Munga Mkadinali Takes Musical Hiatus for Health Reasons

In a recent tweet, Kenyan rapper Munga Mkadinali, a member of the popular group Wakadinali, announced that he will be taking a break from music until January to focus on his health. The news comes just weeks after the group announced their upcoming show, “Rong Experience,” scheduled for December 15th.

“Due to my health issue, I won’t be around until January,” Mkadinali wrote in his tweet. “Poleni sana to my fans. I’m grabbing a break.”

Despite Mkadinali’s absence, the show will go on as planned, taking place at the Winning Post venue. “Rong Experience itakua fire with or without me,” Mkadinal assured his fans.

Mkadinali’s decision to prioritize his health highlights the importance of self-care and well-being, even amidst demanding schedules and creative pursuits. His fans have expressed their support and understanding, wishing him a speedy recovery.

The “Rong Experience” is expected to be an electrifying event, showcasing the talents of Wakadinali and other prominent artists. Fans can still look forward to an unforgettable night of music and entertainment.

We wish Mkadinali a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his return to the music scene in January.

Ronoh’s secret boyfriend finally revealed (Photos)

Kenyans can finally get to know the man who has stolen the heart of former NRG Radio presenter and YouTuber Chebet Ronoh.

Sometime back, the bubbly lass posted a man planting a kiss on her chin and left many wondering who he was since she did not show his face.

This caused a lot of speculation because Ronoh has never been public about her love life though sometime back it was rumored that she was dating Ochunglo Family’s Benzema but that turned out to be untrue.

Anyway, after so much conjecture, it has emerged that the guy who she is in love with is none other than Scar Mkadinali who is one third of popular Kenyan rap group Wakadinali.

Pulse indicates that Scar and Roho have been friends for a long time and they have been seen in public together a couple of times. A source revealed that they have been seeing each other.

If the two are indeed dating then it will be interesting because of their different backgrounds. While Scar had humble beginnings, Ronoh has always been associated with affluence having attended the prestigious Brookhouse School.


Jua Cali and Wakadinali need to stop beefing and get into studio

Over the past few days, Kenyans have witnessed a war of words between Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali and Wakadinali – which is made up of Domani Munga, Sewersydaa and Scar Mkadinali – and from the look of things it’s not stopping anytime soon.

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It all started when Jua Cali put up a post saying that he had tried to reach out to one of Kenya’s legendary singers so that they could do a head to head but he got turned down by that person as he or she was worried that what Kiasi hitmaker was proposing could have a negative impact on their brand.

Is Wakadinali Kenya's most underrated rap group?

Kenyans on Twitter then suggested that Jua Cali should do the head to head with Wakadinali but he dismissed the proposal saying their catalogue didn’t match up to his. As expected, Wakadinali didn’t take kindly to his comments and it has been a war of words since then.

After analyzing the situation, I have decided to share my thoughts on the whole issue. One, although Jua Cali has been in the game for a longer period than Wakadinali, it was wrong for him to dismiss them the way he did. It almost seemed like he was mocking them.

I don’t know but I feel that he could have expressed himself in a better way instead of belittling them because they have acquired a massive following over the years thanks to their unique approach to hip hop.

Jua Cali

I also feel that it was wrong for Wakadinali to poke fun at Jua Cali and Genge in general. I mean, the man started a genre which gave birth to another genre, Gengetone, almost two decades later. That is very rare and he deserves all the respect.

To put an end to all this, Jua Cali and Wakadinali just need to get into studio and give Kenyans a track. It would be interesting to see how their styles blend together on one jam. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

Is Wakadinali Kenya’s most underrated rap group?

If you are a fan of Kenyan hip hop, like myself, I am sure you’ve heard of Wakadinali. It’s a rap group that is made up of Domani Munga, Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydaa.

These chaps who hail from Nairobi’s Eastlands Estate are behind hits such as; Morio Anzenza, Clean Sheet, Nipeleke Na Rada, Mrenga, Moja Safi, Eastlando, High Noon, The Wrong Cypher, Hawatapenda, just to name a few.


Wakadinali make good music. They are all really talented and as you listen to any of their jams, you get to appreciate their sheer creativity.

They not only have a dope flow and punchlines, some of the verses in their songs will leave you scratching your head as you try to make sense of what they really meant.

Lately, Wakadinali have been making music that focuses on issues that affect the society like crime, drug abuse, lack of unity among the youth and what not.


Wakadinali is so good that sometime in 2018 they received praise from none other than veteran record producer Ted Josiah who likened them to Mau Mau and K-Shaka.

He went on to add that the trio had so much potential and gave them props for not demeaning women through their music.

You know it is a very big deal when someone like Tedd Josiah says you are talented since he has worked with some of the biggest names not only in Kenya, but across Africa.

Other than the fact that they are really talented, Wakadinali has also been consistent over the years and that is why I don’t understand why they are still underrated.

Few Kenyans know about them and the reason I find this surprising is because most of us chose to glorify mediocre rappers who have basic rhymes. Let me put it this way, it’s about time we started appreciating real talent.

Watch Wakadinali’s latest single Mihadarati below.

Wakadinali drop sick bars in latest release ‘Lockdown’ (Video)

Wakadinali, a Kenyan rap group that is made up of Domani Munga, Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydaa, has released a  new track and it’s totally worth your time.

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The jam dubbed Lockdown has been getting good airplay on local radio stations since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.


Initially, I thought Wakadinali’s latest single is about the partial lock-down that Kenya is currently facing because of the increasing Coronavirus cases but I later discovered that it has little or nothing to do with that.

Although I love this track I must say that I’m one of the people who is really upset that Scar is conspicuously missing, I wonder why he was not featured because it would have been way better if he had dropped a verse.

That said, Lockdown is still a dope jam because Domani Munga and Sewersydaa put their best effort into it. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out and I still can’t get enough of it.

Of course, I was so impressed by Domani Munga, I mean who isn’t? He is a legend is a legend in his own right, I can’t even compare him with any other local rapper.


His flow is so dope and the moment you start listening to him, you won’t feel like stopping. His ability to play around with words is something else.

Sewersydaa didn’t disappoint either. He also has an impeccable flow and to add to that, his rhymes aren’t predictable as is the case with most Kenyan rappers.

The beat on this jam is on point ladies and gentlemen. Other than the fact that it’s catchy, it also blends well with the flow of the rappers.

Listen to Lockdown below and tell us what you think.

Wakadinali call out societal vices in new single ‘Mihadarati’ (Video)

Wakadinali is back with a new jam and  it’s a big tune. The group that is made up of Domani Munga, Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydaa have nailed it in their latest release dubbed Mihadarati.

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As you can already tell, maybe you can’t, this track is about drug abuse and the effects that it has on the society – the different societal vices that it leads to such as crime, rape, road accidents and what have you.


This jam is like Stivo Simple Boy’s Mihadarati because they talk about the same subject which is drug and substance abuse and its effects on those who take/consume them.

This track is really dope. Other than the powerful message that it carries, I know after listening to it you’ll agree with me that it also packs a lot of creativity.

For instance, the hook by Domani Munga is totally dope and so is his verse. It’s the kind of verses that will have your hand stuck on the replay button for a very long time. No kidding.


It was good to see Sewersydaa back on this jam. I had kind of missed seeing him on Wakadinali’s songs and he killed his verse to as you would expect. Other than the impeccable flow, he also has great punchlines.

You know after listening to the sick verses on this jam, I fail to understand why Wakadinali is so underrated because they have some mad talent. Anyway, that is a story for another day, isn’t it?

The beat on Mihadarati is so sick. I don’t know what word I can use to describe it best but it works. To add to that, it blends well with the flow of the artists.

The other thing that I loved is of course the video. It’s such a unique concept where the rappers are having mugshots as they rap. I don’t know but you should really watch it.

Watch Mihadarati below and tell us what you think. Kudos to Wakadinali.


Wakadinali’s ‘Kuna Siku Youths Wataungana’ is a masterpiece (Video)

Wakadinali, who are probably the most underrated hip hop group in Kenya, have dropped a new jam and if was you, I would definitely check it out.

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The song dubbed Kuna Siku Youths Wataungana which means there will come a day when the youth will unite is all about how the youth in this country are divided so maybe one day they will come together.

It also talks about how life on the streets are tough and tells people to be hopeful that one day things will the change and they will be able to do the things they can’t do at the moment.


The song also talks of vices such as prostitution, crime, drug abuse while discouraging young people to avoid them at all costs.

Kuna Siku Youths Wataungana is the best song that I have heard in a while. Other than the powerful message that it carries, it also has some sick punchlines which is something that you would expect in a Wakadinali jam.

Of course, I was totally impressed by Domani Munga, I mean who isn’t? He is a legend is a legend in his own right, I can’t even compare him with any other local rapper.


His flow is dope and the moment you start listening to him, you will not feel like stopping. His ability to play around with words is something else.

As you know, Scar Mkadinali is on his own level. He had some impeccable punchlines in this jam, the kid that makes you rewind his part while you try to make sense of it all.

The hook was also on point and catchy. I don’t know about you, but I found myself sing along to it. The video concept was also out of this world and you have to see it ti believe. Big up to Wakadinali for this masterpiece.

Listen to Kuna Siku Youths Wataungana below and tell us what you think.


Wakadinali drop sick bars in fresh single ‘Clean Sheet’ (Video)

If you are a fan of Kenyan Hip Hop then I’m sure you have heard of Wakadinali. If you don’t have a clue who they are then you must be living under a rock or are listening to the wrong stuff. Which is which? You tell me.

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Anyway, Wakadinali is a rap group that is made up of; Scar, Domani Munga and Sewersydaa. They are famed for hits Morio Anzenza, Mrenga, The Rong Cypher, Ulikuwa Wapi and whatnot.


Does this ring a bell? Well, if it does then you would be pleased to know that they have a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love from their fans.

As is the case with most of of their jams, their latest song titled Clean Sheet narrates how life is difficult in the ghetto, how they engage in a cat and mouse game with police officers, drug addiction etc.

This jam is totally awesome. I have listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time, I play it it’s as if I am hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good.


The lyrical prowess and flow of the rappers i.e. Scar, Domani Munga and Sewersydaa unmatched. To add to that, this song has some lines that will leave you scratching your head as you try to make sense of it all.

My favorite line from this jam is of course the part where Domani Munga says, “Sisi na masanse hucheza rock, paper scissors, hawakushinganki with a girl ubebe drinks na mzinga.” I don’t know why, I just love it.

In as much as I love this jam, I must say that I wasn’t really feeling the beat because it was not blending well with the flow of the rappers but then again that’s just me.

Listen to Clean Sheet below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Boutross has linked up with Wakadinali and Mastar VK on Omoka and it’s too dope (Video)

Boutross Munene, who is easily one of the best new-age rappers in the country, has dropped a new jam with Mastar VK and Wakadinali.

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The song titled Omoka is without a doubt one of the best jams from 2019. I have listened to it a couple of times since it was released and I still can’t get enough of it.

If you like old school Kenyan Hip Hop or if you are a fan of Shrap (new school), then you should make time to listen to this jam because it blends the two so beautifully. There is no word that describes how good the outcome is.


As you would expect, the lyricism on this song is really on point. Some of the verses will make you scratch your head as you try to understand what the person said.

If I had to pick one person form the four artists who are featured on this jam i.e. Boutross Munene, Scar Mkadianali, Mastar VK and Domani Munga, I would totally go for Boutross.

Boutross Munene
Boutross Munene

I’m not saying the rest are whack but I really loved his verse. You could have a different opinion but that’s mine and you should respect it. Lol. I’m a huge fan 0f the fan of the guy, you can’t even blame me.

Generally speaking, this jam is a masterpiece. Most people, including yours truly, are just waiting for them to give us the video.

Listen to Omoka below and tell us what you think.

Wakadinali’s latest released dubbed ‘The Rong Cypher’ is pure flames (Video)

Wakadinali, a rap group that is made up of Scar, Domani Munga and Sewersydaa, has dropped a new cypher and we are really feeling it. No, like really!

The track dubbed The Rong Cypher reaffirms the popular notion that the trio are among the best hip hop heads that Kenya has ever had. Put simply, it’s a masterpiece.

As you listen to the jam, you will not only appreciate the ingenuity of the group that is also known as Rong Rende but also their storytelling skills which incorporates nuanced imagery.


Believe you me, this track will leave you scratching your head as you try to understand what the rappers meant when they said certain things, you’ll wonder if they have a deeper meaning but then again maybe it’s just me.

Scar and Domani are so dope that every line on this has a punchline. Look at it like this, if you wanted to quote a line that impressed you, you would have such a difficult time.

Of course, you’ll love the part where Scar says, “Siwezi pigia binadamu magoti, mi si Chris Darlin,” or “Mimi ndo ule mtoto alipewa wembe akaisharpen,” or “Nilimarry rap ndo maana inashinda ikimiscarry.”

Or where the part where Domani says, “Hawanoni na wako lunch 24/7 kaa thong,” “Paranoia ndio utamu wa bangi,” or “Tuko East na ati tunashikisha kuliko Meru mzima,” or “Mi hushi kwa jungle George atanyuria.”


Like I said, it’s hard to single out punchlines in this jam because every verse will make you think hard. Honestly, I am glad to be alive to witness the reinvention of Kenyan hip hop.

After listening to this greatness, I can only hope that we will see The Rong Cypher 2, 3, 4 etc. because let’s be honest, this stuff is pure flames!

Watch The Rong Cypher below and tell us what you think.