Mummy’s boy! Actress Mama Baha unveils newborn’s face for the first time (Photo)

Wanjiku Mburu is grateful for many things in life but nothing compares to how much she appreciates and remains thankful to her God now that she has a child of her own. One from her womb – something she’d always wanted.

Well I guess by now we all know that she struggled to conceive for years and in 2021 – she got pregnant welcome her first and only child in 2022.

So far she cannot keep calm and although she hasn’t been parading the baby boy on her Instagram like most new celebrity parents; it’s obvious to see that mama Burning Spear is giving him time to get a-bit older – maybe 6 months before she starts dropping photos.

First photo

Anyway as we wait for the professional photos, Mama Burning Spear has shared a new photo in the company of her son – and luckily for us –  the actress did not hide his face.

Although it’s hard to tell who baby looks like (mum or dad) – from the angle the photo was taken, it’s somehow obvious he might look like his mum. That’s from his chubby cheeks and hairline….

Showing him off to her fans, Wanjiku Mburu captioned her latest photo saying;

I love you to the moon and back.
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Wanjiku Mburu with son, Burning Spear

God’s favor! Mama Baha shares adorable photo of newborn son and announces his unique name

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha is finally a mother after years of praying and fasting hoping God would bless her with her own child.

This prayer was finally answered 9 months ago after she conceived her first child at the age of 38 Years, and finally met her baby in person just recently.

Introducing her newborn to social media fans, Wanjiku Mburu went on to caption her baby’s post;

Mama Baha finally holds a child of her own

Burning spear.
Cc @davidkinyast #jr

Judging from the caption, we have reason to believe that the actress named her son after Jamaican musician, Burning Spear. Unique right?

Living testimony

Having struggled to conceive for years, Mama Baha has become a living testimony for women struggling to conceive.

Just like most women desperately looking for a baby, Mama Baha says she too struggled for years to a point that even when her miracle happened, she still had doubts that finally she’d conceived.

And today, Mama Baha gets to change her name to Mama Burnig Spear or better Mama Kinyast jnr!