Victoria Kimani forces her parents to explain why they never taught her Swahili (video)

Singer Victoria Kimani, despite nowadays being in Kenya a lot, still can’t speak fluent Swahili unlike her brothers Bamboo and Kimya.

The singer was a topic of discussion recently after openly confessing that she doesn’t know Swahili but she’s not too concerned about it.

Well, it seems she is.

Not taught

Kimani recently approached her parents demanding to know why they never taught her Swahili and they are as guilty as they come. In a video posted on Instagram the singer is seen asking them– rather blaming them for not knowing Swahili.

“Why didn’t you teach me Swahili? The first thing you should have said to me straight out of the womb was Mambo?” the singer is heard telling her father.

Kimani in November told fans that she had started taking Swahili lessons but had to drop out eventually because of people always mocking her for being poor at the language.

Address me in English. I don’t understand Kiswahili – Victoria Kimani

Kenyans, and maybe Tanzanians… Ok, you too Ugandans, the next time you address singer Victoria Kimani, please let it be in English.

The singer has confessed she doesn’t know Swahili and comments in Swahili on her social media accounts have always confused.

He statement comes after a follower insulted her in Swahili and she had to get someone to translate to her. Maybe she doesn’t trust Google translate enough.

“Lazima ni baraka za Mungu kwamba sielewi Kiswahili kwa sababu sitawahi kuelewa zile chuki huelekezwa kwangu….. Haha ..Endeleeni kuongea, sioni, siskii, Wala sielewi neno, ni herufi tuu. Like a stamp of Gods protection over my heart, soul and mind,” read a post on her Instagram.

The singer confessed that she tried learning Swahili but stopped because people mocked her. Kimani was born in the US and stayed there for the better part of her life till 10 years ago where she relocated back to Kenya.


She posted in Swahili asking why other artists from abroad are not getting a backlash for not speaking Swahili.

“Napenda sana, Tanzania na Afrika Mashariki kwa jumla. Lakini inakera sana wakati baadhi ya watu wanadhania kuwa, sizungumzi lugha ya kiswahili kwa kupenda kwangu, ama kwa sababu nimekataa kujaribu nijue….. Ukweli ni, hata wakati ninapoweka bidii na kujaribu kwa kadri yangu, wengi wananicheka kwa matamshi mabovu, wananihukumu na kunipiga mkwara kwa kukosa uzoefu wa Swahili, wakati wao walizaliwa uswahilini.

Nimejieleza Mara kwa Mara kwa zaidi ya miaka 6, lakini kwa wengine bado.

Naomba niulize… Je, mbona hawaulizwi wasanii wa USA na sehemu zingine sababu za kukosa kuongea Swahili?

Ni muziki zao muna enjoy… bila maswali. Wengine hupata raha wenzao wanapopata tabu!

La Kwanza, sijui Kiswahili, ninapojaribu, pia bado ni mbaya , matamshi mabovu, na kunifanya bonzo wa kuchekelea!  Nishaawahi kuja kazini kwako nikikuambia la kusema au kufanya?

Uzoefu wako wa kuongea kiingereza na matamshi yanapokua mabovu? – sijakukosoa.  Kwa kweli mambo kama haya yananifanya nisiwe na nia lugha yeyote- ila Kizungu!  Unapopenda mziki yangu, unaipenda, kama huipendi, huipendi.

Lakini sita anza gumbaru ya swahili sababu yako wewe!” read her post.



Victoria Rubadiri loses close family member

Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri is mourning after losing a close family member. The news anchor took to social media to share that she has lost her grandfather Prof. David Rubadiri.

David Rubadiri is a former University of Malawi Vice Chancellor and poet. He  passed on during the weekend and was highly praised for his memorable literary works such as Poems from East Africa and Stanley Meets Mutesa among others. He was 88 years old.



Rubadiri on social media mourned him saying that his work will always resonate with the people.

This literary giant now rests. Prof. David Rubadiri breathed his last today, but his words continue to inspire so many across this great continent. His legacy is one I could never live up to. The name he gave me is one I will continue to carry with pride. Rest in peace Babu,” she wrote.


Rubadri leaves NTV for Citizen TV, Set to hold for a pregnant Lilian Muli

Days after Larry Madowo resigned and got another job from BBC, fans begged him not to leave behind his co-anchor Victoria Rubidiri. It seems their prayers have been answered though not fully.

Victoria Rubadiri has now ditched NTV and is headed for Citizen TV where she’ll be replacing a pregnant Lilian Muli, sources say. Rubadiri becomes the latest journalist to ditch the ailing Nation Media after eight other leading journalists left recently.

Citizen wins big

Some of those who have moved to Citizen TV include Pamela Asigi, former NTV’s editor, was appointed Managing Editor, English desk, whereas Jamila Mohammed, former NTV’s Swahili news anchor will now be Citizen TV’s Managing Editor, Swahili desk.

Rubadiri sad her country of origin Malawi missed the popular Black Panther premier 

NTV news anchor, Victoria Rubadiri, is feeling remorseful for her country of origin because they never got a chance to watch the highly anticipated Black Panther movie which premiered on Valentine’s Day.

The journalist, during NTV’s entertainment segment, said it was sad that Malawi, in 2018, had no cinemas and were forced drive miles all the way to Zambia to watch the premier.

Many have no idea that Rubadiri has Malawian roots. Popular poet and scholar James David Rubadiri was her grandfather though Rubadiri is a Kenyan of many mix of races and tribes.

Black Panther poster

A mix of everything

To define her ethinicity, Rubadiri once said:

“My mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, my grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and my grandmother, Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Put that together and you could say I am a little bit of everything.”

Black Panther was a huge movie and went on to break box-office numbers. Kenyans were excited after Lupita Nyong’o was among the lead casts. Namibia also got represented after Connie Temweka Gabisile Chiume, who is a South African citizen, made an appearance playing mining elder of Wakanda country