Zari Hassan leaves fans heartbroken after postponing Tiffah’s birthday Party

Zari Hassan has postponed her daughter’s birthday party hours before it kicked off.

The highly anticipated birthday party that had been scheduled for August 17 in South Africa has been shifted to a later date because of Zari’s tight schedule. Tiffah Dangote was set to celebrate her birthday alongside a huge crowd after she turned 3 on August 6.

Using her (Tiffah) Instagram account, Zari announced that the party won’t be happening this week. Zari is still in Uganda and it seems something might have forced her to cancel the party.

I will throw my bday Party before the month ends Inshallah. Change of plans. Mom is caught up” wrote Zari through her daughters account.

Diamond is expected to fly 30 fans from Tanzania to South Africa to join his family in the celebrations. Zari, severally, has hinted that she would prefer the party cancelled and the crowd set to jet in stays in Tanzania.


Diamond Platnumz’ family share they might miss his son’s birthday

Diamond Platnumz’s family are not sure they will attend his son’s birthday party. Diamond’s son with Hamisa Mobetto, Abdulatifah Naseeb, will have a birthday on August, same month as his daughter with Zari Hassan.

The family said they are focused on Tiffah’s birthday according to Global TV. Tiffah’s birthday is on 4th August while Naseeb’s is on 7th August.

Esma Platnumz, Diamond’s sister, said she won’t attend the event because she has never been invited to any other function in the past.

Why now?


“Hivi ushawai one kina Hamisa wanatualika kwenye issues zao hata kidogo? Hivyo hatuwezi enda hata kidogo wala hatutarajii kuenda kabisa”, she said.

Diamond’s family members was also reported saying that there is no need to hide the fact that they are focusing on Tiffah’s birthday party.

Tiffah Dangote trades her ponytail for her dad’s dreadlocks, Check out her new hairstyle

For those who have been having doubts as to whether Tiffah Dangote is Diamond Platnumz daughter then by now I bet you don’t need a DNA test to prove this to you. The young girl took after her dad and this is something we cannot debate about especially after her mother changed her hairstyle.

She is ow rocking hair braids that look like dreadlocks which have completely given her a new look and shockingly she looks like the younger version of Diamond Platnumz.

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The photo uploaded on her Instagram page has left fans complementing her new style. Tiffah Dangote remains one stylish toddler — thanks to her mom and dad. Anyway, Zari and Diamond Platnumz precious princess was photographed strutting her stuff in her mum’s dressing table and the photo is just too cute!

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo
Tiffah rocking her new hairdo