Tanasha Donna responds after Risper Faith accuses her of failing to pay cosmetic surgery worth Ksh 850,000

Tanasha Donna is once again trending thanks to a bill she allegedly failed to pay. Well, the stories went viral thanks to Risper Faith who exposed the singer through Edgar Obare’s page; and yea – that’s how this friendship ended between the two ladies.

According to Risper Faith, Tanasha Donna reached out to inquire about booty surgery; and having dealt with some professionals who did her 500k liposuction – Risper decided to take Ms Donna to the same clinic.

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However instead of paying for the surgery the clinic offered free liposuction for Tanasha; who in turn – she was supposed to post photos of her body to help market the clinic. But guess what – Tanasha got her body done and afterwards disappeared.

Addicted to debts?

So since Tanasha wasn’t interested in having her body publicized or even linked to the clinic; she was then asked to pay 850k to cover for the surgery which she apparently has failed to till date.

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The funny thing is that this is not the first time Tanasha Donna is being accused of failing to pay a bill. A few months ago she was accused of failing to pay her makeup artist and before that – some owners of boutique called her out for failing to pay for some outfits she had picked from their store. Debt disorder?

Tanasha Donna responds to Risper Faith’s accusations

Witj the stories making rounds on social media – Tanasha Donna late last night shared a post that read;

Once they realize hating isn’t working they start telling lies.

Well, clearly this was directed at Risper Faith who leaked the story….and I guess the ladies will not see eye to eye for a while if not forever.

Tanasha Donna flaunts big booty and hips after body reconstruction in Nigeria (Video)

Tanasha Donna is said to have undergone cosmetic surgery meant to help boast her figure; and judging from her latest posts – we clearly now understand why she has been spending so much time in Nigeria!

Singer Tanasha Donna before surgery

Well, unlike the old Tanasha will a flat…you know – and kinda dimply hips; the new Donna looks like a curvy manikin that is judging from her latest post; and of course the viral video making rounds on social media.

From what we can see is that Tanasha Donna now has a big booty and the hips…man the hips are to die for! However unlike other socialites on social media; the lass did not go to the extreme but chose to have a figure that works well with her well built legs.

Sleek Body and looks

Before sharing the video flaunting her new bought figure; Tanasha had earlier shared a new flawless curvy that left fans assuming that she had photoshopped her figure; only to realize later on that it had actually been bought!

Tanasha after surgery

The new move comes months after Tanasha made it known that she was planning on investing on herself; and while we thought it’s the usual ‘working on my career bla bla’ talk – the lass out of nowhere surprised us.

Well, after being linked to billionaires from the coast region a few months ago; seems like Ms Donna did collect her mullah in plenty hence the costly cosmetic surgery.

With this body, damn…y’all ain’t telling mama Naseeb anything; but again – gym muhimu sana!