Finally? Tanasha Donna hints about finding new lover

I’m starting to feel that Tanasha Donna is slowly slipping away from the fame she earned while with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz; but this is only because fans are not appreciating her music as much as they should.

So allow me to say that Tanasha Donna’s music is underrated and most of her fans seem interested in her love life more than her music career. Same struggle Hamisa Mobetto has been facing since her relationship with Diamond ended.

Tanasha Donna

Anyway after taking a short break from dating,  looks like Tanasha Donna may  be planning to jump back into the dating pool; and the mother of one confirmed this in an answer she she gave during a QnA session on her Instagram page.

Responding to a fan who inquired whether Donna had found a new man; Ms Tanasha responded by saying;

I’m more focussed on the bag and perfecting my craft on a daily, but kinda got someone on my mind. Slowly creeping into my heart. Scary.

Tanasha in love

Well, apart from hinting about finding a new lover, she went on to make more obvious in a different post where she wrote;

So happy…So so happy

Well, could be that she bagged a Nigerian fella after her recent music tour in West Africa. Who knows!

Is Tanasha Donna the sole provider for her son? Manager speaks

Tanasha Donna welcomed her first born baby NJ, at 23 years and being a first time mum she definitely had a hard time; but thanks to mama Dangote she learnt a few tricks here and there to help manage the stress.

After her break up with Diamond Platnumz, the Kenyan singer returned home; and rumor has it that she has been living in her old apartment before she moves to her new Runda home.  So far Tanasha Donna has been making headlines for the wrong reasons however I guess that is the price you pay for fame!

Anyway, as the world marked Mother’s Day on 10th May; African Castro who is Tanasha’s manager left tongues wagging with his special message dedicated to the young singer. As seen on the screenshot shared by Tanasha, Castro not only praised mama NJ for the job well done; but for ensuring her son doesn’t sleep hungry.

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Kenyan songbird, Tanasha Donna

Castro’s message

This was one of the messages Tanasha received as she marked her first year of being a mother. The words written by Castro were however filled with love and support for the young who is still learning different tactics of hacking motherhood.

He wrote on to write saying;

Good Morning ain’t it a blessing to wake up one morning from a young lady; to becoming a woman! Am proud of you, especially as a single mom. You have done what it takes to ensure your son never goes to bed without a meal and wake up to your love.

He went on to reveal that Tanasha has since matured into a fine young mum who understands the importance of motherhood. He concluded his message saying;

You are a wonder, special, super being I watched you learn how to be patient with yourself since nothing in nature blooms in a year. Phenomenal. Happy mother’s Day my G.

However there are those who feel that the message clearly wanted to point out that the young lass is the sole provider of her baby boy. Could it be that Diamond Platnumz is busy helping the poor but is neglecting his own?