke up with the father of two of those kids, Diamond Platnumz, last Valentine’s day, accusing him of cheating on her several times.

Zari has marked this years Valentine’s by sending a cryptic message to Diamond’s new catch, Tanasha Donna, warning her that the singer will end up doing the same thing to her just like all other women he’s been with.

Taking to social media, Zari posted the message saying that Tanasha wouldn’t be able to change Diamond.

“I do not know who needs to hear this but unless he wears a diaper you cannot change him,” Zari shared.

Meet up

Perhaps she might not be talking about Tanasha and Diamond and fans are just over reacting. In a recent interview, Tanasha revealed that social media has always tried to pin the two against each other.

Tanasha confessed that even though she has never met Zari, she hopes she’ll meet her soon and they can iron things out.

“I hope one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing us, but one day, God-willing, we shall meet and talk,” said the radio presenter.