One of the main reasons Chebet Ronoh is delaying falling in love

Digital content creator, comedian, and brand influencer Deborah Chebet Ronoh recently made it clear that she’s single, despite previous appearances suggesting otherwise. She had previously shared cozy moments with an unidentified man on her Instagram stories, including cooking together and bonding indoors.


Ronoh with relationship advice, tells her fans to stop simping

However, Ronoh now indicates a change in direction, expressing her decision to put a halt on her pursuit of a romantic partner. She admits to feeling overwhelmed and “crazy” whenever she develops feelings for someone.

“I am done dating, no talking stages, no nothing. I cannot even handle myself!” the 22-year-old former radio presenter declared.


Kate Actress Responds To Ronoh’s Claims That She Steals Her Content

Explaining her decision further, Ronoh reveals that she hasn’t experienced genuine love yet. Instead, she tends to develop unhealthy attachments, which she acknowledges can be thrilling but ultimately problematic.

“And the reason why I am saying this is not because I have experienced love or anything; it is because I have an unhealthy attachment, and those are the ones that get exciting!” she exclaimed animatedly.

“See, this is why I need therapy!” Ronoh added, offering viewers a glimpse into her behavior when she starts developing feelings for someone, which she recognizes as problematic and unhealthy.

“This is me when I am in love, ‘Why have you not picked up the fckng phone! Pick up the mother fckng phone, nigga! Kisses,'” Chebet reenacted, demonstrating her exaggerated reaction while mimicking a phone conversation, emphasizing her frustration and impatience.

Chebet Ronoh gives Kibe his bouquet!

Unpopular media personality With his strong opinions and penchant for ruffling people’s feathers, Andrew Kibe has long developed a reputation as a public figure.

However, Chebet Rono, a Kenyan content developer, has a unique viewpoint and firsthand knowledge of the formerly prominent radio broadcaster.

The well-known comedienne claimed in an interview with Lynn Ngugi that she didn’t have any female role models when she was pursuing her profession in the media since they were only demeaning her, and that the only person who held her hand and helped her through difficult times was Andrew Kibe.

“I met Kbe when I was working at Radio, and I think he was one of the people who genuinely pumped life into me and he had nothing to gain from it. And he is a controversial person, and there are some things he says I also do not agree with. A lot of things he says I’m like oh my God, not another day. But as a person, to me, he was genuine and kind, and supportive and I needed that at the time.”

She continued by describing how it was difficult for her to work with other women in the field because they perceived her as a threat.

“The ladies in the industry who so say they’re feminists and support women were really putting me down and they looked at me as a threat and treated me as such. Although I was there to learn and I was trying to learn from them. I didn’t have a female figure who was guiding me and telling me how to succeed and all, it was Kibe who was telling me those things.”

According to many Kenyan women, Andrew Kibe is a narcissist who gives guys poor advice about women, love, and relationships. Rono also revealed her experience with a 33-year-old narcissist while she was only 20 years old in this context, along with other topics that were discussed.

“So I haven’t had many. I had one that changed my perception. I was with a very abusive person, but I didn’t know it was abuse because I didn’t know what love looked like at the time.”

She ascribed the abuse on her tendency to please other people.

“I had this belief that I would do anything for this person to not leave. Or do not disregard me. And funny enough he was way older. You know how they say age doesn’t determine…maturity”

From the pits of alcoholism: Chebet Ronoh Shares Her Journey to Sobriety

Chebet Ronoh, a content creator, has started a recovery from addiction series on her Instagram page. In the series, she shares her journey towards sobriety and offers advice to others who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

Ronoh says that she has been sober for 19 days and is aiming to hit 90 days of sobriety. She has experienced both short-term and long-term effects of alcohol on her body, and she says that she is committed to living a better life without alcohol.

In the series, Ronoh talks about the reasons why she started drinking, the challenges she has faced in her journey to sobriety, and the benefits of being sober. She also offers advice to others who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

Ronoh’s series has been well-received by her followers, and many people have commented to congratulate her on her journey. Some people have also shared the number of days they have been sober, and Ronoh has encouraged them to keep going.

Ronoh’s series is a valuable resource for people who are struggling with alcohol addiction. It is honest and informative, and it offers hope to those who are seeking sobriety.

Chebet Ronoh Opens Up On Her Struggles With Alcohol

Content creator Chebet Ronoh has started a recovery from addiction series on her Instagram page to share her journey towards sobriety.

In her first post, Ronoh said that she has been sober for 19 days and is aiming to reach 90 days of sobriety. She said that she has been struggling with mental health and alcoholism for a long time, and that alcohol has put her in rehab twice and the hospital.

Ronoh said that she wants to share her story to help others who are struggling with addiction. She said that alcohol is toxic to the brain and damages the body, no matter how much you drink.

She also said that the decision to be sober is a personal one, and that she is doing it for herself so that she can live a better life.

Ronoh’s post has been met with support from her followers, many of whom have shared their own stories of addiction and recovery.

One follower commented, “Thank you for sharing your story. I’m also on my sobriety journey and it’s not easy. But your story gives me hope.”

Another follower said, “I’m so proud of you for taking this step. You’re not alone in this.”

Ronoh’s story is a reminder that addiction is a real and serious problem, but that it is possible to recover. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, there is help available. Please reach out to a mental health professional or a support group.

Chebet Ronoh sparks LGBTQ rumours

Chebet Ronoh is a very vocal celebrity who is not shy about letting people know what she is up to or what is happening in her life. This was especially exemplified when she was having a mental breakdown and she took to social media to share her experience and ask for help.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh posing for a selfie

‘I’m Not Getting Appreciated Enough Even Though I Have Talent’- Chebet Ronoh Laments

This time around she has posted a very cryptic message about a rather calmly young lady saying that she is the one who makes her house a home.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh looking good in a modest outfit

Chebet Ronoh Shares Her Experience With A ‘Mubaba’ (Video)

And the internet cannot keep calm as everyone has begun to speculate over whether or not they are in a relationship and this is Chebet Ronoh’s way of coming out of the closet.

Check out what she said below:

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Chebet Ronoh surfaces after mental breakdown

Chebet Ronoh is going through it. She recently came out to share her frustrations around the fact that she’s aware her peers have left her in the dust yet she feels she has more creative and funny accountant.

Chebet Ronoh expresses frustration at not growing like her peers

And a day later she’s breaking down on social media crying as she shares her frustrations. It seems clear to us here Ghafla that not only is she in need of a hug she needs someone to step in and check on her mental well-being.

Chebet Rono

Chebet Ronoh share the fact that it is even more frustrating that people tell her her time is yet to come and all she needs to do is be consistent. But sadly there is a truth.

‘I’m Not Getting Appreciated Enough Even Though I Have Talent’- Chebet Ronoh Laments

Content creator Chebet Ronoh has taken to social media to express her frustration over her content. The damsel has lamented claiming she’s good enough but she’s not being appreciated enough like she expects. She even claimed that she’s now contemplating on starting a new career.

”Don’t tell me about God’s timing, I’m done trying! A new career path maybe? What other career paths would you recommend?”

Chebet further lamented;

“Sometimes it feels like ‘what am I honestly not doing right’, can anyone help with this? Like the numbers, the talent is there but still…. is it patience I’m being taught?”

She went ahead to express her emotions through a video, calibrating how she’s constantly reminded of her potential

“I said I am going to be as transparent as I can so ignore my puffy tear-filled eyes,” started off as the content creator before diving deep into what was troubling her.

“Basically I don’t think people actually understand how crippling it feels to constantly be reminded of your potential and how great you are but you not getting the opportunities that you want.”

Do you think it’s high time Ronoh switched to other content?

Chebet Ronoh expresses frustration at not growing like her peers

Chebet Ronoh is a frustrated content creator. The truth is, a lot of digital comedians like Elsie Majimbo bit her style and they’ve since flourished. So why can’t she seem to catch a wave?

Chebet Ronoh Shares Her Experience With A ‘Mubaba’ (Video)

That is what she’s taken to social media to cry about. Why is it that she who was among the first to do this type of content doesn’t seem to be able to attract the type of success that her peers do?

Any content creator can understand the type of frustration Chebet Ronoh is doubtless feeling but the truth is, she hasn’t been consistent. She got into a funk (depression maybe but I’m no psychologist to make that conclusion) that led her to the bottom of many bottles of alcohol.

Chebet Ronoh is in the gym and her life has changed!

After that, she just wasn’t into what she does for a long time. She became more of a sideshow than anything else. And now that she’s back, she seems to think Kenyans were waiting for her… She needs to earn back the transaction she had previously.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh in a swimsuit

Chebet Ronoh also needs a team around her that understands social media and the algorithms so she can get back ontop and this time she needs to commit to being consistent.

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Chebet Ronoh Shares Her Experience With A ‘Mubaba’ (Video)

Content creator Chebet Ronoh has shared her experience with a sugar daddy. Taking to her social media, the damsel narrated how uncomfortable she was during her intimate time with the ‘mubaba’.

She claims ladies with sugar daddies aren’t faint-hearted as they have to put up with them.

“You guys consistently sleep on the girls having sugar daddies and let me tell you, why, it’s not easy, it’s not.”

She admitted to having acquired a taste for older men

“It’s not easy to give sugar to a corpse. Now let me tell you why I tried this but I could not kiss him guys. I tried.

Chebet continued to narrate how embarrassed she was being seen in the public with the old guy.

”I did everything and the fact that people stared at me dining with an old man I could not recover.

Everyone just looked me dead in the eye and like, ‘This is where you’re at really? This is who you are?'” Shaking her head and holding he mouth in embarrassment she added, “I’m just like Oh my God.”

Chebet continued to swear that she would not go that route ever again. Watch Ronoh’s video here

Chebet Ronoh Unveils Flat Tummy After Months Of Working Out (Photo)

Kenyan YouTuber cum radio host Chebet Rono has shared before and after photos of herself after she embarked on a weight loss journey. Speaking via her YouTube channel a while back, Ronoh claimed losing weight was the only gift she could gift herself.

“Growing up I was always last because I never knew I was overweight.

If you are already an avid follower of Ronoh you know that she has been on a body positivity and weight loss journey for the longest time.

Her immense weight gain lead to depression, adding that she was not ready for the immense fame she was plunged into at such a tender age.

Chebet claimed her immense weight even led to depression, which she thrived on battling.

”I will be honest ,
I often used to look at the trauma I’ve been through both silently and publicly and occasionally victimize myself to the point i felt powerless about a lot of situations,” she wrote in part.

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Better Days Ahead

Well, this is not the first time Ronoh is flaunting her tremendous body changes; and it’s unimaginable how Ronoh has managed to crack such a hard nut. Ronoh flaunted before and after photos of her tremendous change and captioned;

”Shit feels UNREAL anything is Possible

How it’s going vs how it started ????????”

Ronoh before losing weight- Instagram
Ronoh before losing weight- Instagram
Ronoh after losing weight-Instagram


And from the comment section, it’s evident how everyone is impressed by Ronoh’s new physique.

Chebet Ronoh Shares Her Fussy Secrets To Losing Weight (Photos)

Comedian and content creator Chebet Ronoh has immensely transformed her body shape from thick to petite in a matter of months. Not only has she shut down body shaming critics, but has become a hottie for her salivating fans, who remain impressed about her new body shape.

Chebet Ronoh’s Secret

The YouTuber has now shared her secret to the tremendous body change. She shared a detailed message via her Instagram as she wrote;

It’s been 5 months through my fitness journey and the love and support you guys have given me is the most amazing thing I’ve experienced this year you really pushed me ???????????? im so grateful

Now i want to help you because being the best version of yourself is the biggest flex !
So many of you saying I Inspired you I don’t even know how to fathom that like!!

Losing weight is easy girl let me tell you ????????????

1. Do not eat so much at night let your body rest if you can stop by 8pm latest the better

2. Cardio is your best friend whether it’s walking running skipping Taking the goddamn stairs at your job/building do it !!

3.understand that it is a PROCESS and it takes time fr!! So lower your expectations BUT push yourself EVERY time

4. Eat your vegetables and proteins with fruits thoseee !! Will build you!!

5. Find a diet plan that is EASY for you to stay in a calorie deficit without feeling hungry all the time

6. LIFT WEIGHTS or LIFT YOUR BODY WEIGHT!!! ( Calisthenics or pilates or yoga)

7.Take your damn WATER !! your body through it ????


Chebet Ronoh is among the few Kenyan celebrities who have been struggling with weight loss but eventually, managed with the help of working out.

Chebet Ronoh Shows Off New Body Transformation After Losing 16 KGs In 2 Months (Photos)

Content creator and comedian Chebet Ronoh is on a journey to shut down body shaming critics after embarking on a weight loss journey. Ronoh has shown tremendous progress after hitting the gym for 2 months now. She weighed 110 Kilograms before embarking on the journey.

Flaunting her newly transformed body, she shared the intriguing details of her journey to losing weight; adding that she’s still going on with it.

”We did it JOE !!

We got to the 80 mark????????????

Im 88kgs for now from 104kgs
Lost 16kgs in 2 months

Chebet’s body transformation-Instagram (courtesy)

Her fellow celebrities showed support to her weight loss journey as they reacted to her statement.

Joyce Maina reacted;

”???????????????? good job. Keep going girl”

Fena Gitu wrote;

”So so Proud of you. We are behind you 1000% ❤️”

Femi One wrote;

”OMG!! You look amazing ????????????????

Chebet’s body transformation-Instagram (courtesy)

”If You’re Short, Don’t Approach Me” Chebet Ronoh’s Message To Men Flirting With Her

Comedian, YouTuber and media personality Chebet Ronoh has made it clear that she’s fed up with short guys approaching her. Speaking on her YouTube channel about how to flirt, the young comedian reveals that height is something she considers a lot.

This Guy Is Clearly Gay! Ronoh Clears Up Dating Rumours In Latest Video
Chebet Ronoh-Google

Chebet adds that she has flirted a lot with men, and not all of them went well.

”Height for me is such a big deal. And I say this because short men are such a hard brand to love. You are below sea level, you are below me. I can’t do this. It’s no disrespect whatsoever but if you’re short, please don’t flirt with me. Bro, I am like 5’8”, 5’9”  I think. And if you know you are 4 ft nothing and you’re approaching me for a conversation, you’re setting yourself up for pain. You’re setting yourself up for sadness. That’s another don’t do…

So, if you’re short, don’t approach me. That’s all I’m saying.”

This Guy Is Clearly Gay! Ronoh Clears Up Dating Rumours In Latest Video
Chebet and Peter-Google

Tall men, this is your flirting chance! It’s however important to note that weeks ago, Chebet revealed her boyfriend to the world. The guy, whose name is Peter Louche, had many netizens questioning his sexual orientation as he seemed gay. This however, didn’t seem to bother Chebet. She’s open to flirting, but short men should just keep their distance!

This Guy Is Clearly Gay! Chebet Ronoh Clears Up Dating Rumours In Latest Video

One of Kenya’s youngest comedians, Chebet Ronoh, has for a long time kept her love life a secret to her fans. However, weeks ago, she posted a photo chilling with a guy on the bed, who during that time was rumoured to be her boyfriend. Apparently, Chebet has cleared up the rumours and made it clear that he’s the one.

The guy, by the name Peter Louche, is the man warming Chebet’s bed. Even though the guy seems gay, Ronoh doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. The two lovebirds have separate YouTube Channels, where they post different kind of content.

Image result for chebet ronoh boyfriend

A while back rumour had circulated that she was dating gengetone artist Benzema after a video of them getting kinky went viral but they both came out to deny the rumours and claimed that it was just a fun video of them and nothing was going on between them. She was also linked to dating Wakadinali’s Scar.

Nevertheless, her relationship with Peter seems to be a serious one. Chebet is one of the most successful youths. She has worked with NRG radio and was regarded as one of Kenya’s youngest radio presenters. She is known to have a huge crush on Nyashinski and was really heartbroken when he learnt Nyashinki was taken.

What do you think about Ronoh’s boyfriend? Is he gay? Check out the video of the two below;

Chebet Ronoh makes major radio comeback 8 months after exit

Popular YouTuber, Chebet Ronoh is back on air, 8 months after she was last heard on radio.

The celebrity radio presenter hang her mic in April 2020, 8 months after joining NRG radio where she worked as a presenter and digital content manager.

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Born Deborah Chebet disclosed that she got to a point where she felt overwhelmed and like she was not giving her best. Therefore decided to exit after a long battle with anxiety attacks.

Well, good news is, she is back on the airwaves.

The new radio gig

This is after her public announcement to fans this morning, accompanied with a poster of her new home, Homeboyz radio where she will be hosting an early morning show every weekday.

“We are back on air my lovelies on 103.5 Homeboyz radio, with the baddest ???? mad Urban sound of Nairobi!”

Chebet Ronoh back on air at Homeboyz radio

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Revealing she will be hosting the ‘Morning Lift Off’ show alongside G Money and ex-Capital FM presenter Neville, but that was not it.

Her record-breaking

Her entry into Homeboyz meant she would be the first female on HBR’s breakfast after 9 years of a men-only show.

Chebet Ronoh back on air co-hosting alongside alongside HBR’s G Money and Neville

An announcement that was welcomed with big expectations from fans, more than glad to see the beauty back on air.

Neville has joined Homeboyz Radio, just days after announcing his exit from Capital FM where he hosted ‘Hits Not Homework’ show with Miss Mandi, having joined the station in March 2019.

Ronoh’s secret boyfriend finally revealed (Photos)

Kenyans can finally get to know the man who has stolen the heart of former NRG Radio presenter and YouTuber Chebet Ronoh.

Sometime back, the bubbly lass posted a man planting a kiss on her chin and left many wondering who he was since she did not show his face.

This caused a lot of speculation because Ronoh has never been public about her love life though sometime back it was rumored that she was dating Ochunglo Family’s Benzema but that turned out to be untrue.

Anyway, after so much conjecture, it has emerged that the guy who she is in love with is none other than Scar Mkadinali who is one third of popular Kenyan rap group Wakadinali.

Pulse indicates that Scar and Roho have been friends for a long time and they have been seen in public together a couple of times. A source revealed that they have been seeing each other.

If the two are indeed dating then it will be interesting because of their different backgrounds. While Scar had humble beginnings, Ronoh has always been associated with affluence having attended the prestigious Brookhouse School.


Chebet Ronoh reveals why she wanted to kill herself after landing radio gig (Video)

Chebet Ronoh rose to fame in 2018/2019 when she decided to ditch her undergraduate studies for a lucrative career on radio after she turned out a social media sensation.

Labeling herself the King of content creation, at a time social media was yet to pick but by the time it did, so had she.

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Her career bloomed, the industry promising but never expected any of it to blow off like that, it got the better of her.

Things began to look good for me, so I left Brookhouse for radio and I was so excited. Things were happening so fast, everyone knew me and I didnt actually mentally prepare myself.

The Fall

Soon as she landed her radio gig, life started going south for her, she lost friends, she became uneasy around people, she had to drink herself to sanity and composure, she just lost it all!

I began to panic whenever anyone would say hi. It was so bad I would literally breathe so heavily when I go out. So I would drink a lot to be comfortable around people. I lost some of my realest friends, a lot of people who had supported me got tired of being there and that hit me so bad!

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Ronoh soon after quit radio because every time she did something she was told she should do it the other way, she grew tired of it all and decided to change the trend.

I felt really owned by a lot of people, I would cry every freaking day, I lost myself completely. A lot of people talked sh*t bro. Like youre so ratchet, youre so dirty. I had enough!

Radio presenter, Rono

She had turned suicidal, she was ready to give up her life just so that the world would be in peace until she realized that was never the road to take.

I was so fucking ready to kill myself because no one would really care.

That moment, she learnt to accept and love herself as she is, take it or leave it!

I decided to forgive myself for all the mistakes I made and began to do the things that I love and Im in such a different space right now.  My journey in the industry has not been an easy thing, I´m learning to grow thick skin.