Finally? Tanasha Donna hints about finding new lover

I’m starting to feel that Tanasha Donna is slowly slipping away from the fame she earned while with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz; but this is only because fans are not appreciating her music as much as they should.

So allow me to say that Tanasha Donna’s music is underrated and most of her fans seem interested in her love life more than her music career. Same struggle Hamisa Mobetto has been facing since her relationship with Diamond ended.

Tanasha Donna

Anyway after taking a short break from dating,  looks like Tanasha Donna may  be planning to jump back into the dating pool; and the mother of one confirmed this in an answer she she gave during a QnA session on her Instagram page.

Responding to a fan who inquired whether Donna had found a new man; Ms Tanasha responded by saying;

I’m more focussed on the bag and perfecting my craft on a daily, but kinda got someone on my mind. Slowly creeping into my heart. Scary.

Tanasha in love

Well, apart from hinting about finding a new lover, she went on to make more obvious in a different post where she wrote;

So happy…So so happy

Well, could be that she bagged a Nigerian fella after her recent music tour in West Africa. Who knows!

“It is like nothing you have seen!” Tanasha’s manager spills the beans on her upcoming huge project

Tanasha Donna might be prepping fans for a new dose of her talents in the music industry.

The Kenyan singer has in the past had her album launches and music performances turn out an utter disappointment to fans who thought she was just not meant to be an artist.

With a failed Donnatella EP launch, the young model bounced back with a couple of hits, inclusive of ‘Gere’ that was a blow to her fans.

Tanasha Donna


After landing in Kenya, late February, the songbird cautioned:

We’re just getting started……

Further labeling herself:

Ticking time bomb… ????

Kenyan artist, Tanasha Donna

Laughing off her critics and know-it-alls:

If you thought you knew me or my plans… think again… ????????

Posing with her manager, Castro, Tanasha recently hinted that what she was about to unveil was something never seen before.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. We just getting started. Wagwan manager? Shall we? ????????@africancastro ????????????????????

Tanasha with manager

To confirm it all, Tanasha’s manager, Castro divulged there is bigger and better set to be unveiled this April from his  ‘Radio’ girl.

There is a planned media tour that Tanasha will have to unveil a huge project she has been working on. Tanasha has a new video coming out at that time. It is off the Donnatella EP. It is like nothing you have seen.

Tanasha Donna

Well, just when we thought she was letting her guard down, she might actually be pouncing back tougher, like a wounded lioness. Let’s wait and see.

“This is just the beginning” Tanasha promises her EP release soon as she juggles music and motherhood

Tanasha Donna gave birth and tried her best to keep it lowkey but hakuna siri ya watu wawili.

So yes, she finally confessed after much push and pull from fans and the media, that she did deliver couple days ago.

However, being a first mother means she will have to learn the ropes of motherhood but gradually.

The ‘radio’ hitmaker has revealed she has a lot on her hands to deal with, right from music to motherhood but maintains she will juggle both.

So far, Tanasha has two music releases ‘Radio’ and ‘Naheasy’ which have hit the airwaves and the rest has been history.

Diamond’s Kenyan girlfriend has been promising fans to have an album release pretty soon, dubbed ‘Donatella EP’ that seems to be cooking a bit too long.

Currently 90% done, confessing that the deep Swahili bit is what is taking her a bit too long to compile because she is terrible at it.

But she promises to stick to her word and through her Insta stories, she expresses:

As I focus on my son and family, I’m simultaneously strategizing on the Donatella EP release party. We’re doing 2 exclusive parties in a month and a half both in Kenya and Tanzania. Hope you ready for me, this is just the beginning.


Amependeka! Tanasha Donna applauded by Diamond´s mum and dad tagging her as ¨Mrs Simba¨

Kenyan model, Tanasha Donna Oketch this week released her new jam, ¨Radio¨that has hit the airwaves and her lover´s parents, applaud her.

On the video shared across media platforms, lover, Diamond Platinumz too shared it with fans and followers on his Instagram and attractively captions:

The Tanzanian bongo flava artist, shares his love for the beauty, citing that Tanasha has indeed made women across the globe Proud!

In response, the Kenyan media personality romantically shares:

Chiiiiiiii ???????????????????????? dat banger ????????????

You have no idea how much this means to me.. Not a clue.

Thank you so much D. I Love You❤️????.

Additionally, Diamond´s mom and dad too appreciate the stunning model sharing:

Kama umetisha vile ???????? Mrs ????  @tanashadonna #RADIO


Mzee Abdhul too shares:

kama umeikubali kma mimi basi twende tukaipeleke no1treding ❤️

Diamond´s ex

Many have questioned the move by the Wasafi family who have come out to applaud the Kenyan songbird yet failed to do the same for Diamond´s ex, Hamisa Mobetto.

According to the WCB , Tanasha Donna´s new banger is way better that Hamisa Mobetto´s jams that weren´t as such well received:

Hii sio mbovu kama ile ya hamisa ????????????????


Fans however feel that Tanasha´s new jam is lit and applaud:







This jam took so many people by surprise. Her voice is so dope. Great things to come????????????????????


Continue making me and the women in the world proud????????????????????…….ALIE ELEWA HII ENGLISH DIAMOND ALIETUMIA HAPA ANAIELEWESHE


Wasafi festival itatisha mwaka huu????????uku tanasha ????uku mzee mond a.k.dudulayuyu????????????

The Kenyan family did not disappoint neither, coming out in numbers to express:

???????? to the world ????????????


The real Simba!!???????????????????????? Appreciate it big homie???????? #MoJuice


Weeee nlidhani hutampost tanasha wetu tungeandamana KENYA nzima adi bongo.


@tanashaldonna chiiiiiii Tisha mbaaaaaaaya as yo name


@mj__qun ???????????? that’s our own product…we don’t do it in mother-tongue same Tanzania’s???? daima mimi mkenya????????


Tz wengi haelewi kuzungu????????????utaskia wakisema hiyo ngoma ni ni mbaya????????????

And to those throwing shades Hamisa´s way, did not spare her ego:

@wcb_wasafi_newzkweli kabisa hamisa anaimba kama analia huyu anaimba kwa kujiamini


Kama hamisa hamfikii hata akiruka.. ???? like please