Victoria Kimani wants to become Ghanaian now…let her

Victoria Kimani is back on her bullshit. This time, while complaining about Naomi Campbell becoming Kenya’s tourism ambassador, she declared that she is Ghanaian. I say we let her because at the end of the day, she is the furthest thing from a proud Kenyan and adds little if anything to the Kenyan culture and experience.

You see, while she might have a point in her objection of Naomi Campbell’s appointment, her condescending way of communicating this is just so boarish it really does nothing but distract from the conversation, making her the lightning rod for anger and attention.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani trying to thirst trap

For those of you not in the know, there has been a heated debate surrounding Naomi Campbell being announced as Kenya’s tourism ambassador. Kenyans from all walks of life have decided to share either their disdain or support as if it would affect either the decision or the rate at which Kenyans are sinking into poverty given how shambolic the Kenya government handled the Covid19 lockdowns.

Open letter to Victoria Kimani in defence of African men (including her father and Bamboo)

Anyway, one of the people who decided to share her opinion on the matter was Victoria Kimani and the singer who is Bamboo’s younger sister decided to threaten kenyans with her disowning and disavowing her Kenyan heritage…

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani

This was about rich coming from a woman who has in the past been very vocal about hating everything Kenyan and at some point even went on to declare her allegiance to Nigeria. And for a while this strategy seemed to be working for her as she was even signed to MMMG records. But when it became clear that the Nigerian audience wasn’t fully behind her nor was the Kenyan audience feeling her vibe.

Victoria Kimani: When music no longer brings you the renown you crave, thirst traps will

As a result, Victoria Kimani had to come back a bitter woman who still puts out music but due to how Kenyans perceive her to be a turncoat and her recent diatribe about her opinion on Naomi Campbell’s appointment is still in the same vein. Rather than focus the conversation on something that makes sense like a logical argument, she instead made it about how she wants to be Ghanaian.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani leaves no room for imagination

And at this point I have to say that perhaps it would be for the best. She would be getting a new experience in a culture she clearly loves and we would be rid of the troublesome noisemaker who is honestly in my opinion as irksome as mosquitoes get when they decide to sing you the song of their people while you’re enjoying your sleep.

Why Victoria Kimani failed to connect with Kenyan fans

This would be win-win for Kenyans.

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Open letter to Victoria Kimani in defence of African men (including her father and Bamboo)

Victoria Kimani is a woman who seems to have gotten to a point in her life when she is wondering where the good (African) men are at. I think it is called the epiphany phase in dating circles have exhausted their options of men begin to lament about this.

Victoria Kimani: When music no longer brings you the renown you crave, thirst traps will

She took to social media to decry the existence of African men whom she accused of never helping make her feel safe and protected.

And according to her, all that African men do is exploit their women, violate and rape them or simply just abuse them physically. And apparently, like animals, we cannot help but victimize and be violent to women because it is in our DNA.

And somehow, she felt ALL African men need to be reminded that women are not mere punching bags.

Now that I have brought you up to speed of what is a clearly inebriated rant, let us address the message beyond what Ms Twitter Fingers has decided to share. You see, hers is a blanket statement that does more than eschew ignorance, it simply tells us that she has selected her mates poorly and ended up with the criminal element.

Victoria Kimani
Award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani seems to be talking from an emotionally charged place where she is speaking about what she has experienced with every single African man she has dealt with but at the end of the day, as an adult, she must bear the burden of responsibility for whom she chooses to lay with. If they simply chose to view her as a semen receptacle, it is because she chose men who were only after sex and deviant sex at that. Or perhaps it was down to the fact that she has made her brand all about the allure of sex and sensuality she promises. So the men that responded to that brand are the sexual deviants.

“The outcome will be crime and death,” Victoria Kimani’s depressed brother threatens to commit suicide

If Victoria Kimani has only dealt with abusers, perhaps it is down to the fact that for one reason or another, she either chose to ignore all the red flags these criminals set off or it was due to the fact that dealing with criminals excites her. Maybe in her past, she dealt with so many criminals that she is incapable of pair-bonding with normal, balanced African men. And now she is conflating cause and causality, thinking that because she is routinely attracted to violently criminal men… HYBRISTOPHILIA.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani leaves little room for imagination

Or maybe the key to understanding why Victoria Kimani chose to deal with criminals and only;y perceives African men as criminals lie in her past dealings with her father -her upbringing- or her brothers Bamboo and Kimya. Maybe we should first focus on these three men who for one reason or another, Victoria Kimani feels they failed to protect her from a criminal African man. But I do believe she was raised in diaspora by her pastor father but who knows…

Why Victoria Kimani failed to connect with Kenyan fans

Whatever the case may be, rather than making ignorant and xenophobic statements, the solutions lies in her seeking therapy and healing from the demons of criminals that haunt her.
Perhaps the solution simply lies in her taking an introspective look at herself and understanding why she insists on dealing with criminals. And while I could point out Victoria Kimani’s feminist mantras and chants about being an independent woman capable of doing better than what men are capable of accomplishing (including protecting herself), I will not swing at the rotten low lying fruit.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani in sheer “clothing”

But whatever road she decides to pick (my money is on her continuing to perpetuate her ignorance), she needs to stop this stupid song about African men this, African men that. Her father is an African man. She needs to tell us whether he abused her. Her brothers are African men. She needs to tell us which of them is an abuser. Start by sweeping your own homestead and not that of the neighbours.

Until then, we should all do well to ignore her after reading and sharing this open letter with her that is. For aeons, African men have been demonized by foreigners, our land insulted and our ancestry mocked and devalued. We are tired of being demonized for the ways of criminals. We are good solid men, loving fathers, protective husbands but in the age of equality, no one is entitled to my protection. Especially not a poisonous woman spewing nonsense about me, a man she has never met.


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Victoria Kimani: When music no longer brings you the renown you crave, thirst traps will

Victoria Kimani is back on our radar but not for her music (whuddathunkit?) so we are not going to really be talking about her music but rather about the fact that she is doing everything else except releasing music to get her headlines.

“The outcome will be crime and death,” Victoria Kimani’s depressed brother threatens to commit suicide

You see, Victoria Kimani is one of the talented women who hasn’t seemed to click with any audience. This is largely her fault as she never had any songs that either celebrated the fact that she was a Kenyan speaking on Kenyan realities. She also lost a lot of Kenyan fans when she decided to stake her success on working with and pushing for the Nigerian market.

Victoria Kimani
Award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani

The problem with that approach is the fact that Nigerians do not really support anyone other than their own. They are famously closed off to any external influence and though they will embrace an outside artist, it doesn’t translate in album sales, concert performances nor endorsement deals.

Wedding bells? Victoria Kimani publicly admits she would marry Redsan (Video)

So Victoria Kimani was left abandoned in limbo once her MMMG contract was up. She is still churning songs once in a while and even has a clothing line that she has launched but that isn’t what usually gets her featured in our collective psyche, it is usually down to her complaining and belly-aching about something and her posting thirst traps which seems to get her more mileage on blogs and social media tabloids.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani in a bikini

That is currently the case after she posted a photo of herself in some swimwear to promote braids of all things:

And perhaps this is where the key to her resurgence might just lie. Perhaps she should put out music that is marketed in envelope pushing ways. Or perhaps her music should feature her scantily clad more often than not. Afterall, that has worked for Gengeton artists.

Why Victoria Kimani failed to connect with Kenyan fans

Or maybe she should go all in and invest in branding herself as a femme fatale. This might spark a lot of interest in her music but at the end of the day, it is her body, her brand and her image so the final decision of what to do is hers alone to make. All I would ask is that if she decides to goo this route, then she really should commit to it and go all out. No half-assing her way through this measure.

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Why Victoria Kimani failed to connect with Kenyan fans

Victoria Kimani has been trying to break into the Kenyan market ever since she started her music career. Given how abysmally that has gone, I am pretty sure she and her team will try to argue this point but the truth is, for an artist to succeed, their home town/ country of origin/ ethnicity has to back them 100% or they will have to create a different home base.

Victoria Kimani started off her career while still based in America. And the type of music she did was decidedly Western. Add to this the fact that Kenyans really had no idea to even look out for her music and you can understand why it was a bit of a struggle for her to penetrate the market.

When she finally had gained some measure of renown, another problem presented itself. Victoria Kimani didn’t try to endear herself to Kenyans. She genuinely did not care whether or not Kenyans liked her or by extension, her music. That is why for a long time, the only way to introduce her was to refer to her as Bamboo’s sister.
Now contrast this to how Victoria Kimani endeared herself to Nigerians when she decided to take a stab at conquering the Naija market.

Victoria Kimani put in the work! Sure, she had a major record label backing her allowing her the kind of access to the connection she eventually garnered but she really put in the work.

Victoria Kimani adopted the Naijapop sound, she would use some pidgin in her songs, she would make an effort to be pleasant when she was out and about mingling with Nigerian entertainment bloggers and journalists. But whenever it came to Kenyans, she would be very caustic.

Address me in English. I don’t understand Kiswahili – Victoria Kimani

And soon enough she found out that while Nigerians are nice to her, they merely tolerate her. So when she put out a diss track attacking Tiwa Savage, Naija turned their backs on her.

Nigerians savagely attack Victoria Kimani for dissing Tiwa Savage

And now she is left without a home base once more. So what is there to do? That is the question we should be asking next after the thirst trap photos stop working.

Victoria Kimani leaves no room for imagination with her thirst trap photos!


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Victoria Kimani denies she’s cheating with Wizkid

Singer Victoria Kimani has spoken for the first time after being accused of sleeping with Nigerian singer Wizkid.

A fan took to social media to accuse the singer of sleeping with the Nigerian artist despite knowing very well she has a girlfriend.

“Victoria you are a real disgrace to womanhood and Chocolate City team that has had your back for years even with all your bad misbehaviors. I will expose you for the person you really are since you decided to involve yourself in what doesn’t concern you,” claimed the fan on Twitter.  


In return, Kimani didn’t confirm or deny the allegations but said she’s allowed to sleep whoever she wants.

“Lmao Aww this was cute 1.) You must be one of M’s side chicks that he had working for free at the same office his girl was slaving at 2.) I can sleep with who I want,when I want I want. in any position I want what’s next 3.) love ya sis,” she said. 

Kenyan artists that have revolutionized Music with collaborations making songs bangers

Kenyan artists seem to be picking the right niche in music.Teamwork among them has brought about change in the music Industry as more collaborations are turning out to be better than Individual songs.

For this we do a breakdown of Kenyan artists that give juice to music when it comes to collaborations.


As a solo artist the self declared OG  has clearly picked his fan base.He can proudly stand in the legendary queue without question.Here is why.

Khalighraph Jones’ style of rap is said to be like that of  like American rapper Twistas among others. His effort in working with upcoming artists in Kenya is evident as through it  many Kenyans Came to know about some artists that have now stuck in the Kenyan music industry.

Such artists that have collaborated with the OG include ‘Kiboko”  hit maker Masauti, Msupa S of Watajua hawajui, Cashy of Micasa Sucasa, Petra of Rider just to name a few.

The Kansoul

The legendary  Genge group that includes  Mejja, Kidkora and Madtraxx has also been a face lift for some of the major artists breakthroughs with collaborations especially with ghetto anthem makers.The artists that they have help up are many  but to name a few, Ethic of the famed Lamba lolo teamed up with the Kansoul for New position.The song  gathered 3.3million views.Another group they teamed up with was the Ochungulo family for Na iwake the remix. Clap please!!!

Victoria Kimani

The celebrated solo artist is sure ready to reach out to the world with her music.So far the best collabos from her include,China Love was featured by Rcity of Locked away,Number one that featured Stella Mwangi(STL),Wash it featuring Sarkodie of Nigeria just a few.She is a queen in music.


He is otherwise know as the Mluhya wa Busia. Keen to capture his own fan base  Kristoff brings in a sweet vibe to music especially in collaborations.

He was embraced well in party anthems such as King kaka’s Dundaing, that he featured that for a second you’d think he was the original writer of the song .

His other songs that were wholeheartedly  felt were ‘Am so Drunk  that he featured  Jalang’oo and Gabu. Remember ‘Dandia’ that too was a party anthem that he featured King Kaka  and Frasha. Point home? No? I mean Kristoff is a good collaborator than a solo artist.

King Kaka

The man that has grown as the industry grows.Keen to appreciate change.Hate him or love him King Kaka is legendary when it come to rap.I mean the poetic vibe brought out in his lyrics makes him a man to run to for collaborations.

Either way he has been open to accepting and bringing up talents apart from the inbreeding collaborations.

Examples of such collaborations include, Dundaing and Dandia that featured Kristoff, Femi one , Wangeci, Razz and Petra that featured in the Ligi So remix, Run Ting featuring Fena Gitu,Promised Land featuring Amos and Josh,Papa featuring Elani .

His latest Collaboration with an  American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, Cassidy on a feel good afro rap sound track produced by Musyox.

So far so good, such that he has signed new acts to his recording label Kaka Empire and of course we expect big and better musicians if not music for Kenyans.


The Pacho Entertainment CEO is sure not going anywhere anytime soon.The 2N1 hit maker has had his success for the past year and now collaborating with fellow artists is also giving him an A+.

Best collabos so far are Somaga featuring Kristoff, Tingika with Rankaddah,Cheza Chini by Vivian and Savara of Sauti Sol,Hakuna Kulala with Brown Mauzo,Bungee Jump with Kristoff among others.Well, we love him either way.

These is just but the list of a few artist that from my perspective have made Kenyan Music relevant in terms of vocals, lyrical mastery and production.

Others include, Avril, Jua Cali, Coast based artist Dazlah, Gilad,Nyash, Pascal Tokodi,Mayonde,Vivian, Akothee,Frasha, Nameless and Willy Paul too among others.

Did we miss any? Tell us what you think.

Singer Victoria Kimani slammed for going for charity dressed ‘as a stripper’

Singer Victoria Kimani has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way following her recent charity visit at Kibera.

The singer was attacked  by Kenyans following her “stripper like” dress code while in Kibera with many people on social media wondering why she never bothered to blend in.

Not cool

Kimani posted the photo on social media and captioned them : Ghetto yout dem.

Many not only found her dress code offensive, but also her caption.

Here’s what people said:

ochieng196bob This is very inconsiderate of @victoriakimanito tell people that this is what kibera is all about

robs_magic So now this is how we visit kibera dressed like this?
Its a shame…at least you should respect those you went to visit…



“It’s time to hit the gym my dear” Fan begs Victoria Kimani but gets unexpected response

While Kenyans were recently impressed after State House spokesperson and former Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena stepped out looking thicker after adding a few Kgs, that might not be the case for Victoria Kimani.

We can all agree the singer has added just a few Kgs. A few Kenyans have noted while others haven’t. The reaction hasn’t been immense like Kanze Dena’s.

Gym time

However, one fan who noted this suggested that the singer should hit the gym because she has grown fat.

“Beautiful but umenona. Time to hit the gym my dear,” said the fan in the comment section after Victoria Kimani posted a video captioned “I know I’m great AF..I don’t need awards to confirm these.”

The singer wasn’t impressed with the post and a short but ruthless clap back.

“Lol. Kiss my ass.” she told the fan. 




Victoria Kimani pens long letter to Nyakundi begging him to stop attacking women

Victoria Kimani has begged controversial blogger Nyakundi to end the beef with singer Akothee and focus on more productive things.

On Instagram, the singer, posted a long letter written in Swahili confessing that she didn’t know who Nyakundi was until the beef started.

Akothee’s beef with the blogger started after he warned Kimani to stay away from her. Since then, the two have been exchanging insults on social media.

“Wewe Victoria Kimani! Rudia Victor Wanyama. No need to waste your youth listening to sterile advise from a spent cartridge like Akothee. Ako na watoto kama 8, and you’re still child-less. Are you barren? Acha kutupwa na huyu shosh. Pata watoto wa Wanyama. Saa hii Nairobi nobody wants to date nyinyi madame wa kujifanya mko na standards. So jipange haraka before it’s too late.” wrote Nyakundi.


In her letter, Kimani said that she doesn’t depend on men and everything she has is through handwork hence Nyakundi shouldn’t bash her.

Here’s the letter:

Nitakua mwanamke wa aina gani kama kama sita ongea mambo yanayo tuumiza sisi kisaikolojia,kiroho na kimwili.Mtazamo wa jamii yetu kwa wanawake unahitaji kubadilika.

Kuanzia wauguzi wakike, wafanyi kazi wa nyumbani, waalimu, wafanyi biashara, wanasiasa, waburudishaji, wamiliki wa biashara, matajiri wanawake, maskini wanawake, wamama, madada.. watoto wakike, na hata mtoto wa kike akiwa tumboni mwa mamake…..

Kulingana na watu wachache wenye akili finyu, wanawake wote wako sawa!!
Mbona usinihukumu kwa matunda ya kazi yangu, au kwa mienendo ninayo-ionyesha katika Maisha ya kila siku? Mbona usinihukumi kwa hilo badala ya kunihukumu kwa maovu??

Hata mwenyezi mungu, ambaye mwanawe Yesu Christo, aliwaambia wanaume waliotaka kumtupia yule mwanamke Malaya mawe , ya kwamba; “asiye na dhambi, miongoni mwao, awe wa kwanza kutupa jiwe!
Athari za kutowaheshimu, wanawake tunaowajua, na tusiowajua, ni kwamba tunaifundisha jamii, nama ya kuwachukulia dada zaka, na mamako!
Sitatukana family yako, wala watu unaowapenda, kwa sababu, nina uhakika unafahamu uchungu wake!

Je, unafahamu kwamba, mimi ni mtoto wa mtu, dadake mtu, na kama kioo cha jamii, kuna wanawake wengi, ambao, wananiangalia kama kielelezo kwao?
Natumia muziki wangu kuhamasisha mabadiliko katika kizazi changu na kizazi kinachokuja.
Mashairi yangu, yanawapa wanawake motisha, na naongelea chnagamoto tunazopitia Maisha yetu kama wanawake.

Dhana uliyoileta kwetu, ni za kiubaguzi kwa wanawake, ni za kukera, na kutia kichefu chefu, na zinavunja moyo.
Nimeongea katika jukwaa la umoja wa mataifa (United Nations) kuhusu umuhimu wa wanawake kua na sauti katika jamii yetu.
Na fanya kazi kwa bidi, sijawahi kuwa na sugar dady, na siwahukumu wanaofanya hivo.
DNaomba, nafunga , na naweka nguvu zangu zote katika muziki wangu, na napenda ninachokifanya.
Siko hapa kukudhalilisha, bali niko hapa kukuinua. 

Cyprian Nyakundi Sikuwahi kukujua, mpaka uliponitaja mimi na mmoja wa marafiki zangu wa karibu Akothee.
Lakini nafurahi kujuana na wewe mtandaoni.
Kunijua, ni kunipenda, na pia ni kuniheshimu mimi, na juhudi zangu za kimaisha.
Namtakia kila anayesoma huu ujumbe Amani na Furaha!

Address me in English. I don’t understand Kiswahili – Victoria Kimani

Kenyans, and maybe Tanzanians… Ok, you too Ugandans, the next time you address singer Victoria Kimani, please let it be in English.

The singer has confessed she doesn’t know Swahili and comments in Swahili on her social media accounts have always confused.

He statement comes after a follower insulted her in Swahili and she had to get someone to translate to her. Maybe she doesn’t trust Google translate enough.

“Lazima ni baraka za Mungu kwamba sielewi Kiswahili kwa sababu sitawahi kuelewa zile chuki huelekezwa kwangu….. Haha ..Endeleeni kuongea, sioni, siskii, Wala sielewi neno, ni herufi tuu. Like a stamp of Gods protection over my heart, soul and mind,” read a post on her Instagram.

The singer confessed that she tried learning Swahili but stopped because people mocked her. Kimani was born in the US and stayed there for the better part of her life till 10 years ago where she relocated back to Kenya.


She posted in Swahili asking why other artists from abroad are not getting a backlash for not speaking Swahili.

“Napenda sana, Tanzania na Afrika Mashariki kwa jumla. Lakini inakera sana wakati baadhi ya watu wanadhania kuwa, sizungumzi lugha ya kiswahili kwa kupenda kwangu, ama kwa sababu nimekataa kujaribu nijue….. Ukweli ni, hata wakati ninapoweka bidii na kujaribu kwa kadri yangu, wengi wananicheka kwa matamshi mabovu, wananihukumu na kunipiga mkwara kwa kukosa uzoefu wa Swahili, wakati wao walizaliwa uswahilini.

Nimejieleza Mara kwa Mara kwa zaidi ya miaka 6, lakini kwa wengine bado.

Naomba niulize… Je, mbona hawaulizwi wasanii wa USA na sehemu zingine sababu za kukosa kuongea Swahili?

Ni muziki zao muna enjoy… bila maswali. Wengine hupata raha wenzao wanapopata tabu!

La Kwanza, sijui Kiswahili, ninapojaribu, pia bado ni mbaya , matamshi mabovu, na kunifanya bonzo wa kuchekelea!  Nishaawahi kuja kazini kwako nikikuambia la kusema au kufanya?

Uzoefu wako wa kuongea kiingereza na matamshi yanapokua mabovu? – sijakukosoa.  Kwa kweli mambo kama haya yananifanya nisiwe na nia lugha yeyote- ila Kizungu!  Unapopenda mziki yangu, unaipenda, kama huipendi, huipendi.

Lakini sita anza gumbaru ya swahili sababu yako wewe!” read her post.